Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 11

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 11

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Athena13 TL
Kenshi Mezashite 11
page 1
p1b1 Wh-Why do I have to be expelled!?
p1 ltr Laura is on the verge of expulsion!?
p2b1 I’ll explain everything. I’ve received 2 letters, the first one is from Laura-chan’s mother.
p2b2 While the second one is from Laura-chan’s father.
p3 ltr They’re from mother and father!? I wonder what they say
page 2
p1b1 It seems that your mother came to see the tournament and she was moved by it.
p1 ltr1 I never thought that my daughter would have talent in magic.
p1 ltr2 I believe that it’s thanks to the academy that Laura discovered her new talent.
P1 ltr3 So please continue polishing her talent.
p1b2 I’m glad there’s nothing bad written in it…
p2b1 But it seems that your father was very angry when he heard about what happened in the tournament.
p2b2 And it turned into their first couple fight since they got married…
p2b3 Hogyaa!!
p3 ltr1 Get Laura out of the adventurers academy immediately!!
p3 ltr2 You damn mages, how dare you trick Laura into magic division!!
p3ltr3 The Edmonds only need vanguards!
page 3
p1 ltr1 Even a couple’s fight in Edmonds family is extraordinary!?
p1 title bottom left Ch 11 : Found out by my parents!
page 4
p1b1a That’s the Milburn Lake, right?
p1b1b Then it means that we’ll arrive at Laura-san’s village soon.
p1b2 The fish look so tasty.
p2b1 Laura-san, you don’t have to be so worried.
p2b2 It’ll be alright, we’ll be with you.
p4b1a You may have transferred into the magic division, but it’s not like you stopped training in swordsmanship.
p4b1b So I’m sure your father will understand if we tell him that you’re training both your magic and swordsmanship.
p5b1 Thank you… You’re right, I’m sure father will understand if we talk this out!
page 5
p1bx1 In order to convince my father to let me continue studying in the academy with my precious friends
p1bx2 I went back home together with Charlotte-san and Anna-san.
p1b1 I’m sure that this will be solved in no time if I go there myself and give them a convincing explanation (Physically).
p1b2 Principal!! You can’t do that!!
p2b1 Mr Coachman, Thank you very much.
p3b1 So This is Laura-san’s hometown huh…
p3b2 It’s a very beautiful village by the lake.
p4b1 My house is this way.
page 6
p1b1 …Uhmm… Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?
p2b1 Why is my house wrecked!?
p3b1 I wonder if this house was attacked by dragons…
p3b2 Did your family do something to annoy the dragons?
p3b3 Of course not… we‘ve properly finished all the dragons that we met so they shouldn’t have any grudge against us!
p3b4 What’s with that? That sounds scary.
p4b1a Oh my?
p4b1b I thought I heard someone outside, but isn’t that Laura?
page 7
p1b1 Mother, I’m home!
p1b2 But why is our home destroyed!?
p2b1 Ahh, this is because I had a fight with your father.
p3b1 Wait there, I’ll come down.
p4 sfx *Tap*
p5 ltr1 They had a fight to the point that the house got destroyed!?
p5b1a Welcome home, Laura.
p5b1b Are you home for summer break? You should at least send a letter, you know.
page 8
p1b1 Do you know that mother sent a letter to Great Sage-sama? I went to the academy to watch the tournament.
p1b2a By the way Laura, you’ve become really strong now, I was surprised that you entered the magic division but…
p1b2b I’m glad since it seems that you enjoy it.
p1b2c Although mother wants you to be a vanguard, mother respects your wishes.
p3b1 Oh my? Are they your friends, Laura?
p3b2 Ni… Nice to meet you.
p4b1 I’m sorry that I didn’t notice you.
p4b2 No need to hold back, please come in.
page 9
p1b1 Please excuse me then.
p1b2 … Excuse me.
p1b3 Oh my, you girls are very polite.
p2b1 Why is everything all beat up?
p2b2 Please take a seat.
