Judicial Duel Chapter 1

Judicial Duel Chapter 1

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Why!?

B2: That person’s demand is to face him one on one in a rightfully battle as blacksmiths!!

B3: If it’s about the evidence and witness, just give him some time and he’ll definitely find them!!

B4: Shut up you bitch!
I betted everything on Gunther, so don’t get in my way!!

Sfx: Slap

B5: Kyaa!

B6: Nee-chan!

B7: …What?

B8: But we do a fair trial right here, don’t we..?


B1: By Judicial Duel that is

B2: I..!

B3: I surr-…

Sfx: Grab

B4: Are these the eyes…
That mistook the great me as a bandit!?


B1: Early 17th century, the trials in this age…

Sfx: Stab Stab

B1: Aah!

B2: Arrgh!!

B4: Are unreasonably violent

B5: Aaaaaaaarghhh!!!!

B6: And it sure is not in a metaphorical way

B7: Enough! Enouugh!

Sfx: Crash

B8: And the trial’s judgment is…

Sfx: Waaaaah

B9: Based on the result of the duel between the plaintiff and the defendant

(Note to editor: Double page with p5)


H: Chapter 1 The Sheep and The Wolf


B1: Now that not only the sin of deceiving a lot of virtuous citizens of this town…
But also his sin of lying before the God has been brought into light by the Judicial Duel just now

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Swing it down!!

B3: That’s right! You should remove that filthy hand of yours!

B4: By the custom of Judicial Duel, I decree that the loser, McCree to be punished with hand cutting punishment!

B5: Guilty!!


Sfx: Chop!!

SFx: Ooooh!

B1: Phew, I win again! Thanks to Gunther I win big again!

B2: Good going, McCree!

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B3: Huh? But that’s the one who lost, wasn’t it?

B4: Gyahahahaha! Well because I betted that he would at least able to fight back once!

B5: Hey! Today this guy’s paying!

B6: What can I say? It’s thanks to McCree, hahaha!

SFx: Stand

Sfx: Thud

SFx: Gyahahaha!


B1: Ouch!

SFx: Pull

B2: Let’s go home, Nico

B3: But, Nee-chan…

B4: You can’t!!!

B5: Huh?

B6: Because that is blood stained alcohol they have there…

B7: Tch…


B1: Damn, that really killed the mood. Just what the hell is with that woman?

B2: If I remember correctly, she also made a fuss before the duel right?
Something about evidence or anything…

B3: That Elza Miles

B4: Just another annoying woman. Don’t mind it, don’t mind it

B5: But seems like I have to educate her a little, don’t I?


B1: It hurts! It hurts, Onee-chan!!

B2: Geez…
Just don’t go to watch it if you hate it that much…

B3: Nico

B4: You wetted your bed this morning, didn’t you?

Sfx: Turn

B5: That sheet is one of the few things left from our parents’ belonging, you know!

B6: A-Ah, about that… It’s not like what you think…

B7: It’s not?

B8: …Sorry


B1: That apology!

Sfx: Fwip

B2: Is it okay to take it as the guilty confession from the defendant himself about this matter?

B3: …Yes

B4: Overruled!

B5: Nico!!

B6: What your big sister wants is the investigation about the real truth that’s hidden behind the incidents

B6: The Sacred Judicial Duel? Only fools believe in that

B7: It’s because there are too many liars in this world that keep The God too busy for anything else

B8: So it’s futile to pray to God!

B9: However…

B10: If… If this world…


B1: Is a world where truth can be proved as truth…

Sfx: Twirl

B2: Perhaps The God will be nicer to us that way…

Sfx: Fwooosh

B3: That’s why, prove it yourself

B4: It’s not your fault right, Nico?

B5: I mean…


B1: That pee…
Is way too smelly…

B2: To be human’s pee

Sfx: Rustle

B3: Pfft

B4: I won’t chase it out after all this time, stupid

B5: Judicial Duel


B1: In the age where the feudal system is still deep rooted, the one who rules over the entire Europe is a collectible of a lot of states, Holy Roman Empire
And the one who controls everything in the middle of all that, The House of Habsburg…

T: Dutch Republic Poland
The Roman Catholic
Diocese of Liège
Holy Roman Empire
Switzerland Kingdom of Hungary
dinia Venetian Republic

B2: It can be said that they are the undeniable symbol of strength in this age

Sfx: Gallop Gallop


Sfx: Gallop Gallop

Sfx: Flutter

Sfx: Grip

Sfx: Bam!


