Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 1

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 1

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Kurono 1
Page 1:
Holy Levantilia  Empire – Border Wall

It’s here! Hurry and surround him!
Hurry up!
You over there, bring more spears here!
Page 2:
You’ve run out of room to flee!
Don’t even think about getting out of here alive
… Hmph ?
Although it is heresy … but
It’s just a kid
Don’t be naïve !
Sir knight …!
Page 3
Those eyes and the black hair …
There is no doubt, it’s the evil curse by the Hayel family!
Come on, I have nothing to do with that Hayel name anymore
I have escaped that mad family
Page 4:
Those eyes have already spoken a lot about your identity!
You demon
If you surrender, the Pope of Seven Elements may forgive you
Evil this, evil that…I’m tired of having to listen
Say my name properly …
Talking is useless!
Page 5:
That book …!
Page 6:
My name is Cigna, without a family name …!
Page 7:
It’s just Tsuguna!
To dye the world with the color of heresy
The story of the treacherous traitor, begins now!
Page 8:
Two months later – Caligula Forest
Haizz, really Teacher…
Doesn’t even know where the herbs grow…
Yet still pretends to be a professional alchemist
Page 9:
Moonlight leaf, Subina grass, Rinne grass
Bottle to carry the purest water of the early mist …
Is this it?
Page 10:
From the small stream at Stone Return
Page 11:
Saber Tooth Bear…
A formidable creature in the forest of Caligula
Busy picking up herbs
And so you lowered your guard ?
Page 12:
Hah, and that is why I called you !
Use it to test your new found strength!
I am the Creation of the Master. When I become a servant, my strength becomes nothing but a reckoned force.
Only my desire remains
My Wind – Thunder tooth shall turn into a blade
Execute !
Page 13:
Eat this !!
Page 14:
I’m … okay … !
Page 15:
What was that …
Demon Beast…?
You can use Demon beasts … What are you …
Page 16:
Wait wait!
I’m not the enemy here
To surprise you like that, really sorry, sorry
Looks like that skill eats up a lot of energy…
Master !
Page 17:
Oh oh no good
Calm down ! Boy
What’s with the “boy”
My name is…
Page 18:
You are no longer a member of the Hayel family
Your hair and your eyes bear the color of the cursed, the color of evil
Hayel family has always served in the royal guard
We cannot have a blasphemous child like you …!
Page 19:
The trouble is even doubled since you can summon Demon Beasts
Even if you have the blood of the Hayel clan running through your veins.
I still won’t accept you as my younger brother
Because of you, mother is hurt both physically and mentally then ended up locking herself in her room
She torments herself because she feels that she has went against the teachings of The Church of Seven Elements
All of that… Just because of you …!
Page 20:
I want to throw it away too
This garbage name Hayel
You treacherous kid !
Page 21:
Wake up yet ?
Except when you swing that sword around, you look just like a kid when you’re sleeping
Ah Ah !!
Stop struggling !!
Be quiet a bit!
What … What are you doing !?
Page 22:
That is called the piggy back ride, Master
I know what its called !
She has recovered your wounds, but the more serious ones will need some time
So just accept her good will for now
That’s right!
Children should not be here
Caligula Forest is a dangerous place
Page 23:
I understand that!
But if you are scheming something then I’ll
We have arrived
This is the house where me and my Teacher reside
You can do better with a hearty rest
Page 24:
Your name is Tsuguna, right
My name is Sylvia Renrill, calling me Sylvia is good enough
I have heard more or less about you through your companion
You ran away from Levantilia kingdom and came here?

Such a dangerous journey, what about your parents?
Page 25:
Ah well, sorry for interfering with your family matters
There is nothing for you to apologize
Master, this place is truly safe and there are no threats nearby
Of course, welcome to my house
Let me introduce you to my Teacher
Page 26:
Lilianne Kurst Val
What is this ?
Wait … Teacher
There is a kid here
Yea yea I know…
By the way, Sylvia
You’ve seen my underwear anywhere ?
Page 27:
Or it is drying outside …?
Hey Hey ! There is a child in the house
Tsuguna kun !?
Not good !!
Oi, my underwear
Can’t take anymore…
Page 28:
Stand up
If you are a son of Saeki then quickly pick up the sword
You hate me a lot …?
Was it wrong for me to be born?
Page 29:
Shouldn’t even think about the past
Page 30:

Hmph…? Have I awoken you?
You seemed to be having nightmares so I laid down beside you
And then just fell into sleep by mistake…
In my house
Page 31:
I have a younger sister
She hates losing, very stubborn and easy to cry when she is losing …
At that time, she always stopped when I’d do this to her

Don’t treat me like a kid …
Understood … Tsuguna
I will warm up the rice, you go and set out the dishes
Page 32:
We’ve been waiting for you forever
Dig it!
You’ve had nothing in your belly for quite some time right
Page 33:

So, is it delicious?
Not really up to your taste, eh ..?
Its good
Then eat more
Are you okay, or are you still hurt …
Page 34:
Sorry, its really tasty
Its just the first time I’ve eaten with someone else
Sylvia sama, Master always had to fight alone for a long time…
Its okay, you’re safe now
No one can hurt you in this house
Page 35:
You seem to have suffered a lot since birth …
That stiched badge, you’re from the Hayel clan?
Hayel … they are the nobles that serve the royal family Leventilia
Oh, and they are also very respectful towards the church
The Church unique doctrine about colors is…

Red, orange, yellow, green (light green), blue (sky blue), indigo and purple. Based on the commandment of the seven gods
Page 36:
And ‘black’ is a forbidden color
Because that color represents the devil that’ll devastate the world
The family that bears children with black hair or black eyes
Will be viewed by the kingdom as “cursed blood” or “evil clan” and then will be despised and terrorized.
Without being killed at birth was extremely lucky already
But the treatment after that, it can’t be expressed in words.

Page 37:
Actually … I was locked up in the basement my entire childhood
I could only eat garbage, wear terrible clothes, and bathing in trash.
And sometimes, my brother would take me out to practice attack magic on me
Tsugunaaaaa …
But its not that bad, there are many old books
Thanks to that, I know a lot about the world plus how to read and write
Page 38:
And then I found a book named “The Dark Book”
I used it to fight against the Hayel family
Maybe it is…
The summoning magic that you used
To cut down the Saber Tooth Bear
Is that Supreme Magic ?
What? Supreme Magic ?
That I do not know, I have no magic properties, the only thing I can use
Page 39:
The magic that rebels against this world
Magic of traitors
Page 40:
Dark Scroll Cutull
The only magic I can use is “Creation Summoning Magic “