Magi Craft Meister Chapter 3

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 3

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+Page 1


Why do you keep looking at the Death Mountain?


Why is it called Death Mountain?

It’s because birds that come near that area die immediately.

Due to the miasma that comes out from the Mountain.


Maybe it’s volcanic gas…..

A volcano…? Then maybe…..

+Page 2

Chapter 3: Hot spring

There’s a….

Hot spring…..

Why are you standing there, let’s go home.

Ah, yeah.

After a while, I eventually got used to living here….

+Page 3

Even though there are some inconveniences sometimes.

Even though there may be some inconveniences, sometimes.


Come and clean yourself!

Thank you.

Cleaning all the dirt and sweat, it’s so relaxed!

Cleaning all the dirt and sweat, it makes you relax!

Kuh….. I don’t feel any relaxed at all….

It’s quite hard to adapt….

Let’s not think about this it…..


+Page 4

I used all the bronze ore to make that water pump.

Guess I have no choice but to use a kettle and stove to heat the water and take a bath….

A hot spring, huh…

But without the specific tools, I can’t find the spring geyser.


If using magic can solve that problem….

It would be incredible.

Let’s try it.

Geological Measurement.

+Page 5

It would be really good if I could find the exact location of this spring.

But now it’s more important to find some minerals.

If I can sense their locations, all I have to do is come and dig it up…..

But maybe I need permission for this.

A hot spring, you say.

No one has ever found hot water from all of those wells.

+Page 6

Then it would be great, grandpa, a hot spring is very good for your health.


If it’s for the villagers then I have no objection, you can take whatever you want.

By the way, thank you for the water pump.

It’s no problem at all.

There will be a group of merchants coming to this village.


Every 2 months, they come here bringing salt and sugar.

And there’s also food, local products and clothes.

+Page 7

I’ve never seen the villagers using any kind of currency.

That’s because in this village, people tend to exchange products with each other.

It’s a small village after all.

If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell us.

For the sake of the villagers, I hope you try your best, young man.

Thanks a lot!

No currency exchanges, this is rather inconvenient.

But there’s nothing I can do to change this….

I wish I could help them more….


+Page 8

What the…!?

When did you all hide in there….?

What are you doing?

Huh? Ah…..

I’m planning to build a hot spring here.

+Page 9

What’s a hot spring?

Why do you have to build it?


Build what?

I don’t understand anything you said!

Keep quiet and follow me!

First, I’ll have to make a bathing area.

A little more forward is good.

The first step is to use Earth Magic….


+Page 10

Incredible, you dug those holes in the blink of an eye.

You’re so amazing!

Is this the hot spring?

Not yet, this is just the beginning.

Next is…..


+Page 11



This is awesome!!

It’s all finished….

Let me see….

+Page 12

It’s so hot!

I don’t need to get more water.

Hurry up and test it out!

Now hold on a minute!

The water is still very hot!


Why don’t you help me build a roof and fences?

Of course.

Then I’ll count on you…..

+Page 13

This reminds me…..

The orphanage.

The place where I was abandoned, and also where I was raised.

I wonder if everyone is okay?

I hope they’re still doing great….

Ah…hurry up and help me….



Sorry, I spaced out a bit.

+Page 14

We’re all done, kids.

+Page 15

Yayyyy! We did it!!

+Page 16

At first I planned to build it simple.

But maybe I was a little too excited.

This looks shallow.

It’s like a pool to wash your feet.

Since you helped me build this spring, I’ll let you guys be my first guests as a reward.

Have fun.

Wow, it’s so warm.

Jin-san, what are you waiting for?

Hurry up and join us.

+Page 17

Stop playing around in here.

Why can’t we?



So relaxed, it feels like I’ve been revived….


I found this at the bottom.

Is this a gemstone?

Hm…. Let me see.

+Page 18

You can find it at the river bank, too.

Sometimes, I found it in other places too.

