Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 9

Kuro no Shoukanshi Chapter 9

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Kuro no Shoukanshi 9


page 1

p1 title : Ch 9 Demon II

p1b1 : I’m the archdemon Viktor,

p1b2 : At your service

p2b1 : An Archdemon!?

p3b1 : And we were told that the low level demons are at least Rank B

p4 sfx : *Gulp*


page 2

p2b1 : …?

p2b2 : Oh my? Is there anything funny?

p3b1 : Nothing

p3b2 : So then… Is this girl your friend?

p4b1 : That girl…? did you just ask me if that girl is my friend?

p4b2 : No… She is…


page 3

p1b1 : The Demon King’s daughter

p1 sfx : Kufufufu…

p2b1 : Demon king’s-

p3b1 : Daughter!?

p4b1 : There were 3 Demon Kings in the past

p5b1 : The most recent one is The Demon King Gustav

p5b2 : And that girl’s hair’s colour is indeed…


page 4

p1b1 : Similar to Gustav

p2b1 : But…

p3b1a : It’s something from when the other god was in charge

p3b1b : And there is no record left saying that Gustav had a daughter

p3b2 : … But The Demon King Gustav…

p4b1 : Is supposed to have no daughter!!

p4b2 : Oh ho…


page 5

p1b1 : You realized that she is Gustav’s daughter…

p1b2 : Just from the first sight huh…

p2b1 : That’s an amazing observation skill

p2b2 : The Demon King Gustav intentionally hid his daughter, who will be the next demon king…

p3b1 : And that’s the truth

p3 sfx : *Grin*

p4b1 : Did he hide his own daughter in case if anything bad happened?

p4b2 : …

p5b1 : That’s perfectly plausible

p6b1 : Then finally a group of adventurers undid the seal in this room yesterday

p6b2 : And it was a right decision of me to spare them

p6b3 : I never thought that a strong human would come here this quickly

p7b1 : The truth is, I have cleaned all the monsters in this area


page 6

p1b1 : And so it was easy to get here, wasn’t it?

p2b1 : I see now

p2b2 : So we were baited to come here…

p3b1 : Then this mountain of bones is from the monsters of this area I presume…

p3 sfx : *Ughhh*

p4b1 : Let’s cut the chase… What do you want?

p4b2a : Well, I’m so ashamed to admit this

p4b2b : But that chain that restrains her…

p4 sfx : *Kufufufu*

p5 sfx : *Rattle*


page 7

p1b1 : Was made so that only a human can remove it

p1b2 : And a demon like me can’t even touch that damn chain

p2b1 : Are you planning to force us to break that chain?

p3b1 : No no no, I am an honourable demon

p3b2 : I wouldn’t do something that rude

p4b1 : …But instead


page 8

p1b1 : I’ll eat you and make you part of my body

p1bx1 :

Name : Viktor

p1bx2 :

Battlemage : Level 86

Archdemon / Male / 670 YO

Title : The Plunderer

HP : 1525/1525 (+254)

MP : 883/883

p1bx3 :

Strength : 540

Endurance : 628 (+10)

Agility : 378 (+10)

Magic : 396

Luck : 437

p1bx4 :


Ghoul (Unique Skill)

CQC (S-Rank)

Black Magic (A-Rank)

Perception (B-Rank)

Protection (A-Rank)

Elasticity (B-Rank)

Tunnelling (B-Rank)

Half Damage From Dark Element

Half Damage From Slashing


Extra Effect

Ghoul / White Magic (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Red Magic (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Swordsmanship (E-Rank)

Ghoul / Spear Proficiency (E-Rank)

Ghoul / Pierce (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Vampirism (E-Rank)

Ghoul / Stealth (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Search (E-Rank)

Ghoul / Night Vision (D-Rank)

Ghoul / Virility (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Sturdy (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Iron Wall (F-Rank)

Ghoul / Quick Witted (F-Rank)



page 9

p1 sfx : *Slide*

p2b1 : Why do you think I, a demon…

p2 sfx : *Jump*

p4 sfx : *Bam*

p5b1 : Knows so much about humans?!

p6 sfx : *Slide*

p7b1 : My unique skill [Ghoul]…

p7 sfx : *Lick*


page 10

p1b1 : Can plunder the characteristic of the people that I eat

p1b2 : !!

p2b1 : And the result…

p2b2 : Is augmented for the people who intentionally do favours in order to make other people indebted

p3b1a : …

p3b1b : “Favour” heh… as expected of  a [Ghoul] skill

*The kanji reads : Evil Eater

p3b2 : Anyway… thanks for telling me about the demon king’s daughter and that chain, that is information that I normally wouldn’t be able to get

p4b1 : No no

p4b2 : The pleasure is all mine

p4 sfx : *Kufufu…*


page 11

p1b1a : And now you are planning to get the human attribute

p1b1b : By eating us who are doing a favour for the guild

p1b2 : Air Pressure!!

p1 sfx : *Bammm*

p2b1 : And then use it to set free the demon king’s daughter for the revival of the demon king?!

p3b1 : Kufufu…

p3 sfx : *Shaking*


page 12

p1b1 : That is half right

p1 sfx : *Shaking*

p2b1 : That’s impossible…

p2b2 : Master’s [Air Pressure]!!

p3b1 : …

p3b2 : You… You can’t be!!


page 13

p1b1 : It seems that you’ve realized it

p1b2 : That’s indeed a really amazing observation skill

p2b1 : I am one of the 4 heavenly generals of The Demon King Gustav, Viktor the Ghoul

p3b1 : In the past… I was the one who was responsible for looking over Sera-sama…

p4b1 : And Sera-sama is the real daughter of the demon king

p5b1 : And what do you think will happen

p5b2 : If I eat her…

p3 – p5 sfx : *shaking*


page 14

p1b1 : I will be able to get tremendous power!!

p1b2 : Enough power to rule this world!!!

p2b1 : And I will be the new demon king!!!

p2 sfx bottom : *Buhaaa*

p2 sfx top : *Crack*


page 15

p1b1 : This guy… The new demon king…?

p1 sfx : *hahaha…*

p2b1 : So this is what you call a S-rank quest huh…

p3b1 : … there he goes, his switch just flipped

p3b2 : Right, it was flipped

p3b3 : What switch are you guys talking about?

p3 sfx : *Kukuku*

p4b1 : What face do you think that my king was making when he was fighting me?

p4b2 : ?

p5b1 : He was laughing the whole time

p5b2 : It seems that he just can’t hold himself back when it comes to fighting strong opponents

p6b1 : But doesn’t that mean…

p6b2 : Yes, you’re right, he is…


page 16

p1 letters right : A Heavy

p1 letters left : Battle Junkie!!


page 17

p1b1 : You’re laughing again

p2b1 : I’m sorry

p2b2 : It’s just that I never met someone as strong as you before, so I just can’t help

p3b1 : Getting excited!!

p3 sfx : *Thrilled*

p4b1: Kufufufu… what an interesting human

p4b2 : In that case, then how about we do this

p5-p7 sfx :*Rattle*


page 18

p1 letter : Hades’ Army!!!


page 20

p1b1 : The skeletons are moving…

p1b2 : The mob is coming!!

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