Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 6

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 6

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Kuro no Shoukanshi 6

Athena13 TL

AreebM PR


page 1

p1bx1 : It has been 3 weeks since Efil joined my team

p1 letter on ribbon :

B-class dungeon

*Anshi Forest

*TLN : Anshi = Indigo

p2bx1 : And we…

p3bx1 : Are doing our job without any problem

p3 title bottom left : Ch 6 : Goddess I


page 2

p1b1 : Jeral!! Front!!

p1b2 : Leave it to me!!

p2 sfx : *Clank*

p3b1 : Ohhh… You are very strong!!

p3b2 : Are you the boss of this forest?

p3 sfx : *Shaking*

p4b1 : Efil!!

p4b2a :  I give you my permission!!

p4b2b : To use Blaze Arrow!!

p5b1 : …Yes!


page 3

p1 letters : Blaze Arrow!!


page 5

p2b1 : What’s that technique that Efil just used…?

p2b2 : Aahhh…

p3b1a : It’s an original technique that combines Efil’s archery and Red Magic skill

p3b1b : The Blaze Arrow

p3b2 : And not to mention that it becomes stronger thanks to the [Blessing of The Fire Dragon King] which is a leftover after I lifted her curse

p4b1 : Good grief…


page 6

p1b1 : She really can do amazing things despite looking like a maid

p1bx1 :

Name : Efil

p1bx2 :

Slave : Level 20

Half-Elf / Female / 16 YO

Title : None

HP : 162 / 162

MP : 271 / 271

p1bx3 :

Strength : 80

Endurance : 84

Agility : 168

Magic : 159

Luck : 41

p1bx4 :


Archery (Rank B) Red Magic (Rank C)

Clairvoyance (Rank C) Stealth (Rank C)

Art of Serving (Rank C) Cooking (Rank C) Sewing (Rank B)

Double Growth Rate

Double Skill Points

Extra Effect :

The Blessing of The Fire Dragon King

p2b1 : And about that maid outfit, she used the original outfit given by Kulea-san as a base

p2b2 : And used her [Sewing] skill to revamp it for battle

p3b1 : Aside from the [Sewing] skill, she has double growth rate and double skill points, right!? that’s really something

p3b2 : Well… Actually, about Efil’s initial skill points…


page 7

p1b1 : She had 400 points

p1b2 : What the!?

p2b1 : A normal person would only have around 50 points…

p2b2 : So that means she had 8 times more than normal

p2 small letters : Oh!! it seems that I can use this place

p3b1 : I told her to distribute her skill points, aside from those for double growth and skill, how she wants

p3b2 : And so she chose [Archery] and [Clairvoyance] I see

p4b1 : Clotho and I are vanguard, my king does support and heal, and she fills the hole in between

p4b2 : This is a nice combination of skills

p5b1 : Ah, now that you mention it, I learned the [Smithing] skill

p5b2 : And now I’m making a shield for you, so you can look forward to it

p5b3 : Please make me a huge and strong one

p5 small letters : Hooo

p6b1 : Master!!

p6b2 : Efil!! Good job out there!! Let’s head back now

p8b1 : Yes


page 8

p1b1 : You’re so amazing, Efil-chan!!

p2b1 : You just need to complete one more request before getting a promotion to B Rank

p3b1 : If I’m not mistaken, there would be a test for the promotion, right?

p4b1 : Now that you mention it, for going up to Rank C, wasn’t the test was a mock battle against the exam officer who was a Rank C adventurer?

p4b2 : I feel sorry for her opponent

p4 small letters : I was exempted from the test because of my achievement though


page 9

p1b1 : Efil-chan got a clean hit on the back of the exam officer’s head just a few seconds after the test started

p1b2 : He was full of openings…

p1 small letters : Ouch!!

p2b1 : And I thought that he was intentionally doing that…

p2b2 : The exam officer, Urd-san, is a veteran you know!?

p3b1 : You both are just too special!!

p4b1 : But that aside, I only came here following you two since this shop is rather popular lately

p4b1: But that aside, I only came here since this shop has been popular lately

p4b2 : And that was a good decision!!

p4b3 : <3

p4b4 : Master…


page 10

p1b1 : This cake over here is also delicious

p1 small letters : Open Wide!!

p2b1 : Wha Wait Efil…

p2b2 : ?

p3b1 : But don’t we always doing something like this in the inn?

p3b2 : That’s…

p3b3 : Eehh? Kelvin!!

p4b1 : You’re always spoon fed by Efil-chan!?

p4b2 : No I’m not… It’s just when I taste test Efil’s cooking…

p5b1 : Yes, we always spoon feed each other

p5b2 : Efiiiilll!!!


page 11

p1b1a : I… I won’t lose to that!!

p1b1b : Here Kelvin!! say `Aaaa`

p1b2 : Angie!? Why are you getting all worked up over a weird thing like this!?

p2b1 : Hey… Look at that!!

p3b1 : That guy over there…

p3b2 : Is monopolizing the new Rank B adventurers Angie-chan and Efil-chan

p3b3 : Oh no!! Is this… Turning into a battleground?!

