Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 35

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 35

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Konoe Yuuto is just a very ordinary High School student…

B2: Who got summoned into another world…

Sfx; Voom

B3: To a place called Roadland, to be exact

Sfx: Bwoosh

B4: There, he bought a big house

B5: Got his hands on 4 slaves and 60 beautiful (?) Skeletons

B6: And currently…
Enjoys his leisure another world life to his heart’s content


B1: And one day, one of his slaves

B2: A Cait Sith girl called Lirina developed a crush on him

B3: While the other 2 of his slaves, Female Knight Sylphia…
And Spica the maid continuously seduced Yuuto because they didn’t want to lose to Lirina

B4: On the other hand, at Lirina’s home town…
A pretty Martial Artist Adventurer called Luna who has a feeling for Lirina is currently moving towards Expeinn..!

H: Curse you…

H: Konoe..!!

H: Huh..?

B5: Will Konoe Yuuto’s popularity go full throttle today too..!!?


Sfx: Oooooh

(Note to editor: Double page to p5)

B1: What is this!? It looks so cooool!!

Sfx: Ta

B2: This is so amazing!!

B3: What, this? This is just a brand new magic-powered Air Bike that I just bought!


B1: Flap!

H: He even bought a pair of matching boots →

B2: With this, now we are even able to accept quests that are a bit further than our usual range!!

Sfx: Da!


B1: Well, now that our Quest Rank has risen, we’re able to go to the Lonus Plain, but…
I heard that it will take 4 hours on foot

H: Amazing!

H: Onii-chan is so amazing!!

B2: We can also go there with a carriage, but…
Might as well buy a brand new Air Bike with that money

B3: Hee…
It… It is very expensive, isn’t it..?

B4: Hmph…
Don’t worry about it, my acquaintances made sure that the shop owner gave me some discount…

B5: Dreamy man discount

Sfx: Gyaaaaaaaa!

H: Bike Shop’s Ben-san ↗

B6: Huh? What’s wrong, Master..?

B7: Anyway! How about we try to ride it now?

B8: Sanja wants to! Sanja wants to ride it first!!

B9: Sorry, Sanja… but this bike is for adventuring, so I’ll have Sylphia and Spica try it first. Maybe next time

B10: Eeeeeh..!


Sfx: Fwoooooosh

Sfx: Rise

Sfx: Bwooom

B1: This is so incredible Milord!! Am I… Am I really flying on the sky right now!?

B2; Yeah you are, Sylphia, you are!!

Sfx: Bwoooom

B3: Amazing… If we have this, then we won’t have to worry about crashing into other pedestrians or meeting with monsters on our way..!!


B1: Alright! I’m going to take a lap around the house now! Grab tight, both of you!

Sfx: Bwooooooom

B2: Roger that, Milord!!

Sfx: Squeeeeeeeeze

B3: Jiggle

B4: Jiggle

B5: Uhee…

B6: Squeeze


B1: Master..?

B2: Hmm? What is it, Spica?

B3: Is it just me or is there a very big conspiracy behind this seating arrangement..?

B4: Sorry… but like they always say, “the right man for the right job”, Spica

B5: Was it the boobs..!? In the end, was it the boobs that mattered..!?

Sfx: Grrrrrr!

B6: Jiggle Jiggle


H: Even yesterday..! Master said that he would rub our boobs while counting up to 100 hundred…

Sfx: Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub

H: So I honestly thought that he would rub 50 times to each one of us

B1: Squueze

B2: Aaahn!

H: But then I realized the fact that the percentage is closer to 20 for me…

B3-4: Twitch

B5: Ahn!

B6: Rub Rub Rub Rub Rub!

B7: Aaaaaaahn!

H: And 80 for Sylphia-san!!

B8: Rub


B1: Hmm… Seems like it runs on around 40km/h with 3 people on it, huh… Then that 4 hours on foot distance we have to travel to get to Lonus Plain…
Could be shortened into around 30 minutes, huh..!

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B2: And we won’t have to worry about our baggage since we have this special handmade Magic Bag (4000kg capacity) that Olivia-san gave us..!

B3: Oh right… Come to think of it, this bike uses a Wind Magic Stone to move, doesn’t it..?

B4: Then… If I use my own Wind Magic to give it extra horsepower…

B5: I wonder what would happen…

Sfx: Vwoooom


Sfx: Bwoooooooosh!!

B1: !?

