Judicial Duel Chapter 3

Judicial Duel Chapter 3

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note


B1: In the early 17th Century…
B1b: Most of Europe is under Holy Roman Empire control

B2: And in a western town of that Empire, Breisach am Rhein, I, Nico Miles…

H: Chapter 3 of the super popular manga!! A traitorous western epic of a boy named Nico Miles!!
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T: News Flash!!
[Judicial Duel]
Will be available from September 2017!!

B3: Met with a travelling Judge and her wolf…
B3b: And I ended up traveling together with them


B1: However, I never dreamt, that in a transit town which we passed in the middle of our journey…

B2: Another Judicial Duel will be waiting right in front of me

H: Chapter 3: Man, Woman, and Man

H: A woman’s corpse, with a knife in her chest…

Sfx: Rain sound

H: Lays under the drizzling rain…

H: But no one knows…
The reason for the tears that flow from her eyes


B1: So hard… Why is this bread so hard?

B2: Just how many days ago did they make this bread?

B3: It’s still so hard, even after I dip it into my oatmeal…

B4: Or rather, I feel like it’s becoming harder now…

B5: I doubt that it’s as hard as the back of your feet though, Ruins

B6: Furthermore, we have no choice but to stay in such cheap inn… Sigh, I never thought that Ducat Gold Coin is worthless here…

B7: I heard that the French influence is rather strong in this area…

B8: But it never crossed my mind that the money changer would extort us with such ludicrous rate…


B1: Wait, can you even use that in my town?

B2: And this disgusting soup just confirms it further…
B2b: What a boondock this place is

B3: I can eat it for you if you don’t want it

Sfx: Kick

Sfx: Bam!

B4: Nobody said that I don’t want it

B5: Eh?

B6: AH

B7: Twitch


Sfx: Crang Crang

Sfx: Crash!

B1: Ouch…

Sfx: Rattle

B2: That hurts, you know…

B3: That’s not even comparable to what you did to my wife!!

Sfx: Shout!

B4: You dirty bastard!!


B1: It’s all your fault… …

B2: That my wife took her own life at that rainy night..!!

B3: Even if she’s just one of the women you have a fling with…

Sfx: Shout!!

B4: But to me, she’s my one and only wife, you fucker!!

B5: And you…
B5b: And you..!

Sfx: Grip

B6: Hey Otto…

B7: We went through all of this back at the church, didn’t we?


B1: And they decided that…
B1b: Neither mine nor your testimony was enough to process this matter

B2: And neither does Martha’s dead body

B3: Or what? Are you saying that you have some proof from inside Martha’s body?

B4: That I…

B5: Did “something” to her..?

Sfx: Clang

B7-8: Snap


B1: I challenge you on a Judicial Duel, you bastard!!

B2: !

B3: Alright!

Sfx: Ooooh!

B4: Eh?

B5: He said it!!

B6: Hahaha!

Sfx: Ooooh!

B7: Nicely done, Otto!


B1: Hey, guys!! Otto and Kyle will do a judicial duel!!

Sfx: Ooooh!

Sfx: Bam!

B2: Ruins! They’re going to do a judicial duel!!

B3: Looks like it

B4: We have to stop them!

Sfx: Fwip

B5: Why?

Sfx: Clack

B6: Why!? People could die at this rate!!

B7: Seems like you misunderstood something, boy

B8: The Pope only gave us, Travelling Judges, power to see through…

B9: Whether there is any cheating conducts in Judicial Duels


B1: But we don’t have any right to stop people from doing Judicial Duel itself

Sfx: Drip Drip

B2: No matter whether if it’s because of a broken love affair or just a personal grudge… As long as it’s a proper Judicial Duel, then I have no reason to stop it

Sfx: Drip Drip

B3: Uwaaah

B4: Besides…
B4b: You should be the one who understands it best, that Judicial Duel… isn’t something that can be stopped easily…

B5: By any outsiders who doesn’t even know the real situation behind it carelessly, right…
B5b: Nico?


B1: Hmph

B2: Throw

B3: …He smiled

B4: Smiled?

B5: Just now… When the other guy challenged him into a Judicial Duel, that slender guy…

B6: He smiled…

B7: That large build man will be killed!

B8: That’s what my gut is telling me

Sfx: Glare


B1: That’s why… I’m going to try to know both of those guys first before I give them a piece of my mind!

B2: Huh!?

B3: Did you really listen to what I just said!?

B4: But you can stop it if it’s a problematic Judicial Duel, can’t you, Ruins?

Sfx: Dash

B5: …

B6: Sigh, whatever… I don’t care anymore
B6b: Shall we leave this boondock now?


B1: Now, let’s get it on boys!!

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B2: How much will you bet!?

B3: !

