Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 34

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 34

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 34


page 1

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 34 Negotiation?

p1b1a : The meals yesterday were really good!

p1b1b : Of course, the food the dragon gatekeeper gave me was also good

p1b2 : But the food here is even better!

p1b3 : Especially that wine…

p2b1 : Aahh, the wine here is the most delicious wine I’ve ever tasted

p2b2 : Is that so… But please don’t drink too much

p3b1 : Let’s talk about your offer for now…

p3b2a : Ah, that’s right

p3b2b : First, I’ll tell you why I came here

p4b1 : A few days ago…

p4b2 : Miss Fraurem came to my shop and we traded


page 2

p1b1a : All the produce I bought from her was superb

p1b1b : I hope to buy them from you again in the future

p1b2 : And so, I came here to introduce myself

p2b1 : My second reason is to ask if you have any other produce you would sell to me

p2b2a : Then my third reason is to see if there’s anything else I can sell

p2b2b : And my last reason is…

p3b1 : I wish to be an exclusive merchant for this village

p3b2 : You’re very straightforward

p4b1 : That’s because putting up a façade will only complicate things later on

p4b2a : That’s true

p4b2b : Well, things become simpler this way anyway


page 3

p1b1a : But there are a lot of people that want to trade with this village

p1b1b : At the moment, this is the list of things they have offered

p1b2a : No no no, this is more than enough for us

p1b2b : Thank you very much

p2b1 : Also…

p2b2 : Would you be so kind as to sell me some wine too?

p3b1a : … If it’s only a little, we might be able to give you some for the sake of our friendship

p3b1b : But a lot of people love our wine

p3b2 : Those people live here…

p3b3a :  Is that so…

p3b3b : That’s very unfortunate, but let’s enjoy it for ourselves then

p3 small bubble : *hah*

p4bx1a : The negotiations continued through the afternoon

p4bx1b : By the end, all the produce we prepared was sold

p4bx2a : Along with honey, clothes made by Zabuton

p4bx2b : Sugar, salt, and oil

p5bx1 : I was a bit surprised that we sold our salt

p5bx2 : Apparently salt from the ocean tastes a little bit different

p5 small letters : The salt from the Forest of Death is well-known


page 4

p1bx1 : We also asked for some things

p1bx2 : The main ones being goats

p1bx3 : And horses

p1bx4a : It seems that people here normally drink goat’s milk

p1bx4b : And use horses for travel

p1 small letters : Ru and Tia always wanted them

p2bx1a : I also asked for some sea products that he didn’t have on him

p2bx1b : Especially seaweed

p2bx2a : From what I’ve heard, seaweed is thought of only as a weed

p2bx2b : That gets in the way of fishing

p2 letters right : Can you dry them before bringing them here?

p2 letters middle : Ok, sure

p2 letters left : What a waste…

p3bx1a : Michael ended up staying another night

p3bx1b : The next day we had a feast

p3b1 : You fry this with oil?

p3b2a : Roast?

p3b2b : What kind of technique is that…

p3bx2a : And we used the sea products from Shashaato in the main dishes

p3bx2b : We used this opportunity to teach the high elves and oni maids how to cook seafood

p3 small letters near maid : Yep

p3 small letters near elf : Hoo

p3 top left letters : Because I wanted to eat them

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