Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 32

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 32

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


Sfx: Fwoooosh

Sfx: Splash

Sfx: Blub Blub

T: Sylphia Rugenberg
Race: Human Job: Slave
She is a former female knight that served the royal family.
Currently in a contract with Konoe Yuuto as his slave

B1: Phew…


Sfx: Appear

B1: Whoa!

B2: Oh, it’s just you Spica-dono…

B3: Sylphia-san…

B4: Hmm?

B5: It’s time for a strategic meeting!

SFx: Bam!

T: Spica Blunell
Race: Lycan Job: Slave
She met Konoe Yuuto while working part-time in an inn, and eventually became his slave

Sfx: Jiggle


B1: Err… What are you talking about, all of a sudden..?

B2: Today’s subject is!!

B3: Splash

B4: “How to make Master notice us!?”

B5: Wow, that’s a pretty direct topic you have there…

Sfx: Splash

B6: Well, I mean, Sanja-chan KISSED our Master, you know!?

B7: So we don’t have the luxury to take things slowly!

B8: Because the thing we fear could become reality in no time now!!

B9: Y-Yeah …

B10: The Forestie sisters who recently joined us as his slaves, huh…

B11: And that little girl… She took Milord’s first kiss that easily…


B1: In Twilight, it’s not that rare if the master revokes the “sex” slaves’ contract just because he’s bored with them…

Sfx: Grab!

B2-3: Jiggle

B4: And ended up tragically as they were sold again… for a very cheap bargain price!!

B5: Besides, I’m not really sure if we can deny ourselves being Master’s “sex” slaves…

Sfx: Splash

B6: I… I believe in Milord…

B7: And he really cares (?) about us, right?

B8: Besides, I think I’m helpful to him whenever we have to fight in our adventures
And Milord said that the success rate of our adventures has increased since I joined…

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle

B9: I know that… I know that very well…

B10: Blub blub

B11: But that is far from enough


B1: To receive Master’s affection! That is what we should aim for here!!

Sfx: Splash

B2: Affection…

B3: And we have to do it faster than those two..!!

B4: Y-You’re right…

B5: But what should we do..?

B6: For now, at least we have to receive something that is greater than a mere kiss..!!

B7: Something greater than a kiss..!?

B8: A-Are… Are you talking about being “sex” slaves..!?

B9: Yes, let’s aim for sexual affection..!!


B1: Hmm…

H: 2 who don’t have any sexual experience whatsoever

B2: Hmmmm…

B3; H-How about giving Milord a present..?

Sfx: Hahahaha

B4: Something that will express our gratitude for taking care of us all this time, I think?

B5: Yeah… I think it’s a good idea…

B6: B-But well, it’s already too late today, so let’s buy it tomorrow

B7: S-Sure, I’ll think about what to buy tonight


Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Snore Snore

Sfx: Snore Snore

B1: Sylphia..?
I’m here…

B2: Knock knock

B3: Why are you calling me this late..?

B4: Fufufu, because I have a present for you right here..!

B5: That really makes me happy! So where is it?

B6: Then I will show you…
The best present I have prepared…

B7: Creak


B1: Because the present is…

Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle

B2: Me ..!!


B1: Ooooohh!!

B2: I’m really sorry, Spica-dono…
I do feel really bad to steal the march, but…

B3: I got this flash of inspiration with “The Present is Me”!!

B4: Jiggle

B5: Tight

B6: Jiggle

B7: A very genius idea that combines [Present], [Sexual], and [What Milord wants]!!

B8: And I’m sure that Milord who has a healthy sexual drive and is a little bit perverted will definitely be delighted with this!

B9: See..! His eyes are really sparkling like a little boy who just received a new toy!


B1: Sylphia, I’m so touched…
It’s extinct now in the modern japan romantic comedy literature because it’s too cliché, but I love it!!
That “The present is me ” of yours!!

B2: ?

B3: I don’t really get it, but I’m glad you like it!

B4: And you’re telling me that tonight
I can do whatever!!
I please to your body, right, Sylphia..!?

B5: Badump

B6: Eh!?
Err, yes…
I guess… so..?

B7: But… uhmmm…

B8: Badump Badump

B9: Please be gentle… Milord…


B1: Creak

B2: Badump

B3: I’m really sorry, Spica-dono…

B4: Badump Badump

B5: But I will rise… my status one step higher first..!

B6: And even though I don’t have any practical experience, I have read a lot of books about this in the past..!

Sfx: Smooch

B7: First step, a long romantic kiss… And to show that you’re a dignified woman, close your eyes and wait for the “attack”…


H: I’m a bit reluctant, but I also read in the books that gentlemen will love it if I massage the holy sword in their crotch with my hands or my mouth..!

H: Quickly respond to where they want the most, learn and adapt, just like what I usually do in the battlefield..!