B1: Holy Roman Empire, Southwest Fief
The Fortress Town
Breisach am Rhein

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B2: Whoa!

Sfx: Gasp

B3: There’s a wolf inside the baggage!!


B1: A wolf you say!?

B2: Whoa, so big!!

Sfx: Rattle

Sfx: Fall

B3: Bring the spears here!

B4: Kill it!!

Sfx: Rattle

B5: Excuse me, but this kid is actually my guard dog

B6: As you can see for yourself, I got it chained and shackled its feet
I’m sure bright gate guards like you should understand what it means, right?

SFx: Clack


B1: My name is Maria Ruins

B2: I’m the one ordered by the Cross’ will to accompany this kid’s trip of atonement

Sfx: Rattle

B3: And I’m thinking about greeting the priest in this town, so…

B4: Hey, that Golden Cross… Is that the real thing..?

B5: Dunno…

B6: What a trash…

B7: Eh?

B8: Nothing

SFx: Step

B9: Cross…


B1: Are you a priest..?

B2: If so, there’s someone that I want you to examine…

B3: Who’s that?

B4: The Miles siblings, you don’t know?

B5: Hey, Nico! Don’t you know that this gate is only for collecting Raw Materials and Guests from other towns? Just take her to the front gate if she’s sick

B6: This is evidence…


B1: Evidence of murder…

B2: By that Gunther bastard


B1: It’s all baloney!

Sfx: Bam!

B2: I took pity on you because I heard your sister just died, but…
What’s this? You accusing me of being a killer now..?

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B3: So tell every one of us here, in this sacred church…

B4: What kind of evidence do you have to accuse me?

Sfx: Rattle

B5: Whoops


B1: Because what that woman’s corpse over there can possibly prove is only that there was a murder that happened earlier

SFx: Fwooosh

B2: I know I saw you before I fainted! I definitely saw you!!

Sfx: Rattle

B3: And I have other witnesses and evidence too!!

B4: Really now? But with you farmers, as long as we pay you some money you’ll even testify that the pope is a murderer, won’t you?
Besides, even though you claim it to be evidence…

B5: Wasn’t that woman famous as a prostitute around here?

B6: Oh dear…

Sfx: Twitch


Sfx: Jump

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B1: But that was just a hoax that you spread because my big sister never yielded to you, wasn’t it!!

B2: Take it back!!

B3: You bastard!!
Everyone knows that you approached my big sister and harassed her!!

B4: Even yesterday..!

B5: Everyone..?

B6: Uwah!

Sfx: Rattle

B7: Listen here, kid. That “everyone” you were talking about…


B1: Isn’t even worth a shit in front of me

Sfx: Gyahahahaha

Sfx: Click

B2: Even if… for example, the blood of that woman over there was stuck on the great me’s sword… You still won’t be able to judge this great me

Sfx: Whisper

Sfx: Schwing

B3: Like I said, even “if”…

Sfx: Grit


B1: Whoops!
Don’t think that you can touch a knight’s sword that easily, boy!!

Sfx: Dodge

Sfx: Thud

B2: Did you guys see how sticky-fingered he is!

Sfx: Hahahaha

B3: Well, knowing his big sister, I guess it’s no wonder!

SFx: Hahahaha

H: I’m sorry, Nee-chan…

H: I can’t do it…

H: There’s no other way for me beside this..!!

B4: I !!


B1: I, Nico Miles, have the determination to prove the truth behind this matter in a flesh to flesh duel!!

Sfx: Bam!

SFx: Silent

B2: You said it boy!! You have said your oath in this church, didn’t you boy!!

SFx: Fwish

B3: You can’t run away anymore now! Bring me my gloves!


Sfx: Slap

B1: “I deny your false testimony”

Sfx: Ooooh!!

SFx: Ooooh!

B2: It’s a Judicial Duel!!

Sfx: Clang Clang

Sfx: Ooooh!


B1: It’s a Judicial Dueeeel!!!

Sfx: Clang Clang

Sfx: Clang Clang

Sfx: Clang Clang

B2: Who will fight? Who’s fighting who!?

B3: I bet it’s that Gunther again, right?

B4: I heard his enemy this time is a kid, you know?

