Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 8

Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 8

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P1B1: A talk?

P1B2: Yes… one I can only have with you.

P2B1a: Vina Ruu, I believe she was called? She doesn’t seem to be a bad person…

P2B1b: But bringing up such a thing to an outsider?

P3B1: Hey, Asuta.

P3B2: You know, don’t you?


P1B1: Away from this forest,

P1B2: the ways of living in the outside world, right?

P2B1: That’s

P2B2: Basically…

P3B1: Hey…

P3B2: Don’t make such a serious face, this is a secret. Se-cr-et!

P3B3: R-right…


P1B1: This isn’t… something about right now. Just when that time comes

P1B2a: I’d love it if you would remember me…

P1B2b: See you

P2O1: The outer… world… It doesn’t seem that this is about the world I’m from

P2O2: Maybe some other place outside of the forest?

P2B1: Asuta!

P3B1: Ah… Ai Fa, are you done talking already?

P3B2: Yes… So, why are you hanging around in a place like this?


P1B1: All these buildings look similar so I didn’t know which one I should be going to

P1O1: Got lost

P1B2b: What are you saying, Asuta?

P2B1: You were told to use a house without residents, weren’t you?

P2B2: Then wouldn’t you just need to find a house that doesn’t have a light?

P3O1: Ah….

P4O1: Ahhhhhh!

P4B1a: Th

P4B1b: That’s true…

P5B1: Then let’s go

P5B2: The closed room murder…

P5B3: Did you say something?

P5B4: Nope


P1B1a: Now then, let us set off home.

P1B1b: Though we gained blessings from this, hunting is still necessary.

P2B1: Asuta

P3B1: Asuta!

P4B1: Huh, when did I fall asleep?

P4B2: Hey, you don’t look too well. Feeling sick?


P1B1: Y-yeah, I’m fine. Let’s go.

P2B1: Don’t push yourself

P2B2a: You overworked yourself this time

P2B2b: I do still need to properly express my gratitude for this

P3B1: Today, Ai Fa is such an angel… Like I’m being called…

P3B2: Asuta!?

P3B3: J-Just a bit sleep deprived… I’m fine…

P3O1: Right… sleep deprived.


P1B1: Couldn’t help but get strangely excited as if it was a sleepover, of course

P1O1: Amazing, ain’t it? Sorta

P1O2: ain’t this pelt really soft?

P1O3: Turning off the lights…

P1B2: but since Ai Fa was acting normally like she always does, I calmed down… then

P2B1: What Donda Ruu said after dinner.

P2B2: The word “poison” began swimming around in my head.

P3O1: Poison?

P3O2: What did he mean by poison?

P3O3: The ingredients I used are the ones they normally use when cooking

P3O4: It can’t be a problem of preference. If so then there’d be no way he’d approve of the rest of the family members’ views.


P2O1: No point in worrying about this is there?

P2O2: Already granted Rimi Ruu her wish, and also

P4O1: some of Ai Fa’s discontent has been cleared up

P4O2: Isn’t that enough?


P2O1: No

P3B1: I’m… the son of a chef.

P3B2: The firekeeper of Ai Fa’s clan.

P4B1: But moreover than that, I…


P1B1: Love cooking

P1B2: I love that moment when someone feels joy from what I cook.

P2B1: There’s no such thing as a dish anyone can like. I know that much.

P3B1: But still

P3B2: Being told it’s poison, oh okay… No, I can’t just accept it like that.

P4O1: Think


P1B1: Think Think Think

P2B1: Got nothing…

P3B1: You’re still tired, aren’t you? Rest a bit, I have something to discuss with some of the Ruu Family.

P3B2: Kay

P4B1: Not going to gain anything just by thinking…


P1B1: I might get an idea if I go outside…

P2B1: The voice of the men is coming from over there

P2B2: Are they going off hunting?

P3B1a: I believe most of the men yesterday didn’t offer blessings if I’m not mistaken…

P3B1b: Maybe I should ask them about it…

P4B1: Ah, hey you!


P1B1a: O-Oh no!

P1B1b: Wait, this guy was one that gave a blessing… R-Rudo?

P1B2: What? Looking for the other women?

P2B1: T-This guy might be willing to listen… I think?

P2B2a: Ah, yeah. S-Sorta

P2B2b: Sorta… I guess

P2B3: Oh? The women all went to bathe.


P1B1: What you say?

P1B2: Yeah, I said they’re out bathing

P2O1: Say…

P2O2: What!?

P3B1a: Perhaps you don’t know where it is?

P3B1b: That’s fine, I’ll lead you there.

P3B2: Wait wait wait, I’m good.

