Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 13

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 13

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Isekai Onsen Ch 13


Page 1


P1: “The comfort of the hot water is unanimous with Atami Onsen on top”

P2b1: Apart from that the accessibility, steam baths meeting health-oriented needs, and the large playful baths…

P2b2: “Komunei is greatly dominant throughout…”


Page 2


P1b1a: We’re giving the best service we can!

P1b1b: Even then…

P1b2: Does that mean they’re more satisfied with the bathhouse of Komunei than they are with the onsen here…?

P2b1: Plus what even is this “satisfied” unit thing! Are you taking this seriously?!

P2 sfx: *scrunch*

P2b2: I thought it was an easy system to understand…

P2 text: Was it really that bad?

P3 sfx: *puts on glasses*

P3: In any case, I’ve reported the results

P4: I’ll take my leave for today


Page 3


P1 top left: title

P1 bottom: Chapter 13 Second Facility!!?


Page 4


P1: n/a

P2b1a: The satisfactory rating is still close

P2b1b: If we continue our best there’s still a chance to reverse this

P2 sfx: *clean clean*

P2b2a: It’s true that we’re in a tight situation

P2b2b: But this is what was expected anyway

P3 text1: But you were being so confident the other day

P3 text2: Confidence and blind faith is different

P4b1: As a guest, I guess you don’t really care if they are real onsens or not

P4b2a: It has the needed effects for adventurers

P4b2b: And it has become the excitement of the city, which also acts as a popular hub for them too…


Page 5


P1b1a: Assuming it was artificial

P1b1b: How did they maintain a buff effect on the bath like Atami-san?

P1b2: If thought of logically, they should be suffering some sort of debts……

P1b3: We asked but they didn’t tell us anything useful

P2b1: Although it’s still not as powerful as Atami-san is right now

P2b2: I don’t feel that myself

P2 text: So it’s that strong…

P2 sfx: *twitching and moaning*

P3 text: Hmm

P3a: It might be nice to investigate a little further

P3b: It is interesting


Page 6


P1 sfx: *crunch*

P1: It is an emergency plan but…

P2: For now we’ll set up a carriage that goes to the onsen from Laigea and back

P2 sfx: *enters water*

P3b1: That’s a great idea!

P3b2: But we still won’t be able to win by the convenience of transportation

P4a: To be honest, the attractiveness of their facility is overwhelming

P4b: Is there not a single great idea to turn this around?

P5: n/a

P6: That’s it!

P6 sfx: *spray*


Page 7


P1: n/a

P2: How is it Atami-san?

P2 sfx: *cute walk noise*

P3 sfx: *splash*

P3: I just have to walk around the village like this right?

P4b1: Not yet

P4b2: I have to find a place where the water veins are closer to the surface


Page 8


P1b1: Apparently the mountain near Laigea was a volcano that erupted long ago

P1b2: Laigea’s mountain

P1b3: The reason for my incarnation being at that mountain must be for that geographical reason

P2b1a: With Laigea being at the base of the mountain, there’s a high chance that I’m flowing underneath the village

P2b1b: …No, there’s no mistake

P2b2: Since I can somewhat feel myself underneath Laigea even in this separate body

P3: n/a

P4a: This feels a bit nostalgic

P4b: Walking like this

P5b1: That time

P5b2: I guess the last time I was in here was during that time

P6 sfx: *stop*


Page 9


P1 sfx: *fwoosh*

P2a: Because of Atami-san there are more people in the village and its become more lively

P2b: With just the population and the adventurers coming here, we’re bigger than when papa-sama built it up to be before

P3b1: Although I’m still not enough to compare myself to papa-sama

P3b2: I may not look like it but I’m still doing everything I can


Page 10


P1a: Even with money flowing in we’re still using wood and grass-rosed ways

P1b: Since apparently brick made houses are weak to tremors

P2: Even so we still bring out all the good parts of Laigea

P3b1: There must be a lot of earthquakes since the volcano is so close

P3 text: I see

P3b2: And there’s a trend in the streets called a slow life

P4b1: Not rushing and enjoying life without any sort of stress or panic

P4b2: That’s how we’ve attracted young people here


Page 11


P1b1: So she’s thinking and doing a lot too

P1b2: Well, let’s start looking for that water vein again

P2: Hmn

P2 sfx: *splash*

P3 sxf1: *bubbles aggressively*

P3 text: A…

P3b1: Around here?

P3 sfx2: *bubble*

P3b2: Not that way!

P4b1: Muh, this way?

P4b2: *bubble*

P4 sfx1: *swerve*

P4b3: Then this way?

P4b4: *bubble*

P4 sfx2: *swerve*

P5: Atami-san

P5 sfx: *splash*

P6b1: Are you toying with me?

P6 text: From the middle…

P6 sfx1: *bubble nervously*

P6 sfx2: *gulp*

P7b1: Then maybe I should take you out of the jar and put you onto the ground so you can tell where it is easier

P7 sfx: *open*

P7b2: *scream bubble*

P7b3: Sorry!!


Page 12


P1b1: Please take this seriously

P1 text1: *sigh*

P1 text2: *bubbling*

P1b2: It was just a bit fun, that’s all it is!

P2: n/a

P3b1: But…

P3b2: This is troublesome

P4a: I wish we could talk

P4b: Even without Atami-san materializing


Page 13


P1: n/a

P2: Atami-san


Page 14


P1: n/a

P2b1: *exciting bubble*

P2b2a: !!

