Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 14

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 14

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Athena13 TL
Kuro no Shoukanshi 14
page 1
p1b1 Don’t underestimate the “Black Wind”!!
p1 sfx *Jump*
p3 sfx *Shine*
page 2
p1 sfx *Clank*
p2 sfx *Bam*
p2 title Ch 14 The Black Wind II
page 3
p1 sfx *Crack*
p2 sfx *Bam*
page 4
p1bx1 Name : Sera
p1bx2 Magic Warrior : Level 75

Arc Demon / Female / 21 YO

Title : Daughter of the Demon King.

HP : 970/970 (+100)

MP : 994/994 (+100)

p1bx3 Strength     : 580 (+100)

Endurance : 466 (+100)

Agility         : 573 (+100)

Magic          : 569 (+100)

Luck            : 529 (+100)

p1bx4 Skill :

Blood Stain (Unique Skill) CQC (S Rank)

Black Magic (A Rank) Fly (C Rank)

Threat Detection (B Rank) Magic Detection (B Rank)

Concealment Detection (C Rank) Dancing (B Rank) Performance (B Rank)

Extra Effect :

Blessing of the Demon King.

Summoning Skill/Magic (S Rank).

Conceal (S Rank).

page 5
p1b1 Pondo!
p1b2 Doyle!
p1 sfx1 *Roll* *Roll*
p1 sfx2 *Twitch* *Twitch*
p2b1 The combination attack of those two is the fastest among my boys…
p2b2 And she stopped that so easily…!
p3 sfx *Guuaaa*
p4b1 Die!!!
p4 sfx *Bam*
p6b1 This time…
p6b2 !?
p6 sfx *Shaking*
page 6
p1b1 A contest of strength?
p1b2 !!
p2b1 Sounds good to me.
p2b2 I’ll take on your challenge.
p3b1 Ughh… guuuh!!
p3 sfx *Shaking*
p4b1 That’s impossible! Gilda’s strength is more than 200, you know!
p5b1 Is that so?
p5b2 Hmm… Well, 200 huh…
p6b1 I guess it only amounts this much.
p6 sfx *Push*
page 7
p1 sfx1 *Bam*
p1 sfx2 *Splatt*
p2 sfx *Slide*
p3b1 So are you their leader?
p3b2 Shut up!!
p4b1 Who the heck are you?
p4b2 This is just wrong!! This isn’t normal!!
p5b1 Hmm….?
p5b2 Well…
page 8
p1b1 I’m from Paazu and I’m an… What was it again… adventurer?
p1b2 Why are you asking me!? Don’t joke with me!
p2b1 Well, it’s fine, isn’t it? Whatever it is.
p3b1 !
p4b1a What an idiot! She’s getting closer now.
p4b1b And now she is…
p5 ltr1 Already inside the range of my “Magic Squad”!!
p6b1 Do it now!! Kill her!!
p6b2 Burn this idiot to a crisp!!
page 9
p1 sfx *Silence*
p2 sfx *Guhak* *Bompf*
p3b1 All… All dead!?
p3b2 But how…!? Why!?
p4b1 Sera.
p4b2 !
page 10
p1b1 Don’t be reckless.
p1 ltr1 There there… That was scary, right?
p1 sfx *Pluck*
p2b1 You knew about those people hiding there, didn’t you?
p2 sfx *Hoaaah*
p3b1 Don’t worry, it would be fine either way.
p3b2 The enemy isn’t that strong after all.
p4b1 Ah!
p4 sfx *Dash*
page 11
p1b1 Sera.
p2b1 Don’t kill her.
p2b2 I have some questions I want to ask.
p4 sfx *Run*
p5b1 You got to be kidding me…!!
p5b2 This can’t be real!!
page 12
p1b1 We… To be defeated like this!
p1b2 We should’ve been invulnerable since the new boss took the reign.
p2b1 But she’s treating us like little children.
p2b2a And killing us while laughing.
p2b2b That girl… Is she a demon!?
p3b1 That’s correct.
p3b2 !!