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

Sfx: Kerchink

B4: …

B5: How do you think this will end?

Sfx: Fwoooosh

Sfx: Rattle

B6: Who knows

B7: But if it’s just a fight between amateurs…

B8: Then I’m 80% sure that the large build man will win

B9: 80%, huh…
B9b: I really want you to be 90% sure though…

B10: Before…

B11: I can let this gold coin go


B1: I get it, I get it

B2: Now that this matter has become this big
B2b: I won’t try to stop it anymore

Sfx: Ooooh!!

Sfx: Chatter Chatter

B3: Right now, in this place we witnessed that there are two contrasting statements here

B4: So unfortunately, one of you must be lying!!
B4b: Let the God judge which one of you is the liar in a Judicial Duel!!

Sfx: Ooooh!!

B5: Both parties! Both of you are prohibited to interfere with each other until the Judicial Duel tomorrow!!


Sfx: Rattle

B1: Good grief

Sfx: Grit

B2: Then, both of you, throw this glove
B2b: Into the Duel Arena first

B3: Oh, so the judicial duel is regulated by the church here

B4: And it looks like… that Priest doesn’t do any injustice while doing it
BC: He seems to be the kind of person who finds extra work troublesome anyways

B5: Those two said that it’s their first Judicial Duel…

B6: So… I doubt that priest has anything to do with this case…

B7: Excuse me… Can I ask you something about the Defendant, Kyle?

B8: Huh?

B9: Wait, you don’t know him? He’s famous for making moves to not only Otto’s wife
B9b: But also most of the women in this transit town, you know?

B10: Sigh, what did Martha see in someone like that anyways?


B1: Well, everyone knows that he would end up like this sooner or later

Sfx: Hahahahaha

B2: So he just reaped what he sowed

B3: So he’s not well received here, huh…

B4: But then again, he’s a good fighter, right?

B5: What? Fighter!?
B5b: Are you blind? Look at his frail arms!!

Sfx: Gyahahahahaha

B6: I bet my money that he can’t even win against a dog!!
B6b: Moreover, his opponent is that Otto! He won’t stand a chance against him!!

Sfx: Rattle

B7: Then, why…

H: did he smile…

H: At that time..?

B8: Did he believe he can win?
B8b: Or perhaps, will he resort to cheating…

B9: To prove his innocence?


Sfx: Bam!

B1: Leave!

B2: Please! Listen to me!

Sfx: Dash

B3: Something bad will definitely happen in tomorrow’s Judicial Duel!!

B4: Go away!!

Sfx: Push

Sfx: Push

B5: At this rate, not only your wife, but your own life would also be-…

B6: !


B1: Whoa!

Sfx: Crang!!

B2: Wai-..!

Sfx: Grab

B4: Calm down!!

B5: Calm down and listen to me, Uncle!!

Sfx: Swish

B6: Wha-..!

Sfx: Fwish Fwish

B7: Whoa!

B8: Snap

B9: Shi-..!


Sfx: Clang!!

Sfx: Fwooosh

B1: Hey Uncle…

Sfx: Grit

B2: Are you trying to kill me here..?

B3: Drip

B4: Leave…

Sfx: Bam

B5: Just leave me alone…


B1: I’m surprised that a human who can grate someone else’s nerves that much really exists

B2: Ruins!!

B3: What a frightening thick skinned boy

B4: Did you follow me?

B5: Don’t flatter yourself
B5b: I’m just on my way back from the church

B6: So, did you find something that can convince me to stop the Judicial Duel?

B7: Hurry up if you still want to stop it

B8: …Wait..? Didn’t she say that she doesn’t have any more money?

B9: Before this town gets engulfed in a festival mood completely

Sfx: Bam Bam

Sfx: Bwooon

Sfx: Rattle Rattle

B10: …

Sfx: Hey Hey


Sfx: Gahahaha

B1: They think it’s an amusement…

Sfx: Oooh!

Sfx: Come on!

B2: Just like at that time…
B2b: I guess… People just love to watch other people suffer…

Sfx: Turn

B3: If you hate watching other people get hurt in a Judicial Duel that much…

B4: Why don’t you join them as a Duelist’s Representative yourself?

Sfx: Point

B5: That way, you won’t have to watch other people get hurt in vain, don’t you agree?

B6: Duelist’s Representative..?

B7: Ruins!!

B8: That’s right
B8b: If both the Defendant and the Plaintiff agree to it, it’s possible to choose another duelist to fight for them in Judicial Duel

T: Defendant

Duelist’s Representative
Judicial Duel
Duelist’s Representative



B1: And that is the Duelist’s Representative!?

