Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 7

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 7

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Kuro no Shoukanshi Ch 7


page 1

p1 title : Ch 7 : Goddess II

p2 letters right : It has been a year since the heroes summoning…

p2 letters left : I never thought that I would be able to see her face again for the second time in my short life…


page 2

p1b1 : What a compassion and love!!

p1b2 : Melfina-samaa!!

p1b3 : Collett is…

p1b4 : Collett is!!!

p1 sfx : *AAahhhhh*

p2b1 : Uh…Uhmm…

p2 small letters : UOOOOO Melfina-samaaaa

p2 sfx : *Roll*

p3b1 : I came here this time to see how are the heroes doing?

p3b2a : Are they levelling up without any problem?

p3b2b : The time for the Demon King’s revival is close after all

p3 sfx : *Ahem*

p4b1 : Uhmmm…? Collett?

p4 small letters : *sniff* *sniff*

p4 sfx : *Ahh!!*

p5b1 : My… My deepest apologies!!

p5b2 : I thought that it would be my greatest honour if you not just letting me see your beautiful appearance but also letting me bask in your fragrance

p5 sfx : *Swissh*

p6b1 : So… how are the heroes…

p6b2 : Right!! About the heroes…


page 3

p1b1 : Collett!!

p1b2 : What was that light!?

p1b3 : Are you alright!?

p2 sfx : *Baamm*

p2b1 : The goddess-sama has given me…

p2b2 : Her guidance…

p3b1 : Blood!!

p3b2 : Your nose is bleeding!!

p3b3 : You’re not alright at all!!


page 4

p1bx1 :

Name : Kanzaki Touya

p1bx2 :

Holy Swordsman : Level 53

Human / Male/ 18 YO

Title : Hero From Another World

HP : 753/753

MP : 431/431

p1bx3 :

Strength : 265

Endurance : 258

Agility : 269

Magic : 264

Luck : 530 (+160)

p1bx4 :

Skill :

Absolute Gospel (Unique Skill)

Swordsmanship (S-Rank)

Dual Wield (C-rank)

White Magic (C-Rank)

Leadership (B-Rank)

Good Luck (B-Rank)

Extra Effect :

The Blessing of The Light Spirit

p2bx1 :

Name : Shiga Setsuna

p2bx2 :

Samurai : Level 52

Human / Female / 18 YO

Title : Hero From Another World

HP : 477/477

MP : 318/318

p2bx3 :

Strength : 361

Endurance : 219

Agility : 573 (+160)

Magic : 155

Luck : 214

p2bx4 :

Skill :

*Zantetsu User (Unique Skill)

Swordsmanship (A-Rank)

Mind’s Eye (B-Rank)

Heaven Step (B-Rank)

Danger Sensing (B-Rank)

Quick Witted (B-Rank)

Extra Effect :

The Blessing of The Wind Spirit

*TLN : Zantetsu is a sword that can cut through iron


page 5

p1bx1 :

Name : Mizuoka Nana

p1bx2 :

Trainer : Level 48

Human / Female / 18 YO

Title : Hero From Another World

HP : 294/294

MP : 589/589

p1bx3 :

Strength : 143

Endurance : 493 (+160)

Agility : 95

Magic : 347

Luck : 191

p1bx4 :

Skill :

Animal Language (Unique Skill)

Train (A-Rank)

Blue Magic (B-Rank)

White Magic (B-Rank)

Iron Wall (B-Rank)

Friendly (C-Rank)

Extra Effect :

Blessing of The Water Spirit

p2bx1 :

Name : Kuromiya Miyabi

p2bx2 :

Wizard : Level 53

Human / Female / 18 YO

Title : Hero From Another World

HP : 270/270

MP : 810/810

p2bx3 :

Strength : 105

Endurance : 211

Agility : 204

Magic : 794 (+320)

Luck : 156

p2bx4 :

Skill :

Parallel Processing (Unique Skill)

Black Magic (A-Rank)

Magic Conservation (B-Rank)

Magic Sensing (C-Rank)

Conceal (B-Rank)

Magic Augment (A-Rank)

Extra Effect :

Blessing of The Dark Spirit


page 6

p1b1 : Hah?

p2b1 : Are these the heroes…?

p3b1 : Their levels are not as high as I thought they would

p3b2 : It seems that they might give the current me a pretty decent fight

p4b1 : It has been a year after they got summoned here, what in the world were they doing in that 1 year?

p4b2 : There is [The Templar Knight Order] in the Deramis, I believe that they are risen there in a safe environment


page 7

p1b1 : I was also pretty disappointed in them…

p2b1 : Well, if they fail then I will be the one who clean up their mess

p2b2 : So you have nothing to worry

p2b3 : I don’t know if it’s actually alright to feel safe about it

p3b1 : Master, what is this Demon King…

p3b2 : Well you see, Demon King is…

p4b1 : A reincarnated person from the other world and a mad king who will go on a rampage depending on how the monsters are developing

p4b2 : And it seems that the reason for that existence is reincarnated people who wish to have the power to destroy the world…

p5b1 : Power to destroy the world…

p5 sfx : *Thump*

p6b1 : Even I don’t know how the next Demon King will appear

p6b2 : But there is one thing for sure


page 8

p1b1 : Even if the Demon King is to be defeated

p1b2 : Then a new demon king will just periodically appear again

p2b1 : Are you saying the a new demon king will rise again?!

p2b2 : Can something be done about that?

p2b3 : …

p3b1 : This cycle…

p3b2 : Is one of the nature of this world… Something that can’t be changed

p3b3 : ?

p4b1 : That’s a pretty vague answer for a goddess like Melfina

p5b1 : By the way, how strong is this Demon king?


