Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 16

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 16

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Athena13 TL
Kuro no Shoukanshi 16
page 1
p1b1 Gyaaaa!!
p2 sfx thick *Rattle*
p2 sfx thin *Hah* *Hah* *Hah*
p3b1 What a nice girl, you have a nice scream there.
p3b2 Stop… Please… Stop…
p4b1 Oi, Hop. How about the job that boss asked you to do…?
p5b1 Christoff might look like that but he’s actually a coward, you know.
p5 sfx *Fuuh*
page 2
p1b1 He even told me to look for Carna.
p1b2 Doesn’t he know that I’m busy with my own hobby!
p1bx1 Black Wind’s Leader


Level 62

title Ch 16 The Black Wind IV
p2b1 Were you torturing the girls that we kidnapped again?
p3b1 You know that they’re our merchandise, right?
p3b2 You’ll get yourself scolded again by boss, you know.
p4b1 Don’t you understand?
p4 sfx *Creak*
page 3
p1b1 There’s nothing more pleasant in this world than the sound of a girl’s scream.
p1b2 That’s why I have to savour it!
p1b3 N… No…
p1 sfx *Lick*
p2b1 Please stop!! Please at least spare my daughter…
p3b1 Ah!
p3 sfx right *Smack*
p3 sfx left *Bomf*
p4b1 Ahh, that’s so unfortunate.
p5b1 She doesn’t have a good scream.
p5b2 I’ll just set up this girl for now-
p6 sfx *Twitch*
page 4
p1 sfx *Swish*
p2 sfx *Step*
p3b1 Who the hell are you? And how did you get in here?!
page 5
p1b1 Do we really have to say our names?
p2b1 Why don’t you try to guess it? Since you’re one of the leaders of Black Wind…
p2b2 You’re a member of Christoff’s party, right?
p4 sfx *Uuuuu uuu*
p5b1 My king.
p5 sfx *Bam*
p6b1 I don’t like these people.
p7b1 Kuh…
page 6
p1 ltr1 How do these people know about us…
p1 ltr2 They even know about Christoff too…
p2b1 …That’s a foolish question.
p3 ltr1 It’s these guys; they are the ones who caught Carna when she was in the middle of slave hunting.
p3 ltr2 They made Carna leak that information.
p4 ltr1 That skill, that calmness… And the fact that they came here despite knowing who we are…
p4 ltr2 These guys…
p5b1 Are they S-Rank adventurers!?
p5b2 Dammit!!!
page 7
p1 ltr1 I’ll make the first move!!
p1 sfx right *Bam*
p1 sfx left *Step* *Step* *Step*
p2 ltr1 I’ll use my fastest attack…
p2 ltr2 I might not be able to strike down any of them, but it’ll at least open a way for me to escape.
p3 ltr1 And then I’ll group up with Christoff-
p4b1 Jeral.
page 8-9
p1 sfx right *Clank*
p1 sfx left *Bam*
page 10
p1b1 Guaaah!!
p1b2 My arm…
p1b3 My Arm!!!!
p1 sfx *Crack*
p2b1 That’s quite a nice scream you have.
p3b1 The last scream that you’ll hear…
p3b2 Is not the scream of a girl.
p4b1 But it’ll be the scream of your own painful death.
p51b Youu!!
p5b2 Bastard!!!
p5 sfx *Furious* *Furious* *Furious*
p6 sfx *Bang*
page 11
p2b1 So then.
p2b2 Did something happen for you to call me here?
p2b3 I won’t forgive you if it’s something boring, you know.
p2bx1 Black Wind’s Leader


Level 64

p3b1 The group that we sent for hunting slaves might have been annihilated.
p3b2a Hah!?
p3b2b The heck are you saying?!
p4b1 This is a super secret mission from our country, you know?!
p4b2 … You’re too loud, Priscilla.
p5b1 If they discover our real identities!?
p5b2a The other countries won’t stay silent about it!!
p5b2b No, it won’t just stop there.
p6b1 Trisen might even abandon us too!
p7b1 Ado, you say something too!!
p7 sfx *Kiiiiihh!!!*
page 12
p1b1 I, as a warrior, always wish to fight strong enemies.
p1b2 A thing like fate… Is something that you decide by yourself.
p1bx1 Black Wind’s Leader


Level 69

p2b1 The heck with “Fate is something that you decide by yourself”!!
p2b2 Stop trying to act cool, will you?! You stupid baldy!!
p2 sfx *Smack*
p3b1 That’s enough. Calm down Priscilla.
p4b1 I just asked Hop to do some work.
p4b2 So don’t worry, we’ll know what’s happening soon.
p5b1a *Knock*
p5b1b *Knock*
p5b2 *Knock*
p5b3 What?! We’re in the middle of a meeting here!!
page 13
p1b1 !!
p1 sfx right *Bam*
p1 sfx left *Drop*
p2b1 Ho…
p2b2 Hop!?
p2 sfx *Bompf*
p3 sfx *Swoosh*
p4 sfx *Rustle*
page 14-15
p1 sfx *Clink!!*
p2b1 How dare you do that to Hop!?
p3b1a Strong enemies at last!!
p3b1b I, as a warrior, am not afraid!
p4b1 You bastard…
p5 sfx *Shiine*
page 16
p1 sfx *Rattle*
p2 sfx *Slide*
p3b1 You’re Christoff, I presume?
p4b1 !
p5b1 Oh, so you’re the one who beat Carna then.
p5b2 You really saved me the trouble of looking for you.
page 17
p1b1 We both have the same number and more or less equal strength.
p1 sfx *Ka Clack*
p2 sfx *Rattle*
p3b1 It seems that I’ll be able to enjoy this for the first time in a while.​
p4 sfx *Menacing*
p5b1 Ah, my apologies.
p5b2 But to be honest, you guys don’t interest me at all.
p5 sfx *Menacing* *Menacing*
p6b1 What we’re going to do from here on in isn’t even a fight.
p6 sfx *Shiver*
p7b1 It’s just something like washing a dirty plate.
page 18
p1b1 Before the *main dishes arrive.
TLN Kanji reads “The heroes”