B2: Well, considering how much you pissed off Mr. Otto back there…

B3: I doubt he will let you fight for him though

B4: …

B5: Then why did you suggest that…

B6: I’m just telling you to stop your futile struggle, that’s all

B7: …

Sfx: Gloom Gloom

Sfx: Hahahahahaha

B8: …

B9: Duelist’s Representative, huh…

B10: But, it’s really obvious who we should bet for in this duel, isn’t it?

B11: I mean, there’s no fricking way that Kyle can win against Otto


B1: I just can’t understand why he accepted this duel in the first place… Doesn’t he hold his life dear?

B2: …
B2b: Perhaps he really doesn’t?

B3: Huh?

H: Maybe the guilt is killing him?

B4: I don’t know, maybe he was full of sorrow when he saw Martha’s body
B4b: So perhaps he’s trying to atone for his sin with that?

B5: That’s why he deliberately provoked Otto back then
B5b: So that he can die in the Judicial Duel

B6: Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with us though

Sfx: Dash

H: Are you telling me that…

H: That guy deliberately baited a Judicial Duel…

H: Just because…

H: The guilt is unbearable to him!?

B7: !


B1: There he is!!

B2: Wait, isn’t this where the suicide took place..!?

B3: Just what is he doing he-…

B4: Flowers!?

Sfx: Dash

B5: Don’t tell me..!?

B6: He’s really going to throw his life away in the duel..!?

B7: Stop!! This is wrong!!

Sfx: Dash

B8: Just admit your sin and everything will be over!

B9: Throwing your life in a Duel is just wrong!!


B1: In the first place, there’s no real need to hold the Judicial Duel after all!!

B2: Die?

B3-4: Pant…

H: No…

H: This guy…

H: Doesn’t have any intention to die in tomorrow’s duel..!!

B5: Don’t do anything stupid, brat

B6: Leave


B1: …

B2: Swell

B3: I was surprised when you came back with a swollen cheek last night
B3b: To think that you returned to Otto’s place after everything that I’ve said…

Sfx: Fwooooosh

B4: I don’t know if you’re tenacious or just a plain idiot

B5: I know that Kyle guy is trying to win this duel by cheating somehow…

B6: As long as you don’t have any proof, you’re just barking at the moon

B7: If there’s nothing else, just sit and watch…

B8: How the God’s judgment works


B1: Well then!!
B1b: Kyle, Otto, because both of your testimonies are still contrasting each other even now
B1c: It’s obvious that one of you must be lying before our Holy God!!

Sfx: Ooooh!

B2: So prove it, with your own bodies…

B3: The real undeniable truth!!

Sfx: Grab


B1: It’s starting!!

B2: It’s all your fault, that she…

B3: That Martha is…

Sfx: Clang!!

B4: That guy… He’s slowly retreating…

Sfx: Clang Clang Clang

H: Hey, put up some fight, will you!!

B5: As I thought… He doesn’t have any chance to win this…
B5b: However… I’m really certain he has something up his sleeve…

B6: Glance

B7: !!


B1: Eh!?

B2: What’s that!? A grip!? Wait, a knife!?

B3: Don’t tell me, no one checked the arena before the duel!?

Sfx: Dash

B4: Ruins, look at that! It’s a knife!!

B5: Come to think of it, that guy offered flowers to her, didn’t he…

B6: Listen to me!!

B7: Perhaps he blamed himself for driving her to suicide…
B7b: Or maybe he just did it to appeal to other people


B1: Either way, no matter what sin he is feeling guilty for, as long as he wins this duel, he will be declared innocent

B2: That’s what Judicial Duel is

B3: Are you telling me that…

B4: He’s fighting to justify his guilt..?

B5: Who knows?

B5: Normally, it’s not wrong to think that way, but…

B6: Eh?

B7: It was raining at the place where the suicide took place

H: The time of death is not long after sun was out

H: Her body was found with a knife stabbed to her chest

H: Even though her clothes were a little disarranged, it was concluded that it was all because of the rain…

B8: In other words…


B1: There is also a possibility that this is a murder, isn’t it?

B2: Wha..!? Then Ruins, are you…

B3: It’s in Human’s nature to lie

B4: That’s why we have Judicial Duel

Sfx: Clang Clang

Sfx: Oooooh!

Sfx: Clang!

B5: !

B6: He dropped his sword!

B7: Why… Why did she have to like…
B7b: Someone like you!!

B8: ..!!


B1: Hmph

B2: What was good about that woman anyway?

B3: She was clumsy

Sfx: Twitch

B4: Slow

B5: Gloomy

B6: Furthermore, she wasn’t as curvy as the other women in this town

B7: You…

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

B8: You..!


B1: You..!

B2: Bastaaaaaaard!!!

Sfx: Fwip

Sfx: Grab

B3: Oh right…

Sfx: Crumble

Sfx: Stab


B1: It was because she will never say anything…

B2: No matter how much you beat her, was it?

