Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 7

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 7

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Kuro no souzou shoukanshi Ch 7


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P1: Town of Ryavel          Konohatsuki Inn

P2B1: Aren’t we going to do any requests today?

P2B2a: I’ve lost motivation after being interrupted by Ryuk

P2B2b: More importantly there’s something I want to try out now

P3B1: I’ve thought of a good idea thanks to this

P4B1: Idea?



P1B1a: There’s something I’ve noticed after teaming up with you for a month

P1B1b: When fighting a coordinated group, we often have trouble with them don’t we?

P3B1: Even if they’re weak individually, it does suddenly become tough when they all come at once

P4B1a: That’s why I want us to be able to use this tactic

P4B1b: take down the enemy commander first and ruin their coordination

P4B2: But wouldn’t you need to be pretty quick for that to work?

P5B1:  Take a look at my new blade, it’s longer than the other one and it’s curved the opposite way right?

P5B2: This one is called a long blade, I can use it while on a horse

P6B1: Horse…?



P1B1a: I’m thinking of getting Riru to take the role of battle horse

P1B1b: even if I get on, it won’t be a problem with Riru’s strength

P1B2: And to increase the chances of this hit-and-run tactic working, I’m thinking of adding a summoned beast that specialises in long range support

P2B1a: Your Creation Summoning Magic is going to make a new kid?

P2B1b: Using that book?

P2B1c: I’m a bit worried…

P2B1d: BUT

P2B2: I wanna see! I really wanna see!

P3B1ab: Knock knock

P5B1: Clack



P1B1: Hi! Looks like you’re doing fine

P1B2: How about some tea?

P2B1: y…

P2B2: you…

P2B3: Ahaha! Nice reaction, are you surprised?

P3B1: Of course I am!

P3B2: Know your place!

P4B1: You seemed to be having an interesting conversation so I figured I should join

P4B2: He’s playing dumb…



P1B1: Tsuguna, do you know this child?  He’s so cute.  What’s your name?

P2B1: My name? Name…

P2B2: Hmm…

P3B1: … “Dievs”

P3B2: Your name is Dievs isn’t it?

P4B1: It means Sky God

P4B2: You’re always acting on your emotions, laughing and crying.  The difference between sunshine and rain is big after all.

P5B1a: I see… Yes that’s right

P5B1b: Ehehe Dievs… so I’m Dievs

P6B1: So? What about our conversation from before?  Wasn’t there something you wanted me to do?



P1B1a: Well you see… after being called by my name

P1B1b: I don’t feel like talking about that today

P1letters: Dievs…

P1B2: What’s that supposed to mean? You’re throwing me off

P2B1: More importantly, I want to hear more about your [Creation Summoning Magic]

P2B2: Yeah Yeah! Tell us tell us!

P4B1: Good grief… fine

P4B2: [Creation Summoning Magic] is an irregular magic that can create and then summon anything, but it has restrictions and a procedure to be followed


  • The summoner can freely call anything drawn in this book
  • When summoning, the summoner must give a certain amount of magic power as payment
  • Things to be summoned must be drawn into this book by the summoner beforehand
  • When drawing, magic power must be used
  • The summoner can set the characteristics and abilities of the things they call
  • Settings cannot be changed
  • Things the summoner has drawn grow according to their battles and how many times they are called



P1B1: There aren’t any restrictions on creating summoned beasts, but summoning and using them relies on my limited magic power.

P1B2: I can’t just create an omnipotent and powerful beast for a prank

P2B1: For example even if I create and summon something like a huge dragon…

P2B2: Just calling it will deplete your magic power straight away?

P2B3: That’s right

P3B1: To use this expensive magic well, I need to be able to tell how much magic power I have left and use it efficiently

P3B2a: I need to have the right summoned beast for the situation and call it out at the right time

P3B2b: That’s why it’s vital to carefully prepare for all sorts of situations

P4B1: So that’s why you talked about making that summoned beast…

P4B2: That’s about right

P5B1: Alright, Creation Summoning is an exceedingly strong magic but you understand its limits well





P1B1a: Knowing that, I’ll tell you something about the book

P1B1b: You’ve probably noticed this as well, but from this world’s perspective the power the book stores can be considered infinite

P1B2: You can tell by the word “Creation”, its territory exists on a higher plane… It steps into the area of “God’s Work”

P2B1a: And from one perspective –this part is important–

P2B1b: Your grimoire [Cthulhu], to reduce the force of “God’s Power”

P2B2: It releases itself through the user and into this world as “Magic”  You can consider it a safety valve

P3B1: …Safety valve…

P3B2: Hmm?

