Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 10

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 10

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P2box1: …This isn’t good

P2box2a: I know everyone’s feeling anxious, but they’re being manipulated by that woman too easily

P2box2b: We can’t be wasting time with something like this when the real threat is approaching us as we speak

P4B1: Yutis, it’s only going to get worse if you try to interrupt them so stay quiet.  I’ll try and do something about it

P5B1: To think that from that cold Tsuguna

P5B2: We’d be able to hear such assertive words!

P6B1: You’ve grown…

P6B2: Indeed

P7B1: …It’s just that even I can’t ignore this town being in danger



P1B1: You guys have a moment? There’s something I want to talk about…

P1B2: Stop daydreaming! There’s no way you’ll be able to fight without us beastmen!

P2B1a: If the chimera absorbs a beastman it gets that much more powerful

P2B1b: For every one beastman defeated the strategic difference is two people, is addition and subtraction too hard for your beastmen brains?

P2B2a: A whole bunch of our comrades were killed, they won’t be able to rest in peace if we’re sitting here with cold feet

P2B2b: You chicken-hearted humans should be off playing with abacuses instead of swords

P3B1: What did you say!!

P4B1: This isn’t going to work, all the blood’s rushed to their heads

P5B1: Honestly, it’s getting too stuffy in here

P6B1: T-Teacher!?

P6B2: Why don’t I sprinkle a little water to cool everyone down



P2B1a: How could someone that’s called themselves an adventurer be faltering and talking about running away

P2B1b: Stop blabbering and fighting with your mouths!

P2B2: You greenhorns!

P3B1: Wha-

P4B1: Are you the idiot that fired magic in here!?

P4B2: Wait!

P5B1: Could you possibly be…Lilianne Kurstval

P6B1: Fufufu, you have sharp eyes



P1B1: This lady is the world renowned! The! Lavendar Magician, Lilia!

P1B2: Quiet! Quiet! From the mouth of the brilliant Lilia herself

P2B1: Some amazing words are sure to fly out!

P3B1: S- Soala, please

P3B2: Don’t do acts like this…

P4B1a: Despite how she seems, teacher is no good at things like speeches in front of a crowd

P4B1b: It’s one of the reasons she resigned as court magician and applied herself to becoming a scholar*…

P4floating_text: seriously

NOTE: *read as “shut-in”

P5floating_text: Ahem

P6B1a: My apologies, I got too worked up… In addition to my apology there is something I would like to ask of you

P6B1b: I would like you to listen to my pupil as his comrades

P6B2: While he is still young, he should be a member acknowledged by the guild




P1B1: That black haired kid… So he was a pupil of the Lilianne, the great hero in the “Campaign of Rifenryuse”

P1B2: …No wonder…

P2B1: I’ve finished the opening act, good luck

P2B2: …Th- Thanks, teacher

P3B1: Everyone, calm down

P3B2: For now, let’s get some things straight

P4B1: As we all know, the chimera is an artificially created lifeform.  In other words, it was created for a reason and with a goal.

P4B2a: With the recent assault, it’s become clear that it shows strong hostility towards beastmen

P4B2b: The bastard that made the chimera wants to isolate the beastmen by causing strife between the races before wiping them out

P5B1: So if the humans and beastmen begin fighting we’ll be doing exactly what that person wants.  That last thing we want is to be tracing the lines that our enemy has drawn for us

P6B1a: However, all this means is that there’s also a path going opposite to what the enemy wants

P6B1b: We might all have our own ideas and principles, but if we don’t unite we won’t be able to save this city



P1B1a: Let’s go back to our roots

P1B1b: Before being beastmen and humans, we are adventurers.  Not public servants or soldiers

P1B2a: We may take requests, but it’s not so we can follow behind someone shouting at us

P1B2b: Adventurers live according to their inner voice, their curious spirit, their pride

P2B1: And what is that voice telling us right now?

P2B2: What is it that we have to protect at all costs?

P3B1floatingtext: Heh

P3B1: …Well, that goes without saying…

P5B1: …I’m just a fledgling that came to join the guild so I could earn my keep

P5B2: But Riavel accepted an outsider like me as one of their own straight away




P1B1a: I ended up forming a party with my partner from the fox ear tribe that I happened to meet, and I’ve seen many sights of this town

P1B1b: There’s the beastman kid that has their act together, and there’s the man I just can’t come to like

P1B2a: A scheming woman, an elderly man that was left behind…

P1B2b: It’s a sight where all sorts of people get involved with each other

P1B2c: The quarrelling may be endless, but Riavel has served as a place for everything to happen

P2B1: It’s hard to put into words, but Riavel is like a big ship, and though we’ve come from different places we’re it’s crew that have decided to join and gather

P2B2a: But even if each of us are merrily doing their own things

P2B2b: When we’re met with a strong head wind

P3B1a: We can work together to spread the sails

P3B1b: and turn it into power for us to move forward

P3B2a: Every one of us can firmly believe that we’re the ones moving this ship

P3B2b: Riavel is a strong city like that



P1B1a: Both you guys and myself don’t want to lose this city

P1B1b: But I’m not saying we have to be starting anything new

P1B2: We just need to do what we adventurers do every day… right?

