Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 5

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 5

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+Page 1



Chapter 5        Original: Ikui Sora

Manga: Ukawa Hiroki

+Page 3

How was the talk with those two?


What the hell happened here?

Beats me.

The fox-ear girl is just a simple child.

But that black hair kid is more than meets the eye.

+Page 4

I tested him out a bit earlier.

Eh, really?

He’s quite…. Knowledgeable with  combat magic.

It seems he has a great master.

When I purposely aimed for his vital spots, his reflexes are excellent.

+Page 5

That’s quite a shocker.

If you don’t restrain that hobby of beating everyone up of yours, you will scare all men away, you know.


If I ever hear that sentence again, I will kick your Guild down 3 ranks immediately, understand?

Gah… I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.

Enough with the chit chat. How’s the situation on your side?

It’s about time you show us the strength

Of a Guildmaster from the famous “Lord of the Flame” Legion, don’t you think?


+Page 6

My boys had begun examining that site.

It’s undoubtable that they were the one who killed that Chimera.

Hm… Despite the small body, that kid is quite something.

Now I want to personally invite him to my Guild too.


And there’s one more thing.

I found a strange object from the remains of that Chimera.

….is this…?

+Page 7

We found nearly 10 of this goat-herd looking bell that usually comes from the mountains.

An undigested object, that thing’s appetite was quite horrifying.

Here’s the interesting part, these bells have a unique appearance and tone.

Which can only be made from Solde Village located North of the Colga forest.

But wasn’t a few weeks ago, Solde village was….

Yeah. It was the place where a large amount of beastmen mysteriously disappeared.

+Page 8

Many Legions, including us, had received a personal request from the Lord and began looking for clues.

But until now, we haven’t found any solid evidence to figure out the location of those missing people.

It was coincidental that there is a member from my Guild who comes from Solde Village, that’s why I could find out about this bell’s origin.

I also heard that there is a member in the “Lord of the Flame” Legion who comes from Solde Village….

Is it Ryuk Douglas?

That’s him.

+Page 9

I heard that the victim was a close person to Ryuk, she was on her way back home for maternity rest.

He tried to stop her from going back alone, but she wouldn’t listen.

If the Chimera problem really has something to do with the missing villagers, then it must be….

No, according to the testimonies of those witnesses, that theory proves unlikely….

Besides, the record of Tsuguna said that Chimera was a fusion beast from a wolf and a mountain goat.

+Page 10

Please continue to investigate this matter….. no matter what.

Even if it’s just small detail, please inform us if you find something new.

How about that black hair kid?

It seems he’s still hiding something. Contrast to his appearance, that kid is a clever one.

Let’s just avoid being hasty, we’ll observe him from a safe distance for now.


+Page 11

This looks like a tough problem.

It can’t be helped….. things like this keep coming to our place.

The peaceful atmosphere in this town

Might soon fade away.

+Page 13

Ah, this is annoying.

My my.

The smell is just terrible.

Did you guys mix those beastmen’s blood of yours with the kitchen’s sewer?

Now my body is covered with your disgusting smell.

And it makes me lose my appetite for dinner.

+Page 14

Your kind….

Is the type of beings that needs to be wiped out cleanly.

As a sacrifice for Pan.

For the children, at this well-prepared feast.

I will let you feel the joy of being cleansed.

+Page 15

Now now, chew carefully…. Cherish that wonderful taste….

Absorb all the energy and develop an indestructible body.

+Page 16

Chimera, you were created

As an angel to open the door to the ideal world of Iris-sama.

+Page 17

Black hair boy, be good and wait for me, will ya?

Those who dare to obstruct the research of me, the Great Violet

Will feel the most immense pain this world has ever witnessed.

+Page 18


I want to go see him waaaaaa…!

Cut it out! You’ve been saying that every day already.

If it’s about Tsuguna, just be quiet and wait for a while!


+Page 19

It will be a month since he left tomorrow, so it’s time for him to return.

So stop growling all day.

You’re my apprentice, you can’t just waste your time every day worrying about that kind of thing.

Speak for yourself, master Lilia.

Aren’t you the one who always spaced out recently?

….Quit saying such nonsense.

+Page 20

You have been acting quite strange lately, haven’t you….?

What are you talking about?

You used to be so sloppy, but now you frequently glance over the calendar, and you started to care about your appearance more….

Hehe… does this outfit look attractive to young boys?

Hey, Tsuguna, don’t you know women are like flowers, if you let them wait for too long, they’ll start withering, you know….

Then you even clean your room, you often sit by the window, looking and at the distance and start to sigh…..

You’re clearly looking forward to Tsuguna’s return.

*please stop….

+Page 21

You’re clearly in no mood for research now!

Restraining isn’t good for your health, you know.

You have to face the truth!

You’re right….

I guess I should do that.

But the more I face the reality, the more irritating it becomes.

That’s right!

+Page 22

Then why don’t we get changed then go for a walk in the town.

Let’s go see someone’s surprised dumb face.



+Page 23

Take this!



….Oh crap….

This thing finally reaches its limit.

After that fight with the Chimera, it nearly broke in half.

+Page 24

Gahh…. This is so depressing.

I have no replacement…. I wonder if I can fix this….

Hey, Tsuguna. Why do you choose this blade as a weapon?


Well, I’m used to wielding this.

Aren’t blades somewhat uncommon? And you have no intention of switching to sword, do you?

Yeah…. It will be uncomfortable if I switch to a new kind of weapon after a long time of using this one…

I don’t know how to explain it clearly….

+Page 25

To me, maybe the act of swinging a blade has become a part of my body.

Even if the blade is broken, there’s no other kind of weapon that can replace this feeling.

+Page 26


I think that Tsuguna can be strange sometimes.

But I wonder why I’m feeling happy when I hear about your feelings.

Q-quit talking such nonsense. Have you finished collecting all the required objects yet?

Look, all done!

+Page 27

Hmm, looks good. And the quality is excellent too.

Looks like our work is done.


Today is such a productive day.

I couldn’t have found this much if I had been alone.

+Page 28

Hehe, it’s good to have a partner, isn’t it?

Yeah, thanks to your archery skill, our hunt could be more effective.

That’s right.

You wouldn’t collect loots this fast with just Ril’s paws!

Ah, yeah…

+Page 29

Well….. I really like Ril, Franmeru and the other summoned friends of yours.

But I don’t want to see you use that black book at all.


I don’t know…..

It’s just….. It was like you turned into another person. You looked so scary sometimes.

+Page 31


Don’t worry about it. No matter what happens I’m still me!

I guess you’re right….

I’m sorry for saying such weird things.

+Page 32

Come on, let’s go home and eat!

Then I have to find a blacksmith to fix this blade tomorrow!

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