Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 3 – Fixed

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 3

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Kenshi o Mezashite Ch 3 I won’t lose to you!!


page 1

p1 letters left : I’m the kind of girl who works hard!!


page 2

p1bx1a : There’s no adventurer in this Falleon kingdom that doesn’t know the name Gazad

p1bx1b : It’s a family known to have a long standing tradition of producing accomplished magicians

p1bx2 : Up until a few years ago, the name Gazad was associated with the strongest magicians.

p2bx1 : At least until the appearance of the Great Sage.

p3bx1 : We have produced a number of new magical theories and uncovered ancient ruins, the king even seeks our advice and we were regarded as trump cards in battle.

p3bx2 : But that is the story of our past, The Gazad family, which was revered by people, now stands equally with most of the other magicians.

p4 letters right : But even so, I have no plan to give up, I will bring back the brilliance of the Gazad family

p4 letters middle : For that reason I’ve pushed myself this hard…And for that reason, too…

p4 letters left : I’ll challenge the strongest!!


page 3

p1 letters right : When I was younger, I quickly discovered my superior talent in magic even among the members of the Gazad family

p1 letters left : I can reach her…I can defeat that person…

p2b1 : I can be the strongest magician!

p2b2 : That’s what I’ll always believe and so I came to this Gyrdorea Adventurer Academy.


page 4

p1bx1 : But then a real genius appeared before me.

p2bx1 : She’s Rola Edmons.

p3b1 : Ahem…Since today is your first day…

p3b2a : and since I’m sure that everyone is tired now, let’s end it here. Please return to your dorms and get some rest…Sensei is tired too, so then…

p3b2b : Dismissed!!

p4b1 : Ah… Rola-san, your luggage is still in the infirmary, don’t forget to bring it to your room


page 5

p1b1 : Did I overdo it…?

p1 letters : I don’t know how I can start a conversation with others…

p2b1 : Rola-san! Rola san!

p2b2 : You fainted and slept through the afternoon right? So you probably don’t know where the girl dorm is, right?

p2b3 : Eh?

p3b1 : Ah, yes… but I can just ask someone…

p3b2 : I’ll accompany you there

p4b1 : No need to be so reserved, we are roommates after all.

p4b2 : I’m going back to our room so you can just follow me.

p4b3 : Ah yes!

p5b1 : Is there something funny…?

p6b1a : It’s nothing, except…

p6b1b : May I go get my luggage from the infirmary first?

p6b2 : EHH? Do you really think I’m that bad of a person that I wouldn’t let you do that?


page 6

p1b1 : Charlotte-san is very nice!

p1b2 : Eh, no, if it’s only this much…

p2b1a : Why is this girl so happy?

p2b1b : All I did was just show her the way…

p3 sfx : *Step*

p4b1 : This is our room

p4 sfx : *Clack*

p5b1 : Whoaa, it’s so spacey


page 7

p1 sfx : *Yaaay*

p2 sfx : *pom*

p3b1a : Charlotte-san, I’ll be in your care

p3b1b : from today until the graduation!

p3b2 : …Yes, same to you, too.


page 8

p1b1 : But Rola-san, let me make one thing clear!

p1b2 : What is it?

p2b1 : I’ve no intention of getting too close to anyone.

p2b2a : My main goal here is to be the best student at this academy.

p2b2b : So everyone else here is my rival

p3b1 : Especially you, Rola-san

p3b2 : you’re my enemy!


page 9

p1b1 : Eh!? Enemy!?

p2b1a : That’s right

p2b1b : Not to mention, what the hell is that magic that you used on the training grounds

p2b2 : That magic is very similar to mine

p2b3 : but yours is simply way stronger!

p3b1 : Were you trying to pick a fight? I don’t care if you take this as me being jealous…

p3b2 : But to be honest, that was unpleasant!!


page 10

p1 sfx : *tears*

p2b1 : I…

p2b2 : ..I’m just..

