Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 35

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 35

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 35


page 1

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 35 : Food Culture

p1bx1 : Let’s talk about the slimes

p1bx2 : It all started with the 17 slimes that Tia brought here

p1 sfx : *boing*

p2bx1 : They helped us with cleaning the toilets and sewage

p2bx2 : Their number and size increased without me really noticing

p2 letters top : There are more than 100 now

p2 sfx : *boing*

p3bx1 : They move on their own to wherever they can find dirty water

p3bx2 : They never caused any big problems as we leave them alone, but…

p3 letters top : This place is off limits

p3 letters bottom left : Ookaayy

p4bx1a : All the slimes that were originally blue

p4bx1b : For some reason started to develop different characteristics

p4bx2 : The differences are not only in their colour, but in the kinds of magic that they use

p4bx3a : Even the rare white slime and black slime can be seen

p4bx3b : The lizardmen really love them

p4 letters upper slimes from right to left :





p4 letters bottom slimes from right to left :



p5bx1 : The transformations alone aren’t troubling but…

p5bx2 : The problem is. . .


page 2

p1bx1a : We found a slime that had entered a wine barrel

p1bx1b : And drank all the wine inside

p1bx2 : And turned into a purple slime

p1b1 : Aahh!!

p1 sfx : *Gofu*

p2bx1 : It might be better to call it wine slime

p2 letters on the left from top to bottom :

Characteristic :

Alcoholic Smell

Special Technique :

Alcohol Breath

p2 sfx : *Puhaah*

p3bx1 : We had our very first trial in this village

p3bx2 : Guilty

p3bx3 : And then we had a debate on what kind of punishment to give…

p3b1 : Death!

p3b2 : Could it be have become delicious?

p3b3 : Put it in a pot!!

p3 letters top : There was no hesitation

p3 letters on bottom small boxes : Guilty

p4bx1 : And then one question from Frau stopped the debate

p4b1a : Even if we punish it,

p4b1b : Do you think it will understand that?

p4 letters right : We’re talking

p4 letters left : About the slimes after all

p4 sfx : *twitch*

p5bx1 : After that, we let the wine slime wander leisurely around the village

p5bx2a : And it will come around every time we take out some wine

p5bx2b : Well, I guess it will be fine if it’s only 1 slime

p5 letters on top of the slime : Let me drink

p5 sfx : *Boing*


page 3

p1bx1 : Lasti was absent a few days sending Michael-san back

p1bx2a : And she brought Doraim together with her when she returned to the village

p1bx2b : It seems like he came here for the seafood

p2bx1a : His reaction to the fried seafood was pretty good

p2bx1b : And it seems like he’s interested in the squids that we left outside to dry. However, as they’re not done yet, we didn’t let him touch them

p2bx2a : The wolves also liked the sea products

p2bx2b : Once you’ve had a fish that has had its innards removed, you won’t be able to eat anything else other than that

p2 letters right of wolf : We understand

p2 letters left of wolf : Their difference

p2 letters top left : It seems that they remember that it tastes better…

p2 sfx : *Stare*

p3bx1 : You can’t give honey to baby

p3bx2 : I don’t really remember the reason why but I’ve a feeling that I saw it on the TV before

p3bx3 : And so I used sweet potatoes and chestnuts as sweetener

p3 small letters : Aa?

p4bx1 : Since there was fighting when I tried to make pudding before,

p4bx2a : It might be better if I don’t try to make ice cream

p4bx2b : Or that’s what I thought

p4 small letters :  Fight for pudding

p5bx1 : But then people requested it for some reason

p5bx2 : And so we had the same fight

p5 bubble without border : Finished

p5 letters top left : It’s quite popular

p5 bottom small letters from right to left :

Sweetness that I’ve never tasted!!

Let me try!!

No! Pick me!