page 9

p1b1 : Normally, its level goes beyond 100

p1b2 : If this keeps up, I wonder how many years will it take before we can actually fight him

p2b1 : And also they are on the level where there’s not much that the knight orders can help with

p2b2 : Which means that they will grow slower from now on

p3b1 : But on the contrary, you…

p3b1 sfx : *Staaree*

p3b2 : ?

p4b1 : You just keep getting stronger

p4bx1 :

Name : Kelvin

p4bx2 :

Summoner : Level 42

Human / Male / 23 YO

Title : The Legendary Hero of Paazu

HP : 427/427

MP : 890/890

p4bx3 :

Strength : 83

Endurance : 87

Agility : 261

Magic : 474

Luck : 349

p4bx4 :

Skill :

Summoning (S-Rank) : Open Slot 7

Green Magic (A-Rank) White Magic (A-Rank)

Appraisal (S-Rank) Perception (B-Rank)

Conceal (S-Rank) Bravery (B-Rank)

Leadership (B-Rank) Smithing (A-Rank)

Double Growth Rate

Double Skill Points

Shared Experience


page 10

p1b1 : And Efil too…

p1bx1 :

Name : Efil

p1bx2 :

Armed Maid : Level 38

Half-elf / Female / 16 YO

HP : 312/312

MP : 570/570

p1bx3 :

Strength : 159

Endurance : 157

Agility : 329

Magic : 313

Luck : 77

p1bx4 :

Skill :

Archery (A-Rank) Red Magic (B-Rank)

Clairvoyance (B-Rank) Stealth (A-Rank)

Art of Serving (B-Rank) Cooking (B-Rank) Sewing (B-Rank)

Double Growth Rate

Double Skill Points

Extra Effect :

The Blessing of The Fire Dragon King


p2b1 : To think that you’ve grown this far in just 1 month after you were summoned…

p3b1 : Shouldn’t you be included in the list of battle junkies?

p3b2 : Hah? no no no! I’m definitely not one of them!!

p4b1 : Master is also increasing his smithing skill lately

p4b2 : That’s it!! Nice follow! as expected of Efil!!


page 11

p1b1 : But still… there are some part that I can learn from the status of the heroes

p2b1 : It’s amazing that all of them posses blessing and unique skill

p2b2 : It has been a month since I’ve come to Paazu and I hardly ever seen people with blessing

p3b1 : That’s because people with blessing are just that rare

p4b1 : In their case, it’s just one of the thing that they get when they got summoned here

p4b2a : Ughh…

p4b2b : I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I’m soo jealous of them…

p5b1 : …I see

p5b2 : If you really feel so, then one day when you can summon me…


page 12

p1b1 : I will give you my blessing

p1b2 : !

p2b1 : Are you serious!? You’re no lying, right!?

p2b2 : Yes, that’s why please do your best so you can summon me

p3b1 : That really makes me pumped up!!

p3b2a : Rare Skilll…!!

p3b2b : I’ll give my best!!

p4b1 : Both of us… with blessing…

p4b2 : Me and Master…


page 13

p2b1 : Blessing is good but it might be a good idea for me to at least pick a status boosting skill too

p3b1 : Master

p3b2 : Oh, what is it, Efil?

p4b1 : Uhmm… Thank you again for what you did

p4b2 : ?

p5b1 : When you accompany me to the cake shop

p5b2 : And also when you saved me

p6b1 : It’s not something that big

p6b2 : That aside, I’m sorry that I keep making you sleep with me in the same room all the time

p7b1 : I’ve asked Kulea-san many times to give me a room for 2 people but…

p7 small letters : [Iron Wall] or [Magic Augment]… Which one should I take first…

p7 sfx : *rustle*


page 14

p2b1 : E…Efil!?

p3b1 : Uhmm… Master

p3b2 : Am I…

p3 sfx : *Clack*


page 15

p1b1 : Am I not charming as a woman?

p3b1 : EH?

p3b2 : What?

p4b1 : It has been a while since master bought me

p4b2a : I don’t know much about the detail due to my curse but…

p4b2b : I’ve been always taught… that slaves are for that “thing”

p5b1 : What… do you mean by that thing?

p6b1 : Ni…

p7b1 : Ni…


page 16

p1b1 : Nightly Service…

p1 sfx : *Pomf*


page 17

p2b1 : Wait…

p3b1 : It’s a misunderstanding..

p3b2 : I just don’t want to force you to do something just because you’re a slave…

p3b3 : So it’s not like you don’t have any charm at all

p3b4 : Even you too, Efil! I’m sure you don’t want to do this with a guy that you don’t like-

p3 sfx : *Push*


page 18

p1b1 : I love you

p2b1 : As my master, as my friend, and as an opposite sex

p2b2 : Master, you’re the one who taught me, a curse bearer, the warmness of people

p4b1 : Are you really okay with this…?


page 19

p1b1 : I might won’t be able to stop myself you know

p2b1 : I will feel insecure if master isn’t   like that

p2b2 : So please…

p3b1 : Would you be so kind and ease my heart…?


page 20

p1b1 : Kel-Chan!! It’s an emergency!!

p1b2 : A message just came from the Rio of the adventurer guild…!!

p1 sfx : *Bam*

p2b1 : Ku…Kulea-san!?

p2 sfx : *Haah*

p3b1 : It says that a dreadful monster has appeared!!

p3 small letters : Quickly quickly

p3b2 : Where’s Efil-chan!?

p3b3 : Eh!! Well.. uhm…

p4b1 : Efil is…

p4 small letters : Well… She’s now…

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