Sfx: Clang

Sfx: Noisy Noisy

B5: What!? So what are the odds then!?

B6: Grrrr


Sfx: Oooooooooooh!!

B1: Ooh!! Looks like someone is going to do a Judicial Duel right now

Sfx: Oooooooh

B2: They act like it is a festival…

B3: I heard it’s because a girl from a farm village was killed or something…

B4: But because the plaintiff came from a humble birth, even unable to read or write, his testimony is a bit unreliable, you see…

B5: Here you go, this is our past records

Sfx: Flip

B6: But well…

Sfx: Ooooooh!

B7: I guess we are really tired with conventional trials that drag on endlessly…


B1: In the sacred duel…

Sfx: Yeaaaah!

B2: Where the winner means justice… is that right?

Sfx: Ooooooh!

B3: That’s right… Because the God will always smile to the one who’s really innocent in the end

B4: I heard a rumor that in this town…
There is a “highly virtuous” duelist…

B5: Who never loses, not even once. Is that true?

B6: Ooh, so you have heard about him!

Sfx: Rattle

B7: You see, he was really famous as a mercenary at first, but…

Sfx: Oooooh!

Sfx: Drag

B8: Oh, looks like he’s here

B9: See, that guy over there is the said Duelist


B1: Iron Fist Gunther

B2: Oh, what’s this? Today is going to be your treat, you say!?

B3: He never loses any fights, a real high virtuous duelist

B4: …
I see…

B5: His grimy face really reflected…

B6: A walking virtue right there…


B1: Huh? Grimy?

B2: Forget it

B3: So what do you think? After all…

B4: That very Duelist is going to fight in a Judicial Duel tomorrow

B5: Will you watch it?

Sfx: Sway

Sfx: Murmur

Sfx: Uwaaaaaaaaah

B6: Have you heard, seems like he hanged his own neck…
That McCree the blacksmith…

B7: Well, I guess after he lost both of his eyes and his hand…
But who on earth helped him suicide..?

B8: Guess that can’t be helped. I mean, it’s harsher for him to stay alive after all…


B1: Anyways, have you heard that there will be another duel tomorrow?

Sfx: Shudder

B2: And can you believe it, his opponent this time is a child!

Sfx: Dash

B3: Phew, that kid must be out of his mind


H: That is blood stained alcohol they have there

B1: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!

B2: Aaaah!!

Sfx: Bam!


B1: Pant…

B2: Pant…

B3: Uuh…

B4: Uuuh…


B1: Aah…

Sfx: Move

H: Listen here Nico. This is Mom’s treasured scarf, you know?

H: You can have everything else, but don’t expect me to hand this over to you


B1: Good job for not running away, kid
I praise you for that

B2: Because you’re only here to prove the great me’s innocence, hahaha


B1: After you’re done cleaning yourselves up, please come before the altar

B2: Do you swear that what you say is the absolute truth?

B3: I swear in the name of God

B4: Of course

B5: So there are two truths here…

B6: Unfortunately, one of you must be lying

B7: So let the God judge which one of you is the liar during this duel!!

B8: Both fighters, proceed to the arena!!


Sfx: Uwooooooh!!!

B1: Of course, Everything should be fair in this judicial duel

B2: Therefore, unfair acts…


B1: and of course, intervention by magic and curses are prohibited!!

Sfx: Uooooh!

Sfx: Grip

B2: And this time, by the defendant, Gunther-dono’s proposal, as the plaintiff, Nico Miles’ body is giving him a handicap

Sfx: Fwip

B3: Nico Miles is allowed to use any weapon he chooses!!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B4: As expected from Gunther!!

B5: So virtuous of him!!

B6: What hicks


B1: Rattle

B2: Something that’s prepared by the defendant?
It’s really obvious that he put some tricks on them

Sfx: Rattle

B3: Long sword…
A knight’s weapon…

B4: It’s so heavy…

B5: It is really different from a wooden sword…
Well, Nee-chan sold the real one so I never found out until now

Sfx: Swing

B6: Maybe if it’s a short sword…

Sfx: Uoooooh!!

Sfx: Rattle

B7: No, to stand on even ground with that giant body of his, as expected this is the only…


B1: Don’t even try to use swords, boy! Use hoe instead!!

Sfx: Slid in

B2: Well, at least do your best to not die early!

