Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 8

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 8

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Kenshi o Mezashite 8


page 1

p1 sfx : *Rustle*

p2b1 : This is the training ground of the Gazad family

p3b1 : The Gate of Abyss!

p4 letters right : Behind this door…

p4 letters middle : A spiritual beast that the Gazad family once bound

p4 letters left : It torments any intruders for eternity without killing them nor letting them live

p5 sfx : *Gulp*

p6b1 : I’ve stolen the key from my house

p6b2 : And I also brought potions with me that will let me move without sleeping or resting

p7b1 : I’ve decided that I will do anything to reach my goal!


page 2

p2 letters : Wh…


page 3

p1 letters : What is this…!?

p3b1 : Guh Ugh…

p4 letters right : I feel like my bones are being crushed and my skin is searing in pain

p4 letters left : It hurts like hell but…

p5b1 : Bring it on..!!!

p5b2 : If I can overcome this training, I can definitely catch up with Rola-san…


page 4

letters right : Hold tight to one’s beliefs

letters left : And challenge the strongest!!

title : Ch 8 The start of the prelims!!


page 5

p1b1 : Emily-sensei!!

p1b2a : Have you found

p1b2b : Charlotte…?

p2b1 : I’m sorry Rola-san, I’ve asked the guards to search for her too

p2b2 : We all are doing our best searching for her but still…

p3b1 : I see…

p4bx1 : Charlotte-san has gone missing and only left a single note

p4 letters on paper : I’m going to train, please don’t look for me

p5bx1 : So, I got worried and spoke to Emily-sensei about it

p6bx1a : It has been 3 days since then and we still don’t know where she went

p6bx1b : She’s been skipping all her classes and we can’t contact her at all

p7b1 : She might be preparing for the tournament right now…

p7b2 : Bui it still worries me


page 6

p1b1 : I see… She’s not back yet huh…

p1b2a : Yes… I’m pretty sure she will be back for the tournament, but…

p1b2b : It still worries me…

p1 sfx bubble right : Clang

p1 sfx bubble left : Clink

p1 sfx bubble top left : Clack

p2b1 : …

p4b1 : Rola

p5b1 : Let’s go somewhere else, this place is too cramped and I can’t fully swing my sword

p5b2 : … Ah, I see


page 7

p1b1 : So basically, you want to do this seriously, right?

p2b1a : Yep

p2b1b : I might not be able to beat you in the tournament

p2b2 : But at least I want to win against Charlotte

p3b1a : Let’s go to the training ground then!!

p3b1b : All the clubs should be on hold around this time so there won’t be anyone around!!

p3b2 : You’re right, I didn’t think of that

p4 small letters : Soo spacious!!


page 8

p1b1 : Alright, let’s do it!!

p2b1 : I will go full force, so be ready

p2 letters :

[Full Body Reinforcement]

Magic activated

p3 sfx : Eh?


page 9

p1 sfx : *Bam*

p2b1 : If I was to get serious in the training field, then someone would definitely be killed

p2b2 : But it will be fine if I do it here

p3b1 : Wa wa wait a second!!

p4b1 : I will be overwhelmed at this rate but…

p4b2 : If I use strength augmentation without holding back, then Anna-san would definitely…

p5b1 : In that case I’ll use defense augmentation!!


page 10

p1 letters : Oh no! My body is too light to take it head on!

p2b1 : Gyaaaa!!

p4b1 : It seems that we will get to see some good fights this time

p5 letters right : But that aside, where in the world did Charlotte-san go…

p5 letters left : Maybe I should go search for her too…


page 11

p1 sfx : *Bam*

p2b1 : An enemy attack!?

p3b1a : Who the hell dares to do that!? I won’t just half kill him, I’ll butcher him!!

p3b1b : Now that you’ve attacked the adventurers academy, don’t think you can go back alive!!


page 12

p1b1a : Uhmmm… Everyone, this is not an enemy attack

p1b1b : This is…

p1b2a : What are you talking about, Emily-sensei?

p1b2b : No matter how strong our students are…

p2 small letters : Owie…

p3b1 : Rola Edmons…!!


page 13

p1b1 : Emily-sensei!!!

p1b2a : You should properly discipline your students!!

p1b2b : This is something that has never happened before!!

p2b1a : But look…

p2b1b : One of them is a student from the warrior division!!

p3b1 : Eh?

p4b1 : Annaaaa!!

p4 small letters : Help me…

p5b1 : Please forgive me!! I never thought that this would happen!!

p5b2 : Aaaaa it hurts! it hurts!! I’m sowwy!!

p6 small letters : The next day


page 14

p1bx1 : One day before the tournament

p1b1 : This is the prelims bracket for tomorrow’s tournament

p2b1 : It will be a Battle Royale with students from the warrior and magic division mixed in together

p2b2a : The key to win is not offense but defence

p2b2b : So move carefully not to lose

p3bx1 : The in-school tournament will be conducted for all grades and the tournament for the first-year’s will be conducted on the first day

p3bx2a: The total number of first-year participants in both divisions is 82 people

p3bx2b : And between them, only 8 will be selected for the real tournament

p4b1a : I will definitely survive the prelims and aim for the win!

p4b1b : …eh?


page 15

p1b1 : Emily-sensei, I can’t find my name!!