p2 sfx : *tears*

p3b1a : I’m so sorry…

p3b1b : I know nothing about magic

p3b2a : And I thought that Charlotte-san’s magic was the most beautiful among the ones that I saw today

p3b2b : So I tried to imitate it…

p4b1a : I never thought that it would come out that strong…

p4b1b :I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking of Charlotte-san’s feeling…


page 11

p1b1 : Eh! Ah! wait

p1b2 : Why are you crying…!?

p2b1a : But..

p2b1b : I did a bad thing to Charlotte-san…

p3b1a : Ugh…

p3b1b : What am I doing? I came here aiming to be the strongest but…

p3b1c : To think that I’m sulking just because of meeting with a real genius…

p4b1 : No, Rola-san didn’t do anything bad, it was my fault for being too jealous…

p4b2a : Ahh, stop it

p4b2b : I fully look like the villain here!

p5b1 : Okay!

p5b2a : She’s just innocently experiencing the joy of using magic

p5b2b : Unlike me, who comes from a distinguished family of magicians, she doesn’t want to compete.


page 12

p1b1a : That was my fault

p1b1b : I’m sorry

p1b1c : So don’t cry okay?

p1b2 : Will you forgive me?

p2b1 : It’s my fault so there is nothing for me to forgive

p3b1 : To think that I feel jealousy towards a girl younger than me, I’m very embarrassed of myself

p3b2 : If I lose now, I just need to work harder so one day I can win

p4b1a : Wait… but Rola-san’s compatibility to all kinds of magic is 9999, it’s not something that I can win against only with effort

p4b1b : Normally, this is where one should be giving up, but for me…


page 13

p1b1a : Rola-san

p1b1b : My compatibility to offensive magic is 120 and my compatibility to other kinds of magic is 100

p1b2 : Basically my strength is 1/100 of yours

p2b1 : So what I need to do is simply work 100 times harder than Rola-san!

p2b2 : I won’t lose to you!

p3b1 : The one that will become the strongest in this academy

p3b2 : Is me, Charlotte Gazad!


page 14

p1b1 : That’s right, the reason why I came here…

p1b2 : is to challenge the strongest!

p2 letters : There’s no way I stop even if I face a huge and tall wall.

p3b1a : Rola-san, whether it is for good or bad, the fact is, you’re a talented person.

p3b1b : I’m sure people will say different kinds of things about you and they’ll even talk behind your back

p3b2a : But please always give your best at all times

p3b2b : And don’t ever pull any punches

p3b3a : One day I’ll definitely reach you and win against you

p3b3b : And do understand that pulling punches is an insult against others!!


page 15

p1b1 : What clear eyes she has…

p1b2 : Her eyes that reflect her strong will make you think that she’s not just a 9 year old girl.

p2 letters : If it’s her…


page 16

p1b1 : I won’t lose either!!

p2b1 : I’m sure that she’ll be my best rival!


page 17

p2bx1 : Cafeteria

p3 letters : Omurice & Salad

p4 letters : Beef stew

p5 letters right : This omurice is delicious!

p5 letters left : But mother’s omurice is more delicious!

p5b1a : She looks so happy eating it.

p5b1b : She must really like it.


page 18

p2bx1 : Big Bath


page 19

p2b1 : Fuuh…what a long day.


page 20

p1b1a : Charlotte-san!!

p1b1b : Let’s move our beds together!

p1b2 : …Why?

p1b3 : Isn’t it more fun that way?

p1b4a : Well, I don’t mind but..

p1b4b : It’s heavy you know.

p1b4c : You might get sweaty again.

p2b1a : Don’t worry! Originally, I was planning to get into the gladiator division after all

p2b1b : Here I go!!

p2b2 : *Lift up*

p2 sfx : *Rustle*

p3b1 : *Bam*

p3 sfx : *Surprised*

p4b1 : …You pack quite a punch for such a small girl.

p5b1 : Ehehe…I got these strong arms from my father and mother.


page 21

p1 letters : My first day in this Adventurer Academy is very different than what I expected…

p2b1 : The bed is way more spacey like this!!!

p2b2a : Ah

p2b2b : Calm down a bit will you!!