p3 ltr Even the tea cups are in such bad condition…
p4b1 Slurp…
page 10
p1b1 Uhm, excuse me, Laura-san’s mother, I’m Charlotte Gazad.
p1b2 I’m Laura-san’s roommate in the dorm as well as a fellow student in the magic division.
p2b1a I’m Anna Arnet from warrior division.
p2b1b I often train swordsmanship with Laura after school ends.
p3b1a I saw both of you during the tournament too you know.
p3b1b Kids these days get really strong even before they graduate.
p3b2a Especially Charlotte-san, you were really amazing during the final.
p3b2b Well, although in the end, Laura won the battle by a hair.
p5b1 Ah, I’m Laura’s mother, Dora Edmonds.
p5b2 Eh? You’re surprised that I’m a mother yet so young?
p5b3 You’re really good at complementing!
page 11
p1b1a Say, Mother.
p1b1b Where is father?
p2b1 You don’t have a father!
p2b2a I gave birth and raised Laura all by myself.
p2b2b That’s how it is!
p2b3 Eeehh…
p2b3 small ltr What does that mean?
p4 ltr1 When I went to see the tournament, I saw Laura who was supposed to be in the warrior division using magic.
p4 ltr2 I was really surprised at first, but…
p5 ltr1 When I saw that power which could defeat even a dragon in one attack.
p5 ltr2 I was thrilled to know that my daughter has such talent.
p5 ltr3 I was so excited, as if I was seeing the beginning of a new era.
page 12
p1 ltr1 And so I went back home immediately and shared this great news with your father, but…
p2 sfx *Bam*
p3b1a Are you… Freaking kidding me?
p3b1b What the hell happened in the capital?
p4b1 Laura entered the magic division and flew through the sky you say?
p4b2 And now you’re saying that we should support her rather than be angry about it…
p4b3 The Great Sage must have brainwashed you!!
p5 ltr1 Since your father wouldn’t listen to me…
p5 ltr2 I got more and more annoyed…
p6b1a Can it be…!!!
p6b1b Are you The Great Sage disguised as my wife?
p6b2a I won’t be tricked by that, you know!!
p6b2b My wife would never agree with our daughter entering the magic division!!
page 13
p1b1 Buhok!!
p1 sfx *Smack*
p2 sfx *Bam*
p3b1 … Dora?
p4b1a You should be ashamed, Bruno!
p4b1b Not only do you not  care about our daughter’s efforts, you want to force your bias on her!
p4 sfx *Step*
p5b1 Our daughter’s life is her own you know!
page 14
p1b1a Bring it on!!
p1b1b I will never accept it!
p1b2 Let’s settle this with a fight! I’ll protect my daughter’s happiness!
p1 sfx *Bam!!* *Smack!!*
p2b1 And then mother won!
p2b2 That’s why the house is in shambles and father is not here.
p3b1 What an unbelievable family…
p3b2 Thank God it’s just a normal fight…
p4b1 You girls can take a good rest here.
p4b2 It will be alright, I’m sure father will understand eventually, I’ll definitely convince him one day.
p5b1 Let’s see… I’ll somehow convince him before winter break, so when that time comes, please go and meet your father again.
p5b2a But winter break would be too late.
p5b2b We have to convince father before summer break ends, otherwise…
p5b3 Oh my, is something wrong?
page 15
p2b1 *Snap*
p2 sfx *Startled*
p3b1 Laura, mother is very angry right now.
p3b2 I… I see…
p4b1 And so mother will do something faster than convincing your father.
p4b2 Eh? What way is that…?
page 16
p1b1 It’s easy, I just have to divorce him.
p1b2a Laura’s custody will go to me if I divorce him.
p1b2b If I do so, then father’s request for your expulsion will be rendered invalid.
p2b1a Di-Divorce!! I don’t want that!!
p2b1b I love father and mother!!
p2b2 I don’t want to go back to a home where father and mother are not there!
page 17
p1b1a That’s right, this might be rude of me.
p1b1b But you shouldn’t say divorce that easily.
p1b1c Moreover, you can’t say that in front of your child.
