Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 7.2

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 7.2

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Kaifukujutsushi 7.2


page 1

p1b1 : Don’t worry, I just had a nightmare

p1b2 : But…

p2b1 : Thanks to that nightmare, now I remember what I have to do

p2 sfx : *smile*

p3b1 : My revenge is not yet complete…

p4b1 : I still have to take my revenge on the [Cannon] hero and the [Sword] hero

p4b2 : But I won’t just stop there, I won’t let it end only with my revenge

p5b1 : Are you alright?

p5b2 : …After all of that


page 2

p1b1 : I’ll live happily

p2b1 : I’m okay Freia

p3b1 : You looked really disturbed, so I’m a bit worried…

p3b2 : Is that so… I’m sorry to make you worry…

p4b1 : We have to wake up early tomorrow

p4 sfx : *Fuuuh*


page 3

p1b1a : And we still have some time before dawn

p1b1b : Let’s get some sleep

p1b2 : Yes…

p1 sfx : *roll*

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : I’ll make sure that I have my revenge!!


page 4

p2b1 : Keyaruga-sama, We’re going to the neighbouring city “Ranalitta” right?

p2b2 : Is there any reason why we go there?

p3b1 : We’ll gather some companions

p3b2 : Since we both are basically supporting roles, so I wanted to get someone for the frontline

p4b1 : We’re going on a quest to save the world after all

p4b2 : Let’s go find some strong companions!!

p4 sfx : *clench*

p6b1 : Kukuku… It seems that she totally believes the story that I randomly made

p6 sfx : *rattle*

p7b1 : By the way Keyaruga-sama, why do you keep picking up herbs and mushrooms?


page 5

p1b1 : Ah this? This is to earn money for our travel expenses

p1b2 : Since I’ve already spent some money for preparing this journey

p1 sfx : *rustle*

p2b1 : And because I can use alchemy, if I extract the healing property out of these materials

p2b2a  then I can make some potions by enchanting them

p2b2b : And then we can get some money by selling them

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : That’s amazing!! as expected of Keyaruga-sama!!

p4b1 : Oh, I can see it


page 6

p1b1 : It’s Ranalitta


page 7

p1bx1 : Lawless city of Ranalitta, the public order here is simply the worst, but because of that, people can find both legal and illegal goods in this city

p1bx2 : This city is also known as heaven for adventurers

p1 sfx : *chatter* *chatter*

p3b1 : Waaaiii, Keyaruga-sama, look!! it’s a nice and soft bed!!

p3b2 : I can’t get a good sleep in a sleeping bag after all…

p3 sfx : *sparkle*

p4 sfx : *Boof*

p6b1 : …


page 8

p1b1 : Is there something wrong?

p1b2 : Nope..

p2b1 : It’s just that my left eye is special, it can identify harmful things

p3b1 : There’s poison in this water

p3b2 : It seems that the water source in this city is polluted…

p3b3 : Eehh!?

p4b1 : When we walked through the city before, I saw many sick people

p5b1 : And when I asked the Inn’s staff, it seems that there is some kind of sickness spreading in the city

p6b1 : To think that the water is the cause… This is a serious problem…


page 9

p1b1 : No, on the contrary, this is good

p1 sfx : *smile*

p2b1 : I might be able to save this city with my potion

p2b2 : And earn some money at the same time

p3 sfx : *grab*

p4b1 : Wh!? What are you doing Keyaruga-sam!?

p4 sfx : *gulp* *gulp*

p5b1 : It’s alright, I have resistance against poison

p5b2 : Moreover, There’s an ingredient that I need to make an antidote for this

p5 sfx : *puhah*

p6b1 : Ingredient?


page 10

p1b1 : It’s my blood!

p1 sfx : *rustle*

p2b1 : My body will produce an antibody after ingesting the poison, and then I’ll make a potion based on this antibody

p2b2 : This is the fastest way to make the antidote

p2 sfx : *munch*

p3b1 :  This is a rough technique that combines my [Eye of Truth], [Alchemy], and [Recovery](heal) skills

p3 sfx : *shiine*

p4b1 : First, I augment my body’s immune system using [Upgrade](heal), and then extract my antibody with alchemy

p4b2 : After that, I extract the healing properties from the medicinal herbs, and finally synthesize the potion

p4 sfx : *shiine*


page 11

p1b1 : !?

p1b2 : The water color is changing!?

p1 sfx : *Swooosh*

p2b1 : With this, the potion is complete, now I just need to make some more of this potion..

