Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 36

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 36

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Nonbiri Nouka 36


page 1

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 36 Government Representative

p1b1 : Did you call for me, Demon King-sama?

p1b2a : Good, you’ve come, Bizel

p1b2b : There’s something I want to ask you

p2b1 : What would that be?

p2b2 : Is it true that have you sent your daughter to Taiju village?

p3b1 : Yes, I sent her there as a representative

p3b2 : Representative?

p3b3 : Yes, since that village is under my care

p4b1a : That might be so but…

p4b1b : Can’t you just pick someone from that village? your daughter must be feeling lonely there

p4b2a :  Please excuse my word

p4b2b : But I believe that if we handle that village wrongly then it might greatly affect our kingdom

p4b2c : And thus…

p4b1a : I’ve chosen my own daughter

p5b1b : As someone who will take the responsibility if the worst case scenario is to happen

p5b2a : …I see, then when your daughter comes back here

p5b2b : Tell her to go and meet my daughter

p5b3 : I understand


page 2

p1b1 : So that’s the story as why you’re a government representative now

p1b2a : Father

p1b2b : I’ll smack you if you keep spouting nonsense

p2b1 : Did you just say smack?!

p2b2 : In that case can you please stop telling me to be a government representative?

p2b3a : Calm down

p2b3b : I just need you to look like one in front of the people from the kingdom of the Demon King

p2 sfx : *Depressed*

p3b1 : I won’t tell you to actually act as a government representative

p3b2 : …What do you mean?

p3b3 : You just need to fake it

p4b1 : I’ll go talk about this with village chief

p4b2 : Since it will be troublesome if this creates some sort of a misunderstanding

p4 sfx : *Rattle*

p5b1 : Frau as a government representative for this village?

p5b2 : Yes


page 3

p1b1 : Since I can’t let my daughter who is a promising individual form the kingdom of the Demon King to just play around…

p1b2 : Anyway, can you please accept my daughter Frau as a representative just in front of the people from the kingdom of the Demon King?

p2b1a : There will also be some merit to be gained by this village

p2b1b : Like about the tax that you pay to us, you can just pay it through our representative here

p2b2a : And then it will be given to the representative to take care of this land

p2b2b : Thus it will be up to the representative on how to use it

p3bx1a : So in short, we won’t lose any money for tax huh…

p3bx1b : But this is too good

p3 small letters : Let’s think carefully here

p3b1 : Who has the authority to choose representative for this village?

p3b2 : That will be me

p3b3 : Is it possible to change the representative later?

p3b4 : It’s possible…

p4b1a : Wh!

p4b1b : Are you planning to change the representative after my daughter gets an achievement as a representative?

p4b2 : Just as one of the possibilities

p4b3a : I have no problem about it but…

p4b3b : I don’t know who will take my position in the future, so…


page 4

p1b1a : But I do understand your worry if we think about the sake of the village

p1b1b : Then how about this, I will leave the decision on who will be the representative to you

p1b2 : Eh?

p1b3a : I will transfer the authority to choose the representative to you as the village chief

p1b3b : With this, you can choose or dismiss representatives

p2b1 : Are you sure you can do this just like that?

p2b2a : It will be fine, I’ll also make a contract for that

p2b2b : A contract that will be in effect as long as possible even when someone else from the Demon King side comes to this place

p2b3 : With this, the village chief will have a higher position compared to the representatives

p2bx1 : He threw the whole thing to me

p3b1 : Frau, congratulation for being chosen as a government representative!!

p3b2 : Congratulation!!

p3b3 : Congrats!!

p3b4a : Stop it!! Is this some sort of bullying?!

p3b4b : Village chief!! please dismiss me!!

p4b1a : Well… it’s not like you did anything wrong, so…

p4b1b : Good luck

p4b2 : Nooooooooo

p4 small letters : Huge Responsibility…!?

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