Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 51

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 51

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Athena13 TL
Nonbiri Nouka 51
title Fall Harvest, Mountain Elves, and Earthenware Pt1
p1bx1 The time for the Fall Harvest has come.
p1 ltr A big event in the village…?
p2bx1a Well, we do harvest the fields a few times even when it’s not fall.
p2bx1b But fall is when the biggest harvest occurs.
p2bx2 So we worked hard.
p3bx1 The main workers during the fall harvest were the high elves, the lizardmen, and the beastmen.
p3bx2 While the fruits were mostly managed by the spiders.
p3bx3a The wolves couldn’t help much when it came to harvesting.
p3bx3b But since the high elves were working hard harvesting, I made them give their best in hunting.
p3 sfx1 *Crawl*
p3 sfx2 *Crawl*
p3 sfx3 *Catch*
p4bx1a It’s too troublesome to call the new girls as “the girls who work under Frau”.
p4bx1b So after a discussion with them, we decided to call them civil officer girls.
p4bx2 The civil officer girls were also working during the harvest, but they were mainly there for recording the harvest.
p4 ltr1 (small one) The A’s, the B’s, the C’s…
p4 ltr2 I asked them to count what’s inside the warehouse.
p4 ltr3 And I also told them to properly manage the inventory.
page 2
p1bx1 Since the time for Tia to give birth was close, I told her to not push herself too hard and take a break.
p1bx2 While the other angels stood watch as always.
p1bx3 As for the dwarves, they were making alcohol as usual, but…
p1 ltr1 And Ru who has some experience with it to accompany her.
p2b1 Please save everything from over here for making alcohol.
p2bx1 I suspect that they joined the harvest in order to get the ingredients for brewing alcohol.
p2 ltr Okay.
p3bx1 Lasti and Hakuren helped out too but…
p3bx2 Unfortunately, they’re not that good for this kind of work.
p3 ltr1 They’re only at helper level.
p3 ltr2 near Hakuren Tehe <3
p4bx1 So I asked them to help transport the harvest instead.
p4bx2 Since I thought that it was better to send the harvest as soon as possible.
p4 ltr1 – Doraim’s nest.

– Shashaato Village.

p4 ltr2 – Doosu and Raimeiren.
p5b1a Father’s place and mother’s place huh…
p5b1b Their places are in opposite directions from here, you know?
p5b2 I see, then, can you go to one of them at least?
page 3
p1b1 That in itself is scary though…
p1b2 I know, right? I’ll be counting on you then.
p1b3 I’ll do my best.
p1 sfx1 *Shiver*
p1 sfx2 There.
p1 sfx3 There.
p2bx1 Hakuren was gone for about 2 weeks.
p2bx2 While Lasti took about 1 week to finish transporting the harvest.
p2bx3 They both brought back some souvenirs with them.
p3bx1a Lasti brought back sea products from Shashaato.
p3bx1b It seems that Lasti arrived there right when a big sea monster that looks like a whale was approaching the village.
p3bx2a Then Lasti defeated that monster on Michael’s request.
p3bx2b Hence she received the sea monster as a reward.
p3 sfx1 Take this!!
p3 sfx2 Guheee…
p4bx1 Everyone from the village was still dismantling the whale at the time.
p4bx2 And they planned to send the meat when it was ready through the Lamia’s service.
p4 sfx *Chatter* *Chatter*
p5bx1 While the souvenir from Hakuren.
p5bx2 Was something rather troublesome.
p5b1 Dark elf?
page 4
p1bx1 20 elves with dark skin.
p1bx2 They arrived fully equipped.
p1b1 Our race…
p1b2 Are called mountain elves.
p2b1a I see, I’m sorry.
p2b1b You girls look like another race that I know, so I said that out of reflex.
p2b2 Ah, it’s okay, that might be another name for our race too…
p3b1 You can even call us with that name as well if you wish.
p3b2 Well… I’ll decide that later after properly considering it…
p3 sfx *Hahaha*
p4b1a By the way,
p4b1b Is this everyone?
p4b2 Yes, this is everyone.
p4b3 I see, so that’s everyone huh…
p4 sfx *Straight answer*
p4 ltr left All.
P4 ltr right Girls.
page 5
p1bx1a It seems that they were originally living in mountains.
p1bx1b But then it became harder for them to search for food.
p1bx2 So they were forced to move somewhere else.
p2bx1 And then when they came to introduce themselves to the guardian beast of the new land that they were moving into.
p2bx2 It turned out that it was Raimeiren’s subordinate’s subordinate.
p2bx3 Subordinate.
p2bx4 Subordinate.
p3bx1a Then for some reason, the news reached Raimeiren.
p3bx1b And they ended up moving into this village.
p3bx2a At first, they were planning to take a few years to gradually move in here.
p3bx2b But since Hakuren came at the right time, they came here on Hakuren’s back.
p4b1 What did Raimeiren tell you?
p4b2a She said that she knows a place that we can move into and recommended it.
p4b2b And she also told us to work hard in our new place.
p5bx1 I bet they didn’t even have the right to decline.
p5 ltr Well, it’s not like I have any right either
p5b1a Alright then, since Raimeiren introduced this place to you herself.
p5b1b We welcome you to this village.
page 6
p1b1a By the way, we also have high elves in this village, would that be okay with you?
p1b1b You girls won’t be fighting each other, right?
p1b2 Yes, that is alright.
p2b1 How about you, Ria? Would that be okay?
p2b2 It’s no problem.
p3b1a We do have the same ears so people use to lump us together but…
p3b1b Our abilities are completely different as if we’re from different races.
p3b2 So we don’t have any hierarchal relation between us and we can live together side by side.
p3b3 That’s good then.
p4b1a I hope you girls will be able to get used to our way of doing things here and with our daily activities too.
p4b1b But I have no wish to impose you to do so.
p4b2 So it will be helpful if you can point things out that you find uncomfortable.
p4b3 I understand.
p5bx1 So then I showed them the place for them to sleep.
p5bx2 And I asked 2 high elves to help them around.
p5 ltr1 Let’s build another house when spring comes…
p5 ltr2 A new race has joined the village!!