Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 20

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 20

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Page 1:
p1b1a: “aren’t something that should be left alive”-

P1b1b: that’s all they said…and with just that they cornered us.

P1b2a: I just don’t understand…

P1b2b: father and mother too…got killed without knowing anything…

Chapter 20: the truth (part 1)

P5b1: Master.

Page 2:
p1b1a: …Well, we can’t just leave him like this…

P1b1b: He’s still just a kid.

P1b2: I’ll see what I can do.

P2b1: Thank you!

P4b1a: I assume…we need to have a talk with those “sin’s executioners” guys…

P4b1b: but we can’t really bring Layfon along though.

P4b2: !?

P5b1a: ah! Then

P5b1b: How about taking him to Lucyl…

P5b2: and ask if the duke’s family can bring him under their protection?

Page 3:

P1b1: please stop!!

P2b1: huh?

P3b1a: ah…no…our house and the Strite

P3b1b: have never had the best…

P3b2: relationship.

P4b1: moreover…

P4b2: there is something I want to retrieve at all cost…

P5b1: something you want to retrieve?

P6b1: yes, it was taken during the attack…

P6b2: our family’s heirloom.

Page 4:
p1b1: a long time ago…on this continent there was a dragon that represented all the atrocities of the world…

P1b2: it was called the horned dragon. They said its ominousness could rival even the dragon god…

P2b1: our family heirloom is a necklace made of the dragon’s claw.

P3b1: no matter what…I need to get it back with my own hands!

P3b2: please take me along with you!

P3b3: I beg of you!

Page 5:
P1b1a: there’s no other way…

P1b1b: it will be a little dangerous, but

P2b1: I’ll let you go with us.

P2b2: thank you so much!

P3b1: do you know anything more

P3b2: about the “sin’s executioners”?

P4b1a: I could only see the assault somewhat …

P4b1b: there were four people attacking us…all ten of our guards were taken out in the blink of an eye.

P5b1: their leader was a woman.

P5b2: she was really strong.

Page 6:
p1b1: is that so…if we knew their hideout, we could take them out in one swing…

P1b2a: indeed.

P1b2b: moreover, I would like to know more since we only know that their name is the “sin’s executioners”…

P1b3: then why don’t we visit the informant? I know a bar where he usually drinks at!

P2b1a: huh?

P2b1b: …you just came to this town and you already know that much?

P3b1: …there…was one of our guards

P3b2: who knew a lot about this town.

P4b1: ah, i see…

P4b2: now! Let’s go!

P4b3: oh…ok-

Page 7:
p4b1: “the bar”

Page 8:
p1b1: -owner, anyone here with a lot of information in this town?

P1b2: …who knows?

P3b1: …give me a bottle

P3b2: of the most expensive booze you have.

P5b1: see that guy sitting there…

P5b2: he might be of use to you-

Page 9:
p1b1: thanks.

P2b1: hey,

P3b1a: …it’s quite boorish to bring a girl and a kid

P3b1b: to a drinking place like this.

P3b2: well sorry about that.

P4b1: here’s a gift.

P5b1a: …oh,

P5b1b: you’re quite interesting.

P6b1: so…

Page 10:

P1b1: -what do you want to know?

P2b1: the sin’s executioners-

P2b2: got anything on them?

P3b1: …sorry, but no.

P4b1: I had to stay in jail for stealing before.

P4b2: …you understand?

P5b1: …sorry, but I don’t.

P5b2a: what’s this? Is he being monitored because he was a thief?

P5b2b: do the “sin’s executioners” have information on all criminals?

P6b1: …then I’ll introduce you to a more well-versed guy.

P6b2: …ok.

P7b1a: his name is Jag.

P7b1b: he wears a black hat.

P7b2: you can find him at the church two blocks from here.

Page 11:
p1b1: that’s all I can tell you.

P1b2: is that so…thanks-

P2b1: in front of the church

P2b2a: that guy…

P2b2b: he seemed like he was afraid of the “sin’s executioners”.

P3b1: Irenu, what do you think?

P3b2: …from their name I can tell that they won’t tolerate criminals, but

P4b1: …if so, then what they did to Layfon-san’s family…

P4b2: is giving me some doubts.

P5b1: yeah, I feel so too…

P5b2: ugh!?

Page 12:
p2b1: hey!

P2b2: What’s wrong!?

P3b1: I’m…sorry.

P5b1: my…my…chronic disease is acting up…

Page 13:
p2b1: …fuu.

P3b1: are you ok?

P4b1: sorry about that.

P4b2: I’m ok now!

p5b1: really? Maybe you should rest somewhere for now?

P5b2a: master is right.

P5b2b: …let’s take you back to our inn-

P5b3: ah!

p6b1: look! Isn’t that the person we’re looking for!?

Page 14:
p2b1: let’s go! C’mon!

p2b2: …ah.

P3b1: hey.

P3b2: I want to buy some intel.

P3b3: …

P3b4: …who told you about me?

P4b1: a guy at the bar.

P5b1: …what do you want to know?

Page 15:
p1b1: about the “sin’s executioners”.

P2b1a: …oh.

P2b1b: you’ll need to be more specific

P2b1c: or we’ll be here all day.

P3b1: …looks like he also doesn’t want to talk about it.

P3b2: …where’s their hideout?

P4b1: …that is not cheap.

P4b2: …

P4b3: umm….!

P5b1: is this enough?

P6b1a: wait. Is a noble’s kid supposed to be

P6b1b: carrying that much money around…

Page 16:
p1b1: …ok then, but you will need to wait for three hours.

P1b2a: they have many hideouts.

P1b2b: I’ll need time to look for where they are now.

P2b1: is that so?

P2b2: then let’s meet here in three hours.

P3b1: see ya.

P4b1: We did it!

p4b2: …yeah

P5b1: soon…the horned dragon’s claw will…

P5b2: I can’t wait!

page 17:
p1b1: Let’s kill time somewhere.

P2b1a: …he’s acting quite strange for a kid whose parents were killed.

P2b1b: I know he could just be putting on a brave face, but…

P2b2: isn’t Layfon…a bit weird…?

P2b3: …yes.

P3b1a: it’s a little rude…but I feel so too.

P3b1b: …what should we do?

P3b2a: …I’m still worried about those “sin’s executioners” people…

P3b2b: …lately…there has been a lot happening around town…

P4b1: this might involve all the murder cases that have been happening recently…

P4b2: well, I can’t really decide at the moment.

Page 18:
p1b1: let’s just watch how everything goes for now.

P2b1: yes.

P3b1: Ja-san! Irenu-san!

P3b2: Hurry up you two!