Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 2

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 2

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Page 1

The Explorer Academy established by the King

I’m in the same school where my parents used to go

My goal is to be a Gladiator

However, my magic compatibility is


What the heck is this supposed to be?

part 2 of the pleasurable fantasy about the 9 year old genius!

I had come to the palace with all my hopes up

At the compatibility test on the first day

Ana-san was the only one who looked as young as I am

I was so excited in front of an unexpected rival who got such high combat compatibility

In order to become the best in the Soldier class

Heh heh…

It’s best to prepare from right now, right here!

The Faculty of Magic, first year

And that is my goal…


Page 2

Oh no, at this rate, I’m going to like it!

Is magic really THAT


My goal is to be a Gladiator

However, my magic compatibility is


What the heck is this suppose to be?


Page 3

I’m Rola Edmons, 9 years old

My specialty is swordsmanship from my father, and a bit of spear wielding skill from my mother

Egg rolls with rice is my favorite

I happen to have 9999 magic compatibility and somehow, I got taken in by the Faculty of Magic

Is that her, the 9999 kid…

At such a young age?

You’ll see the truth soon enough. You can’t get any stronger with just some talent

That said, but it’s 9999

Super famous!?

I’ve only used magic twice in the past, and my classmates right now

They have been practicing magic their whole lives. I don’t really feel confident at all

Guys, now that Rola-san has just introduced herself

We’ll go to the training ground

Please follow me

I’m freaking out right now

Looks like it’s the soldier’s training ground over there… I wish I could be there


Page 4

This feeling …


… Are we surrounded by magic?

Ah you do live up to the name, Rola-san

Yes, in fact

There’s always a magic barrier that covers the whole training site

Oh oh oh…

That’s why

Even if there were huge impacts or loud explosions from within

The outside area wouldn’t be damaged, so don’t worry too much


Page 5


She can tell it just by looking, that’s the real talent

I don’t even feel a thing!

I did notice something is strange, a little!

Given more time, I bet I can see through all kind of protective barriers for sure!

This is awkward …

Alright, everyone

Today, I’d like to see your real ability in action

Each of you, please aim at the target and try to unleash an offensive spell

Be it fire or lightning, or whatever way you feel like

Okay? Please aim your magic precisely at first

Don’t worry about its power yet

So, who volunteers?



Page 6


Woa… she just summoned a sprite…

And the teacher is still so young. This academy is definitely amazing!

Is that magic really that impressive?

I don’t get it…

I should ask somebody

She’s looks like somewhere around my age

I wonder if we can be friends…

Ah uhm…

Excuse me, what does “summoning magic” mean?


Page 7

Oh hey Rola-san, you got such high magic compatibility

And you have no idea what you just saw?

About that… I

I signed up for the Soldier class … So I have never studied anything about magic yet…

Really? Even if you are so low in knowledge and diligence

Just with pure talent, I don’t think you can get to be the best student!

The best one of the first year is …

Charlotte Gazad

Eh, no

The most powerful Sorcerer of this academy will soon be me, Charlotte Gard!


Page 8


Pardon me if I disappointed you

I don’t think I can become the best one either…

… so … be my guest

… because it’s just some magic

… hah. Not even a slight competitive spirit

What a waste, and here I thought you could be a worthy rival



I was just asking, I don’t really know anything

Excuse me!

Nevermind her, I’ll just ask someone else


Page 9

There are actually lots of sprites in the world

Including water, fire, lightning, earth

Even light and darkness

The sprites exist in everything

By conversing with those spirits..

By offering their own mana, someone can create miracles…

That’s what we call magic

And a good Mage would be

Some one who can summon the sprites

By using their inner energy to conjure up the shape and able to control it

So that’s what it means…



Just like a higher version of servants?

Eck! Is this how you understood that?

My fire sprite will be you target

I can conjure up to 20 more of them

I know I said don’t mind about the power yet, but just try your best to vanquish your target

20 sprites … She’s just a teacher, so that’s all she got


Page 11

Charlotte-san is not looking comfortable…

She must have gone through something horrible?

It’s just our first day, why being so bitter about losing to your teacher?

Charlotte-san is sure formidable


If I were to lose in a sword fight with my teacher…

I bet I wouldn’t give up that easily!!!

For some reason, I started to like her

Perhaps we can really be friends?


She completely ignored me!?


Page 12:

Well done, a finishing hit

Next, please!

Missed! You almost got it, try harder next time!

Chuckle. Not even powerful enough! Just to hit it only?

Missed! Next please

It appears that offensive spells are way harder than I thought

Now, feast your eyes as I will set the standard for all of you


Page 13

Ooh, she’s up. The first born of the Gazads

Her magic compatibility is 120 … Her spell must be something devastating

Because of the 9999-kid, people ignored her

But 120 is already a genius

We haven’t had one in decades …

Please stop including the “9999” part, would you?

It’s Charlotte’s turn right now!

Oh spirit of light

with my mana as sacrifice


Page 14

Smite my enemies


Eck eck

The fire sprite has been vanquished


Page 15

That is magic…


Well done Charlotte-san

You took down a fire sprite on your very first day, unbelievable

Heh, just this

It’s nothing for the Gazads

Did you see the power of this barrier?

Look, the wall has no burning marks at all

So just hit it with your best move

Oooh, I’m getting pumped

Thud thud



Page 16

Rola-san, the last one

You are up

Hit it with all your might


… okay, I’m nervous now

But if I fail here

I could very well use this excuse to return to the Soldier Faculty…

Haha, let’s see how far talent can extend

I don’t know the theory, nor any technique

Let’s try what Charlotte did

Oh shinning light…



The next sentence should be “Oh spirit of light.. with my mana as sacrifice… smite my enemies”

But as I tried to cast the spell, a different voice echoed in my head…

So I may as well listen to it and do it my own way

Use my power, gather and heed me, my servants

All out offense on my command

Tell me, who is your king!



Eh, wait

Rola-san! Stop!




Destroying Light Burst



… Ughh!!




What is this? Such a tremendous power!

Aghhh … AGHHHHH…

Restoring magic barrier! Enhance!

Forming a new barrier to shield the students




What did I just do. This is not looking good!


I have to do something!



… enhance

Hah… you gotta be kidding me …


Phew… luckily my attack failed to break the teacher’s barrier. It’s over…



That was dangerous…

And this is my first day too…

Fortunately, nobody got hurt

Awesome! So magic can reach such level!

The barrier was great too! To ward off such an attack!

Were it not for the barrier…

I can feel the magic power being shared and given to me?

What is this crazy high technique!?

Eh, wait a second… Does that mean Rola-san is already stronger than I am?

And I’m an A-rank explorer, a teacher of the Explorer Academy

Not to mention the title “Dragon Slayer” granted by the Sage…

My my? To exceed even me. That’s something…

… impossible!



That light, that might…

With my own hands…?

This thing

I’m starting to like this feeling…

Oh no

Did she really find magic interesting…?

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