Maybe it’s just a common stone.

But Hold on.



Magic stone from a volcano?

I don’t see any of these at the lab….

A magical rock, huh….

Let’s keep it for now.

I have a feeling it can be of great use in the future.

A few days later.

+Page 19

People, please come and take a look, this is our fresh pack of products!

There are many other goods along with salt and sugar, come and see!

There are so many people here.

I actually want to come and take a look, but this…..

Hey jin-kun!


My grandpa wants you to come to the well.

The village chief?

+Page 20

You were looking for me, chief?

Ah, you’ve arrived, Jin-kun.

You are….?


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Roland, I’m a merchant.

Pleasure to meet you.

I’m Nido Jin.

I apologize for making you come all the way here.

There’s something I want to ask…..

A merchant….huh.

What is it?

+Page 21

This village has changed significantly since the last time I was here 2 months ago.

The houses, fences are all repaired, and those trolleys are quite interesting.

But the most special thing is this water pump.

A tool to suck water up from the well, this is amazing!

This a revolutionary invention!


I’m not the one who invented this, you know.

When the village chief showed me this, I was very surprised…..


+Page 22

Can you speak straight to the point, I’m not here for flatteries.

Don’t make such a serious face.

At least you can act a little friendly, you know.

And I’m not flattering you, you are truly talented.

This water pump.

Is EXTREMELY valuable.

The chief said you’re the one who made this.

That’s true.

I made it….

+Page 23

Please sell it to me.

Not a chance.


But why….?

No still means no….

+Page 24

Wa..wait a second, we can discuss about this!

Money’s not a problem…..!

You can have whatever you want!!

Jin-kun, why do you refuse?

Selling this won’t do you any harm.

Grandpa, if you think so…..

Then please follow me….

A workshop?

Just come here and take a look.

+Page 25

To make that water pump, trolley and be able to repair everything in the village, I’ve wasted all the materials I have.

If it’s because of the materials, then we can…..


To be frank, I don’t want to build it anymore….

I made it because I think it will be convenient for me, but now…..

I’m not in the mood!!

Now I’m in the process of making some new stuff.

So technically, I’m completely busy.

Even if I agree to mass produce it, it can’t be as good as the first one.

Yep, that’s it.

Is that so…. Then….. ohm….

If that’s the case….

+Page 26

Can you teach me…… how to build those things….?

Teach you…..

I give you….

The power to grant magic favors to anyone….

Oh, I totally forgot.

I have the ability to grant magic power….



+Page 27

I can sell you the method of making it.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

My name is Eric.

Pleasure to meet you.

I took a look at the machine.

Jin-san is such a powerful wizard.

What do you mean wizard?

+Page 28

Don’t worry, I’m not jealous about you using magic or anything like that.

I couldn’t even make such a complex object myself.

This kid used to study at Sesilio Magic Academy.

He should be the one who knows this aspect more than me.

I see.

Here’s the bronze ore.


First, you’ll need to make a cylinder.

The mechanism of a water pump is that when you pull the lever, the air will be pushed in creating pressure on the piston and sucking the water up the cylinder….

I see.

Every part Is made from this material right here.


+Page 29




What the hell did you just do?

Huh? Did what….?

I just transformed it….

This is the exterior shell, now I will connect it with the cylinder.


+Page 30

How the hell would I be able to do this?

You’re not…..?

I think I’m amazed myself.

So this is what it’s actually like to feel as an unordinary human.

+Page 31

Then it’s up to you to practice during your time staying here.

How about I take you to the hot spring to relax?

A hot spring? Cool!


To transfer everything I have is impossible.

But this power is quite amazing.

Even just a part of it, I will spread these abilities out…

I’m the one who can help them.

To make all those masterpieces…..

+Page 32

I will do the best that I can….

Holy mother of god!


You actually BUILT that hot spring!?

Please teach us how to do it!!


Nevermind, I give up….

I beg you!

Please show me!!


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