Magi Craft Meister Chapter 12

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 12

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Magi Craft ch. 12

Translator: Chisui

Page 1 ~

P1B1: Sigh…

P1B2: It’s fine that I was brought back to the laboratory,

P2B1: But there really….

Page 2 ~

P1B1: isn’t anything here, is there?

P1B2: Yes.

P2B1: On this island, only this laboratory has been maintained over these thousand years.

P2B2: I had no idea it was on an island.

Page 3 ~

P1B1: Aren’t there any people on this island?

P1B2: There isn’t anyone besides father.

P2B1: I want to go back to the Kaina village.

P2B2: We can’t go back yet.

P2B3: Please don’t read my expression…

P3B1: Leaving humans aside, we have many golems.

P3 Txt1: Welcome home-

P4B1: Golems… that reminds me. Weren’t there a lot of broken ones lying around before?

P4B2: Let’s go check them out for a bit.

Page 4 ~

P1B1: Somehow it seems dustier than the last time I was here.

P1B2: Since I’ve been looking for father these past few months the lab has been left alone.

P1B3: That’s true.

P2B1a: Well…a research facility can never be too large.

P2B1b: With a lab this big, there had to have been more people.

P2B2a: No.

P2B2b: There wasn’t anyone who used this facility besides mother.

P3B1: Master by herself?

P3B2: Wasn’t that inconvenient?

P4B1: I don’t know the reason, but…

P4B2: Mother was indeed living by herself.

Page 5 ~

P1B1: Adriana Barbora Jeji….

P1B2: I wonder what she had in mind when she built this facility to live in alone….

P3B1: Regardless I can’t just leave the lab like this, right?

P3B2: Reiko.

P4B1: Yes!

Page 6 ~

P1 Box1: And thus the curtains rose on our hidden lab development plan.

P1 Box2: It’s a plan to improve and maintain the facility and its surroundings out of respect for master who left it behind.

P2 Box1a: Since our food from Kaina village also seemed to be running out,

P2 Box1b: This was also a plan to secure the surroundings.

P2 Box2: It would be best if we could become self-sufficient.

P3 Box1: So in order to secure enough manpower for this plan,

P3 Box2: I decided to repair the golems as a start.

Page 7 ~

P1B1: I’m Ruby!

P1B2: I’m….Amez.

(TN: Short for Amethyst I think?)

P2B1: I’m Topaz!

P3B1: I’m Peridot.

P4B1: I’m Aqua.

Page 8 ~

P1B1: We’re the [Five Set Maids].

P1 Box1: This was the birth of the golem maids.

P2B1: I think its Ruby-chan!

P2B2: I think Amez-san and Aqua-san are cuter.

P2B3: I’m on Topaz-chan’s side.

P2B4: Neigh neigh.

P2B5: What?!

P3B1: They’re maids….not idols.

P3B2: Well, it’s fine if you’re having fun.

P4B1: By the way father, what’s that?

P4B2: Oh this…?

Page 9 ~

P1B1: I thought I’d create a golem that could survey the island from the sky.

P1B2a: From the sky…?

P1B2b: Will it…fly?

P2B1a: If we survey from above we can grasp the general geographical terrain.

P2B1b: We’ll also need a map if we’re going to maintain the island.

P2B2: I used light silver to build the exterior and interior mechanism.

P3B1: I’ll program an autopilot and image recording transcription into the magi crystal.

P4B1: I can directly transfer the recorded images later.

P4B2a: Besides that….

P4B2b: Yeah.

Page 10 ~

P1B1: I wonder if it’ll work with Reiko’s strength.

P4B1: Fly!

Page 11 ~

P1B1: Whir

Page 12 ~

P1B1a: If it’s model planes, I’ve made them several times before….

P1B1b: But I’m glad it was able to fly.

P1B2: Wow….it’s really flying in the sky.

P2B1: Normally, the model plane flies while being pulled along.

P2B2: This time I thought it’d be able to fly on its own with Reiko’s power.

P3B1: Right now it can only glide so I guess it’s a [Glider Golem].