p3b1a Ahh, I’m not going to do that.
p3b1b I just wanted to try saying it.
p3b2a I might be very angry to the point of wanting to divorce, but I won’t do that just because of this.
p3b2b I’m sorry for surprising everyone.
p5b1 How about I call your father here for now?
p5b2 … Father is holing up in the mountains, right? Can mother really get in touch with him?
page 18
p1b1 Of course, I just have to send a smoke signal.
p1b2 I wonder if father will actually see this.
p1b3 It’s fine, it’s fine, your father and I have really good vision and we’re not so stupid as to ignore smoke signals.
p2b1 But it will take some time before he arrives so how about you put your luggage inside for now?
p3b1 Is this Laura-san’s room?
p3b2 Uhm, I’m sorry for being rude but… isn’t this bed way too big compared to your size?
page 19
p1b1a Ahaha…
p1b1b Father said something like “My daughter will definitely grow up big in the future!”.
p1b2 And then he cut some trees in the forest and made this bed for me.
p2b1 3 of us can actually sleep together in this bed.
p2b2 Anna-san, it’s still afternoon, you know!?
p3b1 The bed is so fluffy so I just had to.
p4b1 Haah.
p5b1a Why do both of you always try to seduce me by being so cute?
p5b1b Do you really want to be my hug pillow that much!?
p5b2 We never seduce you!
p5b3 Please stop saying such weird things.
page 20
p1b1 …Aaah, I can’t hold on any longer!!
p2b1 Whwhat are you doing, Charlotte-san?!
p2b2 You’re too close…
p3b1a Haaah… I have cute hug pillows on both sides
p3b1b This is such bliss…
p4b1 Zzzz…
p5b1 I wonder if I’m worn out, I’m feeling sleepy as well
page 21
p3b1 Father is back.
p4b1 Re-Really!?
p5b1 Laura-san’s father is home?
p5b2 It’s finally time for the battle.
p6b1 That’s right, it’s time for the battle!
page 22
p1b1 You two please wait here.
p1b2 I’ll go defeat my father!
p2b1 Laura, long time no see.
p2b2 I’m glad you’re back.
p3b1a You’ll be brainwashed by the Great Sage if you stay in that academy any longer after all.
p3b1b I’ll be teaching you swordsmanship again.
p3b2 Let’s start your training right after lunch.
page 23
p1b1a Now that father mentions it, I want to practice swordsmanship with you too since it’s been such a long time since the last time.
p1b1b But please don’t say anything bad about the academy, the Great Sage-sama is a nice person, you know.
p2b1 So I’ll be going back to the academy after summer break ends.
p3b1a … Why would you do that, Laura?
p3b1b Don’t you like swordsmanship?
p3b2 I did teach you that magic is evil, didn’t I?
p4b1a I still love swordsmanship, in fact, I’m still polishing my swordsmanship too.
p4b1b That’s why I always practice my swordsmanship every day with a friend from the warrior division after school.
p5b1 But I also came to like magic as well.
page 24
p1b1 Wha…!
p1 sfx *Taken aback*
p2b1 I know that father always taught me that mages are devils, but that wasn’t necessarily true.
p2b2 The Principal, Emilia-Sensei, and Charlotte-san too. They are all nice people.
p3b1 Charlotte-san is my friend in the magic division, she’s also my roommate in the dormitory.
p3b2 She was so nice to me that it was like having an older sister when I was all alone in the academy.
p3b3a If father meets Charlotte-san.
p3b3b I’m sure you will understand that mages are not bad people!
p4b1 No! You’re being tricked!!
p4b2 There are no good people among the mages!
p5b1 You don’t know the horrible things those mages have done
p5b2 … I never told you anything since it’s humiliating, but…
page 25
p1b1 I think that the time to tell you has come…!
p2b1 … I have a sister 1 year older than me called Leslie.
p2b2 She learned how to use magic when she was around your age.
p3 ltr1 We didn’t know exactly how high her magic compatibility was since it was never properly measured, but she was able to use magic without any training.