H: I-I also heard that there is a secret trick by using my c-c-c-chest, but…

H: I really don’t have the slightest idea about that, so I guess it’s another learn and adapt thing..!

H: Actually, I returned to the bathroom once more after that to shave my “hair”, but I overdid it…

H: It’s a bit red, but as long as he doesn’t switch the light on, he won’t know..! Or rather… the ever perverted Milord will never realize it!


H: Speaking of perverted, I heard that there are also perverts who feel pleasure from being tied up too..!

Sfx: Aaah

B1: Tight

H: Could it be that this ribbon could also be used for that..!?

B2: Tight

Sfx: Aaah

B3: Tight

H: I really can’t understand that, but… If Milord requested me to be bound, then it can’t be helped… No, wait, it’s more like, I want him to bind me..!?

H: Or rather, no matter what kind of perverted plays Milord wants, I’m ready to do it all..!

Sfx: Noooooooo!

H: Even if it’s OOO, OOO or OOO or even OOO…

H: Hmm..? Come to think of it, where’s my long romantic kiss..?
Aah, this one second feels like an eternity… Please, Milord… Hurry up…

H: Don’t tell me… Neglecting play..!?

B4: Wiggle wiggle

H: Hmm? Wait, wiggle wiggle?


Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

B1: You really came at the perfect time, Sylphia, as I just succeeded in increasing their numbers and really wanting to try them out

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

B2: Eh..?

B3: Wait, what..?

B4: So don’t worry, I will love you plenty tonight, with these 8 tentacles!!


B1: Huh..? I feel like I’ve seen them before… but…

Sfx: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

B2: Why… I wonder..? Why can’t I recall it..?

B3: She did experience the tentacle play before, but…

B4: ?

B5: Because the stimulus and the pleasure were too great for her, Sylphia unconsciously locked the memory of that time

B6: Be happy, Sylphia..!!
Spica is not here tonight, so you can monopolize all of these 8 tentacles for yourself!!

SFx: Wiggle Wiggle

B7: Eh?
Uhh… Wait… No… They are too wiggly…


H: Please spare me from the wiggle wiggle..!

B1: Aaaaahn!

H: Please no wiggle wiggle!!


H: No wiggle wiggle..!

H: Aaaahn

Sfx: Fwooosh

T: Expeinn
Town Centre

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter Chatter Chatter

Sfx: Munch


B1: Mmmh! This crepe is soooooo taaasty!!

B2: Munch Munch Munch

B3: Uncle! Give me another 5 of all toppings!

B4: S-Sure…
Thanks for your patronage…

B5: That’s the Demon Lord of [Gluttony] for you…
You sure can eat a lot… Just like your father…

T: Asmodeus Race: Devil
Job: 7 Deadly Sins
Unique Skill: Unknown

Sfx: Munch munch munch munch

B6: Stop that, Asmo!

B7: I told you that I hate being called as “Glutton”, didn’t I!?


T: Beelzebub Race: Devil
Job: 7 Deadly Sins
Unique Skill: Unknown

B1: In the first place, why am I [Gluttony] while someone like you is [Lust], Asmo!?

B2: Even though this overly cute me can kill everyone with my sexy charm if I’m [Lust]

B3: Oh, uncle! Give me another 5!

B4: I-I’m really sorry… b-b-but I don’t have the all toppings ones anymore…

H: Seriously..?
Are you fucking kidding me…
That’s really irritating…

SFx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

H: I’ll kill you…
i’m really going to kill you…

B5: Eeep..!?

B6: Well, guess it can’t be helped then…

B7: Rattle

B8: Let’s go, Asmo!

B9: Hey, where are you going..?

B10: Rattle

B11: Lucifer is already waiting for us in Belphegor’s res-…


B1: Just postpone that for later!

B2: I said it before, right?
The real reason I come to this Expeinn…

B3: Is because…

B4: I want to be an adventurer

B5: Voom


H: Extra

B1-2: …

B3: That village chief sure shows up on a lot of pages…

B4: Yeah…

B5: And so does Lirina-dono…

B6: Yeah…

B7: But you have it good, Sylphia-san!
I mean you got a lot of screen time with Master..!

B8: I’m not sure if the author still even remembers me, you know!?

B9: It will be fine, you know!!

Sfx: Bam

B10: Master!?

B11: In the next volume 5, I will go all flirty with a Devil girl!
And with a beautiful wild girl too!
And don’t forget about the things I did with the cat-eared ninja girl!

B12: Wait, that’s not fine at all!!

B13: Huh? Where’s Spica?

B14: Uwaaaaaaah!

H: Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker ④
Kasahara Tomoe
3D guy: S-san
Finishing touch: K-san

H: Thank you for reading volume 4!
We’ll see you again in volume 5

H: Special thanks
Kankitsu Yusura-sama
Tsurugi Hagane-sama
My Editor
The Printing Office
And you readers