P2b2b: Right here?!

P3 right: There’s no mistake, if we dig here

P3 left: I’ll spew out

P4: n/a

P5b1: Then shall we head back to the onsen and bring Mii over

P5b2: *splash*


Page 15


P1 sfx: *gushing out*

P2b1: A…

P2 text1: *boast*

P2 text2: Hot water came out from the village

P2 sfx: *crowdy*

P2b2: Amazing…

P3b1a: As expected of Mii-san

P3b1b: To excavate water veins so easily—

P3b2: Well dragon nails are used for some of the highest level weapons

P3 text: Even though it also uses magic to strengthen it


Page 16


P1b1a: Atami-san, we did it!

P1b1b: We’re gonna make that with this right?

P1b2: *bubbling*

P2: n/a

P3b1: Let’s make a new onsen inside the village that also has an inn

P3b2: And the name will be

P4: Atami Onsen Number Two!

P4 sfx: *bam*

P5: n/a


Page 17


P1b1: If an inn is installed, once you wake up you can go straight into the onsen

P1 sfx: *thudding*

P1b2: We can even get a cafeteria for dining. As expected of Atami-san, what a great idea

P2: It’s not really my idea but just an onsen hotel from the world before

P3b1a: The newly built bathhouse will have a wide range of things that guests can use

P3b1b: And a number of bathtubs will be installed

P3b2: With my power now I can change from a water bath to a electric bath with ease

P4: …Alright

P4 sfx: *concentrate*

P5 right: I can send my consciousness into this new onsen without any problems

P5 left: Now with this, the second facility is ready!


Page 18


P1a: The expected completion day is one month later

P1b: Apparently it takes way less time than in the other world to build things because of magic

P2b1: But the battle period with Komunei is three months away

P2b2a: In the meantime, the investigators are still evaluating

P2b2b: So we still need to use a different plan during it, so—

P3 sfx: *smack*


Page 19


P1a: Okay

P1b: Kumu onee-chan wins

P2b1: Why are you so good?

P2b2a: Well I am used to swinging around weapons

P2b2b: How I get around the place is a secret though

P3b1: This ping pong table is one of the few things I can set up from leveling up before

P3b2: I left it lying around since it was troublesome to explain the rules to the people of this world


Page 20


P1b1: This table tennis thing is fun

P1b2a: It might be a nice idea to set up a tournament

P1b2b: Get an entrance fee and a prize ready too…

P2: I want a tournament for this too!~~

P3: This mana magic game is fun

P3 sfx: *bam*

P4b1: Mii’s been hooked on that thing

P4 text: I don’t understand what’s so fun

P4b2: Well Letecia-chan hasn’t completed a single level yet

P4b3: Shut up

P5: This is another of my powers but the last time I set it up Letecia almost broke it so I stowed it away


Page 21


P1b1: I saw a similar mana magic game in Komunei being popular so I put it out, and as I expected……

P1 text1: The one in Komunei’s

P1b2: Other than Letecia it was a big hit

P1 text2: Only kids play games!!

P2b1: I’ll have a similar ping pong table made and have it placed in the second facility

P1 text1: Hmm…

P2b2: And the game… could we do something similar to it?

P2 text2: There is one in Komunei

P3b1a: The one that really impressed me in Komunei was the steam bath

P3b1b: I want something here that can compete with that…

P3b2: Alright!

P4b1: It feels we can almost win

P4b2: If only it could go that easily~


Page 22


P1b1: Letecia

P1 sfx: *bam*

P1b2a: Woah!!

P1b2b: Don’t suddenly come out!

P1 text: Wasting mana!?

P2b1: But the hell is that plate!

P2 text: You look even more like a pervert!?

P2 sfx: *baam*

P2b2: White Plate

P3b1: I thought it was a good idea since you said not to show anything that’s bad for the upbringing but…

P3 text: Hmm

P3b2: I guess I’ll take it off

P3b3: It’s fine as it is!

P4b1a: Tell Chiichiku to be here tomorrow evening

P4b1b: I have an idea

P4b2: Idea…ok got it!

P5b1: I wonder if Atami-sama has come up with something

P5 text: I hope it goes well

P5b2: I’m sure it’ll be fine for Atami-san…


Page 23


P1b1: One month since the start of the article

P1 sfx: *open*

P1b2: This time’s page for this article is here

P2b1:  Atami Onsen         Komunei Sento

74 Satisfied      83 Satisfied

P2 sfx: *sigh*

P2b2: Ahh, we’re still losing

P2 text: Even though table tennis is so fun

P2b3a: The rules are not yet pervasive so it’s not surprising

P2b3b: There’s still a lot to go

P3: You’re right! Atami Onsen is ours and so is our future win

P3 sfx: *clench*


Page 24


P1b1a: Laigea’s onsen and inn completion is almost done…

P1b1b: We just have to turn it around after it gets completed!

P1 text: It’s so busy~~~

P1b2: That’s right! Mii’s gonna teach the customers the magic game!

P2b1a: That’s exactly right

P2b1b: Once [Atami Onsen Second Facility] and [That] gets completed—

P2b2: There’s enough chance to turn it around!

P2 text: ……I wonder if the white plate is stuck there using mana?