P4B1: I’ll represent it differently

P5B1: Imagine a small fountain connected to a tank taking water from a river

P5B2: If you don’t use it and reduce the water stored, eventually the water will destroy the fountain.  If you use too much at once, the fountain will still break


PAGE 10:

P1B1: As the intermediary of that immense power, you are always in a dangerous position in return

P1B2: If you were to seek even greater power, the book would break its own limitations and respond

P2B1: But you’re a human

P2B2a: If you were to directly receive “God’s Power”, you wouldn’t be able to handle it

P2B2b: Please don’t forget that

P3B1a: …Alright.  It’s this much power

P3B1b: it’s not like I didn’t think there would be risks with it

P4B1a: But what you just told me… I feel like it touches on the important parts of your circumstances

P4B1b: Was it alright for Soala to listen?

P4B2: Huh? It’s fine, it’s good for her to know all this as well


PAGE 11:

P1B1: This is just my intuition

P1B2: but she’ll be an important existence to you

P2B1: I got praised!

P3B1a: I don’t really get what you guys were talking about

P3B1b: But basically we need to be careful with the book, it’s a scary thing right?

P3B2: I always felt that as well!

P4B1: So let’s be plenty careful and summon a new kid!

P4B2: …

P5B1: I explained it earlier didn’t I?  I need to use magic power to draw it into the book first


PAGE 12:

P1B1: Got it! I’m waiting so hurry, hurry!

P1B2: Geez I got it

P2B1: I need you to be quiet

P2B2: To put magic power in the pen I need to concentrate


PAGE 13:

P1box1: Do your best you two

P3box1: Your trials are only beginning

P4B1: …..

P4B2: Thanks for the name


PAGE 14:

P4B1: …my body… being eaten…

P4B2: help… me…

P6B1: Stop!


PAGE 15:

P1B1: What!?

P2B1: Guha! (sound of being hit)

P3B1: Ryuk! You okay!?

P4B1: Those shits…!

P5B1: It’s no good, we can’t win! The number of minions keep increasing as well!


PAGE 17:

P1B1: Stop, monster…!

P1B2: Stop…!

P2B1: Come! Ryuk

P2B2: We need to hide while we have the chance!

P5B1a: It got your leg, the bleeding is bad

P5B1b: I’ll stop it

P5B2: Ku…


PAGE 18:

P1B1a: You can get down to the valley climbing down the waterfall up ahead

P1B1b: It won’t be able to pass through there with that body

P1B2: You’re telling me to run while our friends are being eaten…!

P2B1: That’s right!

P3B1a: You’re badly injured and the only weapon we have is my knife

P3B1b: We can’t hope to win!

P3B2a: If we all die here then who’s going to report the danger to the city?

P3B2b: Shut up and go down the stream!  It’s the shortest route to the path to the city

P4B1: I’ll lure the enemy and take the long route, we’ll split up and scatter any pursuers

P4B2: If we’re lucky, both or at least one of us will make it to the city, got it?

P5B1: …It was ringing the goat’s bells, the goats from my village…

P5B2: What?


PAGE 19:

P1B1a: …I need to get revenge on that monster for my village

P1B1b: I’d rather die here than turn around and run…!

P2B1: Stop whining you idiot

P3B1a: You’ve still got your kid back home!

P3B1b: Don’t give up until you meet your wife that you’ve been looking for!

P3B2a: If you want revenge then don’t die!

P3B2b: Got it!?

P4B1: Uuugh…

P6B1: Tch, it’s already here


PAGE 20:

P1B1: Over here you monsters!

P5B1: Crap, my blood…

P5B2: I can’t move

P6B1: …Dear


PAGE 21:

P1B1: For so long

P2B1: You’ve been looking for me for so long haven’t you

P3B1: I’m so happy

P3B2: Ryuk

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