P4B1: What, no need to be so reserved.

P4O1: At this point, Asuta was

P4B2: I do, of course I would be.


P1B1a: overcome with terror of his head scalped and eyes gouged out

P1B1b1: In abidance by taboo

P1B1b2:  execution.

P1B2: Gonna kill me

P1B3: What are you doing? Hurry up over this way!

P1B3: After going through a living hell, I’m now gonna be killed

P2B1: What, you that shy?

P2B2: How can you say that with a smile?

P3B1a: Splish

P3B1b: Splish

P3B2: Here, it’s behind this gate.

P3B3: Splish

P3B4: We finally get here and now you get all stiff?

P4B1: There


P1O1: It’s over…

P2B1: Huh!? A-Asuta!?

P2B2: H-Hey, seems like they’ve gone unconscious?


P1B1: They even said they weren’t going to bathe…

P1O1: Murr

P2B1: Hm?

P2B2: Asuta!!?

P2B3: Ai Fa, something’s wrong with Asuta…

P3B1: Wait, don’t get near them. I’ll do something about it, got it? Don’t go near them!

P3B2: Huh? But…

P4B1: Asuta, are you alright?

P4B2: Your clansmen seem quite worried about you…


P1B1: Asuta

P1O1: I hear a voice?

P1B2: Hey

P2B1: He’s alive… I think?

P2B2: It seems I can hear heartbeats…?

P3O1: What!? What is happening?

P3B1: Oh, the heart is on the other side.

P3O2: Soft squishing execution!!?


P1O1: Soft pleasant execution?

P1O2: It’s softer than I imagined but it feels like I’m going to suffocate…

P1B1: Save me


P3B1: Hey, are you okay Asuta?! Do you know who I am?

P4B1: What kind of getup is that, Ai Fa?

P4B2: It’s worse than usual.

P5B1: Ow


P1B1a: I’m sorry, um…

P1B1b: my foot acted out before anything else…

P1B2: It’s fine already

P2B1: I couldn’t hide my shock from the reality brought before me.

P3B1: The parents had somewhat worked out that I was a male.

P3O1: It’s just not very often a man is a firekeeper

P3B2: Huh, a Man? You’re quite slender, so I was sure you were a girl.

P3B3: What were you thinking, Rudo?!

P3B4: I also thought… you were a foreigner girl…

P4B5: Those around my age thought I was a woman.


P1O1: Sorta… missed the point where I could ask about poison…

P1B1: Umm, Ai Fa…

P2B1: What’d you like for dinner tonight?

P3B1: Asuta…

P3B2: I’d like


P1B1: A Hamburger!

P2B1: That’s all that you want to eat.

P2B2: I-I can’t help it. It’s different from the usual Giba meat, with it being so soft and the meat juices being so sweet…

P3B1: Because of those, that soft meat goes straight to your boobs.

P3B2: That’s stupid!

P4O1: Soft…

P4O2: boobs?


P1O1: It’s a shame my consciousness was fading and I wasn’t able to touch them directly

P1O2: but like how I felt some kind of unknown anxiety from the softness of Ai Fa’s boobs

P2O1: Likewise, the people here may see this experience of the texture of soft meat as unusual…

P3O1: So, thank you for a lot of reasons, Ai Fa?

P3B1: Ai Fa… Sorry, but there’s one more thing I want to ask of you.

P4B1: What?
P4O1: I won’t be able to piggy back you all the way home…

P4B2: Can you let me have one more chance?


P1B1: I want to prepare my cuisine once more

P1B2: for that Donda Ruu that chastised my cooking as poison!

P3B1: Meaning that I need to borrow your power, Ai Fa, as a clan leader…

P3B2b: Of course.


P1B1: You helped me last time

P1B2: As a clan head, it’s my duty to return the favor.

P3B1: You’re certain of victory, aren’t you?

B4B2: Goes without saying, Madam Clan Head.


P1B1: What, you again?

P1B2: You’re still on the land of the Ruu’s?

P2B1: Donda Ruu

P3B1: As the clan head of the Fa’s, I humbly request a favor.

P3B2: Will you not hear me out?

P3B3: Huh? Speak.


P1B1: Once again

P1B2: I’d like for the Fa Clan’s firekeeper to prepare a meal for the Ruu clan.

P2B1: Feh
P3B1: I wondered what you’d speak and now I find you joking around

P3B2:  I am not joking

P4B1: I’m

P4B2: Serious


P1B1: Oh?

P2B1: Let me teach you what happens when you confuse courage with foolishness

P2B2: Out of respect for your foolishness,

P3B1: I’ll prepare the next stage.

P3B2: In three days, during then-