Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 33

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 33

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Previously on [Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker]

B1: Konoe Yuuto who got summoned into another world where selling slaves is legal…

T: Sylphia Rugenberg Sanja Forestie
Race: Human Race: Cait Sith Rarity: ★★★★★★
Job: Female Knight Unique Skill: None Job: Mage Unique Skill: Persuade
(Yuuto’s Slave) (Yuuto’s Slave)

Sylphia Rugenberg Lirina Forestie
Race: Lycan Race: Cait Sith
Job: Maid Unique Skill: None Job: Housekeeper Unique Skill: None
(Yuuto’s Slave) (Yuuto’s Slave)

B2: Got one step closer to his dream of building a 100 beautiful girls harem after welcoming his 3rd and 4th slaves!!


B1: He bought a house
Defeated a demonfolk

B2: And he did erotic things with the beautiful girls
Who adore him! (He’s still a virgin though)

B3: And now, a new page of adventures of Konoe Yuuto who’s unbeatable in another world…

B4: Starts again!


Sfx: Rustle

Sfx: Uhh…

B1: Gasp!


B1: Huh..?

B2: Where is this..? Who am I..?
No, wait… This is Milord’s residence… and I am Sylphia, a Female Knight


B1: Oh right… Last night, I put all of my heart and soul to seduce Milord with “Your present is me ”, and…
And… Huh..? What did I do after that?

B2: I can’t remember…

B3-4: ?

B5: Konoe Yuuto’s tentacle play’s stimulus and pleasure are so great that…
It makes the other party unconsciously lock the memory deep inside their heart

B6: Don’t tell me… Milord didn’t do anything to me..!?

Sfx: Aaaaaah…

B7: So I was rejected..!? Even though I did “The Present is me ” thing!?

B8: But then… Why does my entire body feel so sensitive..!?

B9-10: Twitch

B11: Konoe Yuuto’s tentacle play’s stimulus… (Omitted)


B1: Sylphia-san!

Sfx: Bam!

B2: I just got a brilliant idea about Master’s present!!

B3: You see… The present… is… me…

B4: Oooh!! To think that you have the same idea as me, Sylphia-san..!

B5: Yeah… I guess so..?

B6: I’m so touched!

B7: To think that we understand each other this much..!

B8: Y-Yeah…

B9: Stab Stab Stab


B1: This plan will definitely be a success!! Right?

B2: Err… I wonder about that..?

T: Skeleton ()
Security Workers

Sfx: Clack Clack Clack

B3: Eh? But why? I’m sure it’s going to be fine!!

B4: Err… you know… maybe we should stop this…

B5: Eeeeh!!

B6-7: Snore

H: Yuuto who collapsed before he arrived at his own room →

B8-9: Bone…

B10: Steamy

B11: Sizzle

B12: Warm


B1: Ooh, this is amazing..!

Sfx: Step Step

B2: Our breakfast today really looks so good!

H: Morning Onii-chan!

B3: Oh…
So you finally woke up, huh, Yuuto…

B4: This is so good!! What is this!? It tastes so good!!
As expected from Lirina who has the perfect housework skill..!
It’s so different with the bad food that Spica and Sylphia made!!

B5: Wha..!?

B6: I am a Female Knight…
So I didn’t receive any training to become a maid!!

B7: Ugh… I’m so sorry, Master…

B8: Even though I’m pretty sure we don’t have any good ingredients in our warehouse…

B9: Oh, about that…


B1: Can I go to the market to buy some ingredients ?
I want to make a more balanced diet for you, Yuuto

H: There’s nothing here but preserved food…

H: Yeah, no food here

T: Dried meat↑ Dried bread↑

B2: I see. Okay

B3: I don’t have anything to do today
So let’s go together to the market!

B4: Eh!?

B5: J-Just the two of us!?

B6: Yeah. You don’t like it?

B7: It’s not like that… but…

B8: So Onii-chan and Onee-chan…

B9: Will go together, “just the two of them”, huh…


B1: Isn’t that what you call a dat-…

B2: Sh..!

Sfx: Shove

B3: Shut uuuuuup!!!

Sfx: Mmmph!

B4: Hmm? What’s wrong, Lirina?

B5: Nothing! Really, nothing!!

B6: Munch munch munch

H: A date..!?

H: But I’m just going to buy ingredients with Yuuto… Together… Just the two of us…

B7: Badump Badump Badump

H: Oh God…
It IS a Date..!!


T: Expeinn
Market Area

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter Chatter

B1: Ohh..! The market in the Royal Capital sure is incredible..!

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter Chatter

B2: Yeah. Anyways, I’ll leave everything to you, so just pick anything you want

B3: Seriously..?

B4: Then leave everything to me..!

B5: Handsome Uncle…
Can I buy these Furufuru mushrooms?

B6: Oh, what a cute lass we have here!!

B7: Eeh..! But I’m not that cute, you know

B8: Since you’re so cute…
How about this uncle give you some freebies?

B9: Waaah, I’m so happy!!

H: WTH… Is that really Lirina..?


B1: Khukuku… To think that I could buy this many ingredients with just that much money

Sfx: Fufufufufu

B2: So that perfect housework skill also activates when she shops, huh…

B3: Oh, right. It will be bad if you get lost…

B4: So don’t leave my side, okay?

B5: Ah!

B6: T-That’s right..! I got too excited when I saw how big the market in this town is, but…

B7: I forgot that I’m currently on a date with Yuuto..!!


H: Speaking of a date…

B1: Badump badump

H: Go shopping…

H: Watch Doll Theater…

H: Rest on a café…

H: Have a romantic dinner…

H: And…

B2: It’s pretty dark already, so let’s go home?

