Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8.1

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8.1

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Kaifukujutsushi no Yarinaoshi 8.1


page 1

p1 sfx : *rattle*

p2 sfx : *clank*

p3b1 : Is this all you have?

p4b1 : There’s still more but…

p5b1 : Do you want to see them?

p5 sfx : *ka clack*

p6b1 : Ughh

p6 sfx : *creak*


page 2

p1b1 : So this is where, he keeps sick demi humans…

p2b1 : ?

p3 sfx : *glare*


page 3

p1 sfx : *Zuoon*

p2b1 : High Speed Dual Attacker huh…

p2bx1 :

Race : Ice Wolf     Name : Setsuna

Class : Ice Wolf Warrior   Level : 7

Status :

MP :27/27                            Attack : 20                        Defense :15

Magic Attack : 20               Magic Defense : 15         Speed : 21

Level Cap : 7

Stat :

MP : 76                                  Attack : 105                      Defense :71

Magic Attack : 106             Magic Defense : 71         Speed : 108

Total Attributes Points : 537


– Spirit Magic (Ice) Lv 2

– Werewolf Martial Art Lv 2


– Disciple of the Ice Spirit Lv 2 : Possesses the blessing of the Ice Spirit.

Increases MP regeneration, increases Spirit Magic (Ice) control and power.

– Descendant of the Ice Wolf Tribe Lv 2 : Augmented physical power.

Increases the power of Werewolf Martial Art.

Can envelop claws in the both hands with ice aura

p2 sfx : *Grrrr*

p3b1 : Moreover, her stats are higher than a common demi human

p3b2a : Although she’s part of the rare ice wolf tribe but her level caps at 7, moreover she’s under that frenzied state too…

p3b2b : She’s basically an invalid…

p4b1 : …you…

p5b1 : I’ll kill you

p6 sfx : *grab*


page 4

p1b1 : This fucking bitch!! I’ve spent a lot of money to buy an ice wolf like you!!

p1b2 : Just fucking die you sick invalid slave!! Die!!

p1 sfx : *slap*

p2 sfx : *slap*

p3 sfx : *slap*

p4b1 : Unbreakable will and eyes full of hatred… she’s piqued my interest…

p4 sfx : *Kukuh…*

p5b1 : Wait, I’ll take her

p5 sfx : *swish*


page 5

p1b1 : Hah! Are you serious?

p2b1 : There shouldn’t be a problem as long as I give you the money, right? And I don’t need the choker

p2b2 : If you don’t believe me, ill sign the contract now

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : Oohhh!!

p3 sfx : *Ka ching*

p4 small letters : 1..2..

p4 sfx : *tap*

p5 sfx : *Grrrr*

p6b1 : !?

p6 sfx : *bam*


page 6

p1b1 : Listen now, If you come with me, I’ll let you get your revenge

p1b2 : You hate them, don’t you?

p2b1 : Those humans…

p2b2 : Hehehe, thank you for your patronage

p2 sfx : *hoho*

p4 sfx : *shove*


page 7

p1b1 : Uugh…

p1b2a : To think that she fainted the moment I bought her

p1b2b : It looks like, her disease is worse than I thought

p1b3 : Keyaruga-sama, let’s give her that potion quickly

p2b1 : No…

p3 sfx : *swish*

p4b1 : Keyaruga-sama!?

p4 sfx : *smile*

p5b1a : That eyes full of hatred that I saw back in the prison room…

p5b1b : Whatever that lies in your past… Show them to me!!

p5 sfx : *Buoo*


page 8

p1b1 : [Recovery](heal)!!

p3b1 : I see… So this is why she hates humans

p3 sfx : *grin*


page 9

p2 sfx : *Suu*

p3b1 : She woke up!?

p4b1 : Hn?!

p5 sfx : *glare*


page 10

p1 sfx : *slap*

p2b1 : What did you do to Setsuna?

p3b1 : Why did you do that!!

p3b2 : This guy molested Setsuna, he’s the wrong one here!!

p4b1 : You’re wrong! Keyaruga-sama healed you!

p4b2 : And is this how you repay him?!

p5b1 : That’s…You’re lying

p5b2 : I’m not lying!!


page 11

p1b1 : …Now thinking about it, Setsuna’s body does feel lighter and it doesn’t hurt

p1b2 : But there’s no way he could’ve healed Setsuna so quickly

p2b1 : It’s because Keyaruga-sama used [Recovery](heal) after all!

p4b1 : I’m sorry for slapping you because of my misunderstanding

p4 sfx : *bow*

p5b1 : That’s fine, I’m just glad that you’re alright

p6b1 : So then, let me introduce myself, I am Keyaruga

p6b2 : And here is my follower, Freia


page 12

p1b1 : Setsuna is Setsuna, A proud warrior of the ice wolf tribe

p1b2 : That’s a good name

p2b1 : Freia, can you go buy something to celebrate her recovery?

p2b2 : Okay! I’ll be going then!!

p4b1 : Thank you for saving me

p5b1 : People of the ice wolf tribe never forget to return the favour

p5b2 : But…


page 13

p2b1 : Setsuna has somewhere to go no matter what

p2b2 : That’s why… I’m sorry

p2 sfx : *crackle*

p3 sfx : *crack*

p4b1 : Interesting, she’s planning to kill me, but…

p4 sfx : *grin*

p5b1 : What makes you think you can save your village, at your current level?


page 14

p1b1 : How do you kno-

p2 sfx : *bam*

p3b1 : You can’t even evade an attack from a single alchemist

p4b1 : Guh… Keyaruga… So strong…

p5b1 : I know everything… Even the reason for your tears too


page 15

p1 letters right : You were born into the strongest family of warriors in the ice wolf tribe, you’re a genius and there’s no one on your age that could win against you

p1 letters left : You had an extraordinarily high stats, unique skills, and talent for fighting. But then you hit a wall a year ago

p2 letters right : You , who was stronger than everybody met your level cap and couldn’t win against anyone

p2 letters left : No matter how much you worked, you couldn’t get stronger

p3 letters right : The only job that you could do was just patrol the village

p5 letters : But then tragedy struck 2 weeks ago


page 16

p1 letters right : While you were on patrol, you and some of your friends were kidnapped by Jioral kingdom’s scouts

p1 letters left : One of you was cruelly killed just for show and the rest were sold in the city as slaves

p2 letters : And at that time, one of you leaked secrets to the barrier that protects your village due to fear

p3b1a : And then those humans brought more people back to the village

p3b1b : To get their hands on a rare and precious slaves

p4b1 : If only I had the strength… I could’ve killed those humans and protect the information of the barrier…

p4b2 : If only I was stronger… My friends wouldn’t need to die


page 17

p1b1 : I hate those humans!! I hate my own powerlessness!

p3b1 : Ughk!

p4b1 : You want vengeance right? I can grant you that wish

p5 sfx1 : *swish*

p5 sfx2 : *cough*


page 18

p1b1 : You can see my stats here

p1 sfx : *swish*

p2 sfx : *Bsht*

p3b1 : …You

p4b1 : You’re a hero?

p4b2 : That’s right, you know just how strong I am from that paper

p5b1 : And that Freia who isn’t here right now possesses more or less the same

p5b2 : And, I can also make you stronger


page 19

p1b1 : Level cap break?

p3b1a : Right now, a huge number of Jioral kingdom’s soldiers are disguising as mercenaries

p3b1b : And they’re heading towards the ice wolf tribe village

p3 sfx : *marching*

p4b1 : All the members of the ice wolf tribe will be either killed or sold as slave

p5b1 : I never thought that his knowledge will be of use to me here

p5 sfx : *Grin*

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