Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 6 – Fixed pages 16,20

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 6

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me+Page 1



Chapter 6

Original: Ikui Sora

Manga: Ukawa Hiroki

+Page 2

Daddy! Daddy!


What is that…..?

Is that a… dragon shield?


With this, you will never die no matter where you go since you have a dragon’s protection!

+Page 3

Gahaha! That’s good for me then!

Hey honey, take a look at what our son gave me.

+Page 4

Get up quickly, old man. The sun has already set, hurry up and get back to work!

Or else the Guild’s notice board is gonna get empty!


You’re so annoying. Be quiet for a bit, will you?

+Page 5

It’s because you kept drinking all night yesterday like a fool.

Just like that time.


While you were too busy drinking at the tavern.

Mom was……

I promise you I will find and bring mom back.

So be a good kid and wait for me at home!

+Page 6

You think I will be able to trust a drunk father like you!?

It was all your fault from the beginning!

What does a kid like you know about anything…..?

I’ll be back soon.

+Page 7

Ohm, that lady over there.

+Page 8

Excuse me, is the Adventurer’s Guild that way?

Yes. Keep going forward and you’ll see it.

Thank you. I know that it’s rude to keep bothering you, but can I ask one more question?

Do you know a boy called Tsuguna who is working for that Guild?

+Page 9

Hmm….. the black hair kid…. There’s a lot of rumors about him.

He’s formed a party with a girl from the wolf tribe, they’ve finished quite a decent amount of requests.

He is a greenhorn with potential and was given the alias “Stardusts”

Usually he would come to the notice board early in the mornings and then leave the town immediately after.

Are you his friends? I can see no relationship between you two and him.

Tsuguna is our pupil! We’re from the Karikyura forest…..

He’s just as hasty as usual, so I guess we won’t be able to meet him until late in the afternoon.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome….

+Page 10

Tsuguna seems to be trying his best.


Master? Is something wrong?

No, I just didn’t imagine that I would meet a colleague here.

Eh? You’re talking about an alchemist? But that woman was wearing knight’s armor, and she also brought a sword.

Because I could smell the scent of Phosphoric acid and Amonia from her body…. That’s why I chose to ask her for directions.

Despite the long hair covering half of her face, I could still see the trail of a heat burn, that armor might just be a distraction.

+Page 11

Here goes your bad habit of observing and figuring people’s identity out, master.

She’s a woman, so there’s nothing wrong with having a few secrets, you know!

Well…. I didn’t do it on purpose.

It’s been a while since we last came to town. Why don’t we find a place to rest and drink some tea?

All right all right.

However….. for a normal alchemist.

That woman had an unusually thick smell of blood on her…..

+Page 12

Just give up, kid.

There’s no smithy in all of Liaberu that possess the ability to fix that blade of yours.

I don’t want it to be perfectly fixed, you know. Is there no one in this town capable of such thing as fixing a blade!?

You’re so persistent, kid! If you don’t buy anything, just go home already! Please leave!

This is our 3rd time already.

Damn it…. And I’m also hungry too.

+Page 13

There’s no need to be in a hurry, you know. I’m sure we will find someone who can fix it sooner or later.

*sigh*…. I guess I can’t do anything about it for today.

I’ll just use another weapon for our request this time then.

We’ve wasted so much time this morning, so we’ll have to double the speed in the afternoon!


+Page 14


What’s this? This hand of yours…..

Little brat.

My name is Tsuguna. Stop calling me a brat, Ryuk.

So you want to pick a fight with me, kid….?

Get your hands off the request form!

+Page 15

I was the one who touched it first. Behave like a proper adult and obey the law, will you?

Don’t you dare lecture me, you little brat!

A rank E adventurer like yourself needs to stop dreaming of taking these rank C subjugation requests.

How about you, huh? How can a normal human being, who has nothing else to do besides drinking all day and taking requests, like you even exist?

What did you say, you damn annoying brat!? I’ll make you cry for your momma!

You think you’re so tough, eh? Then come here and show me what you’ve got!

Don’t regret these words, kid! Prepare to taste my blade!

+Page 16

Bring it on! I’m always ready.


Please stop all of your personal conflicts while inside our Guild.


It’s fine to have a little quarrel, but please don’t bother everyone else, okay?

Wait a minute! It was him who……

+Page 17

Gaahahaha, sorry kid! This one is mine now!