P2B1a: …Right you are.  Protecting our headquarters and our friends, then enjoying some good food and booze, that’s our daily routine

P2B1b: Even teaming up with some jerk and ending up in a fight happens twice a day

P3B1: However as part of an adventurer’s job, we will accomplish any jobs we take

P3B2: If it’s a guild mission with this city on the line, let’s hoist those “sails” you talked about

P4B1: Though I think it’s up to you if you want to abandon a sinking ship and dive into the ocean

P4B2: That’s up to your own judgement, compulsion isn’t how Riavel does things, after all

P5B1: Then Kurous, how about we follow the guidelines of the guild and make it clear how everyone feels about this?

P5B2: …Alright


PAGE 10:

P1B1: Human or beastman regardless, with all our strength we will undertake an ambush on the chimera

P1B2a: I will issue this as the adventurer guild’s highest priority mission

P1B2b: I want those who agree and accept to give a response

P5B1: …Thank you

P5B2: For your courage and pride as adventurers, you have my gratitude


PAGE 11:

P1B1: We will assist as well with what little power we have

P1B2: If you don’t mind we will support in the battle

P2B1: Now that’d be a great help, having the “Lavender Magician” that’s brought down so many magic beasts is like having a hundred men

P4B1: –––Each legion leader will be notified of the outline for the formations and positions at dawn

P5B2: Everyone should prepare their equipment and call out to anyone else that can help

P6B1: …Dismissed!


PAGE 12:

P2box1: Master, the sun has risen and I’ve grasped the position of the chimeras

P2box2: This time we’ll name the second chimera “Chimera Lord” and each of the smaller clones “Chimera Knight”

P4box1: While we’d like to avoid close combat with the Chimera Lord and deal with it using ranged weapons and magic, they’ve seemed to already anticipated this

P5box2a: The Chimera Lord is moving south through the forest and doesn’t seem to plan to move out of the woods.  It must be planning to use the cover of the trees to inhibit any ranged attacks

P5box2b: The Chimera Knights are being cautious of any sniping at their leader as well and are leading by a considerable amount


PAGE 13:

P1B1: –––And so we will intercept them at the bottleneck of the Lone Wolf Rock

P2B1: The east side has a cliff and the west side has a river, and the hilly terrain of the open forest has a relatively good line of view

P2B2: By retreating and delaying, we will lead the enemy to the “neck” of the hourglass shape and create a defensive line by taking turns

P3B1: Miss Lilianne and archers will be positioned on the hill to the west

P3B2: By increasing the range of the arrows with enhancement magic, we will have you indirectly fire* at the enemy from the side to maintain the “hourglass”

*TN Note: Indirect fire – Firing a projectile without relying on a direct line of sight between a gun and a target (or in this case, bow)

P4B1a: I understand the theory, but it’s a pain…

P4B1b: I still think it’s faster to burn down the forest and rush right in

P4B2: But the elf lady keeps looking at me with some crazy eyes…

P5B1: Of course I do! Think about what happens afterwards!

P5floatingtext: No! Destroying the Environment!!


PAGE 14:

P1B1: Well, this plan only works thanks to you two

P1B2: The best time to strike would be after we’ve taken down a number of Chimera Knights and their defences start to thin out

P2B1a: The great hero proficient in killing magic beasts and company will cross the river and flank

P2B1b: Concentrating firepower on the Chimera Lord and destroying it in one go

P2B2: …You guys are our trump card, try to preserve your power as much as possible

P3B1: We will live up to your expectations

P3B2: Riavel’s magic association arranged some consumable items, so our preparations are complete

P4B1: There are still a lot of things that are unclear about the enemy

P4B2: But we’ll just have to take our chances

PAGE 15:

P2B1: That’s a signal from the scouts

P2B2a: It seems they’ve successfully lured the Chimera

P2B2b: It’s heading this way

P3B1: Alright men! Get ready!

P3B2: It’s time for the battle you’ve all been waiting for!


PAGE 16:

P1B1: Adventurers, show your courage!

P1B2: Bring victory to Riavel!

P3B1: Engage!

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