Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 46

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 46

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Athena13 TL
Nonbiri Nouka 46
page 1
title Ch 46 Transportation
p1bx1a I asked Lasti to bring the requested gaming souvenirs for the dragon family.
p1bx1b But then she returned back with more gifts as their thanks.
p1bx2 It seems the dragons have investigated my tastes when they were here and so they sent back some rare trees, crops, and plants.
p1 small letters After the dragons returned home…!
p2bx1 We also received some golden jewelleries and ornaments.
p2bx2a This might be for covering the expense from the feast but…
p2bx2b I’m sure this is way over the actual expense. However, rejecting it wouldn’t feel right, so I’ll just thankfully receive it.
p3bx1 Or maybe…
p3bx2 Is this also a form of apology for pushing Hakuren into my care?
p4bx1 By the way, Hakuren was living together with Lasti in the beginning.
p4bx2 But she’s now living in an empty room in my house.
p4 small letters What?
page 2
p1bx1a After assigning all kinds of jobs to Hakuren.
p1bx1b She finally decided to stay as a teacher and educates the villagers.
p1bx2a At the moment, her students are the beastmen children, lizardmen children
p1bx2b Wolf cubs and Zabuton’s children.
p2bx1 She taught them the basics, like how to read, write and count.
p2b1a After all, if the villagers are well educated,
p2b1b Then I can laze around.
p2bx2a Well, putting her motive aside…
p2bx2b That is actually not a bad thing.
p3bx1a I consulted the villagers on what to do with the gifts that we received from Doosu but it seems everyone agreed that all the gifts were mine.
p3bx1b Hence, I decided to hand them out and distribute them to the villagers.
p3bx2a It might be a roundabout way to do it but it’s important to do it this way.
p3bx2b That’s what Ru, Tia, Frau, and Lasti told me.
p3 ltr1 I-is that so?
p3 ltr2 Yes, indeed.
page 3
p1bx1 There were some items amongst the gifts which are hard for the villagers to use.
p1b1 What’s this?
p1b2a Ah, that would be a Labyrinth Stone.
p1b2b It’s an item to control a dungeon.
p2b1 Control a dungeon?
p2b2a Yes.
p2b2b When we dragons make our nest in a dungeon
p2b2c We remodel it. Otherwise it would be too hard for us to live in it.
p3b1 Well, that’s because of their size after all…
p3bx1a Hm? Wait. Do dragons live their daily life in their dragon form?
p3bx1b I always see them in their human forms so I thought that they lived in that form…
p4b1a Hm? That’s strange. When Frau and Michael spent a night in Doraim’s nest
p4b1b They said that they stayed in rooms for humans.
p4b2 Ah…
page 4
p1b1 Well, we’re not allowed to change our forms before we reach adulthood, so…
p1bx1a Only Helze and Lasti retain their horns and tails in their human form…
p1bx1b I see now, I shall not pry further.
p1 ltr1 Well…
p2b1a Uhm…
p2b1b By the way, what is this dungeon thingy?
p2b2a A dungeon is a place where magical energy naturally gathers.
p2b2b Then the magical energy will lure the monsters into gathering there.
p3b1 These monsters will create the dungeon so that they can live comfortably in it.
p3b2 I see.
p4b1 And when it comes to a big dungeon
p4b2 The magical energy that gathers inside it will even expand the dungeon on its own.
page 5
p1b1a That labyrinth stone is a stone that will allow the owner of the stone
p1b1b To use the expanding power of the dungeon.
p2b1 Is this a valuable stone?
p2b2 It is, but grandpa has a bunch of them.
p3b1 That’s to be expected.
p3bx1 Otherwise, he won’t be sending this stone as a gift.
p3bx2a But still, I don’t know what do with this stone.
p3bx2b We don’t use any dungeons here after all…
p4b1 Talking about dungeons, the Lamia should be able to use this stone, right?
p4b2a Lamias are good with magic.
p4b2b I’m sure that they can use it just fine.
p5b1 I see.
p5b2 I might lend it to the Lamia then.
page 6
p1bx1a At the moment, the 50 Lamias are living deep inside the dungeon.
p1bx1b It seems they’re living there while controlling many kinds of monsters.
p1bx2a And that dungeon is so big that it has extended to the southern mountain, where Doraim’s nest is.
p1bx2b It’s so wide that the wolves took more than a year to clear the dungeon.
p1 ltr top Taiju village.
p1 ltr middle Lamias’ dungeon.
p1 ltr bottom Doraim’s nest.
p2bx1a We’re currently negotiating with the Lamia to see if they can carry our goods to Doraim’s place.
p2bx1b I realized they can carry quite a lot of goods when I last gave them souvenirs.
p2b1a Moreover, by looking at Bizel and Michael-san
p2b1b Carrying goods with a dragon might not be the wisest thing to do…
p2 ltr Hahahaha…
p3bx1a That reminds me. Putting Doraim and Lasti aside, it seems like Hakuren doesn’t like the idea of using her dragon form.
p3bx1b I was worried since I thought it might be due to the wound I inflicted on her wings, but…
p3bx2a Turned out, she wanted to stay in her human form when she’s in front of me.
p3bx2b What a cute girl.
page 7
p1bx1a Whoa there, we got distracted a bit.
p1bx1b If we have this labyrinth stone that can be used to manage a dungeon,
p1bx2 We might be able to open a straight route to Doraim’s nest!
p2b1a Ah!
p2b1b Even if you use the labyrinth stone, the dungeon won’t change that quickly
p3b1 Is that so?
p3b2a Yes, the change can only occur slowly…
p3b2b So if you wish to have a big change in the dungeon, it might even take 100 years to finish.
p4bx1a …The dragons sure are patient…
p4bx1b In the end, we asked the Lamia to carry the goods by normally cutting through the forest.
p4bx2 It takes about 5-7 days to carry the goods from the village to Doraim’s nest.
p4 sfx top One two, one two.
p4 sfx bottom *Slide* *Slide*
p5bx1 And as their payment, we give them harvests from our village.
p5 ltr top left It seems that I need to expand the field again.
p5 ltr bottom Thank you very much!!
page 8
p1bx1 Since we started using the Lamia’s service, our trade with Michael-san became much easier.
p1bx2 Flying with a dragon takes half a day while walking takes 20 days.
p1bx3 Iron Forest.
p1bx4a Doraim’s subordinates handle the transportation through the dangerous Iron Forest which takes them 5 days to traverse.
p1bx4b Top adventurers would take 20 days to do that.
p1 ltr top Doraim’s nest.
p1 ltr bottom Shashaato City.
p2bx1a By using both the Lamia’s and Doraim’s service
p2bx1b A journey back and forth takes only 10-11 days.
p2bx2a Thanks to them, we can import seafood regularly from Shashaato.
p2bx2b And so our lives became a bit better.
p2 ltr A normal merchant won’t be able to do this
p3bx1 And then…
p3bx2 Flora successfully made miso and soy sauce.
p3b1 Oohhh!!
p3 sfx *Fufun*
p4bx1 Although the taste wasn’t perfect but…
p4bx2 It was unmistakably miso and soy sauce…
p4 ltr bottom right Is it really that great?!
p4 sfx right *Teary*
p4 sfx left *Lifted up mood*
p5bx1a I shall share this happiness!!
p5bx1b And so, I made a lot of food using miso and soy sauce.
p5b1 Tastes so good!!
p5bx2 Everyone in the village agreed to steadily produce miso and soy sauce.
p5 small ltr It’s been decided, the soy bean field will be expanded!!