Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 50

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 50

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Athena13 TL
Nonbiri Nouka 50
page 1
Title Ch 50 Yuuri returns home.
p1bx1 By looking at how the girls that Frau brought with her were working, I came to understand.
p1bx2 That they’re civil officers.
p1bx3 If this was a company, they would probably work as secretaries or office clerks.
Left box The true identity of the girls from the demon king capital is…?
p2bx1 It’s not that they can’t work on the front line but they seem better suited for supporting from behind the scenes.
p2bx2a There are 10 of them…
p2bx2b I think it’s way too many of them for this village but…
p2 ltr1 Is it okay to make them handle trading?
p2 ltr2 They do have good manners after all.
p3bx1 For now I’ll just have them work with Frau.
p3 ltr1 I’m just delegating
P3 sfx *Yep* *yep*
p4bx1a I thought that they all had good heads on their shoulders.
p4bx1b But I still found some of them making careless mistakes.
p4 sfx *Ka clack*
page 2
p1b1 Hm? You are…
p1b2a Village chief… Uhmm…
p1b2b I…
p1 sfx *Approach*
p2b1 What business do you have with the village chief?
p2b2 Eek!?
p2 sfx1 *Twitch*
P2 sfx2 *Appear*
p3b1 I… I mistook it for the toilet…
p3b2 I see, is that all huh…?
p3 big ltr Hahahaha
p3 small ltr *Trembling* *Trembling*
P3 ltr Can you show her the way?
p4bx1a But, she doesn’t have any clothes on her at all, right?
p4bx1b Is she the kind of person who goes to the toilet naked?
p4bx2 So there are those kinds of people in this world too huh…
p4 ltr1 Yep…
p5bx1 A makeup room…
p5bx2a No… A changing space, maybe I should add one to the toilet.
p5bx2b I’ll ask the everyone’s opinion next time.
p5 sfx *Creep* *Creep*
page 3
p1bx1 I did some horse riding training but it didn’t go well at all.
p1b1 I feel like the horse was letting me ride him rather than me riding the horse…
p1bx2 It didn’t go the way I wanted it too and I felt like giving up part way.
p1bx3 But…
p1 small ltr Stooopp.
p1 sfx *clip-clop* *clip-clop*
p2bx1 I can see a glimmer of hope.
p2b1 We’ll be going straight, okay?
p2 small ltr Yes.
p2 sfx *clip-clop* *clip-clop*
p3b1 I did it!!
p3b2 It’s moving the way I want it to!!
p3 ltr1 Forward, okay?
p3 ltr2 That’s it, keep going.
p3 sfx *clip-clop* *clip-clop*
p4bx1 …. This is wrong.
p4bx2 This isn’t how I wanted to ride a horse…
p4 ltr1 Also, I feel bad for the frightened horse…
p4 sfx *Twitch* *Twitch*
p5bx1 I prefer to have… How should I say this… Trust and mutual understanding with the horse…
p5bx2 I’ll be patient and start again from feeding the horse…
p5 ltr1 Seriously.
p5 lrt2 Those wolves are scary…
p5 sfx *Brrrrrr*
page 4
p1bx1 We formed a team for exploring the northern dungeon.
p1bx2 And dispatched it.
p1 ltr1 Don’t push yourself too hard.
p1ltr2 Remember, it’s an exploration team, not a raiding team.
p2bx1 The members are…
p2 diagram High elves………………………………10