B3: Ehh? Already..?

B4: Is this… not… a date..?

B5: Hmm?

B6: I-I-It’s okay, you know… Uhmm…

B7: I mean, you did it with my sister…
So don’t you want to… to KISS me or something..?

B8: Fidget fidget


Sfx: Grin

B1: !?

B2: You do know that… all men are beasts, right..?

B3: Eh..!?

B4: So do you really think that I can be satisfied with just a mere kiss?

B5: But but but..! I heard that you can only do a kiss on your first date..!!

B6: Fufufu… It’s all your fault, Lirina…

B7: Because you’re too charming as a girl..!

B8: But… But..!


B1: Creak creak

B2: You were the one who saved my life, Yuuto… And you’re also my master now… Ahn..!

B3: Ahn

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle

B4: And you’re the first man who I adored in my whole life… So..!

B5: Slid

B6: Please do more amazing things to me..!
More than what you do to Spica and Sylphia..!
Please make a mess out of meeeeeeee..!

Sfx: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh


Sfx: Ahn!

Sfx: Aaaaaaaaaah

B1-3: Pant…

B4: ?

Sfx: Yuuto…

Sfx: Yuutooooo

B5: Lirina..? Are you alright?
Your face is so flushed, you know? Shall we head back now?
Did you feel sick because of the crowd?


B1: Come to think of it, the prices here are really different from the ones in my previous world…
Vegetables, fruits, and grains here are really cheap, like almost half of their original price

H: You really carry those bags like nothing…

B2: But meat is 3 times more expensive here, while fish is 10 times..

B3: R-Really..?

B4: I think that’s because Expeinn is really far from the harbor…
And there’s a risk of being attacked by monsters on the way

T: Royal Capital, Expeinn

Harbor Town

B5: I see, so that’s the reason…
So it’s impossible for us to feast on fish dishes, huh…

H: Welcome!

B6: No, that’s not true. Sure, salt water fish might be very expensive…
But fresh water fish are pretty cheap, you know?

B7: Ah, but… Fresh water fish are a bit…

B8: The Fresh water fish in this world are pretty horrible…

B9: What? You don’t like fresh water fish?
Then just leave everything to me!

B10: I’ll definitely show you my skill that has been honed when I lived in the mountain to bring you the most delicious fresh water fish dishes you’ve ever eaten!!


Sfx: Fwoooosh

Sfx: Tada!

B1: Steamy

B2: Sparkle

B3: Sparkle

B4: What in the heavens are these… To think that fresh water fish could be this delicious..!
Forget about the fishy smell, these dishes smell so mellow that make my mouth melt

H: Oooh!

H: See?

B5: And for the final dish, I have prepared a very popular dish from the Harbor Town!

B6: !?

Sfx: Bam!

B7: These are fish that have been charred for a bit then put on the top of rice

B8: Wait, aren’t these SUSHI!?

H: Tasty…
So tasty…

B9: Are you a wizard, Lirina!?

B10: Huh? Well, I can use a bit of fire magic though…


B1: And next, for our dessert, we have… Huh?
Hey, Yuuto… We did buy some fruits in the market, right?

B2: Huh..? Where did I put them..?

B3: Oh, that. Just go outside then!

B4: Huh?

B5: ?

B6: Outside..?

Sfx: Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle

B7-8: Rustle Rustle

B9: Drop Drop

T: Konoe Yuuto Race: Human
Job: Adventurer
Rarity Magic Eye
Skill Taker Rarity★★★
Subordination Contract
Unique Skill
Growth Acceleration
A skill that accelerates plant’s growth

B10: Drop Drop


B1: Eeeeep!? Just when did this glorious fruit garden appear!?

B2: So I planted the fruits we bought this afternoon and grew it

B3: Divine Tree B

B4: But how!? No wait, I don’t think I’m ready to hear it…
I mean Milord’s skill are on par with the Gods now!!

B5: Divine Tree A

B6: Onii-chan amazing!! We have a Divine tree in our yard! We have 2 Divine Trees in our yard!!!

B7: Yeah, those are from the seeds that I received from your Village Chief

B8: Wow… You are really incredible, Yuuto…

B9: Hahaha
Anyways, can you peel this freshly picked fruit for me, Lirina?

B10: S-Sure…

B11: You are just too incredible, Yuuto..!
And someone like me… who can only do housework… is definitely not a good match for Yuuto…

Sfx: Peel peel peel

B12: Oooh!

B13: To think that I was so frolic and believed I was on a date with such great man…

B14: I’m so embarrassed with myself..!

B15: Tap


B1: I made this fruit garden for you Lirina
Because I believe you can make me more delicious food with these

B2: So don’t worry, you will become a great wife in the future, trust me!

B3: Wha..!

B4: I’m really looking forward to your dried fruits, jams, and compote, Lirina

B5: A-A-A… A-A-A -A-A …!

B6: A great wife!? Don’t be stupid!!
There’s no way something like that suits me!!

B7: Eh? But it’s really a perfect fit for a beautiful girl with a perfect housework skill like you, isn’t it?

B8: B-B-B-Beaut-..!? I just love housework, that’s all!! I’m not like that!!


B1: …

B2: Munch munch

B3: …

B4: Munch munch

B5: ?

B6: Seems like we weren’t that much of a help today, were we..!?

B7: Yeah..!

B8-9: Munch munch

B10: And this situation is pretty bad, isn’t it?

B11: Yeah..!

B12: We really need a plan, fast..!!

Sfx: Flutter

B13: Because we can’t afford to be passive girls anymore..!!