Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 13

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 13

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Athena13 TL
Kuro no Shoukanshi 13
page 1
p1bx1 It has been a few days since my promotion to A rank.
p1bx2 South of Paazu…
p1 ltr

The quite village of Paazu.

p1 ltr


p1 ltr

Water Kingdom of Torage.

p2bx1 In the outskirts of the Water Kingdom of Torage.
p2 title Ch 13 The Black Wind.
p3 sfx *Slide*
p3b1 Hahaha!!
p3 sfx *Rustle*
page 2
p1b1 Weak! Too weak!!
p1b2 Do you guys even have balls?
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Ugh… For you to do such a thing…
p2b2 Don't you even think that you can get away!!
p2 sfx *Drag*
p3b1 Haah?
p3 sfx *Slide in*
p4b1 Guhakkk!!
p4 sfx *Splattt*
page 3
p1b1 You guys are adventurers from Paazu, aren't you?!
p1b2 Not even one of you is C rank, you dumb weak fodders of the worst guild!!
p1 sfx *Splat* *Splat*
p2b1 So just keep that big mouth shut!!
p2 sfx *Kick*
p3b1 S… So strong…
p3b2 These guys are not just your usual bandits!!
p3 sfx *Bompf*
p4b1 Clean up your ear holes and listen closely.
p4b2 We are…
page 4
p1b1 The Black Wind.
p1bx1 Bandit Group "Black Wind" Leader

p2b1 Bl…

p3b1 Black Wind?!
p3b2 Impossible!!
p3b3 I heard that a group of A RANK adventurers from Trisen had eradicated them…
page 5
p1 sfx *Scwhop*
p2b1 Gyaaa!!
p2b2 Yet here we are…
p2 sfx *Drop*
p3b1 The Black Wind…
p3b2 Is indestructible.
p4b1 We'll sell the girls so don't wound them!
p4 sfx


p4 sfx


p5b1 Big Sis!! There's a carriage coming from Paazu!!
p6b1 It seems we're having a big haul today!!
p6b2 Let's go and rob that carriage too!!
p7b1 Alright then, go get them boys!!


p7 sfx


page 7
p1b1 Eh…?!
p1 sfx *Twitch* *Twitch*
p2b1 Ains!!
p2b2 Ains!!
p2b3 Big sis, Ains is…!!
p2b4 What kind of a joke is this…?
p2 sfx *Twitch* *Twitch*
p3b1 My boys are all above level 25, you know…?
p3b2 And when they're together, even the best adventurers in Paazu, Urd's party,

won't even stand a chance…

p4b1 Oh? I didn't even use my Arondite this time.
p4b2 So I was pretty much holding my punches back here, was that still too much?
p4b3 But even so…
p5 ltr1 This feeling…
p5 ltr2 My instinct is screaming…
p5 ltr3 That, right now…
p5 sfx

*hah* *hah*

p5 sfx


page 8

p1 ltr1 I'm facing…
p1 ltr2 Someone way stronger than me.
p1 sfx *Menacing*
p2b1 The ones being hunted right now…
p2b2 What's wrong? It seemed that you were really enjoying yourself a moment ago.
page 9
p1b1 So, let's have some fun now!
p1b2 Uhmm… What was it?
p1b3 Ah that's it, Wind Bandit Group, right?
p1 sfx *Niieeghhhh*
p2b1 Are us…
p2 sfx *Haaah* *Haah*
p2 ltr

The curtain has been raised for The Water Kingdom