Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 39

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 39

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Nonbiri Nouka Ch 39


page 1

Title : Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Ch 39 : Trouble Dragon Pt 3

p1b1 : Let me introduce you, from the right…

p1b2 : My uncle and my aunt

p1b3 : My father’s second big sister

p1b4 : And beside her is her husband and their 2 daughters

p1 small letters : Air… I’m the air…

p2b1 : Then father’s little sister

p2b2 : And father’s little brother

p2b3 : So basically…

p3b1a : Hakuren is Doraim’s oldest sister

p3b1b : Is that correct?

p3b2 : Yes

p4bx1a : Before I made all of these 7 people sitting here, I made Hakuren go and put off the leftover fire

p4bx1b : I know now that they don’t have any bad intention


page 2

p1b1 : So then…

p2b1 : Can someone explain what was that?

p2 sfx : *Turn*

p3bx1a : … As far as I can see

p3bx1b : Doraim will never try to do anything like that against his big sister

p3bx2 : He’s the type who can’t go against their older sisters even in his previous life

p3bx3 : And similarly…

p4bx1a : His second big sister is also a no go

p4bx1b : She’s either the type that obeys all what her big sister says

p4bx2a : Or the type who goes against her big sister

p4bx2b : If she’s the type that goes against her sister, then she would have started speaking by now

p4 letters : My Analysis


page 3

p1bx1a : And about her husband

p1bx1b : He’s been trying so hard to be the air for quite a while now

p1bx2a : I somehow feel like I’ve been in his position before so I’ll remove him from the list

p1bx2b : And I’m not going to get his daughters involved either

p1 small letters : I’m the wind… I’m the earth…

p2bx1 : As for Doraim’s little sister

p2bx2 : She must be the youngest sister

p3bx1 : All youngest sisters

p3bx2 : Are experts in getting around problems

p3bx3a : So I’m sure she won’t speak up or do anything that will get her hated by her sister

p3bx3b : She might talk if I pressure her but since I don’t know her character yet so let’s not do anything dangerous

p3 letters : My Analysis

p4bx1a : Doraim’s little brother huh…

p4bx1b : He’s a fine looking young man

p4bx2a : I have a feeling that he’s the same type as Doraim who can’t  go against his big sister

p4bx2b : Well, that’s something perfectly understandable though

p5bx1 : After all, there’s no such thing as a little brother who can defy his older sister, it’s just simply an impossible existence

p5 letters : My Analysis


page 4

p1bx1a : By process of elimination

p1bx1b : Those who are left are just Doraim’s parents, his wife, and Lasti

p1bx2a : But if his parents are to speak up about their daughter, then they should be already doing that by now

p1bx2b : There’s a high chance that they’re covering for their daughter

p2bx1 : Then in that case

p2b1a : Mrs. Doraim

p2b1b : Can you please explain?

p3b1a : …

p3b1b : If I am to explain the whole story then….

p3bx1a : My conjecture was correct

p3bx1b : Doraim’s wife kindly explained the whole story

letters on bottom right box : She’s a wife that can reprimand her sister in law…!!

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