Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 38

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 38

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
B1: Eh?
Sfx: Huuug
B2: Eeeh..?
H: That’s pretty slick, Yuuto-kun
Sfx: Fwoooosh
B3: …
Sfx: Stare
B4: Kyaa! You have cream on your cheek, Yuuto-sama! ♥
Sfx: Fawn Fawn Fawn
B5: Seriously? Where?
B6: It’ ♥

B1: Wait…
Sfx: Fwip
B2: Let me “wipe” that off from you… ♥
Sfx: Aaaah…
Sfx: Lick ♥
B3: Oooh…

B4-5: …
B6-7: Kyaa!
B8: Spica-dono…! Just where did that woman appear from…!?
Sfx: Grit Grit Grit
B9: Don’t ask me, I don’t know either!! Jeez, Master! Why do you have to keep seducing one woman
after another with every step you take!?

B1: So, Yuuto-sama… About what I said before…
B2: Rub Rub
B3: …
B4: Would you consider being my boyfriend? ♥
B5: Err, Beelzebub-san…
B6: Come on. Don’t be so distant. Just call me “Beel”, alright?
B7: I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can become your boyfriend
B8: Eeh? And why is that?
B9: I guess I can’t say that I want to make a harem of 100 girls here, can I…?
B10: Oh, I know! Is that because you already have lovers?
B10b: Like those two who’re hiding behind that bush over there?
B11: She knows!?
B12: No, rather than lovers, those two are just my slaves.
B13: Wha-…!? No hesitation at all!?

B1: I see… so they’re slaves, huh..?
B1b: Well, I don’t really understand it, but I’m okay being the third one, you know?
B2: …

B3: By the way, you’re a demonfolk, aren’t you Beel?
B4: Huh? Demonfolk? Just what are you talking about all of a sudden, Yuuto-sama? ♥
B5: It’s no use hiding it.
B5b: I have Magic Eyes, you know?
B6: Magic Eyes..?
Sfx: Gloom
B7: Yeah, that’s why I already knew that you’re a demonfolk from the very start.
B8: I see…
B8b: I knew that you weren’t an ordinary person, but to think that you even had Magic Eyes… ♥
B9: So? Are you going to hand over this little demonfolk to this kingdom’s royal knights?
B10: No, I have no intention of doing that.

B1: All I want is to have a demonfolk like you tell me about “Another World Summoning”.
B2: Those clothes of yours… You got them from another world, right?
B3: Hee, now I get it… ♥
B4: Certainly, you’re not wrong about that… ♥
B5: But, if for example, I agree to tell you about that information…
B6: What will I get in return, Yuuto-sama?

B1: This girl… Is she an S?
B1b: Most of my girls are M
B1c: So I have no choice but to become an S.
H: M M Hard M
? S?
Hard S
B2: But if it’s this girl, then perhaps she could awaken the M side inside me…

B2b: No, wait, this is not the right time to think about that.
B3: Alright then, Beel!
B3b: If you agree to tell me everything about “Another World Summoning”
B4: Then I will listen to any requests of yours for a whole day.
B5: Oh, that’s a pretty interesting term you used there…
B6: You said “any request”, didn’t you…?
B7: Then what if…
B8: If..?

B1: Aahn! ♥
B2: I want you to service me, of course, in a very sexual way, Yuuto-sama?
B3: Ah!
B4: Yuuto-sama ♥
B5: Lick me more…
B6: Lick my *** more!!!
B7-8: Ahn! ♥
B9: Aaahn!!
B10: That’s more like a reward for me..!!

H: Aahn ♥
B1: Well, I don’t mind if it’s just that ♥
H: Will you do mine too
H: Afterwards?
H: Harder!

H: Harder!!
B2: Fufufu, then it’s a promise, okay? ♥
B3: Of course I will ♥
B4: But well, unfortunately, I will definitely lose my position if I tell you about that…
B5: Hop
B6: It’s not something simple that can be exchanged with mere “perverted services”.
B7: You see, just like I dreamed of meeting my prince…
B8: Becoming an adventurer is also one of my dreams, you know? ♥
B9: I see…

B1: So how about this? Let’s compete as fellow adventurers in this dungeon quest!
B1b: If you clear this dungeon before me, then I will gladly tell anything you want, Yuuto-sama.
B2: But if you lose, then you have to become my boyfriend and service me, of course in an erotic way,
B3: Fair enough!
B4: It’s a promise then!

B1: Well then, Yuuto-sama..♥
B1b: From this moment on, you and I are rivals!
Sfx: Fwoooooosh
B2: Yeah
B3: Next time we meet, it’s going to be inside the dungeon!!
B4: Flutter
B5: If I win, I can go back to my original world and see authentic high school girls all I want…
Sfx: Grin Grin Grin

B6: And even if I lose, I have to give perverted service to a school uniform wearing demonfolk… ♥
B6b: Huh? No matter which I end up with, it’s win-win situation!!?