Sfx: Sway

B3: Gaha..! This… knife..!

Sfx: Tremble

Sfx: Spread

B5: You punched her, kicked her, every single fucking day…

Sfx: Push

Sfx: Chatter

B6: And you beat her in places other than her face, so other people won’t even notice it


Sfx: Push

Sfx: Pant…

B1: Even an idiot won’t be surprised if she cheated on you

Sfx: Grit

B2: …
B2b: Shut up…

B3: That “thing” is mine!!
B3b: You lot… especially a filthy thief like you…

Sfx: Shout

B4: Doesn’t have any right to tell me how I should treat her!!

Sfx: Murmur

Sfx: Grit Grit

B5: She is MY WIFE!!!

Sfx: Grit

Sfx: Slid

B6: That is not love, you know…


B1: It’s just domination

Sfx: Thud

Sfx: Splat

Sfx: Murmur

B2: You drove Martha into a corner just because of your paranoid doubt…

B3: And the rumor that she cheated with me, even though I didn’t sleep with her!!

Sfx: Tremble Tremble

Sfx: Tremble

B4: Stop… it…

Sfx: Push Push

Sfx: Glare

B5: Tell me, did you stop when Martha told you those words…


B1: At that rainy day?

Sfx: Rain sounds

B2: Sto-…

Sfx: Rain

B3: Dea… r…

B4: Ugh!

SFx: Stab


B1: Thud

Sfx: Whisper

B2: Hey… that pose Otto is in…

B3: Isn’t it really similar to Martha’s..?

B4: Then… Otto really killed his own wife?

Sfx: Chatter

B5: But is this alright? I mean, he did hide a weapon in the arena…

Sfx: Turn

B6: Of course it’s not alright!!
B5b: It’s against the rules to smuggle a weapon in a sacred Judicial Duel!!

B6: Defendant Kyle!
B6b: This is clearly an insult toward our Lord in heaven!!

Sfx: Run Run

B7: Rope him in!!

B8: Wha..-!!

Sfx: Rattle


B1: I wonder about that

B2: Rattle

Sfx: Step

B3: The only fault I see here is your careless investigation and the fact that you didn’t check the sacred Duel Arena before the fight

B4: Am I right, Priest?

Sfx: Chatter

Sfx: Collapse

B5: That scale..!

B6: Release that man at once


B1: In the end…
B1b: Kyle deliberately provoked Otto to a Judicial Duel to avenge Martha, right?

B2: Well, someone who was seen to be in an adulterous relationship with the victim can’t just challenge the husband to a Judicial Duel, can he?

B3: So you knew everything from the start huh, Ruins…

B4: I told you, we outsiders will never know the real situation behind it completely
B4b: But well…

B5: A travelling judge like me
B5b: Is allowed to enter the Church freely and read some of the crime documents

B6: So of course I’m closer to the truth than a mere random brat

B7: Well, even then, why is a playboy who flirts with all the women in this town

B8: Paying so much attention to someone’s wife…


B1: It’s still a mystery to me though

B2: …

B3: Outsiders, huh…

B4: I heard that the two of them… weren’t actually born in this village… So maybe…

B5: They feel connected as fellow outsiders..?

B6: I see


B1: As I thought, I still can’t understand it

B2: Eh?
B2b: Invalid..?

B3: These lottery tickets are invalid?


B1: Yes. Kyle cheated and brought an illegal weapon to the sacred Judicial Duel after all
Even though that Otto turned to be the killer in the end

B2: But that was because the Church did their job sloppily!

H: I mean…

B3: Then it’s all more the reason to override this bet

B4: I already gave your money back, so can it

B5: Wai-…

Sfx: Sway

B6: But I traded my gold coin in such a ludicrous rate just to bet in this!!

B7: Even if you give it back now, I will still..!

B8: Well, that’s your problem

B9: Eh, wait, Ruins!? Did you bet your money in that fight!?

B10: You’re a travelling judge! What were you thinking!?

B11: Oh, shut up!! This is a super legal way to get more money, you know!!

B12: …

Sfx: Twitch


B1: Really… If I knew that this duel would be invalid in the end, I would have went to the next town yesterday, you know…

Sfx: Chatter

B2: To see the rumored Duelist’s Representative who settled the dispute

B3: I even heard he and the Fief Lord there got some sweet fat rewards from it

H: The Duelist’s Representative they’re going to meet… is really skillful!?
(Note to pr and editor: side text)

Sfx: Rustle

B4: So? Is that Duelist’s Representative really strong?

B5: Yeah… He’s the undefeated champion after all

H: Next time, what kind of truth will Nico Miles see right before his eyes at the Fortress city..?