Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 37

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 37

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: Konoe Yuuto is just a very ordinary High School student…

H: Yu…

H: Yuuto-kun..?

B2: After he got summoned into another world…

B3: Yuuto…

B4: Makes the best of his cheat skill
B4b: [Skill Taker]

T: Konoe Yuuto Race: Human
Job: Adventurer
Unique Skills:
Rarity Rarity
Skill Taker

B5: To perceive the truth behind all things,

B6: Fly in the sky,

B7: Create an orchard in an instant,

B8: And of course, create tentacles that he can control as he pleases!


B1: And now, in front of this Yuuto….

B2: Appeared a Giant Pyramid-shaped Dungeon…

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle

B3: And a big boobed female guide, Larsen

B4: So, Yuuto who has a dream of creating a 100 women harem…

Sfx: Aaahn ♥

B5: Jiggle

B6: Is going to an adventure today too…
B6b: In order to “capture” both of those “grandiose” targets for himself obviously!

Sfx: Bam!


T: Adventurer’s Guild

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter

B1: Everyone, first of all, I want to thank you for taking the time and gathering here today. So without further ado…
BC: Test… Err, is this on?

B2: Let’s start the meeting for capturing the dungeon that appeared at Lonus Plain, or also known as “Lonus Pyramid”

B3: Ooh… This is pretty amazing…

Sfx: Chatter Chatter Chatter

B4: Yeah, I never expected this many adventurers coming to capture that new dungeon…

T: Larsen Cygarrett
Race: Human Job: Adventurer
Unique Skill: Empathy

(Note to editor: Double page with p5)

Sfx: Stare

B1: Yeah, amazing indeed ♥

B2: Jiggle


B1: Jiggle

B2: Your boobs are really amazing indeed, Larsen-san… ♥


H: I’m sure those boobs won’t even lose to Syphia’s..! ♥ Really, what outrageous boobs..!

Sfx: Jiggle

H: However, what’s more outrageous than that is that ass which seems to be spilling out from her pants!!

B1: They are really outrageous, right..?
B1b: So, Yuuto-kun… ♥ Do you want to punish them..?

B2: Is it really okay!?

B3: Like this, huh!? Or do you want it like this..!?

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle

B4: Ahn!
B4b: Aahn!

B5-6: Squeeze

B7: Harder..! Do me harder, Yuuto-kun..!!

B8: Harder..!? You want it harder..!?


B1: Like this!? You like it like this, huh..!? Come on, I can’t hear your voice..!!

B2: Twitch

Sfx: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn ♥

B3: Aaaaaahn! Punish me, Yuuto-kun… Punish me harder..!!

B4: What’s wrong, Yuuto-kun? You’re breathing so heavily…
B4b: Are you that excited for this quest?

B5: Err, yeah..! I’m really excited about this!


B1: The difficulty of this Lonus Pyramid would be E1. The time limit for this quest is 2 months.
B1b: And the reward would be 2 million Ria

Sfx: Fwoooooosh

H: ↗

B2: 2 million!? They sure are generous for this quest, aren’t they..?

B3: Does it mean that it would be harder than usual?

B4: Yeah… Difficulty E1 is the second lowest difficulty from the 10 level scale

H:Rank A
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E

B5: Normally, the reward would only be around 1 million

B6: However, Lonus Plain is a vital spot for the trade with the neighboring country, so my guess is that the important people in Roadland wanted to secure this dungeon as soon as possible

B7: Because after all, a Dungeon is a Monsters’ Den
B7b: And there’s also a boss monster called “Guardian” in the deepest part of the Dungeon

Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle

Sfx: I see…

B8: The Dungeon will use the Mana from its surroundings to grow…
B8b: That’s why, we have to work together to defeat that Guardian, no matter what..!


B1: There are a lot of cases where the Dungeon will die out after the Guardian is defeated. So everyone, I pray with all of my strength for your success!
B1b: Alright then, that’s all from me
B1c: There will be an item distribution from the guild after this, so please line up accordingly

Sfx: Fwoooosh

B2: I mean, with me, Yuuto-kun, and this many people, I’m sure we would be able to capture that Dungeon in no time..!