p3b4 : Dammit, He’s irritating me in a different way than Cashel-san…

p3 sfx : *Mumble*

p4b1 : Oh crap!! It starts attracting too much attention

p4b2 : You two, let’s just take them home and eat them there…

p4 sfx : *Stand*

p5b1 : Take them home you say!!!!

p5b2 : Ooo…

p5b3 : It’s a misunderstanding!!!!

p6b1 : I was curious why people were gathering here but this is so stupid!!

p6b2 : !!

p6 sfx : *Baam*


page 12

p1b1 : But it’s just what can be expected of a backwater village

p3b1 : …

p3 sfx : *Mumble*

p4b1 : Uhmmm…

p4b2 : So… who are you?


page 13

p1b1 : Heed me and be in awe as this is the prince of the great country of the east, Trisen!!

p1b2 : The one and the only one Tabura-sama!!

p2b1 : Pr…

p2b2 : Prince of Trisen!?

p4b1 : Sorry but… what’s Trisen…?

p4b2 : …

p4 sfx1 : *Faint*

p4 sfx2 : *Twitch*

p5b1 : Kelvin!! You haven’t heard of Trisen!?

p5b2 : This is why petty plebians are so annoying…

p5 small letters right : You got to be kidding me!?

p5 small letters left : hahaha… Sorry

p6b1 : Master, he’s talking about that country located in the East

p6b2 : Actually, this small quite village of Paazu is surrounded by 4 countries


page 14

p1b1 : The Beast Kingdom of Gaun in the north

p1b2 : The Theocratic Kingdom of Deramis in the west

p1b3 : The Water Kingdom of Torage in the south

p1b4 : And lastly is the Stratocratic kingdom of Trisen in the east

p1 diagram letters top : Beast Kingdom of Gaun

p1 diagram letters middle left : Theocratic Kingdom of Deramis

p1 diagram letters middle right : Paazu

p1 diagram letters bottom : Water Kingdom of Torage

p2b1 : It’s a militaristic state ruled by humans where discrimination against non-human race runs rampant

p3b1 : Oh, I see, and you’re the prince of that militaristic state

p3 sfx : *fufufu*


page 15

p1b1a : I am indeed the 3rd prince of the kingdom of Trisen

p1b1b : The prince Tabura!!

p2b1 : My prince, don’t you think it will be better for us, who stand above these plebeians, to teach that ignorant imbecile a lesson?

p3b1 : Hmmm, is that so…?

p3b2 : I think you’re right

p4b1 : Ohhh, those girls are pretty

p4b2 : You lowly imbecile, for the sin of wasting the time of an important person like me…

p5b1 : Hand over me those girls and I will forgive you…

p5 sfx : *Kufufufu*

p6b1 : …

p6b2 : …Hah?

p7b1 : Oiii, aren’t you listening? The compassionate Tabura-sama is saying that he’s willing to forgive your sin!!

p8b1 : So quickly hand over those girls-


page 16

p1 sfx : *Rattle*


page 17

p1b1 : I think those bodyguards need to be disciplined before escorting a prince again

p1 small letters : Only around D-rank huh…

p2b1 : So then… what business do you have for coming all the way to this humble village?

p2b2 : Hiii..!!

p3b1 : I… I come here to meet with Rio from the Adventurer Guild!!

p4b1 : …

p4b2 : …What do you mean?

p5b1 : I heard that a pretty decent adventurer has appeared in Paazu

p5b2 : And if that adventurer was a human, then I was planning to invite him to work under me…

p6b1 : Well… You see…

p6b2 : About that adventurer…

p6 small letters : Haah


page 18

p1b1 : That guy is me

p2 letters right : Wha…

p2 letters left : Whaaaat!!!!

p3b1 : By all means, please join…

p3b2 : There’s no way I would take that offer

p3 sfx : *Smack*

p3 small bubble : tap


page 19

p1b1 : Welcome back, Master!!

p1b2 : Kelvin!! You’re soo cool!!

p1b3 : I’m sorry that there was a bit of problem back there, let’s go and rebuy some cake now

p1 sfx : *twitch*

p2b1 : My king, There’s something that piqued my interest…

p2b2 : What is it?

p3b1 : Where is the princess who always has something to say, gone to in a time like this?

p3b2 : … Listen now

p4b1 : Stop calling Melfina princess

p4b2 : Well you see, in my point of view as a knight, if there’s a king then there’s also princess

p5b1 : Or do you prefer me calling her as “queen” instead?

p5b2 : Just do as you like

p6b1 : If you’re talking about Melfina, it seems that her underling came to her with an important thing

p6b2 : And at this moment…


page 20

p2bx1 : Theocratic kingdom of Deramis

p3bx1 : Deramis Great Church

p3 sfx : *Dingg*


page 21

p1b1 : I beg you…

p1b2 : Please show me your presence just this one time…

p2b1 : And grant me your guidance…

p3b1 : Melfina-sama

p4 sfx : *Shiiine*

p5b1 : Long time no see


page 22

p1b1 : Priestess of Deramis, Collett

p2b1 : A…

p2b2 : Aa…

p3b1 : Melfina-sama!!

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