p4 ltr1 And so I had no chance against her and was always beaten in every fight
p5 ltr1 She took my toys, made me do her chores, and would hit me without any particular reason.
p5 ltr2 Then I discovered that I, unlike my sister, did not have much talent for magic, so I started desperately training my body.
p6 ltr1 All in order to defeat her one day.
page 26
p1 ltr1 But something finally made me snap.
p1 ltr2 I’ll never forget it, it was when I was 12 years old.
p2 ltr1 On that day, mother made an apple pie for us.
p2 ltr2 I, who had just come back from playing outside with my friend, happily went to the table while looking forward to the apple pie.
p3 ltr1 However!! There was no delicious apple pie waiting there.
p3 ltr2 There were only 2 empty plates on the table.
p4b1a Aahh, my bad.
p4b1b It was so delicious that I ate yours too without even thinking.
p5 ltr1 I was so enraged I attacked her with all my training, but
p5 ltr2 I was defeated in the blink of an eye.
p5b1 It’s 10 years too early for you to beat me.
page 27
p1 ltr1 I couldn’t stand it any longer, so with firm resolve to defeat my sister one day, I asked my parents to enroll me in Gyrdorea Adventurers Academy.
p1 ltr2 And then I graduated after 3 years and have since become stronger than anyone.
p1 ltr3 I can beat her now.
p2 ltr1 But for some reason, my sister went missing.
p3b1 That girl, she said that if Bruno could become an adventurer then she could too..
p3b2 And that it would be fine even if she doesn’t attend the academy, since if she started immediately she would be my senior* as an adventurer.
p4b1 Then she just went and vanished, I have no idea where she is right now
p5b1 I’ll go find her and give her that one big punch!
p5 ltr1 And so I worked as an adventurer while looking for my sister everywhere, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.
p5 ltr2 In the end, I still haven’t found my sister to this day.
*PRN His senpai, meaning she would have higher status
page 28
p1b1a Now you get it right?! Mages all bully the weak,
p1b1b but then run away from the strong!
p1b2a They are scum!!
p1b2b How can I fulfil my dreams of vengeance for the apple pie now?!
p2b1 Uh, Wait… Is that really the reason for all this?
p2b2 Is it because of an apple pie that I’m going to be expelled from the academy!?
page 29
p1b1 I beg you, please don’t tell me that the motto “Vanguard is the best” was born because of that
p1b2 Hah.
p1b3 Father, Laura is shocked you know.
p1b4 There’re other reasons too, right?
p1b5 Please tell her everything.
p2b1 … Very well, I will tell Laura just how evil the mages are.
p2b2 Yes, this is a story when I was still a student in the Adventurers Academy.
p3 ltr1 I who had a sword compatibility of 100 was doing quite well in school.
p3 ltr2 And my reinforcement* magic compatibility was 42, it was higher than I thought it would be but that’s not important.
p3 ltr3 Then one day, I found out that there was a genius girl in the same group who had spear compatibility of 100.
p3 ltr4 And her name was Dora, basically, she was your mother.
p4 ltr1 Although our weapons were different, we both were the geniuses from the warrior division.
p4 ltr2 And so the time that we spent together kept increasing.
p5 ltr1 But Dora was not only a genius in using a spear, she was also a beautiful girl.
p5 ltr2 So there were a lot of guys who were aiming for her.
P5 background board D♥RA
p6 ltr1 Of course most of them got scared of me and gave up.
p6 ltr2 But there was this one persistent guy.
p6 ltr3 He was a 2nd year student from the magic division.
*PRN Previously translated as “Augmentative Magic, lit 強化魔法, or strengthening magic
page 30
p1 ltr1 Then that guy who was my upperclassman arrogantly challenged me to a duel with Dora as the prize.
p1 ltr2 The one who won the duel would have the right to date Dora while the one who lost would never speak to her again.
p1 ltr3 I thought that I would definitely win the duel, so I accepted this condition.
p2 ltr1 Although he was a shallow guy, his talent in magic was the real deal and he was stronger than I thought.
p2 ltr2 We were equally strong and five times the duel was a draw, but
p3 ltr1 I was finally able to win in the sixth battle.
p3 ltr2 And then we lived happily ever after, or at least that’s what I thought…
p4 ltr1 But that bastard started bullying Dora as a form of revenge for his loss in the duel by flipping her skirt with wind magic or making her uniform see-through with water magic!!
page 31
p1 ltr1 In the end, in order to punish him.
p1 ltr2 We stripped him naked and hung him up in front of the academy’s gate.