P3B2: I’ll try making propellers sometime too.

P3B3: Glider golem….

P3B4: Master, Reiko-sama.

Page 13 ~

P1B1: I am sorry for interrupting

P1B2: What is it, Amez?

P2B1: It’s regarding Master’s food source.

P3B1: Was there any? Food that looked edible?

P3B2: We found things resembling fruits and nuts, but….

P4B1: You don’t know if they’re edible?

P4B2: Yes.

Page 14 ~

P1B1a: No matter how you look at it these are oranges, peaches, and apples.

P1B1b: Then these are probably safe.

P1B2a: Oranges….

P1B2b: Peaches….and apples, you say….

P1B3: Yeah….

P2B1a: Huh?

P2B1b: This is an orange and peach, right?

P2B2a: I don’t know.

P2B2b: Since I’ve never seen oranges and peaches before.

P3B1: Recently….I’ve started to forget, but this is still another world.

P4B1: Even if the appearance is the same it doesn’t mean it’s the same food….!

Page 15 ~

P1B1a: All us golems,

P1B1b: Including Reiko don’t need to consume food.

P1B2: So even if we ate those we wouldn’t know if it was poisonous or not because it doesn’t affect us….!

P2B1: The odds are 50/50…

P2B2: I’ll have to try….one.

P3B1: Buddha!!

P4B1: Father?!

P4B2: De….

Page 16 ~

P1B1a: Delicious!

P1B1b: It’s an orange!

P1B2: I….is it really ok?

P1B3: It tastes fine!

P2B1: The problem is whether there are any effects in the next few hours.

P2B2: Please don’t experiment with your own body.

P2B3: Umm….

P3B1: After cleaning up the archive I found something resembling a plant dictionary.

P3B2: Of course.

P3 Txt1: Why wouldn’t there be one?

P3 Box1: For now, it seems like we solved the problem of food.

Page 17 ~

P1 Box1: The rest of the plan continued to proceed smoothly.

P1 Box2: With the ivy and plants covering the laboratory walls taken down,

P2 Box1: The lab finally started to look cleaner.

Page 18 ~

P1 Box1: Meanwhile, I continued to mass produce golems.

P1 Box2: And, gradually, the lab started to regain its original appearance.

P2 Box1a: The number of golems grew day by day.

P2 Box1b: I wonder what master was thinking,

P2 Box2: As she lived on this island all alone.

P3 Box1a: Oddly spacious buildings and the parlor in the back,

P3 Box1b: Along with floor plans that made living alone seem impossible.

P3 Box2a: Not to mention the large amount of supplies and knowledge left behind.

P3 Box2b: And…

Page 19 ~

P1 Box1: Reiko.

P1B1: Father,

P2B1: Is something the matter?

P2B2: Hmm…

P3B1: No.

P4B1: At first, it was to prevent the power of a magi craft meister from being exploited.

P4B2: I thought it’d be a good idea to start a facility on this uninhabited island and continue researching alone.

Page 20 ~

P1B1: Now, I wonder if I actually wanted to meet more people.

P1B2a: To learn with many other people here.

P1B2b: To make many things with many other people here…

P2B1: Why…is that?

P2B2: Because it’s beautiful.

P3B1: The sea,

P4B1: The mountain,

P5B1: The sky and the stars.

P5B2: You can really see a lot here.

Page 21 ~

P1B1: If it was me, I would’ve built this facility at a more convenient location.

P2B1: So….this must have been built for someone.

P3B1: For that someone….who would one day come here.

P3B2: I hope it’s someone who shares the same perspective as me.

P4 Box1a: Completely untainted,

P4 Box1b: And surrounded by beautiful things.

P4 Box2: Someone who could match my ideals.

P4B1: But master…isn’t [that]…

Page 22 ~

P1B1: A bit…

Page 23 ~

P1B1: Too unlikely…

Page 24 ~

P1B1a: Almost like *Horai Island…

(TN note: Google it for more detail)

P1B1b: The island where the Immortals lived….yeah, right.

P1B2a: Immortals….

P1B2b: I think that’s fine.

P2B1: Huh?

