Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 10

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 10

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Athena13 TL
Banjomarx PR
Kenshi o Mezashite 10
page 1
p1bx1 I just earnestly gave all I can…
p1bx2 I dove into the hell known as The Gate of Abyss which my ancestor from Gazad family once made, I was so focused on my training that I even forgot how long I’d been inside it.
p2 ltr1 Inside that place filled with spiritual beasts, I was continuously beaten, trampled, burnt, eaten, crushed, and dissolved.
P2 ltr2 And I was forcefully revived every time they did that to me. They kept torturing me with neither rest nor pause.
p3 bx1 During all that, I grew by stealing their techniques and finally defeated them.
P4 bx1 And so I’ve become stronger now.
P4 bx2 I did all of that in order to surpass you-
P4 ltr1 To temper one’s body in hellfire and give one’s best…
page 2
p1bx1 And the result.
p1bx2 Was my complete loss.
p2 ltr1 The 9999 compatibility wall of Laura* Edmonds… Was way too tall, too thick, and too strong.
p3 ltr1 But…
p3 ltr2 I’ll never give up!!
p3 sfx *Bam*
*PRN after pondering for a long time, we’ve decided to rename some character to fit the western theme of the manga
page 3
p1 ltr1 Next time.
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2 sfx *Rattle* *Rattle*
p3 ltr1 I’ll definitely.
p3 sfx *Slide*
page 4
p1b1 Win!
p3b1 Charlotte-san!
p3 title Ch 10 That person from the infirmary was a great person!?
page 5
p1bx1 While Laura and Charlotte were fighting.
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 All the spectators!! Get to safety!!
p2b2 Quickly!!
p3 sfx *Boom*
p4b1 We should stop the fight immediately!!
p4b2 At this rate, the damage won’t be confined to the academy, it might even reach the capital too!!
p5b1 Let’s go find them now!!
p5b2 We have to stop them, even if we have to use force!!
p6b1 Cease your shameful panicking.
page 6
p1b1 Principal…!!
p2b1 While our cute students are giving their best fighting up there. Are we, the teachers, going to get in their way?
p2b2 I wonder what happened to the academy that existed to nurture young talents?
p3b1a But Principal!!
p3b1b At this rate, even the capital will be destroyed!!
p3b2 And we still have our pride as teachers to protect!!
page 7
p1b1 That’s pathetic.
p1b2 Do I need to train you from scratch?
p2b1a Principal, I beg you…
p2b1b Please stop them before there are any victims in the capital.
p3b1 I’ve enveloped the capital with my barrier, it’ll hold out as long as it’s not an attack from a demonic god.
p3b2 But even so, both of them might get badly injured!
p3b3 I can regenerate the body as long as the head is still intact.
p4b1 So, you have no more objections, right?
p4b2 But…
p5b1 Emilia!*
*PRN We also changed her name
page 8
p1b1 You’re envious, aren’t you?
p2b1 And you guys too, you’re just envious.
p2b2 All the arguments about your pride as teachers, or not letting your students die, these are only excuses.
p3b1 You guys are just so envious of the two fighting in the sky right now.
p4b1 But I’m glad that you are envious.
p4b2 Since you can still grow stronger as long as you have that feeling.
p5b1a So now.
p5b1b Don’t just stand there in shock! Get moving and do your duty as the instructors of the adventurer academy!!
p5b2 Yes, ma’am!!
page 9
p2b1 O wounded body, I offer you my mana, regenerate.
p3b1 It doesn’t work, the wounds are already closed but…
p3b2 I don’t know what to do about her torn right arm and her broken bones… And her bones might be all jumbled up inside too, so even if I close the wounds…
p4b1 What should I do… What should I do…
page 10
p1b1 You don’t need to be that panicked.
p1b2 Ahh… You’re the teacher I met in the infirmary…
p2b1 Ohh, you remember me, thank you.
p3b1 I’ll heal Charlotte-chan first, okay?
p3b2 Since she’s in a dire state right now.
page 12
p1 ltr1 She regenerated the arm!?
p2 ltr1 Charlotte-san’s wounds are slowly healing up…
page 13
p1b1 Ugh… Where am I…
p2b1 Charlotte-san!!
p2b2 Oh my, Laura-san?
p4b1 I’m so glad that you’ve woken up…
p5b1a Wait, my right arm should’ve been gone, but this…
p5b1b My magic power is back to normal too.
p5b2 Me diving to The Gate of Abyss and fighting Laura-san, were those all just dreams…?
p5b3 No
page 14
p1b1 I healed your arm back.
p1b2a It’s brand new so the skin is still silky.
p1b2b Although, for a girl of your age, your skin must all still be smooth and silky.
p2b1a You did that…? That can’t be… There should be only one person who can do that.
p2b1b And that person would be…
p3b1 Ah, I still haven’t introduced myself.
page 15
p1b1a My name is Carlotte Gyrdorea
p1b1b I’m also the one who people call “The Beautiful Great Sage”
p1b2 And I’m the principal of this academy.
p2 ltr1 This terrifying amount of magic power… This person is…
p2b1 The Great Sage-sama…!?
page 16