page 13
p1 sfx1 *Swish*
p1 sfx2 *Clink*
p3 sfx *Bam*
p4 sfx *Grab*
page 14
p1 sfx *Bompf*
p2b1 That’s just too bad.
p3b1 …Ugh!
p3 sfx *Fuuuh* *Fuuuh* *Fuuh*
p4b1 Now then…
p4b2 I have some questions for you to answer.
p4 sfx *Step*
page 15
p1b1 The Black Wind that should’ve been eradicated.
p1b2 How did you get back on your feet?
p2b1 Don’t… Don’t you dare look down on me!
p2b2 I’ll never… betray my friends!
p4b1 Kelvin, just leave this to me, okay?
p5b1 I might not look like it, but I’m good with this kind of thing~
p5b2 Loosening someone’s mouth that is.
p5 sfx *Buzzzz*
p6b2 Eeekk…!
p6 sfx *Buzzzz*
p7b1 Higyaaaaa!!
p7 sfx *Buzzzzz*
page 16
p1b2 Kelvin! Look at that! A river!! A flowing river!!
p1b3 Oh ho~
p1 sfx1 *Twitch* *Twitch*
p1 sfx2 *Smoking*
p2b1 It’s the first time I saw a river this big!!
p2b2 It might be a good idea to go fishing later~
p3b1 Fishing…?
p3b2 Aahh, that’s right…
p4b1 I’ll teach you later.
p6b1 Yay, I can’t wait for it.
page 17
p1b1 That aside, for strong adventurers like you guys…
p1b2a Why are you coming this far to Torage…?
p1b2b Is it for that Black Wind..?
p2b1 Kukuku.
p2b2 !
p3b1 Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you’ve defeated me…
p3b2 No matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to win…
p3b3 Our boss…
p4b1 He is level 70, you know!
p5 sfx *Twitch*
p6b1 Hmm? Who’s your boss again?
p6b2 I thought I’d properly taught you just a moment ago.
p6b3 And there you go speaking without permission, what a bad girl.
p6b4a Ahn.
p6b4b Ah.
p6b4c Ahehe.
P6b5 It’s big sis Sera-sama~~
p7b1 We didn’t come to Torage for the Black Wind.
p7b2 Do… Does that mean, that you’re here to exterminate the master of the Dragon Water Cave…?
p8 sfx *Fuuh…*
page 18
p1b1 I… Want to eat rice.
p2b2 Eh…?
p3 ltr1 A rich fragrance, fluffy soft sweetness.
p3 ltr2 Carbohydrate that tastes too good to be true.
p4b1 I haven’t eaten any rice for more than a month!!
p4b2 It should’ve been gone from my memory but…
p4 sfx *Ughhhhh*
page 19
p1b1 My body is yearning for it!!
p1b2 White rice!!
p1 sfx *Uoooooohhh*
p2b1 It’s a type cereal consumed as a staple food in my master’s hometown.
p2b2 Oh… I see.
p2b3 And that thing is here… In Torage.
p2 sfx1 top *Uoooohh*
p2 sfx2 right Riceee!!
p2 sfx3 left Rice! Riicee!
p3b1 Ah! Everyone, look at that!
p3b2 It’s coming into sight!
p4b1 That is…
page 20
p1b1 The Water Kingdom of Torage.
page 21
p1bx1 At the same time-
p2bx1 The Bandit Group “Black Wind”.


p2bx2 Boss!! This is bad!!
p3b1 What? Carna’s team still hasn’t returned you say…?
p3b2a Y Yes.
p3b2b We also have lost contact with the mage squad that accompanied them…
p4b1 A group of 12 people with an average level of 30 has disappeared just like that huh…
p4b2 That’s not something that those people from Paazu can do.
p5b1 Kukuku.
p5b2 …Boss!?
page 22
p1b1 So there are really people in this kingdom like that huh…?
p1b2 People with some real guts.
p1bx1 “Black Wind” Boss


LV : 70