Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 11.1

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 11.1

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Athena13 TL
Kaifuku Jutsushi 11.1
page 1
p1 sfx *Dash*
p2 sfx *Clank*
p3b1 !?
p3 sfx *Bompf*
page 2
p1 sfx *Bam*
page 3
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Tchk!!
p2 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
page 4
p1 sfx *Hah* *Hah*
p2 ltr1 The [Blade Goddess]* Kureha Clyret.
p2 ltr2 The strongest swordsman of the Jioral Kingdom.
p2 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p3 ltr1 She’s level 45 despite not being a hero. She’s standing at the apex of humanity.
p3 ltr2 She possesses the super rare skill [Holy Blade]* which is the ultimate form of swordsmanship.
p3 sfx *Menacing*
p4 ltr1 If I hadn’t acquired some of her exp earlier with my [Recover](heal), I would have been fatally wounded by now.
p4 sfx *Jump*
*PRN Both her class and her skill are read Kensei (剣聖) but this way is less confusing (both are valid translations)
page 5
p1 sfx *Tap*
p2b1 I never thought that you would be able to block my attack 3 times, it’s an impossible feat even for people who are at master* level.
p2b2 Who in the world are you…
p3b1 !?
p3 sfx *Bleed…*
p4b1 Hahaha!!
p4b2 That’s surprising… I didn’t think you’d hit me.
p5b1 …This is bad.
p5 sfx *Squeeze*
*PRN A martial arts Shihan
page 6
p1b1 I’m no match against the real deal.
p1 sfx *Clink*
p1 sfx thick *Pressure*
p2b1 You’re a criminal who has killed kingdom soldiers.
p2b2 Moreover, you’ve defiled the Clyret Swordsmanship… So it’s only natural for you to be cut down.
p3b1 … What are you talking about?
p4b1 I’m here to kill a fellow student of Clyret Swordsmanship.
page 7
p1b1 I heard that yesterday, a man obliterated the kingdom army who was protecting the Ice Wolf  Tribe.
p1b2 And that man was using Clyret Swordsmanship.
p2b1 If it’s true that a user of Clyret swordsmanship has succumbed to evil.
p2b2 Then it’s my duty as the head of the family to stop him.
p3 sfx *kukuku*
p4b1 And then just a few moments ago.
p4b2 You killed those men by using Clyret Swordsmanship.
p4 sfx *Bomf*
p5b1 Moreover, you have an ice wolf slave with you.
p5b2 I don’t think you can talk your way out of this.
p6b1 That’s wrong!!
p6 sfx *Grrrr*
page 8
p1b1 Keyaruga-sama is a good person!! He’s our saviour who saved us from the humans who were trying to attack our village!!
p1b2 Setsuna became a slave of Setsuna’s own volition.
p2b1 It seems that he’s using you by feeding you lies, I feel sorry for you.
p3b1 Kukuku…
p3b2 It seems she won’t believe me even if I tell her the truth.
p4b1 Now then…
p4b2 I have no qualm with Kureha, so if it’s possible, I don’t want to do anything bad to her, but…
p4 sfx *Fuuh*
page 9
p1b1 For your sins of attacking the ice wolf tribe and making that young ice wolf a slave,
p1b2 And for defiling the Kureha family’s noble name by using our swordsmanship to slaughter innocents,
p3b1 I’ll execute you here and now!!
p3 sfx *Swish*
p5b1 Stop…
page 10
p1b1 Stop it…
p1b2 Don’t worry.
p1b3 We’ll protect you.
p1b4 Stop!!!
p2 sfx *Thump*
p3b1 Don’t you dare take my belongings away from me!!
p4b1 Taken from me…?
p4b2 Again…!?
p6b1 You too…
p6b2 Are you saying that you’ll oppose me
page 11
p1b1 That’s exactly what I’m doing here.
p1 sfx *Dash*
p2b1 Keyaruga-sama is…
p3b1 He cured the disease!! And saved the Ice Wolf Tribe!! Keyaruga-sama is a Hero!!
p3 sfx *Gather*
p4b1 And now you’re treating him like a criminal!!
p4b2 That’s unforgivable!!
p4 sfx *Bam*
page 12
p1b1 !?
p1 sfx *Swoosh*
p3b1 !!
p3 sfx *Bam*
page 13
p1b1 Just sleep for now.
p1 sfx *Peek*
p2b1 You girls…
p2b2 Are just being used by him.
p2 sfx *Ka-clank*
p3b1 You…
p3 sfx *menacing*
p4b1 You just injured…
p4b2 My toys, huh?
p4 sfx *Menacing*
page 14
p1 sfx *Slide*
p2b1 Kureha Clyret, why are you so foolish
p2 sfx *Shiver*
p3b1 Now I have no choice but to break you.
p3 sfx *menacing*
p4 sfx *Shine*
p5bx1 Race : Human   Name : Kureha