Sfx: Line Line

B3: For example, that guy over there…

B4: He’s a rookie who started to show his face in Expein Adventurer’s Guild recently, but…
B4b: I can see that he’s not your average Joe…

B5: Hee…

B6: However, he’s a weird guy who never talked about his background

B7: I can’t see his status…

T: Black Treasure Necklace
(Neutralize the effect of other people’s Magic Eyes)

B8: I see… He’s very thorough about this…

B9: But there sure are various kinds of people here…
B9b: From the ones that look strong, to people who look really weak…

B10: …Hmm?


B1-2: Jiggle

B3-4: Flutter

B5: No matter how you look at it, that’s a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, right..?

B6: Why..? But schoolgirl uniform in another world, huh… ♥


B1: Her name is… Beelzebub..?

T: Beelzebub Unique Skill: None
Race: Devil
Job: 7 Deadly Sins

B2: Wait, a Devil..? And one of the 7 Deadly Sins to boot!?

B3: Then she might be a friend of that…
B3b: Lucifer and Belphegor…

B4: That I met before..!

B5: But right now, my Alarm skill still hasn’t rang yet…

B6: ?

B7: Just what is a Devil doing in an Adventurer’s Guild like this!?

B8: Come on, Little Missy
B8: You should really join our party, it’s for your own good, you know?

B9-10: !

B11: How persistent…

B12: I told you that I’m going to do this solo! So leave me alone!


B1: What the heck is that guy doing..?
B1b: Is he trying to pick her up..? How outrageous…

T: Robin Krueger
Race: Lycan Unique Skill: None
Job: Adventurer

B2: That Robin guy…

B3: He’s trying to make another pass at random girls again…

B4: Hmm? Do you know him?

B5: He’s the only silver ranked adventurer between the participants this time and he undoubtedly has the skill, but…

B6: His manner is bad, huh…

B7: Yeah…

B8: Whenever he sees women, he’ll try to hit on them indiscriminately. He’s even often tried to woo me for God knows how many times

B9: Let’s just hope that Demonfolk girl…

B10: Won’t be angered with this…


B1: Slap!!

B2: Cut it out!

B3: I told you to leave me alone!!

B4: Bitch..! You dared to slap a silver ranked adventurer like me..!?

B5: Sting Sting

B6: Even though I was kind enough to invite you to join my party..!!

Sfx: Dash

B7: Who do you think you are!?

B8: Oh no!


B1: Grab!

B2: !?

B3: Let’s put a stop here, okay?

B4: Who the hell are you!? This matter doesn’t concern you!

B5: Well yeah, I’m a completely unrelated stranger here, but…

B6: Huh!? Do you want to see your maker that badly, kid!?

Sfx: Glance

B7: Your opponent is a Demonfolk, you know!?

B8: You’ll be the one who’s going to meet your maker if I don’t stop you here!!


B1: The fuck are you clamping for, you weakling!?

B2: R-Robin-san…

B3: What!?

B4: That guy… he’s the rumored Konoe Yuuto!!

B5: What did you say!?

B6: Konoe Yuuto!?
B6b: The one that’s rumored to have defeated more than 50 monsters in a single quest..!?

B7: The super rookie that’s said to be the fastest one to reach bronze rank, that Konoe Yuuto!?

B8: Sigh, and I stand out now…

B9: Tch..! I lost my interest now
B9b: Let’s go!

B10: Ah, wait for me, Robin-san!

B11: Yuuto-kun! And the girl over there!
B11b: Are you two alright?

B12: Oh, Larsen-san. Yeah, we’re fine

B13: I’m really sorry..! Even though I was there with you…


B1: My prince…

B2: I finally found you…

B3: Eh..?

B4: I love you..!

B5: My one and only prince!! ♥

B6: Squish

Sfx: Hug!

B7: I will never let you go again!!