Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 18

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 18

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Page 1:

P1bb1: ah..mas…
p1b1a: -master, you didn’t come back yesterday…

P1b1b: Are you planning on meeting with someone today too?

Chapter 18: a feast

P2b1: …

P3b1: that’s right…

P3b2: it’s someone you don’t know.

Page 2:
p1b1: may…I ask you to come back early tonight?

P1b2: Merida-san is treating us to her homemade cooking!

P2b1: …I can’t

P2b2: I already have plan-

P2b3: No!!

P3b1: you must return here by dinner time!

P3b2a: what!?

P3b2b: but my plan is till midnight…

P4b1: please!!

P4b2: you must, ok!!

Page 3:

P1b1a: fine.

P1b1b: I’ll come back here once before dinner.

P1b2a: to be pestering me this much about it…

P1b2b: did she end up with too much leftovers or something…

P2b1: I’m really enjoying this barhopping spree with you.

P2b2: Me too.

P3b1: oh?

P3b2a: somehow, lately

P3b2b: the guards have been acting really uptight.

P4b1: …lately,

Page 4:
p1b1: there have been a lot of

P1b2: continuous cases of people getting killed on the street.

P4b1: do you perhaps know that man?

P5b1a: No, it’s not like that.

P5b1b: it just kinda reminded me of my past…

P5b2: …

P6b1: …ah-…Ja-san,

Page 5:

P1b1a: …in the past

P1b1b: I spent a while in jail for stealing.

P1b2: looking at him reminded me of my past as a criminal.

P2b1: …but,

P2b2a: you do feel remorse, right? That’s what makes you the Oshikimo-san of today.

P2b2b: you have already atoned for your sins…so it’s okay.

P3b1a: …thank you.

P3b1b: that made me feel a little better.

P5b1: Since we’ve already talked about you, I should also tell you a little about me

P5b2: oh? What’s this? I’m intrigued.

P5b3: actually, I’m…

P6b1: …a…

Page 6:
p1b1: …ryuujin(*)

(*)TLN: ryuujin is a hybrid between human and dragon

P2b1: I hesitated…I was actually gonna say “evil dragon” but…things might not go so well after that.

P2b2: well, I am a human right now so it’s not a lie.

P3b1: …Oshikimo-san?

P3b2: is this also not okay?

P4b1: ahahaha

P4b2: a ryuujin, huh!! This is the first time I’ve seen one!!

Page 7:
p1b1: I have no other words beside that’s amazing!

P1b2: hearing that my soulmate is a ryuujin kinda took me by surprise there.

P2b1: good…it seems he doesn’t have any bad impression about that.

P2b2a: in this world…

P2b2b: everybody has mixed feeling about the existence of dragons.

P3b1: -oh…it’s almost time.

P3b2: you did say that you have somewhere to go for a while.

Page 8:

P1b1: would you like to come along? I’m just heading back to my inn.

P1b2: a friend is making me some food.

P1b3: oh? Is that friend a girl? Perhaps it’s someone who has the hots for you?

P2b1a: it’s nothing like that, I think she just wanted someone to taste her cooking.

P2b1b: I’m hated by everyone so I don’t think I’m much different from you.

P3b1a: …if so, then

P3b1b: you are the same as me.

P4b1: …I’m honored to be invited by you, so let’s go.

P4b2: ok.

Page 9:
p2b1: it’s completely dark…

P2b2: yeah…

P3b1: Ja-san, is this place still in business…?

P3b2: yeah, at least for today…

P4b1: let’s just enter-

Page 10+11:
p1b1: Happy

P1b2: birthday!!

Page 12:

P1b1: birth…

P1b2: birthday?

P2b1: master!

P3b1a: before…during the victory celebration with Zac-san-

P3b1b: you did say that your birthday was on the 10th, am I correct?

P4b1: ah- we did talk about that…

P5b1: but,

Page 13:
p1b1a: what’s the point of celebrating my birthday anyways?

P1b1b: …when you were all avoiding me.

P3b1a: Zac…I told you, didn’t I?

P3b1b: that we shouldn’t do this!

P3bb1: Ja doesn’t look happy at all right now!

P3b2: no no! if he were to be happy after being sad then the happiness would be multiplied!

P3bb2: that is not true at all! Look, he only seems surprised!

P3b3: -I still don’t know what they’re talking about…

P4b1: Ja, I will explain

P4b2: what’s going on…

Page 14:

P1b1a: it all started when

P1b1b: Irenu-san came to us asking for advice about wanting to celebrate Ja’s birthday.

P2b1a: Zac came up with an idea to “effectively” celebrate your birthday.

P2b1b: and that is when…everyone started treating you coldly.

P3b1: …wait- so the huge gaps between your attitude toward me then and before

P3b2: were to make me more deeply moved by your action now?

P4b1: that’s right!

P4bb1: so!? It’s a good idea right?

P5bb1: …

P6b1: huh?

Page 15:
p1b1: Zac…

P1b2: you…

P2b1: huuh??

P3b1: wait wait wait

P3b2: why should I!?

P4b1: I get it!! I’m sorry, forgive me!!

P4b2: I really wanted to deeply move you though!

P5b1: oh!

Page 16:
p1b1: I’m telling you the truth here! I really had good intentions!

P1b2: you clearly overdid it you bastard!

P2b1: hey, Ja-san.

P2b2: huh?

P2b3: I’m heading home now.

P3b1: hey, wait!

P3b2: You are also my friend so it’s fine for you to stay!!

P4b1: well…today I’ll only accept your feelings.

P5b1: happy birthday

P5b2: catch you later

Page 17:
p1b1a: …ah

P1b1b: later.

P2b1: master…who is he…?

P3b1: …a friend who went barhopping with me.

P3b2: his name is Oshikimo.

P4b1: is that so? It would be great if he could join us.

P4b2a: this is the first time he met us, so maybe he’s feeling awkward?

P4b2b: today, let’s just celebrate with these people!

P5b1: yeah!
p5b2: the dishes that everyone made!

P5b3: let’s eat before they get cold!!

P6b1: oh?

Page 18:
p1b1: they look amazing…!!

P2b1: I’m still a little worried about whether they are to your liking…

P2b2: we tried our best, so we’ll be happy if you enjoy them!

P3b1: Lucyl and I are not good at cooking, but we did help out…

P3b2: I rarely cook, you know!
p4b1: I also worked really hard-! So please forgive me, ok?

P5b1a: …

P5b1b: I…thought that you all hated me.

P5b1c: so, to be honest I’m quite shocked right now.

P5b2: still…

Page 19:
p1b1: this was quite the surprise.

P1b2: you all got me good.

P2b1a: I’m sorry

P2b1b: for showing such attitude toward you.

P3b1: I’m also sorry for avoiding you.

P3b2: me too, please accept my apology.

P3b3: um, I’m also sorry.

P3b4: I’m sorry for starting it!

P3b5: ok…it’s fine

P4b1: C’mon! let’s begin!

P4bb1: oh…ok…

P4b2: yeah! This way!

P5bb1: isn’t this the chair that I always sit…

Page 20:

P1b1: ready…go!

P2b1: so, this is…

Page 21:

P1b1: the birthday song…of another world.

P2b1: it’s quite

P2b2: a beautiful harmony.

P2b3: they must have practiced a lot.

Page 22:

P1bb1: I never had

P1bb2: anyone celebrate my birthday like this…

P2bb1: the inner corner of my eyes are heating up…

P2bb2: I’m glad I didn’t go on a trip alone.

P3bb1: I guess I’ll continue living here…in Grizard.

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