Me! Me! Me!!


page 4

p1bx1a : We got a message from Michael-san from the small wyvern

p1bx1b : He said that preparations for the goats, horses, and dried seaweed were complete

p2bx1 : And had gathered the crab and shrimp that I requested

p2bx2 : I wanted to go there and collect them myself but everyone rejected that idea like before

p2 small letters : It seems that people here don’t eat crab

p3bx1 : In the end, Frau who went there before will go again

p3bx2a : Together with Lasti to collect the goods that we requested

p3bx2b : But they surprised me when they got back

p3 small letters : We’ll be going then

p4bx1 : I saw the goats and the horses

p4bx2 : Tied and hanging off Lasti’s back in her dragon form

p5b1 : They wouldn’t sit still so we had no choice…

p5b2 : Well, it would be strange if they did sit still


page 5

p1bx1a : All in all, we got our horses and goats!!

p1bx1b : Some new friends!!

p1bx2 : And so we decided to expand the cows’ area and rename it the “Ranch Area”

p1 diagram info :


p2bx1 : Goats

p2bx2 : Horses

p2 upper small letters from right to left :





p2 lower small letters from right to left :

2 Head

8 Head

1 Head

1 Head

p2bx3 : I’d let them roam free but the goats tried to escape a few times

p2bx4a : On one day, one of them slipped past the wolves’ guard and stubbornly went straight into the forest

p2bx4b : It returned home after being attacked by fanged rabbits

p2 small letters bottom right : Ah!!

p2 small letters bottom middle : *rustle*

p2 small letters bottom left : *all beaten up*

p3bx1 : And so none of them tried to run away again

p3 small letters : The horses were docile from the start

p4bx1 : We also decided to expand the wolves’ area to the east to balance the ranch area

p4bx2 : We planted bushes and trees for shade

p4 small box top : Ranch Area

p4 small box bottom : Wolves’ Area


page 6

p1bx1a : We enjoyed the bounty of the sea

p1bx1b : I made a soup using the dried seaweed as the base

p1b1 : It tastes great!

p1 small letters right : That surprised me

p1 small letters left : Although it’s just grass

p1bx2 : There was no problem with the shrimp but it appears that only the oni maids, Lasti, and I would eat the crabs

p1bx3a : This looks like horsehair crab…eh?

p1bx3b : But it’s only a resemblance, right?

p2bx1a : I asked Zabuton just to be on the safe side…

p2bx1b : Thank god they’re not related at all

p2bx2 (upper one) : Raw

p2bx3 (lower one) : Boiled

p2bx4 : Grilled

p2bx5 : Delicious

p2bx6a : Doraim asked for a crab dish the next day

p2bx6b : But we had no crab left at that time

p3bx1 : Medicinal Herb Garden

p3bx2 : I didn’t realize it since I don’t get sick thanks to my impossibly healthy body

p3bx3 : But it seems that the villagers have many uses for what’s grown

p4bx1 : At the beginning I thought that they were only used by Ru, Tia, and Flora for their research

p4bx2 : But it turns out that it’s hard to find the medicines that you need when you actually need them

p5bx1 : And so I decided to build a medicinal herb garden after I heard that

p5bx2 : I asked the high elves to gather as many medicinal herbs as they could for the samples


page 7

p1bx1 : 30 Species

p1bx2 : They brought back much more than I was expecting

p2bx1a : For now, I will look at how it fares as I make the garden

p2bx1b : If it goes well, I plan to expand the garden

p2 small letters top : 4 fields

p2 small letters right : 4 fields

p2 small letters bottom : Medicinal Herb Garden

p3b1a : Medicinal herbs are expensive

p3b1b : So we might be able to make a deal with Michael

p3b2a : Now that I’ve mentioned it..

p3b2b : Hm?

p4b1 : Isn’t this…

p4bx1 : It’s that dangerous thing that you see in detective dramas

p4 small letters : I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere..

p5b1 : Uhmm…

p5b2a : It depends on how you use it!!

p5b2b : It’s a highly valuable medicinal herb you know!!

