Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8.2

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 8.2

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Kaifukujutsushi no Yarinaoshi 8.2


page 1

p1b1 : Setsuna…

p2b1 : Setsuna will do anything to become stronger so Setsuna can protect everyone

p3b1 : I’ll increase your level cap under the condition

p3b2 : You’ll have to tell me your real name… You know what that means right?

p4b1 : I know… that means Setsuna will be your slave forever and Setsuna is fine with that

p4 sfx : *gulp*

p5b1 : But Setsuna won’t listen until you save the village

p5b2 : Kukuku as expected, you’re an interesting girl


page 2

p1b1 : So, what should Setsuna do to get stronger?

p1 sfx : *clank*

p2b1 : It’s my life essence, if you get semen of a hero like me directly injected to your body

p3b1 : Then it should be able to break your level cap, so now…

p4 sfx : *Bam*


page 3

p2b1a : This is not your usual 000… This is your future

p2b1b : So… are you going to grab your future with your own hands? Or are you going to let it slip away?

p3b1 : …

p5b1 : Setsuna… Wants to change…


page 4

p1b1 : Setsuna wants to be stronger, to protect everyone

p2b1 : Setsuna will kill the humans who kidnap the ice wolves just for money

p3 sfx : *clench*

p4b1 : That’s why

p5b1 : Setsuna will grab Setsuna’s future


page 5

p1b1 : Good girl, now put this inside your mouth

p2b1 :  Rock your head back and forth gently…

p2 sfx : *haah*

p3b1 : !?

p4b1 : Hnnn!!!

p4 sfx : *twitch*

p5 sfx : *cough*

p6b1 : Setsuna… Are you sure about spitting it out?

p6b2 : That’s the essence that will break your level cap

p6 sfx : *grin…*


page 6

p1b1 : Setsuna will drink it…

p2 sfx : *gulp*

p3b1 : Now for extra measures

p3b2 : I’ll put in some from below too

p4b1 : … Do you mean… In Setsuna?

p5b1 : I won’t force you if you don’t want to, but it’ll reduce the chance of you getting stronger

p5 sfx : *rustle*

p6 sfx : *slide*

p7b1 : I’ll do it


page 7

p1 sfx : *rustle*

p2 sfx : *schlop*

p3 sfx : *haah*

p5b1 : Aahh

p5 sfx : *poke *

p6 sfx1 (right one) : *plop*

p6 sfx2 : *hah*


page 8

p1 bubbles : *hah*

p1 sfx : *slide*

p2b1 right : It’s so hot…

p2b2 bottom left : And deep…

p2 other bubbles : *hah*

p2 sfx : *slop*

p3 sfx : *hah*

p4 sfx : *slapping sound*

p5b1 : I’m coming!!

p5 sfx : *slapping sound*


page 9

p1 sfx : *twitch*

p2b1 : *hah*

p3b1 : *hah*

p4b1 (bottom left) : Keyaruga-sama…

p4 other bubbles : *hah*


page 10

p1b1 : Will Setsuna really become stronger?

p2b1 : Yeah, you’re growing stronger even now

p3b1 : I can see it, your power is increasing

p3b2 : It’s been such a long time since I felt stronger

p3 sfx : *drip*

p4b1 : And you’ll continue to grow stronger from now on…

p4b2 : With this…


page 11

p1b1 : With this I can kill them now…

p1 sfx : *drip*

p2b1 : I’ll get us a ride tomorrow and we can leave immediately

p2b2 : So we should be able to arrive there by the evening… Until then, let’s increase your level cap 3 more times

p3 sfx : *wobble*

p4 sfx : *Bsht*


page 12

p1 sfx : *galloping*

p2b1 : I can’t believe the kingdom! I’d never think that they’d attack Setsuna’s village for money! it’s unforgivable!!

p2b2 : Let’s hurry and save the Ice Wolf tribe’s village!!

p3b1 : Calm down Freia, we’ll arrive soon

p3b2 : And make sure to hide your face since it’ll be troublesome if they see you

p3 sfx : *galloping*

p4 sfx : *galloping*


page 13

p1b1 : Halt!!

p1 sfx : *slide*

p3b1 : We arrived just in time

p3 sfx : *rumbling*

p4b1 : your tribe’s barrier is stronger than expected

p4 sfx : *rumbling*

p5b1 : Yes, we specialise in defensive war

p6b1 : Hm!?


page 14

p1 sfx : *Ka clank*

p2 sfx : *swish*

p3 sfx1 (right) : *rattle*

p3 sfx2 : *rustle*

p6b1 : …


page 15

p2b1 :  ~hk!!

p2 sfx : *Buft*

p3b1 : Setsuna!! Listen!!

p3b2 : If you go out now, youre just looking for death!!

p3b3 : Hnnn!! Hnnkk!!

p4b1 : I said it before, didn’t I? That I’ll lend you my power

p4b2 : I’ll reduce their number first then you can exact your revenge

p5b1 : So can you at least wait 5 minutes?

p5b2 : …

p6b1 : !?

p6 sfx : *rumbling*


page 16

p1 sfx : *Bam* *rattle*

p2 sfx : *UOOO*

p3 sfx : *Giririri* (pulling bow)

p4b1 : Fire!!

p4 sfx : *Bsht*


page 17

p1 sfx : *OOOOO*

p2b1 : Charge!!

p2 sfx : *Oooo*

p3 sfx : *clank* *bsht* *Uooo*

p4 sfx : *peek*

p5 sfx1 (bottom left) : *clenching*

p5 sfx2 : *Rage*


page 18

p1b1 : Look at her, waiting when told, good girl!!

p2b1 : Don’t worry, I’ll leave your portion out for you

p2 sfx : *rustle*

p3b1 : But it’ll be no fun if jump in like this

p3 sfx : *swish*

p4b1 : I’ll play a little bit of prank here

p4 sfx : *clack*


page 19

p1 sfx : *unsheathe*

p2b1 : It is I the [Sword] hero!! And my sword is the sword of justice!!

p2b2a : Savage barbarians who attack the village of the innocent Demi-human

p2b2b : Die under the name of justice!!

p2 sfx : *Bam*


page 20

p3 sfx : *dash*

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