B3: I betted that you can hold yourself up for 5 minutes after all!
Well, I betted on 1 minute!

B4: Huh? There’s something on my legs

B5: Probably just brats
Anyway, just let the fight start already!!

B6: Do your best until death, boy!!

B7: Even if you die, you’ll at least reunite with your big sis!

B8: Wear thick gloves, boy


B1: Eh?

B2: Kill him!

B3: Go!!

Sfx: Pull

B4: Well then, both fighters, are you ready?

SFx: Uoooooh!!


Sfx: Creak

Sfx: Badump

SFx: Badump Badump

B1: Exhale

Sfx: Badump Badump Badump

B2: Phew…

B3: Phew…

Sfx: Ooooooh!!!

B4: Fight!!

B5: Hup!


Sfx: Smack!!

B1: Huh..?

Sfx: Grit

Sfx: Bam!!

Sfx: Roll Roll

Sfx: Slidd

Sfx: Wheeze…

B2: Wha..!

B3: Ghaa…

B4: My sword is so heavy…

B5: !!


Sfx: Crash!!

B1: He broke a fence with his bare hand!?
As expected from someone who’s called as “The Iron Fist”!!
I heard that Gunther’s right arm got stabbed with an iron stake on a battlefield and he left it as is!

Sfx: Grip

B2: And that’s why people called him “The Iron Fist”!!


B1: As expected from the Invincible!!

Sfx: Swish

SFx: Bam!

Sfx: Slidd

B2: Rattle

Sfx: Tremble

B3: Rattle

SFx: Tremble

Sfx: Twirl Twirl

SFx: Swish

B4: You bastard!!

Sfx: Glare

Sfx: Swing


B1: That movement…
It’s a bit different from the normal armored fighting style and wrestling, isn’t it..?

B2: He dodged it!!

B3: Ora!

Sfx: Smack!

B4: Ora!

Sfx: Clang!

B5: Hmph… It’s nothing as grandiose like that…
That’s just merely…
How a street brawler fights

B6: So what do you think, Ruins-sam-…

B7: Huh..?

B8: I see…

B9: The main problem here is that brat over there


B1: Why do you keep running boy!!

Sfx: Noisy

B2: Hey hey, what’s with that timid fighting style boy!

Sfx: Sway

B3: Damn it, why can’t I hit him..!?

B4: Hmph! It’s because someone from a bankrupt merchant family like you tries to imitate what we warriors do!
You should have picked a hoe from the start, peasant!

SFx: Murmur

B5: Hoe..? I see, so the weight is…

B6: What should I do to balance the weight…

SFx: Grit

B7: I should hold it closer to its base…

Sfx: Grip

SFx: Fwoooosh

B8: And brace my step..!!

B9: !

B10: Like this!!

Sfx: Swing


Sfx: Rattle

B1: He slashed him!?

B2: How could it be!?

B3: !?
What was that feeling..?

Sfx: Rattle

B4: Hey, boy…

B5: Do you like the feeling of my chainmail..?

Sfx: Bam Bam


B1: Besides, with that dull sword…

B2: You’ll never be able to kill me!

B3: Don’t tell me, this sword..!?

B4: Doesn’t have any sharp parts!?

B5: …
That Gunther…

SFx: Glare

B6: He asked something weird from the maids again, didn’t he? That fool
Stop playing around and just end it already

Sfx: Step Step

Sfx: Fwooosh

B7: A dull sword…

B8: Against a chainmail, huh…


Sfx: Bam!!

Sfx: Skiddd

Sfx: Glare

B1: Hey hey, those eyes…
They are really similar to his sister’s, aren’t they?

B2: Shit, that makes me horny now

B3: Let me enjoy this duel more, boy!!

Sfx: Kick Kick Kick

B4: Ugh, just stop it already!!

B5: Hurry up and apologize!! If you admit that everything is just a big misunderstanding, at least your life will be sparred!!

SFx: Kick Kick

B6: Moron, just let him fight until death!!

B7: Hahaha


SFx: Kick Kick

H: Why should I…

H: Apologize..?

H: Why..?

H: I saw it clearly…

H: That he forcefully broke into our house…

B1: Nico!

H: I heard it clearly…

H: Nee-chan’s angry voice…

H: And his…

H: Vulgar laugh…


H: I won’t forgive him

SFx: Splat

SFx: Smack Smack Smack

H: I won’t forgive him

H: I won’t forgive him

Sfx: Bam!