p5bx1 : We ended up letting it grow there under strict supervision


page 8

p1bx1a : The dwarves’ alcohol brewing is going well

p1bx1b : We receive a new kind of alcohol from time to time

p1bx2 : Wine

p1bx3 : Beer

p1bx4 : Liquor

p1bx5a : When I told them what I remember about the process of making rice into sake, they immediately came up with a similar product in no time

p1bx5b : That aside, we have more dwarves here now

p1 small letters bottom left : 8 people as of now

p2bx1 : We also started to make cheese and butter

p2b1 : Making butter is a hard labour…

p2b2 : While making cheese means I will need to get the enzyme that helps the curds form

p2bx2a : I can get the enzyme from the stomach of a calf but…

p2bx2b : They’re so cute that I can’t do that

p3bx1a : The population of the cows and chickens is increasing smoothly, but we still haven’t eaten them

p3bx1b : It seems that the ranch life is too hard for me

p3bx2a : I changed my Almighty Farming Tool into a rice paddle shape and used it to mix the milk

p3bx2b : Which I did last year

p3 small letters right : Enzyme to help milk coagulation…

p3 small letters left : Enzyme to help milk coagulation…

p4bx1a : And now we have plenty of cheese in this village

p4bx1b : Thanks A.F.T.!!

p4bx2 : I left some cheese and sake in the village’s shrine


page 9

p1bx1a : We also started making other things

p1bx1b : First is tofu

p1b1a : It isn’t bad

p1b1b : And it has a unique texture

p1b2 : I was also surprised

p1bx2a : I didn’t know hand-made tofu could actually be this tasty

p1bx2b : I can’t wait to start making soy sauce

p2bx1 : We also made fish cake

p2b1 : What is Uragoshi?

p2b2a : It’s when you sift something using a fine cloth

p2b2b : That way you can get rid of extra stuff that you don’t need and get a better texture

p2 small letters : I got the cloth from Zabuton

p3bx1 : Then we tried to make curry

p3 letters top:

Chili pepper






Bay leaves

p3 letters middle : We don’t know the proportion so we just guessed it and crushed them into powder

p3 letters bottom : We got a curry-like soup

p4bx1 : I want to retry making curry later but…

p4bx2 : The villagers’ reactions were very good

p4b1 : You can get addicted to its spiciness

p4b2a : The taste changes with the mix proportion

p4b2b : I want to research this

p4b3 : The aroma alone makes me feel hungry

p4 small letters : We put it on the menu 2-3 times per month


page 10

p1bx1a : We can’t leave jelly out when we talk about making sweets

p1bx1b : And so I made a request for agar-like seaweed to Michael-san

p1bx2 : And we can make simple jelly by adding fruits into the jelly

p1 small letters : For dessert

p2bx1 : The oni maids became really good at cooking

p2bx2 : Doraim always requests for their cooking every time he comes here

p2 small letters left : The roast boar is particularly popular

p2 small letters right : Served with wasabi sauce

p3bx1a : I made a new stove especially for baking bread

p3bx1b : We started to research how to mass produce the bread and increase the types of bread

p3bx2a : We let the bread that we made go through secondary fermentation

p3bx2b : And it became possible for us to make big loaves like the traditional plain bread

p3bx3 : It’s also quite popular to add something to the plain bread and bake it together

p3 small letters right : Not only the Oni maids, the high elves put their spirit into it too

p3 small letters left : That way we can make different kinds of bread for snacking

p4bx1 : That aside, I managed to bake my pizza

p4 small letters right : Because we have cheese now

p4bx2a : I was planning to eat it as a snack but it seems that it was devoured by passers-by

p4bx2b : Welp, it’s good to have many kinds of food to eat

p4 small letters left : The pizza was a big hit in the village

p5bx1 : I became quite motivated with all of the recent developments

p5bx2a : Maybe that’s why

p5bx2b : Tia got pregnant

p5 small letters right : I will have a new family member…!!

p5 small letters left : We did it <3

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