Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter 9

Kuro no souzou shoukanshi – tenseisha no hangyaku – Chapter

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P1B1: A second Chimera?

P2B1: Didn’t we beat one of those before?

P2B2: If that’s the case…

P3B1: I want you to think of it as an entirely different type, we’ve lost contact with over 12 people after encountering the second Chimera

P3B2: This threat is approaching Riavel, we need to take countermeasures at once

P4B1: What do you mean… What’s different about this Chimera?

P5B1: It’s different in almost every way



P1box1a: With a giant body, its height easily surpasses any trees in the area

P1box1b: From its back grow whip-like tentacles that can penetrate metal armour

P1box2: It grows a crown-like horn, and a part of its skin has keratinised, protecting its vitals like armour

P2box1a: Furthermore it’s created smaller copies of itself to guard it

P2box1b: There are dozens of them, and they’re increasing in numbers even now.  We haven’t grasped their total numbers.

P2box2: Though it’s also violent, compared to the single slimy and sarcomic one from before, the level of threat is completely different

P3B1a: After receiving reports about the attack I sent out an advance group from my legion

P3B1b: They’re all experienced adventurers but they were pretty much wiped out as soon as they encountered it

P3B2: It seems that thing isn’t something you can beat with just ten twenty people.



P1B1: We must be ready to take positions for an ambush, this fight will be of a scale larger than anything we’ve seen in recent years

P1B2: We need to deal with this with the full power of all the guild and legion members, no, all citizens of Riavel that can move, with everyone’s help…

P2B1: May I?

P3B1: This differs somewhat from what I witnessed at the scene

P3B2: I hold doubt to the words of the guild leaders

P4B1a: Rather than a hasty battle, I would like to suggest the expulsion of beastmen from this city

P4B1b: Beastmen should not be joining battles with humans

P5B1a: Expulsion of beastmen!?

P5B1b: Don’t say things that don’t make sense! Newcomers should stay quiet!

P5B2a: And what do you mean doubt

P5B2b: Do you think we’d spread lies in an emergency like this!

P6B1: What’s with her?



P1B1: She’s a newcomer that registered after you, the woman that carried in the injured Ryuk

P1B1: She didn’t speak much when we questioned her before, but it seems she’s quite vocal in front of everyone

P2B1: I see, you have not lied.  However you people have missed some critical information

P2B2a: The fact that the only survivors are humans

P2B2b: And the fact that all beastmen have gone missing without even any remains

P3B1: What do these pieces of information that we weren’t told suggest?

P3B2: The chimera from before strengthened itself only by amalgamating itself with animals, I hear there were no victims among beastmen.  However this time it’s completely different

P4B1: This new chimera grows by devouring and fusing with beastmen

P4B2: That’s the only explanation



P1B1: Oi, seriously?

P1B2: Kurous! What’s the meaning of this?

P2B1: …It’s exactly as she pointed out

P2B2: Stop it Kurous…! It’s only speculation!

P3B1: It’s okay.  It was my mistake when I made the wrong call and increased the casualties

P3B2: I should have told everyone about this sooner

P4box1: According to the reports of survivors, it’ll ignore any humans that it doesn’t deem harmful

P4box2: But towards beastmen it holds exceedingly strong aggressive impulses.  It seems it will persistently attempt to prey and absorb beastmen.

P5B1: We believe this can be dealt with on a tactical level

P5B2a: However incorrect information could bring about unrest and false rumours

P5B2b: We were planning to tell you after further gathering of information and once we were confident that this is true



P1B1: I guess it all depends on how you word it, Guild Deputy

P1B2a: …Still, I cannot approve of your proposal to expel the beastman race

P1B2b: Assuming we did transfer our targets of protection, it would only postpone the problem

P2B1a: That’s true if we assumed we were to protect them, however I am of different opinion

P2B1b: An opinion based on knowledge obtained from directly witnessing the chimera during the rescue of the injured

P2B2: Stop with the roundabout way of talking! We don’t have time, get to the point!

P3B1: Then let me be brief

P4B1: The consciousness of the victims are being stored inside the chimera

P4B2: The beastmen absorbed by the chimera are still alive



P1box1a: Even those who lost their bodies to the chimera

P1box1b: I could see their personality, or rather their what could be called their souls being stored

P1box2: Furthermore, the absorbed souls are used on the minds of beastmen to cause even healthy ones to go mad

P2B1: Beastmen should not be put in the line of battle

P2B2: It’s possible that this mental contamination could even cause friendly fire and betrayal

P3B1: What!?

P3B2: What’s with this woman?

P4B1: You didn’t breathe a word about this when we questioned you before

P4B2a: Wai-

P4B2b: Calm down! Put down your weapon! Your underwear’s showing!



P1B1a: This is unfounded nonsense

P1B1b: Nothing more than superstition of a coward!

P2B1: At the very least there are no gutless beastmen in my legion that would mistake the target of their attacks!

P3B1: Then let me show you the basis of this argument

P4B1: Your legion… “Lord of the Flame”, this knife that has your legion’s crest carved into it is the evidence

P5B1: It was being carried by one of the beastmen that haven’t returned, but it was found lodged in the back of a human survivor

P6B1: Th… this is ridiculous!

P6B2: Something like that isn’t going to support your delusions!



P1B1a: However the survivor I found and rescued is not a delusion, yes?

P1B1b: Then

P1B2: If I call over this human outside of those delusions as witness, will that clear up the fog of your doubts?

P4B1: Ryuk…!

P5B1: You… it can’t be true right!?


PAGE 10:

P1B1a: The moment we got close to that chimera

P1B1b: Our beastmen comrades began to act strange, they were sent into confusion and ridden with fear

P1B2a: I desperately tried to get them to regain their senses…

P1B2b: But a crazed comrade suddenly stabbed me in the back

P3B1: …Beastmen should not get close to that chimera, they mustn’t take part of this…

P4B1: I support her proposal

P5B1: It’s bullshit! Beastmen wouldn’t do something so unsightly!

P5B2: But the knife in the back…

P5B3: It’s probably just an excuse from a coward who got his weapon taken by the enemy and took a hit while running away!

PAGE 11:

P1B1: I’m no coward, I had the resolve to fight and die

P1B2: In fact the one who said to run and let our comrades be bait was a beastman


P3B1: It’s unforgivable to be insulting a dead comrade!

P3B2: Liberious!

P4B1: Calm down!

P5B1: Good grief, that man is like a beast… The witness should leave before there are any injuries


PAGE 12:

P3B1: Ryuk!

P4B1: Um…

P5B1: Old man

P5B2: You’ve made things get out of hand in there

P6B1: Are you fine with this?

P6B2: Depending on what happens, you won’t be able to stay in this town


P1B1: I don’t want a kid to…

P4B1: I

P4B2: am just doing what needs to be done

P5B1: Again, beastmen should not go near the chimera

P5B2: Get away from the city, got it?

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