Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 49

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 49

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Athena13 TL
Nonbiri Nouka 49
page 1
Title Ch 49 Yuuri’s Remorse.
p1bx1 Frau showed Yuuri around the village.
p1b1 Do you now understand what you were trying to do, milady?
p1b2 Yes.
p1b3a To think that I was planning to attack this village…
p1b3b That was really dangerous… Or more like.
p1 ltr1 Lady Yuuri is feeling apologetic…?
p2b1 I was almost killed there.
p2b2a After all, you wouldn’t be able to come up with any excuses if you came with soldiers.
p2b2b So milady, please be more careful in the future.
p3b1 But I was taught that the faster we round up soldiers, the better it is…
p3b2a There’s no mistake in that teaching.
p3b2b But milady’s fault this time is showing aggression toward an enemy that we won’t be able to win against.
page 2
p1b1 You’re right, bringing soldiers can be seen as a form of aggression.
p1b2a If you raise your weapon in front of a dragon.
p1b2b Then you can’t blame the dragon if it ignites you with its breath.
p1b2c And that dragon is living in this village too.
p1 sfx *Snuff*
p2b1 I never thought that there would be a real dragon in the village.
p2b2 I thought it was only a lie.
p3b1 I would’ve thought of the same thing if I never visited this village.
p3b2 So I can’t blame milady for that…
p4b1 But I thought that the demon king should’ve warned milady to leave this village alone, right?
p4b2a I do feel guilty for ignoring father’s warning.
p4b2b But it’s also Fraurem’s fault for disappearing so suddenly…
p5b1 About that, I’m really sorry.
p5b2a Ah, I understand your reason, so there’s no need to apologize.
p5b2b That aside-
page 3
p1b1 Is this really okay?
p1b2 Yes, please throw it as hard as you can.
p1 sfx1 *Pomf*
p1 sfx2 *Go on*
p2b1 Go!!
p2b2 Woof!!
p2 sfx *Dash*
p3b1a Ah…
p3b1b Good job bringing it back.
p3 ltr1 *Step* *Step*
p3 ltr2 Praise me, Praise me.
p4b1 These are Inferno Wolves. It might cause a big problem if even a single one of them were to enter a city but…
p4b2 They’re so cute when they’re like this.
p4 ltr1 Good boy good boy.
p4 ltr2 Yaay!! I got a head rub!!!
page 4
p1b1a That might be true, but…
p1b1b It’s still too much for me…
p1b2a I thought so, it took a while for me too
p1b2b Before I can pat their head like this.
p2b1 Was there some sort of a trigger?
p2b2 Let’s see…
p2 sfx Hmmm…
p3b1a It was after I was beaten to a pulp in chess.
p3b1b So I think it was because of our chess battles.
p3b2 Chess?
p3b3a That’s the board game played in this village, right?
p3b3b So these inferno wolves can play it too?
p4b1a The chess champion of this village is Kuroyon-san over there
p4b1b It’s that inferno wolf who’s sleeping under that tree.
p4b2 Just so you know, he’s really strong.
p4b3 Eeehh!!!
p4 sfx *Zzzzzzz*
p5b1 I’ve never won against him, not even once.
p5b2 This is all so surprising to me.
p5 ltr1 I’ll win one day…
page 5
p1b1a That’s to be expected. By the way, it’s lunchtime now.
p1b1b So let’s head back.
p1b2a Of course!!
p1b2b Foods here are so delicious, so I always look forward to it.
p2b1a I’m so glad that it suits your taste but…
p2b1b Milady, you won’t be able to go back if you get too used to it.
p2b2b Do I really have to go back?
p2 sfx *Ah!*
p3b1a We can take a cook from here with us, right?
p3b1b I’m the demon king’s daughter after all.
p3b2 I thought that milady understood well that such logic won’t fly in this village.
p3b3 Ugh…
p4bx1 That night.
p4b1 Frau, can I talk with you for a sec?
p4b2 Ria-san? Is there anything wrong?
page 6
p1b1a Why did you call The Demon King’s daughter milady?
p1b1b Isn’t she a princess?
p1b2a Well, the demon king’s position isn’t a hereditary position, rather it’s an appointed position.
p1b2b If we call her princess, itll cause a lot of trouble when the new demon king gets appointed, so it’s become a custom to call her milady instead.
p1 ltr1 Thanks to it, we can’t call the king’s sons as princes either.
p2b1 And also…
p2b2 Ah, If it’s about Yuuri being the demon king’s daughter, we’re already aware.
p2 sfx *Blurted out*
p3b1 EH!? Sisince when?
p3b2a We’ve known since around the time she came here.
p3b2b After all, she wasn’t trying to hide it at all.
p3 ltr1 It wasn’t just from the lamia, but also from the girls who accompanied her
p4b1 Ugh… how about the village chief?
p4b2 I don’t think he knows about it yet.
p4b3 Please keep it a secret.
p5b1a We don’t mind keeping it a secret, but isn’t it better to warn her if you want to hide that fact.
p5b1b She sometimes goes around boasting about her father after all…
p5b2a I…
p5b2b I’ll be sure to warn her.
p5 ltr1 Frau can’t take the mental burden?