p2b2a : That’s impressive!!

p2b2b : If we sell that to everyone in this city, then we can be a hero for this city!!

p3b1 : We won’t sell this potion

p3b2 : It will take too long for us to sell this, so we will ask some merchants to do that for us

p4b1 : After all, we didn’t make this to be a hero for this city

p4b2 : Our main goal is to save the world

p5b1 : Keyaruga-sama…

p5b2 : ?

p5 sfx : *shaking*


page 12

p1b1 : You’re wonderful!! Keyaruga-sama!!

p1 sfx : *squeeze*

p2b1 : What a modest and honest heart!! You’re a very wonderful person!!

p2b2 : Hahaha, it’s just that I don’t want to stick out by selling this potion

p3b1 : Actually I already have a plan to earn a lot of money in an easy and safe way

p3b2 : After all, I need to gather a lot of money quickly for buying slaves

p4b1 : Let’s go to the slums now

p5bx1 : Slum


page 13

p1b1 : It won’t be strange if we get attacked anytime in this place

p1b2: Not to mention that a pretty girl like you is seen as a high quality good here, so be careful okay

p2b1 : Yes Keyaruga-sama!! I, Freia…

p3b1 : Will never be taken by surprise by those kind of people

p3 sfx : *swish*


page 14

p1b1 : Gih!!

p1 sfx : *stab*

p2b1 : Gaaahh!! It hurts!!

p2b2 : You bastard!

p2 sfx1 : *Ughhhh*

p2 sfx2 : *splurt*

p2 sfx3 : *rustle*

p3b1 : Don’t you dare touch my property

p3 sfx : *menacing*

p4 sfx1 : *clank*

p4 sfx2 : *Hiiiiiii!!!*


page 15

p1b1 : Are you okay Freia?

p1 sfx : *smile*

p2b1 : …I can’t believe I was taken by surprise that easily…

p2b2 : I’m a failure as Keyaruga-sama’s follower

p3b1 : That’s not true

p3b2 : It’s just that you lack experience in close quarters combat, I can train you next time

p3 sfx : *pat*

p4b1a : Yes…!

p4b1b : I promise I’ll be useful for you!!

p4b2 : Alright then, let’s go before it starts a commotion

p5b1 : I see, she’s indeed a high quality good

p5 sfx : *grin*


page 16

p1 sfx : *tap*

p3b1 : This is not a place for young people like you

p3b2 : It will be troublesome for me if you go wild here

p3 sfx : *ohom* (cough)

p4b1 : It’s your guys that came attacking first

p5b1 : Well, if there’s an exquisite good in front of me, then as a merchant, it’s normal for me to want it, right?

p5b2 : Merchant?

p6b1 : What a stroke of luck, to be honest there’s a medicine that I want you to buy

p6b2 : Are you interested?


page 17

p1b1 : What medicine?

p2b1 : An antidote which can cure the strange sickness that has been spreading around in this city

p2 sfx : *take out*

p2 letters top left : *nod* *nod*

p3 sfx : *whisper*

p4b1 : …hmmm

p5b1 : Let’s have this talk somewhere else…

p6 sfx : *ka chink*


page 18

p1b1 : You’re amazing Keyaruga-sama!! he bought all the potions that we had!!

p2b1 : The fact that that merchant is suffering from the strange sickness has played a big role

p2b2 : Thank god it went smoothly

p3b1 : 1 gold coin is equal to 1.5 month’s worth of wage for labor work

p4b1 : If I have this much, then…

p4b2 : What are you planning to buy with this money?

p5b1 : Slaves

p6b1 : …

p6b2 : Ah, slaves?


page 19

p1b1 : Do you hate it Freia?

p1b2a : Actually, I feel sorry for them

p1b2b : Their freedom is taken and they’re forced to follow someone else’s order

p2b1 : That’s so nice of you

p2b2 : You have no right to say that!!

p3b1 : Well, if I choose to employ adventurers, they tend to do whatever they want, and on top of that, I’d have to pay them a lot of money

p3b2 : And also, I won’t just pick a random slave

p4b1 : I’m planning to pick a good quality slave who listens to what I say

p5b1 : …I understand


page 20

p1b1 : If it’s something that Keyaruga-sama needs for our quest to save the world

p1b2 : Then I will give my best to choose a good slave for Keyaruga-sama!!

p2b1 : Thanks

p3b1 : My aim is to get a high quality demi-human, since if I increase their level cap

p3b2 : They will get way stronger than a normal human…

p4b1 : Kukuku…

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