p2b1 : Rola-san, you were seeded, so you will only fight in the final match of the tournament

p2b2a : Eeehhh!? but why!

p2b2b : I want to fight with everyone too!

p3b1 : Please be patient for this one

p3b2a : If Rola-san joined the tournament, then all the students who should be able to reach the next stage

p3b2b : Would be eliminated one by one

p4b1 : That’s a great decision, Sensei!

p4b2 : Even if I can’t fight in the final, I still have hope to at least join the real tournament

p4b3 : This way we will also be able to get our chance!!

p4b4 : Gununu

p5b1 : I understand… I will accept being seeded


page 16

p1b1 : By the way, how about Charlotte-san?

p1b2 : She was also absent today and in case if she doesn’t come tomorrow…

p2b1 : Charlotte-san is on the eighth block

p2b2 : If she doesn’t come before the battle royal starts, then she will be disqualified

p3b1 : But that’s…

p4 letters right : It has been half a month since Charlotte-san went missing

p4 letters left : And we still have no idea of her whereabouts…

p5 letters : There are even some whispers inside the academy saying that she might have been killed

p5b1 : …

p6b1a : Don’t worry Rola-san

p6b1b : Charlotte-san will definitely come

p6b1c : There’s no one that desires to win more than her after all…


page 17

p1b1 : Charlotte-san will definitely come back, stronger than before

p1b2 : …That’s certainly true

p1b3 : I will never forgive her if she comes back late…

p2bx1 : The day of the tournament

p2 letters :

Gyrdorea Adventurers Academy


p3 small letters : Is it this way?


page 18

p1b1 : Whoaaa… There are so many people here

p2b1 : So Charlotte-san didn’t come in the end?

p2b2 : Yes…

p3b1 : She’s in the eighth block so there is still some time, but…


page 19

p1b1 : First Block, start the battle!

big sfx letter on the last panel : *Booom!*


page 20

p1b1 : That’s it!! The first block battle has ended!

p2b1a : Can you guys take more time to finish a fight…?!

p2b1b : Or more like, Charlotte-san, please come quickly!

p3b1 : I wonder if Rola will come out too

p3b2 : I’m curious of how strong she has become

p4bx1 :

Warrior Division

Special seat for students’ families

p4 sfx : UWOOOOOO

p5b1 : Hakkushun


page 21

p1b1 : What’s with that cute sneeze?

p1b2 : Fueeh… there might be someone talking about me right now

p2b1 : Next is block number seven, so it’s my turn to go

p3b1 : I will prolong the fight as long as I can

p3b2a : I’m counting on you Anna-san!

p3b2b : Good luck!

p4bx1 : Seventh Block

p4bx2 : Start the fight!

p5b1 : 3 sword users, 1 spear user, and 1 axe user

p5b2a : And then there are 5 magic users

p5b2b : Anna-san would definitely win if the fight was one on one, but this…


page 22

p1 letters right : Are all of them

p1 letters left : Planning to attack her…?

p2b1 : [Reinforcement Magic] Activated!

p2b2 : Let’s go!!

p3b1 : Anna-san, be careful!

p5b1 : Wha..!!


page 23

p1 sfx : *Swish*

p2b1 : Uwaa!

p2 sfx : *Clank*

p3b1 : I got you!

p4 sfx : *Bang*

p6 letters right : As expected of Anna-san!

p6 letters left : She just defeated 2 people in no time!

p7b1 : We won’t let you get away this time!

p7 sfx : *Dash*


page 24

p1 sfx bubbles : *Clank*

p2b1 : So fast…!

p2 sfx : *Clank*


page 25

p1b1 : This is our chance!

p1 sfx : *Shaking*

p2b1 : You two get back!

p3b1 : [Fireball]!


page 26

p1b1 : Uwaaa!!

p2 sfx : *Sizzle*

p5b1 : Keep attacking her!

p6b1 : Don’t let her get near!


page 27

p1 letters : [Strength Reinforcement] Full throttle!


page 28

p1b1 : Gyaaaaa!!!


page 29

p1b1 : Next is only one left, I’ll make sure to prolong this fight!

p3bx1 : Out of the ring disqualification

p3 small letter : I give up…

p4b1 : Winner!! Anna Arnet from the Warrior Division!

p4 sfx : WAAAAAA

p5b1 : EEEEEHHH!!?


page 30

p1b1 : …That wasn’t supposed to happen…

p1b2 : But to be able to turn the fight around after being surrounded like that, that’s really amazing!!

p2b1 : But Charlotte-san is still…

p2b2 : Fighters for the eighth block please get in the ring!

p3b1 : …

p3b2 : …

p4b1 : Charlotte-san

p4b2a : Charlotte Gazad-san

p4b2b : If you don’t step into the ring in 10 seconds, you will be disqualified

p5bx1 : Three

p5bx2 : Two

p5bx3 : One…

p5b1 : Sorry for the wait!!


page 31

p2b1 : She flew in…?!

p3b1 : …Whoa

p4b1 : Ah…


page 32

p1b1 : Well, let’s start the battle

p2 sfx : *Swish*

p3 sfx : *Bam*


page 33

p1 sfx : *Dash*


page 34

p1bx1 : Tournament Prelim Eight Block

p1bx2 : Charlotte’s decisive victory!

p1 small letters : An overwhelming power!

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