Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 3

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3            Original: Ikui Sora            Manga: Ukawa Hiroki

Soala wait! Don’t rush in blindly like that!

Somebody is being attacked, I can’t just stay here and do nothing!


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Argh….. How can she run so fast!?

I don’t want to use this but….. I guess it can’t be helped…

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Wh-what kind of monster is this….!?

+Page 4

I have to stop it.

Heavenly Bind!

+Page 5

It’s okay, I tied him to the tree!

Take this chance and…..

No way….!

+Page 6

A silver-haired wolf…..!

Considering we’re in the same guild, I will overlook your reckless act and help you this time, Soala.

+Page 7

In return, you must tell no one about what you see here today.

Got it?



+Page 8

My Companions, heed my call and wake up from your slumber….

Rise and fight by my will.

+Page 9

I am Kokuyou.



These are the powerful ones.

It’s show time, guys!

Furan, analyze the enemy’s attributes.

Kokuyou, you will provide our high ground vision.

Riru and Saku, we are the front line.

Yes! Master!



While we’re fighting, make sure those wounded men stay out of the combat zone.

Yep! Leave it to me!

+Page 10

Our enemy is Kimerabite, a fusion monster, level 37 class C+. I have sent the data to you guys!

The rest is yours to handle.

Got it!

Let’s go.

Freezing Blizzard!

Just you wait!

I will cut off your limbs and turn you into a piece of meat!

+Page 11

Fall back Sakuduki! He’s attacking from both sides!


This is our chance!

Attack its blind spot, Riru.

Got it.

+Page 12

Silver Spear!!!

+Page 13

I don’t know why you obtain such hideous form.

But I guess it must be a burden not knowing the meaning of your existence, isn’t it?

Don’t worry….. I will put you out of your misery.

+Page 14

Blooming Blade Dance.

+Page 15

The Chimera is destroyed….

There’s nothing suspicious around the area….

Problem solved.

Great job, Master!

It all thanks to you guys.

So those are……

Tsuguna’s close companions.

+Page 16

Master, over here! You must see this.

What is this?

Chimera’s core, looks yummy.

Can I taste it?

Let’s leave it for later……

Now we have to help those injured men and report back to the guildmaster.


When you found out that this thing was a Kimera, he had already died.

You are the one who helped us defeat this thing.

Is that clear?

*nods violently*

+Page 17

Our loot is an incomplete core.

And a broken sword…..

My magic, stamina and mana are all depleted because of the summoning spell. Today sure was tiring…..

Cheer up Tsuguna! The examination hasn’t finished yet.

How can you be that joyful?

Even without your companions, I’m still around to accompany you, aren’t I!?

*sigh*…. Thank you, I guess…?

You’re welcome….

Let’s help each other out!

+Page 18

Why does the examination agency look just like a field hospital?

That Chimera sure caused a lot of trouble.


Where is vice-chief Kurous?

You guys…. Defeated the Chimera…?

+Page 19

Yes, the forest is safe.

Most of the Chimera’s body turned to dust.

This is the only thing left.


And this is the examination’s requested item, please confirm.

You reach the requested amounts, your performance is acknowledged.

+Page 20

There’s something I want to ask, but first let me congratulate you on passing the examination.






It was you who defeated the Chimera and saved everyone’s life, wasn’t it?

+Page 21

About earlier…. You guys were in trouble but we turned a blind eye, we’re shameful.

We also apologize for our disrespectful behaviors toward the fox tribe.

Furthermore, it was thanks to you that our friends’ lives were saved.

We greatly appreciate it….

+Page 22

Thank you very much!

This is the formal gratitude salutation of our guild. A thing to remember if you plan to live in Riavel.

Because from now on, you guys are official members of our adventurer’s guild.

+Page 23

Holy Kingdom Levantiria               The Grand Catheral of the Seven Churchs.


Our experimental Chimerabite was defeated….?

A mutated fusion beast was sent to attack a town full of those beastmen.

I heard that it was still in research?

+Page 24


According to our intel, it was Riavel adventurer’s guild who interfered with our work.

The place where the Chimera was defeated is located at the Guild’s entrance examination.

Entrance examination….?

That childish playground they made to find new recruits?

It can’t be. How can they possibly defeat our Chimera?

Are you sure Harmony’s spy confirmed this?

It may sound ridiculous but……

There was a rumour that caught my attention.

+Page 25

In the guild’s newly recruits, someone saw a young boy with black eyes and black hair.

What did you say….?

Was it that cursed Hayel child from 5 years ago?

That devilish child is still alive…..

In fear of future trouble, I told you to catch him at all cost.

But you pompous people ignored my request, and this is what happens!

+Page 26

Calm down, Crimson Caption. This is just an unverified rumour.

Golden Thunder – Gerub.

If the fully-armored church knights barge in the borders of a neighboring country

It will cause some unnecessary disturbances with the others.

Cerulean Water – Burao.

Even though King Yustilia is just a lowly beastman…..

He controls some of the most heroic warrior tribes and a formidable general.

He’s not the type to ignore provocations.

Emerald Support – Indigo.

+Page 27

Besides, during this time, if the Emperor finds out about the church’s excessive interference, things will get complicated.

Wise King Nogias will definitely put out some measures to restrain power from the Seven Rulers of the Church.

Orange Earth – Oranju.

If the rumors about that weird kid with the Dark Book is true, I suspect It was Yustilia’s work.

To prevent future complications, we have to confirm this.

Green Gust – Gryuun

To be able to live in that large forest Karikyura for 5 years without us having any intel about it!

We must find out who’s involved in this.

White Cardinal – Vais.

+Page 28

Now it’s time to decide who will go to Riavel, right?

But we’re so busy with training, there’s no time for such rubbish matter.

Scarlet Flame – Rord.

I have something to report.

*thump thump*

Please allow me to execute this quest.

I will inspect the Riavel adventurer’s guild and confirm the information about that unholy child.

“The seed” was planted into him, now all we have to do is wait for the harvest result.

Violet Alchemist – Violet.

+Page 29

First the Chimera case, then the alchemic results that Violet brought.

I will accept it, this is a chance for you to relieve your hatred.

The Pope Iris.

You honor me with your words….!

I will dedicate my whole body for the cleansing of the land!

This is an important time, so there’s no room for carelessness, have trust in your faith.

+Page 30


Those barbaric demi-humans, and that heretic child……

Those foul creatures will all be thrown into the burning depth of our justice flame…..

Pope Iris’s will shall shine our path.

And cleanse this world into unity.

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