Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 5

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 5

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+Page 1

Dark summoner.

Chapter 5: “A person from another world”

+Page 2

I’ve heard from Anju-kun what has happened to Cashel.

I even heard that you were the one who defeated that dark spirit knight.

No no…..

Now it must be “you and your subordinate”, to be precise….

Am I correct?

So you are….

+Page 3

A summoner.

I’m being….

Pushed back against the wall right now.

The highest skill rank that I ever checked in this city was only up to C.

So I thought that if my “conceal” reached rank B, then I would be good to go, but….

I couldn’t expect that….

Someone who possesses an A-rank “Eye of Inspection” would be this close to me…..


+Page 4

My king, please remain calm!!



Your status isn’t something that can be hidden forever.

The important thing right now is….

+Page 5

Increasing the amount of allies that you can share that secret with!!

We’ll always stay by your side, master.

They’re absolutely right.

It’s good to have such amazing subordinates around me.

…Well then.

What do you want from me?

+Page 6

I have no intention in being your enemy.

Even further, I wish to have your assistance.

I used to meet another wanderer just like yourself.

That person was a hero summoned by the holy kingdom of Deramisu.


Was that the person sent here by Melfina before me?

The holy maiden of Deramisu, who had been entrusted by the gods, performed a ritual to summon heroes from other worlds.

According to her words….

+Page 7

The Demon King’s return is near.


…Demon King.

I wonder if because of that event, the demons in this continent have started to behave surprisingly hostile.

That dark knight that you defeated, maybe him awakening with such immense strength was also due to the demon king’s return.

No matter how many heroes we summon, running around and protecting every corner of this continent would be impossible.

And most importantly….

If the demon king actually rises once again,

The utmost priority will be to defeat him.

So in conclusion…

+Page 8

You’re asking me to go and get rid of the demons’ threat for those heroes….

Currently in this area, we don’t have enough personnel that can handle requests which are B-rank or more.

Of course your reward will be worth your efforts, not to mention there are a lot of side benefits too.

We would even raise your adventurer’s rank as an exception, like we did earlier.

You’re pretty convincing, you know that?

+Page 9

I did conceal the fact that you’re a summoner and your origin as a wanderer, didn’t I?

Why is that, I wonder?

And I guess you definitely wouldn’t want to get involved in the boring struggle for power between nobles, am I right?

So if you agree to help me.

The first thing I can garauntee you is “freedom”.

*how about it?*


He already got us pinned down.

No matter how talented a person is, a normal person can never perform a summoning skill with your current level cap.

So assessing this ability, I think right now, your power is equal to a rank S adventurer.

+Page 10

Don’t you want to reach higher

As an adventurer.

At least before any other organizations can recognize your true identity, am I right?

Then let’s make an alliance.

I guess your conditions aren’t that bad either.




+Page 11

The “Singing Spirit” Inn.

I’ve already heard it, Kel-cha….!!

You’ve been promoted to a B-rank adventurer, am I right!?

You catch on the news quite fast, K-Kulea-san.

The rumors about you are starting to spread among the young adventurers, you know.

To congratulate this event, I’ll make even more meals for you today, aren’t you happy?

Hooray, Kulea-san’s food is always the best.

My king.


Could it be….

+Page 12

I-is this woman also your….

No no no no. She doesn’t have anything resembling a beautiful soulmate!!

She’s the owner of this inn, and she’s been helping me with a lot of things in these few weeks.

Master…. Why…..

Master…. But why…..

Melfina, can you please not making things more confusing than it already is…

Oh, that’s right, Kulea-san.

Can you please make one extra portion for tonight’s dinner?

+Page 13

My king, where are you heading?

We’re going to the slave market.


I guess my king is still in his growing stage, so he has a lot of energy.

No, maybe it’s because he’s turning into a man, so the sooner he gets used to these kind of things, the better it will be.

Ohm…. I think you’re misunderstanding something.

And please stop relating my ordinary matters with those dirty thoughts, you old pervert.

Are you trying to find a suitable slave and train them so you will strengthen your party?

As expected of Melfina, even though you’re rusty, you’re still a goddess after all.

I’m not rusty, you know….

To be honest, that fight with Jeralt overwhelmed me a bit.

And from now on, those types of fight will happen more regularly.

That’s why I want to raise our combat ability.

If possible, I would like to find someone who hasn’t served any master before….


+Page 14

I want a female slave!!!



There’s no other way. And Melfina is always like this too.

I understand….. I completely understand, my king.


+Page 15

Sir!? Sir!?

Are you alright!?

I think there’s a fight or something.

Between the customers and the slave trader?

That guy is completely on fire.


Stop messing with me, how can we even buy that thing?


+Page 16

That slave is cursed!!!



That girl….

I’ve seen her before….

She’s a demi-human that I received a couple days ago…..

But she bears an incredibly strong curse.

It burns everything that touches her.


Yes, Master?

+Page 17

What skill is needed to lift this curse?

This condition…. This is “the curse of the fire dragon king”

So maybe an A-rank skill such as “God’s salvation” will be enough.


Hey, shopkeeper, why don’t you sell her to me?

Huh…. Eh!?

It’s fine with me, but…..

I won’t take any responsibility if you get hurt because of that curse.

Then it’s a deal.

+Page 18

Ah, about earlier….

Thank you for buying me.

My name is Efil.

Efil, huh….

How did you become a slave?

+Page 19

When I became aware of my surroundings, I already was a slave.

They said that my parents sold me the moment I was born.

I don’t know what my parents look like. Not even the reason why I was cursed….

I see. You’ve been through a tough life, haven’t you?

You… you can’t.


Please top!!

I don’t want to harm other people anymore.

It’s fine, trust me.

+Page 20


Eh…? But why….

+Page 21

Efil, I don’t know how much torment you’ve been through in the past.

But starting from this day, I won’t let you feel pain like that ever again.

But… I’m…

My hands….

It’s alright now.

You won’t hurt anybody now.

The curse.

+Page 22

Has been lifted.



+Page 23

White magic Rank A “God’s Salvation”.

Just now, I used up all of my spare points to raise my [White magic} to A rank.

Sorry for making you wait, Kel-chan.

Efil-chan, come here and please your master with your new look.

+Page 24


I’m sorry for bursting into tears earlier.

I just….

I could never touch anybody else ever since I was a kid.

This feeling makes me really happy…..

Ah…. Master…?

Eh? Ah…..

+Page 25

Sorry, I can’t even recognize you right now.

You’re really pretty.


I want to prove my worth….


For you, my master.

Please allow me to help you as an adventurer.

+Page 26


Peace City

The outskirt area of Paazu.

D-level prison.   Cave of the lurker.

+Page 27

We have to get away!!

Keep running.

And don’t look back.

We can make it!!

We’re out of that secret chamber.

We have to inform the Guild immediately.

Ah, is that….

The one being sealed over there.

The legendary….

+Page 28


To be continued.

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