Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 10

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 10

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Kuro no Shoukanshi 10


page 1

p1 title : Ch 10 : Demon III

p1 sfx : *Mob Coming*

p2b1 : They’re coming!!

p2b2 : Let’s clean them up before they get near

p3b1 : Oh my, to face this many enemies, I guess it’s time to break some bones

p3b2 : Although, all of them are literally all bones…

*TLN : The original line was “….enemies, my bone will break a bit” which is a Japanese phrase meaning “it won’t be easy”, it is intended as a word play but I can’t get it fits into the translation

p3b3 : …

p3 sfx : *swish*


page 2

p1 letters : Cleave!!

p1 sfx : *Crack*

p2 sfx : *Rattle* *Rattle*

p3b1 : My king! I leave those that my slash missed to you!

p3b2 : You can count on me!!


page 3

p1 letters : Wind Blade!!

p2-p4 sfx : *Clack*

p5 sfx right : *Rattle*

p5 sfx left : *Kufufufu*

p6b1 : What a powerful combination

p6b2 : Especially for a youngster like you


page 4

p1b1 : That’s quite commendable!!

p1 sfx : *Bam*

p2 sfx : *Sizzle*

p3b1a : !

p3b1b : Ugh… A makeshift smoke screen, huh!

p3b2 : Where did he go!?

p3b3 : Calm down, Jeral!!

p4b1 : His location is…

p5 sfx : *Kufufu*


page 5

p1b1 : It’s futile

p1b2 : A human like you won’t be able to locate me

p1 letter : Skill [Tunnelling]

p2b1 : From under their feet I will send…

p3 sfx : *Bam*

p4b1 : This one attack!!

p4 sfx : *Clank*

p5 sfx : *Swish*

p6 sfx : *Swoooosh*


page 6

p1b1 : [Sonic Boots]!!!

p1 sfx : *flip*

p2b1 : Hahaha

p2b2 : That was close!!

p3b1 : That laugh…

p3 sfx : *Slither*

p4b1 : I’ll wipe it from your face!!


page 7

p1b1 : !!

p2 sfx : *Bang*

p3 sfx : *Nuuuuuu*

p4b1 : Take this!!

p4 sfx thin letters : *Jump*

p4 sfx thick letters : *Bam*


page 8

p1 sfx : *Slide*

p2b1 : But why!! How did you know my location..?!

p3 sfx : *Dash*


page 9

p1b1 : It’s a combination of [Mind’s eye] and [Perception] skills

p1bx1 : Mind’s eye (B-Rank)

p1bx2 : Perception (B-Rank)

p2b1 : So you pin point my location by sensing my presence

p2b2 : And then get ready for my attack huh…!?

p3b1 : I won’t let you get away!!

p4 sfx : *Bam*

p5b1 : Now Clotho!!


page 10

p1b1 : Latch on him!!

p1 sfx : *Slither*

p2b1 : A Slime!?

p2b2 : Where did it come from!?

p3b1 : It seems like physical attacks don’t have much  of an effect on you

p3b2 : In that case…


page 11

p1b1 : How about this!?

p2b1 : Ugghk!?

p2b2 : Is this…

p2b3 : It’s sucking my magical power…!?

p3 sfx : *Slide*

p4b1a : !!

p4b1b : That bastard!! he’s planning to tunnel again!!

p4b2 : I won’t let you!!

p5b1 : A-Rank White Magic


page 12

p1 letters : Glory Sanctuary!!!

p1 big sfx : *Crackle*

p1 small sfx : *Shaking*

p2b1 : Ughhh!!


page 13

p1b1 : Oh ho, I see, It seals opponent’s magic, huh?

p1b2 : As expected of My King!!

p1b3 : Not really…

p3b1 : It only works for a short time…

p3 sfx : *Shaking*

p4b1 : Kufufufu

p5b1 : That damn brute… Jeral!!

p5b2 : Right away!!

p5 sfx : *Dash*


page 14

p1 letters right : A-Rank Green Magic!!

p1 letters left : Vortex Edge!!

p1 sfx : *Dash*

p2b1 : UOOOOOOO!!

p4 sfx : *Grin*


page 15

p1b1 : It seems that you got distracted there

p1 sfx : *Plop*

p2b1 : His right hand…

p3 sfx : *Swish*

p4 sfx : *Zoooom*

p5b1 : Even if it’s 3 on 1

p5b2 : But you still don’t have what it takes to win

p7b1 : You’re

p7b2 : Mistaken


page 16

p1b1 : It’s 4 on 1

p1 sfx : *Slide*

p2b1 : An Elf!? Oh, sh*t…

p3 sfx : *Creak*

p4b1 : [Stealth] skill huh!?

p4b2 :Finish him, Efil!!

p5b1 : Blaze Arrow!!

p5 sfx : *Bam*


page 17

p1 sfx : *Silent*

p2 sfx : *Slide*

p3 sfx : *Pull*

p4 letters : Pull back my right hand and put up a guard…!!

p4b1 : A direct hit would be unbearable…

p4 sfx : *Flap*


page 18

p2 sfx : *Swooosh*

p3 sfx : *Bam*

p4 sfx : *Splat*


page 19

p1 sfx : *Chop*

p2 sfx : *Flap*

p3b1 : … It seems that the time I spent living in hiding here

p3b2 : Has made me quite rusted…

p3 sfx : *Haah*

p4b1 : You already lost both your arms and are low on magical energy

p4b2 : There’s no way for you to win now!!

p5b1 : Ku…

p5b2 : Kukuku…

p5 sfx : *Rumble* *Rumble*


page 20

p1b1 : Don’t joke with me, You battle junkie!!

p2 sfx : *Shine*

p3 sfx : *Kaboom*

p4 sfx : *Bompf*


page 21

p1 sfx : *Bang*

p2 sfx : *Bam* *Slide*

p3 letters : Even if I did  lose all my  limbs and was pushed into the ground…

p3b1 : The real fight…

p3 sfx : *Menacing*


page 22

p1 letters : Demon’s Scrimmage (Demon’s battle form)!!

p1b1 : Will only start now!!!


p1 sfx : *Menacing*

p2b1 : That form…

p3 sfx : *Hah*

p4b1 : Jeral…!?

p4 sfx : *Sizzle*

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