Class : Blade Goddess   Level : 45

Status :

MP :169/169   Attack : 122 Defense :86

Magic Attack : 70   Magic Defense : 86 Speed : 103

Level Cap : 51

Stat :

MP : 91   Attack : 128   Defense :90

Magic Attack : 72   Magic Defense : 90 Speed : 109

Total Attributes Points : 580


– Holy Blade Lv5   -Battle Sense Lv5


– Holy Blade Skill Boost Lv 3 : Blade Goddess exclusive skill

Augment the strength and speed of Holy Blade skill

– Presence Detection Lv 3 : Blade Goddess exclusive skill

Augment the range and speed of Battle Sense skill

p5 sfx *Shine*
page 15
p1 sfx *Shine*
p2b1 [Upgrade](Heal)!!
p2bx1 Status :

MP :127/127 -> 167/167

Attack : 66 -> 129

Defense : 69 -> 107

Magic Attack : 81 -> 59

Magic Defense : 45 -> 36

Speed : 154 -> 119

Stat :

MP : 80 -> 40

Attack : 80 -> 162

Defense : 85 -> 133

Magic Attack : 100 -> 70

Magic Defense : 52 -> 40

Speed : 198 -> 150

Total Attributes Points : 595

p2 sfx *Shiiine*
p3b1 Kureha can’t use magic after all.
p3b2 So I’ll increase my physical defense to the max to protect me from dying in one hit.
p4b1 !?
p5b1 She’s vanished!?
page 16
p1 sfx *Clank*
p2b1 So you can still see me?
p2 sfx *Rattle*
p3b1 Well, I wonder now.
p3b2 Why did you veer from the right path despite having such skill?
p3 sfx *Clank*
page 17
p1 sfx *Hah* *Haah*
p2b1 Where is she going to attack from next…?
p2 sfx *Clench*
p3 sfx *Haah*
p4b1 So fast!!
p4 sfx *Slide*
p5b1 I’m still losing even after using [Simulation](Heal) and [Upgrade](Heal) huh!?
p5b2 As expected of Kureha Clyret.
p6b1 She really is the strongest swordsman…!!
p6b2 But!!
p6 sfx *Shine*
page 18
p1b1 !?
p1 sfx *Clank*
p2 sfx *Grin*
p3b1 *Ughk!
p3 sfx *Tap*
p4b1 *Slide*
page 19
p1 sfx right *Crack*
p1 sfx middle *Cough* *Cough*
p1 sfx left *Tap* *Tap*
p2b1 I didn’t realize that you were corroding my sword every time we exchanged blows…
p2 sfx *Sizzle*
p3 sfx1 *Rattle* *Rattle*
p3 sfx2 *Pomf* *Pomf*
p4b1 Well, that’s because I’m not a [Blade God].
p4b2 I’m just an [Alchemist]…
p4 sfx *Look up*
page 20
p1b1 That swordsmanship which is impossible unless you have immense skill…
p1b2 And magic to strengthen your body and corrode my sword…
p1 sfx *Clank*
p2b1 I really wish you would tell me your class.
p2b2 Fuh…
p2 sfx *Shine*
p3b1 I’ll tell you my class if you let us go.
p3b2 I was joking.
p4b1a There’s no way that I can let go of you.
p4b1b You’re far too dangerous.
p4 sfx *Swosh*
p5b1 I see…
p5b2 That’s unfortunate.
p6 sfx *Rustle*