Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 40

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 40

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Nonbiri Nouka 40


page 1

Title : Ch 40 : Trouble Dragon Pt4

p1bx1a : It all started when Lasti went back home

p1bx1b : I thought she went back to Doraim’s nest but…

p1bx2a : It turned out that she went back to Doraim’s parents who live in the northern continent

p1bx2b : And all of the dragons that gathered here right now were there reporting their current condition


p2bx1a : Then from here the story will derail a bit but…

p2bx1b : Let’s talk about my recent nightly activities


p3bx1 : Since Ru gave birth and Tia got pregnant

p3bx2 : The number of people who wish to get pregnant(?) increased


p4bx1a : Because of that, I never ever spend my nights alone anymore

p4bx1b : They will sneak into my bed at night without my consent

p4bx2 : And before I realized it, I got very close to everyone in the village, except for the beastmen

p4 letters top : All the high elves

p4 letters middle : All the Oni maids

p4 letters bottom right : Flora

p4 letters bottom left : All  the Angels


p5bx1 : In case of the beastmen, I only do it with Sena

p5bx2a : We have beastmen boys after all

p5bx2b : It’s also the result from me keep telling them not to rush it

p5 letters top : You’re still small girls after all

p5 letters bottom : I did my best



page 2

p1bx1a : Anyway, From talking with the guys from the dwarves and the lizardmen

p1bx1b : It seems that the village has become a nice village that ease my heart, but then

p1 letters right : Hahaha

p1 letters left : Seriously?


p2bx1a : Lasti and Frau did their best

p2bx1b : They did their best to strictly control themselves but… they got caught up by the flow


p3bx1 : Everyone around even helped and so they ended up having relationship with me as well

p3bx2 : I also want to reflect on this and try to be better

p3bx3 : My last bastion of defence is only Bulga and Stifano


p4bx1 : They always do their best to look at me with suspicious eyes from time to time

p4bx2 : Let’s get back to the main story now

p4 sfx right : *Staaare*

p4 sfx left : *Turn*


p5b1a : So basically, you got angry because your niece found a partner before you

p5b1b : And so you attacked this village….

p5b2a : It’s not like that

p5b2b : I was only testing how strong my niece’s partner is



page 3

p1bx1a : That excuse sounds too silly to be true

p1bx1b : And the fact that the others didn’t say anything confirmed my guess

p1b1 : Ah right….

p1bx2a : There’s no way that they can say something

p1bx2b : Like their daughter got jealous of their grandchild or their sister got jealous of their niece after all


p2b1a : If you won’t go on a rampage anymore

p2b1b : Then let’s put a close on this issue

p2b2 : Is that really alright?

p2b3a : Yes, I’m sure you guys are also tired sitting like that

p2b3b : I will go and prepare a feast


p3b1 : Yaaay, the wines here are delicious, right?

p3bx1 : But you, Hakuren

p3 sfx : *Jump*


p4bx1 : I have another plan for you!!

p4b1 : Eh?

p4 sfx : *Grab*



page 4

p1b1 : By the way, how are your wings?

p1b2a : Eh

p1b2b : Ah uhmm

p1b3a : I won’t be able to fly for a while but…

p1b3b : Uhmm… Why are you crushing my face?

p1 letters : Gugugu… (Grips strongly)


p2b1a : Please don’t let it bother you

p2b1b : That aside, it’s a common sense to clean up after playing, right?

p2b2 : Excuse me but it actually hurts…

p2bx1 : We have to do something about the burnt forest and the deformed land

p2 sfx : Gugugu… (Grips strongly)


p3b1: So you will give your best to tidy up everything, right?

p3bx1a : Hakuren could only join the feast

p3bx1b : 3 days later

p3 letters right : *Smile*

p3 letters left : Village chief is angry….!?

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