H: Someone… please…

H: Beat him up…


H: Please, Go-…

B1: Don’t pray to something like the God..!

Sfx: Throb

B2: Eh?

Sfx: Throb


B1: In the place where you are right now…

SFx: Fwoooosh

B2: Cough

B3: Cough

B4: The winner is justice

B5: Nothing else matters


B1: I…

B2: It..!

SFx: Screaam

B3: It’s a wolf..!!!

B4: …Stupid


B1: Grip the blade

H: That voice… It’s the same with the one earlier…

B2: Blade..?

B3: So that’s why he told me to wear thick gloves!!

B4: A wolf!? And it was just about to get interesting!! What a letdown!


B1: Just kill that wolf already!!

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Stand

B2: This weight..!?

B3: Wha..!? Shi-..!!

B4: What the fuck is wrong with this boy!?

B5: He grips the sword by its blade!?

B6: Uwooooooo

B7: Ooooo

B8: Ooooh!!!


B1: You foolish brat who doesn’t even know to hold your sword properly!!
Then I’ll just..!

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Pull

B2: What’s that?

B3: Killing strike

H: It’s a battle skill that by gripping a sword upside down…

H: You can do an impromptu attack with its center of gravity

H: And using it like an axe

H: The easiest skill in using Long Sword, which also…

(Note to editor: Double page with p63)

H: The most powerful blunt strike it has


B1: Crack

B2: Crack

B3: Crack


Sfx: Crash!!

Sfx: Thud

B1: Pwah!!

B2: Pant…

B3: Pant…

B4: That’s barely cheating, you know?
Your interference, that is

SFx: Turn

Sfx: Rattle

B5: But well, The Lord might probably overlook it as another jeer, I guess…


B1: Pant…

B2: Pant…

B3: Is he really that Miles brat!?

B4: Are you kidding me!?

B5: This is bad!

B6: Just what the hell is he doing, the Gunther bastard!?

B7: !!

Sfx: Step Step

B8: Stop it. The winner of this duel is already decided

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Rattle


B1: The defendant already fell out from the arena
And he clearly lost his will to fight

B2: Any more than this and it’s just plain violence

B3: Rattle

B4: And of course, it’s a blasphemy to the Lord’s will

Sfx: Kerchak!

B5: What’s with that woman..?
A scale..?

B6: Impossible!? A Golden Cross’ Scale you say!?

B7: Are you telling me that little girl… Is the Traveling Judge that directly answers to the Pope!?

B8: Clink

B9: Clink


B1: This is bad..! This is really bad!!

B2: At this rate, she will find out about what I did too..!

B3: A blasphemy…

B4: To the Lord’s will?

B5: Just by killing this fucker..?

Sfx: Uggh…

B6: So the God is going to cover his sins again!? He’s taking this bastard’s side again!?

B7: …

B8: Stupid…
There’s no way The Lord is going to pick “any side” in the first place…


B1: Seems like there is an unfair act that was done in this place
Of course, the plaintiff is also wrong because he didn’t check it properly

B2: From now on, let me to take over this case here

B3: Unfair act? What is she talking about?

Sfx: Murmur Murmur

B4: This is bad This is bad This is bad!! As I thought, she already knows..!!

B5: Then I have no choice..!

Sfx: Turn

B6: Shoot that little bitch!! Before everything worsens!!

Sfx: Clack


H: An interruption of the verdict because of a third party intervention!!

Sfx: Bam!

B1: Die!!

Sfx: Clink

B2: And now, let the truth be known!

Sfx: Grit

Sfx: Fwoooosh


B1: Defendant Gunther!! The Lord has decreed!

B2: That you are guilty of your sins!!

Sfx: Kerchak

Sfx: Turn


Sfx: Clack

SFx: Skiddd

Sfx: Fwoosh

Sfx: Step

SFx: Whoaaaa

Sfx: Step Step

B1: Aaaaah!!

Sfx: Flap

B2: Aaargh!!

B3: Did that brat just win the duel!?

B4: Eeep!

B5: Then what does all of this mean?


B1: Idiots!! This is Judicial Duel you know!

B2: It just means that that Gunther bastard over there is a filthy murderer you fools!!

SFx: Bam

B3: Whoa…

B4: You did it, boy!!

B5: I knew it! That Gunther guy has always made me sick from the very start!!