B2: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Sfx: Bwoooooooooosh

T: Lonus Plain

Sfx: Fwoooosh


B1: Wheeze… Wheeze… To think that…
We reached Lonus Plain… In less than 10 minutes..!

B2: Wheeeee

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B3: The synergism effect of Wind Magic really shouldn’t be underestimated..!

B4: Hee… So this is the Lonus Plain..!
It sure is vast and splendid..!

B5: Master, this Lonus Plain is the very southern tip of Roadland…
And the monsters that appear around here are Lizardmen, Skeletons, Several kinds of slimes…

B6: Flip

T: Magic Bag
(4000kg capacity)

B7: And of course, the home of our current quest target, Wild Bear and White Bird!

B8: Hee…


Sfx: Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle

B1-3: Slash!

Sfx: Swish!

B4: Fwish

H: Oryaaaa!

B5: Slash


B1: Master! A new wave is coming!

B2: And this smell is… There’s no doubt, it’s the White Bird!!

Sfx: Flap Flap Flap

B3: …

B4: Cluck

B5: They aren’t coming down…

B6: Yes… White Bird is a very cautious monster, so probably that’s why…

B7: Cluck!

B8: Even a bow master or an expert mage won’t have an easy time dealing with them…

B9: And our target, the Wild Bear is living under the ground…

B10: So even the work of finding one is proven to be quite difficult

B11; Hmm…

B12: Shooting their vitals accurately with [Ice Sphere] from this distance is a bit harsh even for me…

Sfx: Flap Flap

T: Konoe Yuuto

B13: Hmm… Should I use the Air Bike..? No, it’s too valuable to be used in battle… then…

B14: Hmm?


B1: I didn’t realize that my [Curse Magic] has leveled up after defeating all those skeletons!
Ooh, a new magic..!!

T: Magic LV3
Available Magic Rood
A magic to increase target’s sexual sensitivity
Ract (New)
A magic to decrease target’s weight

B2: Let’s see… Decrease target’s weight…
This is it!!

B3: It’s a bit frightening since I don’t have time to test it, but…

B4: Sylphia, I’ll leave Spica’s protection to you

B5: Eh?

B6: [Ract]..!

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B7: Plus…

Sfx: Bwooooosh


B1: Ooooh, I did it!

B2: ..!

B3: I feel like my body is as light as a paper now..!!

B4: Grab!

B5: Fufufu…
I got you now..!

B6-7: Cackle!

B8: Now that I get a close look at you…

Sfx: Flap Flap Flap

B9: You sure look as appetizing as normal chicken, but with a slightly deeper sound, don’t

B10-11: Cackle!!

B10: You..!!


Sfx: Slash Slash

B1: Wait, I’m falling..! Shit shit shit..!!

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B2: No, wait… if I use another [Ract] just before I land, then perhaps…

B3: Sylphia!! Catch..!

Sfx: Fwoooooosh

B4: Meeeeeee..!!!!

B5: Eh!?

B6: Don’t ask for the impossible!! I can’t catch you safely from that heig-…

Sfx: Fwoooooosh

B7: Just trust me!!

B8: Ugh..! Roger that, Milord!!


Sfx: Float Float Float

B1: Hau!

B2: Boing

B3: See? I told you it’s going to be okay
Your body and your armor is very soft after all

B4: Rub Rub

B5: Y-Yeah…
But it was very scary, Milord…

B6: But you sure are amazing, Master!
Just when I thought you would crash, you suddenly floated in the air..!

B7: Yeah! I’m really awed, Milord! You never stop amazing me..!!

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B8: Hehehe… Praise me more, praise me more

B9: Seems like I still need a lot of practice with this [Flying Magic], huh…


B1: Rub Rub

Sfx: Rumble… Rumble…

Sfx: Wham!!

B2: Wha, earthquake!?

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B3: Roar!

B4: Grrrr!

B5: Growl!


B1: So these guys are our other target…

B2; Shwing

B3: The Wild Bears, huh..!?

B4: Spica told me that they lived underground…

B5: Did they come out because of that earthquake just now..!?

B6: If it’s the usual tremor, it won’t be much trouble for me with [Konoe Style Martial Arts – Sea Legs Battle Technique]…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B7: But this is just too much!!

(Note to editor: double page with p23)

B1: ..!

B2: Wait, what the hell..!?


SFx: Dun Dun Dun

B3: A fricking pyramid..!?