Sfx: Fwoooosh
B1: Fufufu ♥ I’m so glad I came here to Expain! ♥
B2: All my dreams are coming true one after another this quick! ♥
B3: Rather than live a gloomy life as demonfolk
B4: I prefer this venturous life as an adventurer by miles!!
B4b: And then, marry my ideal prince and live happily ever after!!

B1: And that ideal prince is obviously Yuuto-sama! ♥
B1b: With those black hair and black eyes, he just looks so dreamy!!
B2: Furthermore, he’s also strong and kind to me!! ♥
B3: He even has a lovable mischievous side in him!
B3b: Like he had fresh cream stuck on his cheek! It was just too cute!! ♥
B4: Badump
H: Huh?
H: Where?
B5: He’s just too perfect!!
B6: If it’s Yuuto-sama… No, I don’t want anyone other than Yuuto-sama…♥
B7: For Yuuto-sama, I don’t mind…

B1: Offering…
B2: Slip

B3: My “first time” to him…♥
B4: So how does my body feel, Yuuto-sama…? ♥
B5-6: Haa…
B7: Ahn ♥
B8: Ah!!
B9: It’s great, Beel… You’re just too gorgeous…♥
B10: Aaahn! ♥ I’m really happy to hear that…!!

B1: Mmmh!! Faster..!!
Sfx: Jiggle Jiggle
B2: Please ram your hard [Beep] in my [Beep] faster..!!
B3: Aaahn..! It’s too [Beep]!! It’s just too [Beep] for my [Beep]!!!
B4: Hahaha, don’t be hasty, Beel… I’ll have to [Beep] your [Beep] [Beep] first, so don’t be that nervous,
okay..? ♥
B5-6: Grind Grind
(Note to pr and ts: Below b4)
B7: Twitch!
(Note to pr and ts: Left b4)
B8: Ah!
B9: Twitch!!
B10: Aahn! ♥
B11: Aaaahn! ♥ Yuuto-samaaaa..!!! It’s too gentle, but… But..! My [Beep] feels so [Beep]..!!!

B1: Now, get a good taste of my [Beep] while I [Beep] [Beep] you into [Beep]!!
B2-6: Ahn

Sfx: Smack Smack Smack
B7-8: Thrust
(Note to pr and ts, for b7-b11: Left beelzebub’s big head)
B9: Jerk
B10: Yuuto-samaaaa!!
B11: Jerk
B12: Ahn!
B13: Aaaaahn!
B14: Aah!
Sfx: Smack Smack Smack
B15: Aaahn! ♥
B16: Mmmnaaaah!! Yuuto-sama’s hot [Beep] is [Beep] through my [Beep]..!!

Sfx: Step
B1: Hehe… ♥
B2: Ehehehe… ♥
B3: Grab
B4: !
B5: Come on, this way!
B6: ..!
B7: …
B8: Take her away!!
B9: ..!
B10: Thud!!

B1: Hi again, Bitch. You sure had some nerve to humiliate this great me earlier, huh…
B2: But you only have yourself to blame you know? Because if only you obediently joined our party,
things wouldn’t have to be this hard.
B3: But at least…
B4: I will make sure that you’ll feel real good soon..!
B5: …
B5b: Err, could it be that uncle and your friends there…
B6: Are going to rough me up after this?

B1: Like hell it will be enough with just that! After we rape you over and over again…
B2: Nooo!
Sfx: Eeeek!
B3: We’ll make sure that wretched life of yours ends up as monster food!!
B4: Aaah..!
B5: Robin-san, I just can’t hold it anymore! Let’s just start already!!
B6: Open
B7: Sure, but don’t forget that I get first dibs on her, capiche? First…
B7b: Let’s flip up this stupidly short skirt and…

B1: Splat
B2: …
Sfx: Splat
B3: Huh..?
B4-5: Splat
Sfx Splat Splat

B1: What the fuck..!?
B2: Shwing
B3: What in the actual fuck just happened..!?
B4: Really, what an annoying person… To think that you actually dared to damage my precious body…
B5: Rip
B6: …
B7: That I planned to offer to Yuuto-sama…
B8: Ahahaha, what’s wrong..?
Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble
B9: Didn’t you say that you’re going to rough me up..?

Sfx: Appear
B1-2: Rattle
Sfx: Voom Voom Voom
B3: Crack

B1: But unfortunately… It seems like it’s you guys…
B2: Grr…
B3: Grr…
Sfx: Voom Voom Voom
T: Unique Skill
Gross Eater

Rarity Unknown
T: Summoning an <Evil God> that will fulfill any of the user’s wishes.
T: However, The <Evil God> really needs to “eat” a lot to gather the required Mana to fulfill the wish.
B4: That are going to be roughed up, though… ♥

B1: Love, eat that uncle for me ♥
Sfx: Fwooosh
B2: Grr…
B3: Eep..!
B4: Chomp!!

B1: Sigh, that really made me hungry…
B1b: Love, give me some crepes!
B2: Grr…
B3: Fufufu, just wait for it, Yuuto-sama…
Sfx: Fwoooooosh
Sfx: Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle
B4: Drip Drip
B4: I will definitely win and make you my boyfriend… ♥