p1b1a That battle was really amazing!! That’s exactly how youngsters should be fighting!!
p1b1b I’ve been waiting for students like you girls to appear!!
p1b2 And I got 2 of them at the same time!! fufufu, I’m so happy!!
p2 ltr1 She looks so young…
p2 ltr2 I can’t believe that she has lived for almost 300 years…
p3 ltr1 Moreover, I can feel an enormous power from her… I wonder how many years I would need to catch up with her…
page 17
p1b1 By the way, Charlotte-chan, it seems that you’re puzzled now that your magic is back, but that’s normal.
p1b2 You fought this battle with the resolve that as long as you win, you don’t care even if you  die tomorrow, right?
p1b3 !!
p2b1 And that’s why you’re able to face something as absurd as The Gate of Abyss, that shows how strong you are.
p2b2 But that strength is superficial.
p3b1 For you who has surpassed your limit, the moment this battle ends, your spiritual body will be exhausted just like a balloon that runs out of air.
p4b1 But that’s…
p4b2 Are you saying that all my struggles for the last half month were for naught!?
page 18
p1b1 Well, I wonder now… But you enjoyed yourself today, didn’t you?
p1b2a You fought Laura-san on equal standing.
p1b2b And flew into the sky.
p1b3 You enjoyed yourself so much that you didn’t mind all the pain, right?
p2b1 … Yes!
p3b1 So then, your efforts weren’t all for naught, am I wrong?
p3b2 Moreover, you’ll be as strong as before in no time as long as you seriously train yourself every day, I guarantee that.
page 19
p1b1 But, you should stop using The Gate of Abyss.
p1b2a That’s one of the ritual places that the Gazad family created in the past in order to fight me.
p1b2b It’s a cheat tool that let you use magic power beyond your limits.
p2b1 You’ll die the next time you use it.
p3b1 So it was true that the Gazad family fought against Great Sage-sama in the past…?
p4b1 Yes, we were constantly fighting until about 100 years ago.
p4b2 But of course, I always won.
page 20
p1 ltr1 I see, so the Gazad family in the past really had amazing fighting spirit just like they always told me.
p1 ltr2 I’m so glad to hear that…
p2b1 You can always come to me anytime you want to fight me.
p2b2a That’s it then, I’ll go back now.
p2b2b You girls had a really good fight, so take a good rest for today.
p3b1 … There she goes, Shall we go back too?
p3b2 Not yet, could you let me rest here for a bit?
page 21
p1b1 Laura-san, congratulation on your win.
p1b2 It’s my loss, for today that is.
p2b1 Ah, now that you mention it, we were fighting in the tournament, weren’t we?
p3b1 Oh my, did you forget that? We somehow ended up fighting without any particular reason then.
p3b2 Now that you mention it, that was pretty dumb.
p3b3a Fufu.
p3b3b Say, Laura-san.
p5b1 Is it okay for me to challenge you again?
p5b2 Without any particular reason?
p5b3 Yep, without any particular reason.
page 22
p1b1 It’s ok, you can challenge me anytime you want.
p2b1 Laura-san!
p2b2 Charlotte!!
page 24
p2 ltr1 Then after that, the ring that we destroyed in our battle.
p2 ltr2 In order to be used by the 2nd year and the 3rd year students…
p3 ltr1 Was hurriedly fixed by summoning earth spirits and raising the ground to form a ring.
p4 ltr1 They were somehow able to finish everything that was scheduled for the day and the tournament was completed without any problems.
page 25
p1 ltr1 By the way, it seems that the principal managed to avoid an incident with the capital by claiming the battle had been part of a lesson, although half the reason they listened was sheer intimidation on her part.
p3b1 Even after all that happened, we really enjoyed our first tournament.
p3b2 So much so that I feel like we who have fought each other with all of our might got closer than before!!
page 26
p1bx1 After that, the 3 of us were together all the time.
p2 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
p3bx1 We also went hunting for monsters from time to time without telling our teachers.
p3bx1 small letters And then we got scolded afterward.
page 27
p1bx1 We united our power and deepened our friendship.
p1 ltr1 The Secret Group


*TLN Kamibukuro means paper bag.
*PRN Insert sentai music
page 28
p1bx1 Every day was so fun.
p2bx1 And before we even realized it, it was almost summer.
p4b1 Laura-san! It’s an emergency!!
p5b1 Come to the principal’s room right away!!
page 29
p1b1a Wh- What’s wrong?
p1b1b We’re in the middle of eating *omurice right now.
p1b2a Then finish your omurice, quickly!! The principal is calling for you!!
p1b2b It’s very important!!
p2b1 The Great Sage-sama is calling me?
p2b2 We’ll go with you too!
p3 sfx *Tap*
p4 sfx *Creak*
p5b1 I’ve been waiting for you.
p5 sfx *Bam*
*PRN Basically omelette on top of rice, a common Japanese dish
page 30
p1b1 Laura-san.
p1b2 You might end up getting expelled from the academy.
p2 ltr1 (bottom right) Is this an omen of the end of the academy life!?
p2 ltr2 Eeeehhhh!!???