Oni Maids……………………………….2

Inferno Wolves……………………..30

Zabuton’s children……………….Each wolf has 1~3 on their back


Subjugated Snakes……………….20

p3bx1 Their plan is to return here before winter comes no matter what happens.
p3bx2 I hope they’ll return safely.
p4bx1a Around the time we were about to start the fall harvest.
p4bx1b Frau’s guest, Yuuri, decided to return home.
p4bx2 I think she’s already been here for about 3 months.
p4bx3a It seems that she was pretty much used to living in this village.
p4bx3b Sometimes I see her helping the beastmen with some work.
p4 lt1 Like when extracting
p4 ltr2 Sugar and oil.
p5bx1 There were many beastmen that felt sad when Yuuri decided to return home.
p5bx2 Although there are a lot of the girls with her that felt sad too, but…
p5 ltr1 It’ll be lonely.
p5 ltr2 Me too.
p5 ltr3 I don’t want this.
page 5
p1bx1 None of them offered to return home with her.
p1b1 My apologies, I want to repent for my mistakes in the capital by redoing everything from scratch again here.
p1b2a I still haven’t repaid my debt to this village for disciplining the useless me.
p1b2b I’ve decided to stay here until I can repay it!
p2b1a They’ve taken good care of us, so we can’t just leave the fields and go back home…
p2b1b My sincerest apologies.
p2b2a You girls…
p2b2b Just put that plate and cup away and tell me that again.
p2bx1 It turned out that everyone except Yuuri decided to stay here.
p2 sfx *Munch* *Munch* *Munch* *Munch*
p3bx1a I just recently discovered that Yuuri is the daughter of the current demon king.
p3bx1b I always thought that she’s the young lady of a noble, but I never thought that she’d be the daughter of the demon king.
p3 ltr1 Was it really okay for her to be in this village?
p4bx1a Bizel came by a few times before.
p4bx1b I hope that he didn’t come here every time to bring her back.
p4bx2 But that aside, everything is fine as long as we don’t leave a negative impression.
p4 ltr1 I don’t understand…
page 6
p1bx1a We had a farewell party together with Bizel who came to escort Yuuri.
p1bx1b I also gave her some souvenirs.
p1bx2a Since that day, Yuuri would send us messages
p1bx2b Using the mini wyvern relay that we received from Bizel.
p2bx1 Demon King’s Castle.
p2b1a Bizel… Since my daughter returned from that village.
p2b1b She’s somehow become more… Respectable.
p2b2 Or more like… She seems much more reliable than before.
p2b3 Indeed, so it seems.
p3b1a That might be true, but…
p3b1b Why are you telling me this?
p3b2 You’ve been close to my daughter lately, right?
p4b1 Well, only as a middleman to connect her with my daughter.
p4b2a I see…
p4b2b By the way.
p5b1 Did she say anything about me while she’s communicating with your daughter?
p5b2 What do you mean?
page 7
p1b1 My daughter’s been so cold to me lately.
p1b2 … It might just be your imagination.
p2b1 No! I’m sure of it!!
p2b2 Yesterday, she didn’t talk to me at all except for saying good night and good morning!
p2 sfx *Shout*
p3b1 Isn’t that because you’re busy, Demon King-sama?
p3b2a No no no, I wasn’t busy at all.
p3b2b I’ve tried to approach her by letting her know that I’m free a few times now, but I’m just getting ignored.
p3b3a Ah… Well, this is from my experience since I have a daughter myself, but…
p3b3b Isn’t that normal for a girl of that age?
p4b1 My daughter is different!
p4b2a … Demon king-sama, this might be cruel, but…
p4b2b Daughters always grow into adults before their parents have even realized it.
p4b3 … Adult?
p4 sfx *Hard headed*
p5b1 A guy!? Is it because she’s found a guy!?
p5b2 Who’s this guy! I’ll kill him!!
p5b3 Demon King-sama! Demon King-sama!!
p5 sfx1 *Bam*
p5 sfx2 *Tremble* *Tremble*
page 8
p1b1 If you keep acting like that, one day she’ll suddenly come introducing her husband to you while having a big stomach, you know.
p1b2 NNooo!! That’s a big no no!! I can’t let that happen!!
p1 sfx *Eeeekkkkkkk!!*
p2b1 That’s a talk for another time.
p2b2 Also, we’re going to have a meeting soon.
p2 ltr1 Please calm down.
p2 sfx *Rustle*
p3b1a About the documents regarding the western front line.
p3b1b Have you read it?
p3b2 This is not the time to hold a meeting!!
p3b3 We should prioritize the meeting, or your daughter will hate you, you know.
p3b4 Ah!! I can’t have that!!
p3 sfx *Gyaaa!!* *Gyaaa!!*
p4b1a Alright, alright, I’ll let her know about what you just told me.
p4b1b So please give your best for the meeting.
p4b2 Seriously? You’re not trying to trick me, right? I’ll be counting on you, okay?
p4 ltr1 Alright then, let’s go.
p4 lrt2 Wait for a sec, I’ll change gear really fast.
p5b1 …Yep!
p5b2 Now then, shall we go decide the fate of the fools who came attacking us!!
p5b3 Of course.
p5 sfx Fuhahahahaha!!
p5 small ltr Give it your best, father!!