P2B2: Mother and Father are godlike existences to me anyway.

P3B1: Magi Craft Meisters are also considered as sages by others.

P4B1a: So it’s quite accurate.

P4B1b: This is like Horai Island.

P4B2: And….

Page 25 ~

P1B1: I’m sure this wasn’t for [someone] else.

P1B2: It’s for Father.

Page 26 ~

P1B1: Well then, I’ll go tell everyone what the island’s name is now.

P1B2: Ah…wai…

P3B1b: Sigh

P4B1: Master and I are just humans though…

P4B2: Really…

Page 27 ~

P1 Box1: It’s too unlikely.

P3 Box1: Breakfast

P4 Box1: Lunch

P5 Box1: Dinner

Page 28 ~

P1B1: I’m sick of it.

P2B1a: F..f..f..f..f..father?

P2B1b: S..s..sick of it. What…

P2B2: Don’t tell me you mean m….m….

P2B3: Huh?

P3B1a: Eating fruits everyday like this is a bit….

P3B1b: I’m bored of only tasting sweetness and sourness.

P3B2: Oh, you mean that.

P3B3: That?

Page 29 ~

P1 Txt1: Come eat….

P1 Txt2: Yay!

P1B1a: I want to eat Martha-san’s homemade stew.

P1B1b: One with roasted deer….

P1B2: More than that. Grain….I want to eat rice!

P2B1: If you want to try something new, how about trying the Ground Spider?

P2B2: Even if its edible, rejected.

P2B3a: Speaking of which, what do they eat?

P2B3b: Do they eat air?

P3B1a: Ground Spiders eat ether.

P3B1b: So in a way, they do live by eating air.

P3B2: Seriously?

P3B3: Seriously!

P4B1: I managed to plow a field but I’m missing the vital seeds.

P4B2: I can’t start anything without the base.

Page 30 ~

P1B1: Since there’s an ocean we can get fish and salt, but I’d like some other things too.

P1B2: I guess we can go buy the things we need.

P1B3: Right….

P2B1: Then going to Blueland would be best.

P2B2: It says here the city is a spot for trade!

P2B3: Aqua, that’s information from a thousand years ago.

P3B1a: If it’s Blueland, I’ve been there before searching for Father.

P3B1b: Though I doubt it’s the same as it was a thousand years ago….

P4B1: Even now it’s lively with many street stalls.

P4B2: Then let’s head there.

Page 31 ~

P1B1: With that decided, let’s go, Reiko!

P1B2: Yes!

P2B1: Everyone else, continue developing Horai Island.

P2B2: Understood.

P3B1: Excluding Kaina Village and its surroundings this is our first expedition….

P3B2: I’m looking forward to it.

P3B3: Yes.

Page 32 ~

P1B1a: If it’s with Father,

P1B1b: I’d have fun going anywhere.

P1B2: Really?

P2B1: Then let’s go.

P2B2: Yes!

P2B3: Teleportation gate,

P3B1: Activate!

Page 33 ~

P1B1: Awawa!

P2B1: Having a bad day huh, miss.

P2B2: Shut up!

P3B1: The products….seem fine.

P3B2: Alright!

Page 34 ~

P1B1: I’ll definitely sell out today!

P1B2: Gotta start earning some money!

P2B1: Here is Blueland’s best Magi Craftsman, my, Bina’s creations.

P2B2: Come have a look!!

Page 35 ~

P1B1a: Hey you there!

P1B1b: How about it? Why not buy one?

P1B2: Huh?

P1B3: I recommend this for your little sister!

P2B1: What’s that?

P2B2: A bracelet with a magic lamp!

P3B1: Even when it’s dark you can shine it like this.

P3B2: It’s a top grade item and very cute!

P4B1: ….isn’t the light too small?

P4B2: Yes, it doesn’t seem too bright.

P4B3: Uh….

P5B1a: No no! Adding such a function to this small object is difficult, you know?!

P5B1b: Besides, I’m umm….

Page 36 ~

P1B1: It’s kinda shabby.

P1B2: Yes.

P2B1: Huh?