B6: Thank you very much… Now my son can rest in peace…

B7: I was always suspicious that he might be cheating all this time!

B8: Hahahaha!

B9: Good job boy! I was right to bet on a dark horse like you!

Sfx: Smack Smack

B10: Nice!! Then today’s party will be this guy’s treat everyone!!


Sfx: Ooooooh

B1: Let me go!! Just who do you think the great me is!!

B2: Shut up, murderer!!

B3: Tie him up!!
Look! He even wore a chainmail in this duel!!

B4: Priest! Stop watching and save me!!

B5: Don’t talk to me! I have nothing to do with him!!

Sfx: Stand

B6: And now, even though this duel is declared as a “fair” one, but as we can see, the Defendant Gunther prepared some tricks on him

B7: So I believe there is someone who worked with him inside the Church

B8: And this very villain didn’t stop there, as he even tried to interrupt the verdict by killing me with a bow gun

B9: Don’t tell me, it’s the Priest!? Just what is happ-…

B10: Hey look! Isn’t that crossbow over there!?

B11: Just what were you planning to use it for!!

B12: Don’t tell me, all the duels all this time are stained with cheats!?


SFx: Oooooooh!

SFx: Noisy Noisy

B1: …

Sfx: Slid down

B2: What… What the hell is this..?

B3: Even though none of them listened to my story when I pleaded before…

B4: That’s why you used that sword to forcefully make your point, right?

B5: …

B6: Oh right…
Those good for nothings never even tried to find the real truth behind Nee-chan’s death either…

B7: How selfish… That’s why they’ll never find out…

B8: That Nee-chan…


B1: That I was the one who actually let Nee-chan die…

B2: I was the one!!

B3: Oh shut up
The Lord’s verdict was already delivered, what else do you want now?

B4: Nee-chan… was still alive…

Sfx: Clang

B5: She was hurt real bad but she was still alive…


B1: But…
I didn’t make it…

B2: If only I ran faster…
If only I had more power inside me…

B3: If only I was a little bit stronger..!

B4: Ugh…

B5: Sniff

B6: I see…

B7: So she died on your back, didn’t she?


B1: So that’s why… Even though she was in front of the death door, her expression…

B2: Doesn’t show any kind of agony in her…

B3: Can’t you see it, Nico Miles?


B1: Ugh…

B2: Sniff

B3: Uwaaah…

Sfx: Fwooosh

B4: Hey, did you hear that story?
About that Gunther?


B1: I heard they decapitated him. Damn, they should have tortured him more before doing it
And that priest who cooperated with him? They exposed every fraud he’s done up until now and banished him from the church and the town

SFx: Haha

B2: Guess there are no decent guys left in this world

B3: Whoa, a wolf!?

SFx: Fall

B4: Don’t you realize that you’re conspicuous enough?
So why did you interfere with that duel..?

B5: Furthermore…
It was a duel against an unbeatable Duelist that never lost even once

B6: Not only it was a big waste of energy


B1: But now a filthy brat’s blood is stuck on me…

B2: Well, sorry for being filthy

B3: Just what the hell is the Judicial Duel anyway?

B4: My big sister hated it so much
But that’s what you guys are doing for life, right?

B5: I mean, that’s what Traveling Judges are all about, isn’t it?

B6: …

B7: …But wasn’t it because of that very Judicial Duel that you could avenge your sister’s death?

B8: I’ve never thought it like that! Not even once!!


B1: Oh, I see

SFx: Thud

B2: Your whole body should have swelled up because of what happened in these 2 days, so…
Just take that cat with the annoying face back to your home already

B3: I… have decided…

B4: That world that Nee-chan had been wanting to see…

B5: I’ll make sure to see it with my own two eyes…

B6: …
A world that your big sister wanted to see..?


B1: A world where…

B2: Truth can be proved as truth!

B3: That kind of world… Do you really think it exists in this world?
Besides, that doesn’t even answer the reason why you want to go with us

B4: …


B1: Wolf, I’m going to ride you again after a while, alright?

B2: Ah!

Sfx: Gasp

B3: This is a story from the early 17th century, where everything was still in chaos

B4: Wai..!

B5: A story about Judicial Duels, and the law and order that will be introduced…

T: Chapter 1 End

B6: In the Holy Roman Empire that rules all of the Europe Continent…