p2 sfx : *Roll*

p3b1 : *Bam*

p3 sfx : *Waaaaa*

p4 sfx : *Swish*

p5b1a : Charlotte-san

p5b1b : let’s talk a bit before we go to sleep.

p5b1c : Like, what did you do before coming here? Or what is your plan after graduating?

p5b2 : It’d be best if we go to sleep fast, we still have classes tomorrow after all.

p5b3 : I want to know just a little bit more about Charlotte-san!!

p6b1 : …Alright, But I can’t talk for too long okay?

p6b2 : OK!!


page 22

p4 letters : She ended up talking about herself, but I’d feel bad if I cut her story short…what a cute, troublesome little girl…


page 23

p1b1 : Having been brought up in a family known for its talent in magic, my life hasn’t been as colourful as hers…

p1b2 : Now that I think about it, does she actually understand…?

p2b1 : !!

p2b2 : zzzz

p2b3 : Kuuh…

p2 letters : Wait, why is she already sleeping?!

p4b1 : And I haven’t said anything about my story, either…!!

p4 sfx : *Poke* *Poke*

p5b1 : But then again, looking at her sleeping face is making me smile…


page 24

p1 letters right : But this girl is a beast

p1 letters middle top : That magic that she used on the training grounds…

p1 letters middle bottom : I’m sure she wasn’t using all her power, otherwise it wouldn’t have ended up with just something like that.

p1 letters left :  She still hadn’t exhausted all her magic power at that time

p2 letters right : As I grow up, and so will she…

p2 letters left : Can I really win against this girl?

p3 letters :I did say something brazen before, but do I really believe I can do it?


page 25

p1b1 : Her actual potential is 9999.

p1b2 : And no one has ever seen the real meaning of that number.

p2 letters right end : But even so…

p2 letters right : I won’t lose no matter who my rival is!

p2 letters left : That’s what I’ve resolved myself to before coming here.

p2 letters left end : And it’s just like I’ve said.

p3b1 : I just have to give 100 times more effort compared to her without trying to slow her down.

p3b2 : After all, that’s what it means to win

p3 small letters : Second please…


page 26

p1 letters right : But that aside…

p1 letters left : I can’t sleep!!

p2b1 : This girl should have slept through the day but…

p2b2 : She’s already sleeping right now, her compatibility to sleeping must be 9999.

p3b1 : The bed is different!!

p3b2 : The pillow too!!

p3b3 : And above all…


page 27

p1 letters right : I can’t sleep without my plushie!!

p1 letters middle : Although it’s an old habit, it’s embarrassing for a girl my age to sleep while hugging a plushie

p1 letters bottom : Originally, I was planning to break this habit, so I’ve left my plushie back home

p2b1 : It seems that I have no other choice but to use my last resort…

p3b1a : Her size is just around my plushie.

p3b1b : I saw her body back then when we were taking a bath.

p3b1c : and I thought that it looked perfect for hugging.

p4b1a : Aah, I can’t hold myself back!

p4b1b : I just have to wake up before she wakes up and she won’t know!

p4b1c : There’s no problem!

p4 sfx : *haah*


page 28

p1 letters : Rola-san…pardon my intrusion…!

p1 sfx : *squeeze*


page 29

p1 letters right : Haaah.

p1 letters lower middle : She’s so soft!!

p1 letters left top  : It feels much better than I thought…

p1 letters left middle : She smells so nice, too… Is it because she just finished taking a bath? Or is it that Rola-san’s body is emitting this fragrance by itself?

p1 letters left bottom : She’s way better than my plushie!!

p2 letters : I’m going to heaven…!


page 30

p3b1 : Wa!


page 31

p1 sfx : *Suuu*

p2b1a : Fuuaahh…

p2b1b : Such bliss…just a little bit longer…

p2 sfx : *Chirp*

p3b1a : I can’t move!!

p3b1b : Why is Charlotte-san hugging me!? What just happened?!

p3b2 : Charlotte-san, wake up!!!


page 32

p1bx1 : The second day at the academy…

p1 letters : I know this would happen if we overslept…

p2 small bubbles : *Hah*

p3bx1 : We slept in and came into school late.

p3 sfx : *Gulp*

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