Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 7

Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 7

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P1O1: This is
P1O2: the one Ai Fa feared,
P2O1: Donda Ruu!
P3O1: Don’t falter now!
Title: Isekai Ryouridou
Chapter 7: Blessings
P1B1: If it ain’t the girl that disgraced the Ruu clan, you got some balls to be waltzing up to the
Ruu family’s doorstep.
P1B2: Damn, and our precious [firekeeper] is going to be an outsider.
P2B1a: Trying to smear the Ruu even more?
P2B1b: That it, Ai Fa?
P3B1: Geez
P1B1: I already explained that I invited these two to cook food for Grandma Jiba!
P1B1sm: Yesterday, daddy even said it was okay!
P2B1: Thanks for the backup, Rimi Ruu!
P2B2: You want to help her too, don’t you daddy!?
P3B1a: We’re [Giba Eaters].
P3B1b: Even you know that if you can’t eat Giba then you’re done.
P5B1: Then Daddy is-
P5B2: Hey, Rimi
P1B1: Just because dad is lenient doesn’t mean he’ll give in on everything.
P1B2: Shut up, Rudo!
P2O1: A young… boy?
P3B1: Hm?
P3O1: Gasp
P4B1: Just as Rimi Ruu said, we’ve no other intention in coming here, but to cook dishes
P4B2: to save Jiba Ruu.
P1B1: As the Fa Clan’s… Firekeeper.
P2B1a: Hah, dishes?
P2B1b: Struggle all you like
P2B2: Kid.
P3B1: Last one!

P1B1: Please set out the rest of the meal!
P2B1: Okay!
P3O1: I acted all cool in front of another clan’s leader,
P3O2: but I’m scared to look at Ai Fa’s face!
P4B1: I’ve finished setting the food. Everyone’s gathering in the dining hall!
P4B2: Thanks, I’ll head out too.
P5B1: Okay, time to cast my fate to the wind
P1B1: To battle!
P2O1: Oh…
P2O2: Could that perhaps be
P2O3: Jiba Ruu?
P3O1: She’s so shriveled and frail…
P3B1: Now then…
P1B1: Grace to the blessings of the forest… Blessings to the firekeeper for the vitality we are
bestowed this night…
P2O1: Ai Fa also…
P2O2: made that gesture…
P3O1: I didn’t hear it clearly at the time,
P3O2: but I guess she must have been thanking me…
P4O1: They may be a bit different than me, but they are still human.
P5O1: That’s why…
P1B1: Whatever kind of “traditions” they may have, they certainly still want to save their own
P2B1: Gran Jiba, try some.
P2B2a: It’s what we made
P2B2b: From Giba meat.
P4B1: Here.
P2O1: Huh…
P3B1: W-What’s wrong Gran Jiba!?
P3B2: Are you okay?
P4B1a: This nastily mushed up meat
P4Bab: ain’t even food.
P4B2: It’s munto food.
P5B1: Urr…

P2B1: Ah, Gran Jiba, don’t strain yourself.
P3B1: Looks like Granny Jiba is furious too, Firekeeper of Fa.
P3B2: Now you…
P4B1: Donda.
P1B1: After all this time, you’re still just like a child.
P1B2: It’s like nothing has changed since back then…
P2B1: Wha…!?
P2B2: Grandma Jiba has stood up and spoken!?
P1B1: Thinking that because you don’t like something everyone doesn’t as well.
P1B2: assuming things just like a child.
P2B1: Guh…
P2B2: Gran Jiba, slowly sit back down.
P2B3: I think I will… sorry, Reina.
P3B1a: I shouldn’t have done something unsuited for my age.
P3B1b: Right, you of the Fa clan…
P4B1: Huh, ah. I’m firekeeper Asuta.
P4B2: Mind if we talk a bit after I have a bit more?
P4B3: Not at all!
P2B1: Ahh…
P3B1: Asuta… thanks to you I’ve recalled about the past…
P4B1: From before we were forest people, the time we were people of the southern jungle.
P1B1a: Partaking of the fruit of the south and eating lizards we lived happily,
P1B1b: but the war happened and the woods were set ablaze and we were forced to the forests
of the west
P1B1c: as Giba eaters.
P2B1a: Without the mountain’s boon we were slaughtered one after another by the Giba. The
Giba we finally hunted…
P2B1b: wasn’t fit for us to consume.
P1B1: Giba are tough… foul… and if we had to keep eating this
P1B2: I thought we’d be better off dead.
P2B1: Thank you, Asuta.
P2B2: You’ve reminded me once again of the joys of eating.

P3B1a: N-Not at all!
P3B1b: I did nothing but teach how to prepare it!
P4B1: That’s why I bestow my blessing.
P2B1: Isn’t this…
P3B1: Isn’t this something precious given by your clan…
P3B2: Right. That’s a blessing.
P4B1: Take it, Asuta. It’s compensation for your actions this time.
P5B1: I also bless you.
P5B2: Yes, me too.
P5B3: I’ll give you one too. I got to eat something unique.
P5B4: It’s not enough for me to give my blessing.
P6B1: This many…
P6B2: Hey
P1B1: Don’t get full of yourself kid.
P2B1: No matter what the others say, to me what you made me eat was
P2B2: Poison.
P3B1: Poison…?
P1B1: Then that means this was a failure!? What kind of punishment am I gonna face!?
P1B2: Calm down, Asuta. From being blessed by others, that can be ignored.
P2B1: Also, this time I’m also…
P2B2: That’s Ai Fa, right?
P3B1: Jiba Ruu…
P3B2: You’ve gotten so big. Can you come closer so I can have a look at you?
P1B1: You’ve become so beautiful… You’re the spitting image of your mother.
P2B1: Jiba Ruu… I…
P3B1: I’ve ignored you for so long, yet now of all times…
P3B2a: It’s fine.
P3B2b: Let’s take our time and talk, we have plenty of time.
P4B1: That’s great, Ai Fa.
P4B2: Hey guest, it’s late already. Spend the night.
P1B1: I heard there was a free family cabin, but which is it…
P1B2: They all look the same.
P2O1: But I’m glad I came.
P2O2: Seems that Ai Fa calmed down a bit too?

P2O3: Gained a bit as well.
P3O1: Since there’s no single one size fits all in tastes and preferences I can understand that
not everyone gave their blessings…
P3O2: As an apprentice chef it is a bit disgraceful.
P3O3: But what Donda Ruu meant by “poison” concerns me…
P4B1: Eeek!?
P5B2: My goodness?
P1B1: What might you be doing over here?
P1B2: No… um… nothing…
P2B1: Then how about we
P2B2: have a little private conversation?