Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 8

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 8

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Title: Kuro no Souzou Shoukanshi – Tenseisha no Hangyaku

Chapter 8



P1B1a: You’re alive? you’re…

P1B1b: Right!?

P2B1: …ah… Ryuk

P2B2: Ryu…k…

P3B1a: w

P3B1b: Wait!

P5B1a: Please!

P5B1b: Don’t leave me behind



P1B1: Without you I’m…

P3B1: Well isn’t this tragic

P3B2: … Your beloved wife, do want her back alive?

P4B1: So it was you…!

P5B1: All of it…

P6B1a: Being the caretaker of said chimera

P6B1b: I could grant you your wish, with some tricks up my sleeves         

P6B2: So it’s a good idea to not act rashly



P2B1: …Return her…

P3B1: I’ll do anything, I’ll even trade my life

P4B1: I see… however you overestimate your worth

P5B1: unfortunately, what you offer is worthless

P5B2: Even if I killed you, I wouldn’t gain anything from it

P6B1: Then what should I…

P7B1a: To balance out the trade, instead of your life

P7B1b: you give me the city of Riavel, sounds fair?

P8B1: Riavel!?


P1B1: You bitch, you’re from Levantiria  …!

P1B2: Considering what your wife is worth to you

P1B3: Don’t you think she’s worth more than a single town?

P2B1: It wasn’t just her, you piece of shit

P2B2: That monster ate my village and friends from the guild…!

P3B1a: Ah, apologies.  I had forgotten about that.

P3B1b: …Then I shall guarantee the safety of you and your family

P4B1: In the name of our church, you are permitted to defect to Levantiria.  How do those terms sound?

P5B1: Are you telling me to betray Riavel, my friends, my village, to throw away my pride…

P6B1: Kukuku



P1B1: I simply desire a mutually beneficial agreement

P1B2a: To you the survival of your wife is your number one priority

P1B2b: When you said “I’ll do anything”, that came from your heart

P2B1: Truly

P2B2: It is a virtuous attitude

P3B1a: The resolve of a family’s head

P3B1b: Is that not the dignity you should be protecting?

P4B1: Who is it for, the pride you protect by dying a dog’s death here…

P4B2: Who in that town will repay a drunken nuisance for his sacrifice…

P4B3: Truly and honestly, think about it.


P1B1: Your son is still at an age where he misses his mother is he not?

P1B2: As a husband and a father, the best option to protect your family should be clear

P3B1: …I understand…

P3B2: I’ll obey you

P4B1: Yes, that is a wise choice

P4B2: If you swear devotion to the church, we will follow through with our obligations


P2B1: A reunion with your wife

P2B2: I will make sure to grant it

P3B1: Kukuku



P1B1: Constructing arms…    Initialising summoned beast…    Stability check

P1B2: Lastly I’ll establish an incubation state in the grimoire…

P6B1: There… I’m done



P1B1: That was amazing!

P1B2: I want to hurry up and see them in action!

P1B3: Let’s save that for another time…

P2B1: Let’s have dinner downstairs today

P2B1smalltext: worked hard

P2B2: I’ve drained my magic and I’m hungry

P3B1: …we’re soaked because you went around having tea and snacks like a pig…

P4B1: But teacher~ It’s the first time in ages since we’ve walked around in town so I was having fun…

P4B2: Ehhh?

P6B1: Sylvie? Teacher…!?

P6B2: Tsuguna!



P1B1: I’m relieved to see that you’re doing fine

P2B1: It was just a month but you look a lot stronger

P3B1: More importantly what’s up with Sylvie…?

P3B2: She was at her limit because you didn’t make any contact with us

P4B1: H, hey, Tsuguna…

P4B2: Who are these two?

P5B1: Hm? Ah

P5B2: This is your first time meeting them isn’t it

P6B1: These two are my saviours who took me in when I was a complete stranger…

P6B2a: Tsu       gu      na?

P6B2b: That’s not right, is it?


PAGE 12:

P1B1: Well…

P1B2: To me, these two are important… family

P2B1: Good job~

P2B2: wai-

P4B1: I’m Lilianne Kurstval, Lilia is fine

P4B2: I heard in town that you’ve been taking care of Tsuguna, thank you

P4smalltext: He’s a difficult person, it must be hard

P5B1: Not at all… He’s been helping me too!


PAGE 13:

P1B1a: also

P1B1b: That elf over that’s replenishing itself like a cicada sucking up tree sap is embarrassingly enough, my apprentice.  Her name is Sylvia Renrill

P1B2: Sylvie is fine~

P1B3: Teacher Lilia, please do something about this…

P2B1: I- I’m Soala Lemington, Miss Lilia…

P4B1: Lilia…

P4B2: When you say Lilianne could it be!

P5B1: That famous “The Lavender Magician”!!?  PR note: violet silver is the literal tn, so if preferred pls hit me up on discord

P5B2: Y…yes

P5B3: Oh yeah… they call you something like that don’t they

P6B1: Tsu     gu     na?



P1B1a: Don’t say “oh yeah”!

P1B1b: You were studying under her without knowing anything!?

P1B2: Huh?

P1B3: Uhh… sorry?

P2box1a: Her achievements were recognised in the “Campaign of Rifenryuse” when she drove off many magic monsters and beasts

P2box1b: She was unprecedently chosen as a court magician despite being of half elf origins, but that’s not all!

P2box2: Known as the expert on the biology of magical beasts and alchemical experiments, she’s a rare genius

P3B1: The bravery which draws the admiration of veteran warriors and beauty that captivates even women isn’t known just among adventurers but draws attention from citizens all…

P3B2: He’s probably learnt his lessons Soala…

P4B1: Yes! I’m honoured to have met a real life legend that I’ve heard about since I was small!



P1B1: But I’m amazed you found our inn

P1B2: We were told by a mysterious boy to wait here if we wanted to meet Tsuguna

P4B1: That god…

P6B1: Excuse me!



P1B1a: A message from the adventurers’ guild!

P1B1b: Due to an emergency quest all guild members must assemble at the headquarters as soon as possible!

P2B1: What? What happened?

P3B1: A large Chimera has emerged, several casualties have arisen

P4B1: Details will be explained in the conference room at the headquarters, please hurry!



P4B1: This isn’t good…!

Page 18

P1B1: Ryuk!

P4B1: Step back, we’re going to carry him

P4B2: Don’t worry, he’ll be saved

P6B1: …Soala, let’s hurry to the guild

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