Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 6.2

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 6.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 6.2
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Athena13 TL


Kaifukujutsushi no Yarinaoshi 6.2


page 1

p1b1 : Now then…

p1 sfx : *haah*

p2 sfx : *peak*

p4b1 : [Upgrade](heal)

p4 sfx : *swish*

p5 sfx : *shiiine*

p6b1 : I won’t be able to walk outside

p6b2 : While looking like this

p7b1 : [Upgrade](heal)

p7 sfx : *shiine*


page 2

p1 sfx : *swoosh*

p3b1 : Hmmm…I’m trying to look like a nice guy here but my bad habit is leaking out

p3 sfx : *smile*


page 3

p1 sfx : *rattle* *rattle*

p2 sfx : *clank*

p3 sfx : *crackle*

p4 sfx : *swoop*

p5 sfx : *roll*

p7 sfx : *crash*

p8 sfx : *tap*


page 4

p1 sfx : *crackle* *crackle*

p2b1 : The Captain of The Imperial Knight assaulted the princess and killed everyone including the maids, then he burned down the room before escaping

p2b2 : That will be a perfect scenario…..

p3b1 : Now… for my next revenge plan….

p3 sfx : *dash*

p4 sfx : *crackle* *crackle*


page 5

p2b1 : What is happening ?

p2b2 : The castle is on fire !!

p2 sfx : *fussing*

p3 sfx : *fussing*

p5 sfx : *Zzzzzz*

p6 sfx : *clink*

p7b1 : Now, About what I’m going to do next….

p7 sfx : *clink* *clink*


page 6

p1b1 : First, I’ll need to take my revenge against the [Sword] Hero and the [Cannon] Hero

p1b2 : I need to say my “thanks” for “taking a good care” of me

p2b1 : Second, I want to meet the demon king

p2b2 : Her last words….I want to know what she was protecting

p3b1 : And third, I need to get as strong as possible

p3b2 : Just because they killed the Imperial Knight Captain that I changed into my appearance using my [Upgrade](heal), It doesn’t mean that they won’t be come looking for me, If I stay like this, there will be enemies that are too strong for me to handle

p4b1 : All right… now I need allies, someone to be my shield and protect me

p4b2 : Uu….ugh

p4 sfx : *grind*


page 7

p1b1 : Hmmm Where is this ? Why am I here ?

p1b2 : I can’t remember anything… Who…am I ?

p2 sfx : *smile*

p3b1 : Thank god you woke up

p3 sfx : *sizzle*

p4b1 : Wh….Who are you !?

p4 sfx : *swish*

p5b1 : Don’t say you can’t even remember me !?

p5b2 : I’m afraid so….I don’t even remember who I am

p5 sfx :  *grab*


page 8

p1b1 : What….It can’t be….

p2b1 : You’re Freia and you’re my follower

*TLN : in kana, her name changed from “Furea” to “Fureia”

p2b2 : And we’re so in love with each other, don’t you remember anything ?

p3b1 : You and me are lovers…..

p3b2 : That’s right

p4b1 : You’re really happy for being able to serve me….

p5b1 : And you’ll happily do anything I order you to do

p5 sfx : *sizzle*

p6b1 : No matter how cruel my orders are, you’ll happily obey

p7b1 :  You’re my…subservient sow….


page 9

p1b1 : I’m Freia…your slave

p2b1 : And your sow…..

p2 sfx : *blank stare*

p3b1 : You might remember if we become one

p3b2 : Freia, beg me for it like you always do

p4b1 : Come on now…..


page 11

p1 sfx : *haah*

p4b1 : fufu, I still don’t remember anything but

p4b2 : I know that you’re a precious person to me

p5b1 : Ah, I forgot to ask an important thing

p5b2 : What is your name ?

p7b1 : It’s…


page 12

p1b1 :  Keyaruga

p1b2 : Don’t ever forget that again….

p2 sfx : *pull*


page 13

p1 sfx : *chatter*

p2 sfx : *chatter*

p3 sfx : *commotion*

p4 small letters right : hey hey…

p4 small letters middle : *peek*

p4 small letters left : Are you serious…

p5b1 : Bu

p6b1 : Buhahahaha

p6b2 : ?


page 14

p1b1 : Nope, it’s nothing….

p1b2 : All right

p1 sfx : *haah*

p2b1 : Let’s go to the next city

p2b2 : Freia

p2 sfx : *swish*

p4 sfx : *smile*

p5 sfx : *grab*


page 15

p1 sfx : *chatter*

p2 sfx : *chatter*

p3 sfx : *rattle*


page 16

sfx bold letters : *Grrrrrrrrr*

sfx2 : *kacha*

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