Magi Craft Meister Chapter 6

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 6

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+Page 1

Volume 1 of this manga is on sale now!!

What is this thing….!?

A Golem….

A Golem!? What’s a Golem….!?

+Page 2

Chapter 6: Assault

+Page 3

This peaceful village got attacked by a Golem!?

+Page 4

Everyone fall back!

First, we must have a plan of action-

Hey you!!

Take this! How dare you destroy my crops!!


Yan, you fool! Do you have a death wish!?

+Page 5


Not on my watch!!


+Page 6


Damnit! My arms….

Everyone stand back! This area is dangerous.

But above all….

I won’t allow this thing to do any more damage!!

+Page 7


Rushing in like that won’t work!!

Even if it’s true….!!

+Page 8


It even broke her sword!?

Is it not sharp enough!?

If that’s the case….

Then I will…..!

+Page 9


Falheight-sama! It’s just wheat, we’ll be fine without it, we have to run!!

+Page 10

I refuse to back down.

Even if, I’m just a rookie knight…..

I still have the pride of one….

If I can’t even protect the people’s properties…

Then what use am I a noble….!?

A knight….. is born to protect….!

+Page 11

If this is all that I can do now….

Then I will do it!!

+Page 12


I told you….. Lithia!


The other one standing up!!

We have to run!!

+Page 13

Damnit…. Is there nothing that I can do!?

Excavation can hold them off for so long…and I can’t affect these things if they aren’t damaged..!

How am I supposed to help….?



Water…. Maybe this will…..

Be useful!?

+Page 14

Increase durability of the water jug, compress the pressure inside, and then turn it into something like a sprayer, something made of Silicon.

Adding abrasive to the nozzle to help create a bit of static.



+Page 15

Magi Formula Final Completion.

Water Jet!

+Page 18




What the—



+Page 19

There’s still…..

Another one!

+Page 20

Lithia-san, Are you alright!?

Ah… Yeah, I’m fine!

But that was….

I used a bit of my crafting magic.

Because I’m not fit for stuff like offensive magic

Still, I’m glad I managed it in time.

There’s one more thing….


+Page 21

The whole place is a mess…..

I’m sorry…..

If only I was stronger I would’ve stopped that thing….

It’s already a miracle that we’re all alive.

There’s no casualty, so you’ve done a great job.

Besides, those creatures were nasty….

I only took a single hit, but…. My arm is still hurts like hell.

Let me take a look!

+Page 22

You know healing magic?

I do.

“Holy light that cures everyone…

Please bestow upon us”.




That’s incredible!! My arm feels fine now!!

Phew…. That’s a relief.

+Page 23

Falheight-sama!! You’re amazing!!

Ah…. It was nothing… nothing at all.

As expected of a knight!


We really appreciate your help, Falheight-sama.

No problem.

This is my job too, you know!

If there’s anyone wounded, please go ahead and tell me!

+Page 24

Hey Jin.

What about this trolley?


It seems that this thing is completely broken….

I see.

But there’s still quite some wheat left….

If only there’s a way for us to leave here quickly and still manage to bring all of these wheat.

Speaking of which….

+Page 25

Let’s try using these….

Golem…. These things must be controlled by someone else to come all this way here….


Maybe I can do a quick check on these things.


Even if I can’t….

I’ll still make use of anything I find.

Ohm, this may not be the right time to say this, but we don’t have much time, so please make it quick…. Okay?

Got it.

+Page 26

Hah… Today was such a peaceful day.

You bet.



+Page 27



What is that thing!?

Could it be…. Our village is under attack!?

+Page 28


Hold your horses!

Huh? Falheight-sama!?

This Golem is our ally


Ah!! youur ally!? Okay….. I understand.

Let’s put all the wheat here.

Got it.

+Page 29

Hey Gon, go ahead and put those wheat in that corner.



That thing is probably 3 times the size of a normal human.

It’s not that I don’t trust your ability but is this really okay?

Even though we can’t identify the mastermind, but…

If you overwrite the core I told you about, I guess it’ll be fine.

+Page 30

I’m not sure I understand what you said but I guess things are good for now.

So… what’s its name again?

It’s Gon.




+Page 31

We’ve finally got some time to rest, how do you feel?

Ah… Don’t worry, I’m fine.

I still have my mission.

If it’s about guarding the storage, just leave it to Gon…. Even if he’s targeted….

I guess its fine.

It’ll be fine, trust me.

You’re right….

But this….

I only forgot to reforge it once.

And now it’s broken….

+Page 32

…Well of course it would, humans are the same way, if we skimp on training we’ll get rusty.

And we would all be scattered around like the situation the other day.

I really thought that I would die.

And look at this sword.

I should’ve had it fixed.

But I totally forgot when we went pass that blacksmith from earlier….

I guess I’ll keep on using it.

I do this for a living.

So let me fix it for you.

+Page 33


It’ll be in your care.





Heat processing.


Here you go, done!

What kind of magic is this…!?

+Page 34

I haven’t had a chance to thank you for all your help….

Do you have a wish?

I don’t need anything.

Even if you say that.

The whole thing with those Golems too….

That’s right! How about I introduce you to the King as a Magi Craft Master….?

Mhmm. That’ll be a bit troublesome….

All I want is to do research…. Then go home…..

Really? What a shame…..

But to be honest, I really don’t know how to report about those Golems now.

Eh!? Really!?

This is a part of work too….

+Page 35


For now, can you please not write anything I’ve done in your report!?

This isn’t the right time to let people know about it!

That alone is already a big thing, you know!

And can you please stop bowing your head!?

Well, I don’t know about this, but I guess I’ll do my best….

But I think everyone will know about you sooner or later….

Hah…. We’ll deal with it when it happens….

I understand. I’ll do everything I can to help….

I think that’s more than enough to show my appreciation, right…?


+Page 36

If you somehow have the chance to visit the Citadel, will you….

Stop by at my house?

Sure! I’ll definitely come!

*But for now, I just want to wrap things up and return to the village.

Do you really want me to use the new sword on you?

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