Damnit, old man….!

There’s no need to be that grumpy. If you want to earn some payments, then there are plenty of better requests over there, you know.

That’s not the problem! How could an adult behave like that?

+Page 18

Let’s be a little more generous and let this go. Overcoming small discomforts can help you grow to a real adult.

Why do I feel like I’m being comforted like a child…?

Why did the guild allow a person like that to join so easily?

I’m not the only one annoyed by that drunken man, am i?

I guess you’re right.

+Page 19

Despite his attitude, that man is still following his own way till this day.

And just so you know, he’s currently raising his little son on his own.

Even the most hated man deserves a place to stay, right?

Humans, beastmen, demons….. from saints to criminals….. Anyone can be forgiven in Liaberu.

Despite it being a little chaotic, I really enjoy the warm atmosphere of this place.

I run this guild because I want to protect these things.

+Page 20

I guess I’ll have to accept reality since you say it like that….

Good boy. Now then, as a reward for your good behavior, I’ll introduce you to a famous blacksmith.


You’re having a problem with a really important item of yours, am I right?

Except his bad mouth, this guy is quite the expert. His skills are those of legendary level if you can ignore his untidy appearance

+Page 21

It’s fine if you want my assistance, but there’s also a price for this.

Remember to bring me some cute girls after I’m done with this.

*she did not

*over exaggerate at all

*about that “untidy” part

Now show me that blade.

Here it is. Can you fix it?

+Page 22


This one can never be used as a weapon anymore. So instead of fixing it, it would be much faster to make it into another blade.

So it really is impossible….

There’s no other way?

None at all!

This thing is a partner that has been fighting alongside me all this time.

I managed to escape countless of dangerous situation thanks to it, but I guess this is the end.

I see…. Partner, eh…. I can understand now.


+Page 23

You used this to stop a fire spell before, didn’t you?

Now that you’ve mentioned it…. I did that once when I escaped from the Hayel family….

Even if it happened a long time ago, getting affected by heat will reduce the blade’s durability over the years.

And after being burned like that, the blade’s body became more fragile.

So breaking was just a matter of time.

This is my most satisfied work when I was young.

I guess you have been using it as an adventurer all this time.

Ah, I understand it now…

Whooa! You were the one who made it?

That’s right.

+Page 24

Weapons are just a tool after all. But a capable blacksmith can actually hear their voices.

The battles they’ve been through, the emotions they shared with their partners, I can hear it all.

I’m sure that it had a really good time fighting alongside Tsuguna.


Well said, kiddo.

Listen here, boy. There’s no other weapon in those stores that can match this one.

Because this is my ultimate creation.

I see….. So I really can’t find another weapon of equal quality.

I never said that you can’t find another one!


I was talking about other smithies.

Do you know why my shop got such a bad reputation?

+Page 25

[The Sightless Blossom Blade]

The overlord of masterpieces. This thing was forged from the finest steel. You can’t find any other legendary weapons that can outclass this one.

This is…. Amazing.

It’s so beautiful…..

Kid, this blade is yours to keep.


The blade you brought in was what I poured all of my heart and soul into when I was just 12 years old.

I haven’t seen that old friend for too long, I’ll have to go and grab a drink with him tonight.

And that blade is my gratitude to you for this reunion.

+Page 26

I see… Thank you so much. I’ll definitely treasure it.

In exchange, remember to come back and visit me often, got it?

So that I can check if you’re mistreating it or not, you understand?

Okay, I got it.

By the way, old man….  Where is your home?

A bush or a tavern, it’s all the same to me. What about it? This has nothing to do with you.

+Page 27

No, I just have a feeling that you’re somewhat similar to my father.

Being clumsy and strange, it just brings back memories.


My wife left me to follow her dream a long time ago.

I spent all that time raising the son that she left behind, but then he disappeared without a single word 2 years ago.

The feeling of a father….

I guess you’ll understand it eventually.

+Page 28

I’m sure that your son is doing well.

Regardless of him living so far away that he can’t come back to visit you or how stubborn you are as a dad,

He will definitely not forget about you.

+Page 29

These damn goblins!

Ryuk, don’t push yourself too hard.

+Page 30

I know you’re still concerned about Kami-san.

What did you say!?

I-I’m sorry.

Because of the Solde village incident, those demons’ active area has spread recently.

I got a bad feeling about this.

+Page 31


There’s a bell ringing.

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