P1 sfx *Clap*
p2 ltr1 But then for some reason, we were both wrongfully punished with 1 week suspensions.
p2 ltr2 Although we were on the side of justice!!
p3 ltr1 This is exactly why an academy led by a mage is no good.
p3 ltr2 We both really hated it.
p4b1a That’s why the mages are a bunch of irredeemable bastards!
p4b1b Now you understand it, right!?
p5b1 Now I understand that father hates them for a bunch of petty reasons.
page 32
p1b1a Petty you say!?
p1b1b That was horrible you know! Right, Mother?
p1b2a Indeed… I was really angry with that guy too.
p1b2b Even now, I thought that it wasn’t wrong for getting back at him like that, but…
p2b1 I think that kind of reason isn’t enough to stop our daughter if she wants to be a mage.
p3b1 Wh- What did you say!?
p3b2 You hated the idea of Laura becoming a mage too, just a moment ago!
p4b1a It’s not like I hate the idea, you know.
p4b1b It’s just that I would like for her to be a vanguard.
p4b2 Moreover, from the start, I had no idea that Laura would become a mage, so I couldn’t have hated the idea.
p4b3 Ugh… She’s right.
p5b1 Mother!
page 33
p1b1 By the way, did you already fall in love with father before that upperclassman challenged him to a duel?
p2b1 Oh my, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I was already head over heels for him of course.
p3b1a Then why did mother make father take the duel?
p3b1b If Mother clearly told that upperclassman that she was already in love with father and had no wish to date him.
p3b1c Then it would have been the end of it, right…?
p4b1 Well, that’s true, but…
p4b2a When you see 2 guys fighting over you.
p4b2b Doesn’t your heart get all excited?
p4b3 I wonder if it would?
page 34
p1b1 You girls started talking about something unrelated huh… then how about this one.
p3b1 After we graduated from the academy, your mother and I went looking for my sister all over the country and its neighbouring areas. Then one day, we formed a party with a mage. He wasn’t a graduate from the Adventurers Academy but he was a veteran who had climbed from G rank to C rank through hard work. We trusted him and formed a party with him.
page 35
p1b1 Then while we were doing a particular quest, we suddenly encountered a leviathan. It was something that no one expected, so I was thinking to have the mage cast a light type magic to blind it and then run away.
page 36
p1b1 But that damn mage immediately ran away once he caught the sight of the leviathan and left me and your mother to die.
p1b2 We somehow managed to run away and survive the leviathan, but… That big scar on my back is actually from when I was protecting your mother in that fight. That scar will never fully heal, you know!
page 37
p1b1 -Wait, why wasn’t this the first story you told me!!
p1b2 All those stories about apple pies and flipping mother’s skirt with magic aren’t that important, right!?
p1b3 Ahhh, well, my bad. It’s just that this is what happens when I tell you the stories in proper time sequence.
p1b4 But this isn’t a light novel…!!
p2b1a Well, that aside, with this you understand just how shitty and useless
p2b1b And on top of it, just how evil the mages are, right?
p2b2 So just give up school and stay home, okay?
page 38
p1b1 Uhhnn…
p1b2 …This and that are two different things.
p2b1 Whattt!!
p3 sfx1 *Snap*
p3 sfx2 *Snap*
page 39
p1b1 Say, father, how about we fight this out?
p1b2 I want you to see how strong I’ve become with that useless and evil magic.
p2b1 … Very well!
page 40
p2 ltr1 I’ll show father my strength!
p2 ltr2 The biggest fight between father and daughter!!